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When They Come For ….

When They Come For …”

It occurred to me in the quiet of the night, that everyone is, to some degree, institutionalized. I didn’t see it quite that way, before. The Federal Reserve system is a debtors’ prison. It is a coordinated confinement and containment system. Functionally, people “in the system” are constantly goaded into assaulting and robbing their neighbors. Of course, everyone believes that they are doing their loyal, patriotic duty by doing and paying their fair share. The reality is that they are mercenaries for a private bank. The end result is that everyone gets pillaged and sold into slavery. Bank wins. Everyone loses. Last year, I listened to people describe jail and the homeless shelters in interchangeable terms. Both were described as components in a seamless system. How is that not an institutionalized mindset? The greater evil is that the majority of people describe the Federal Reserve system in fatalistic terms.

People say that there is no escape. The problem is that people can’t escape and take their paper life with them. The fear is energized by the fact that, just as their is a punishment/reward structure in the penal system, so to is the regulation in the Federal Reserve Monopoly game. Since everything in the U. S. economy is tied up in paper, the only realistic option is to let go of the paper. Even precious metals markets are compromised. Transactions are dependent on the existence of a widely accepted fiat currency system. Unfortunately, people won’t let go of the paper, until it crumbles to dust, and slips through their fingers. From what people have always told me, they believe that, at the point of collapse of the Federal Reserve note, they are as good as dead. That is strange. There is nothing noble about going down with a ship of liars and thieves. That would be the moment when people would be most desperate to live. In hindsight, life will appear to have been easy, before the Federal Reserve came for them. Life is about to become hard work.

People get marginalized and eliminated in stages. The weakest go first, harvested by the next strongest, with the blessing of the control structure. This is why relative financial strength is no basis for security. At some point, every economic strata will become the next target. For illustration of the human harvesting process, study the last 100 years of history in Africa. This is how Conquest is done. All those who made their fortunes from the demise of their neighbors must now watch their backs. It’s beginning to sound like the old Roman Empire. E. Pluribus Urinal. Summa Cum Commode. It’s difficult to find proper Latin phrases for fake money. When the collapse inherent to fiat currencies is completed in the Federal Reserve note, I’m sure that people will have much more colorful terms.

I wonder if people’s vulnerability is tied directly to their faith in the currency. It may be a closed loop question. The starting point depends on who initiated the fraud. I mention this, only because I see the promotional efforts for the next bubble, underway. I saw an ad in the paper, telling people to “bulk up” their 401(k)s. Don’t miss the recovery!”. Well they’re at it, they should put “$?”20 on Bucket Bladder in the 5th race. Then, they can at least have their “bad luck” to blame for their misfortune. If people could understand that it is the central banks that decide economic conditions, they would be in position to fix their vulnerability problem.

We are watching the functional, administrative confiscation and seizure of all private property. This subject will be examined tomorrow, in “Eminent Domination”. This is the warning sign and the tipping point. Before they come for you, they come for your possessions.

4 Comments on “When They Come For ….”

  1. Melvin Cownzowfsky says:

    With age sometimes comes wisdom, at least hopefully! But, not always. In this specific instance however, I do believe that your comments, r.e. ‘The Fed,’ et al of similar governmental, N.W.O. influenced ilk, does indeed derive from wisdom and probably also from above average insight & a healthy distrust of those (in what is considered to be by some as nitwits in, ‘high places’) who have at no time in U.S. history ever deserved much in the way of trust, respect or honor-ability. This fully deserved and genuinely earned ‘ill-repute’ can easily be inclusive of the present day to at least as far back as 1910 and no doubt even earlier. Although there have been a few, very few, presidents who had it in mind to genuinely improve the long term U.S. economic system situation, none of those intentions ever saw the light of day. A case in point: JFK wanted to put the country back on at least the silver standard, if not the gold standard. Naturally his right thinking played no part in the N.W.O. boys’ plans to bankrupt the country and make the rich richer and the poor even poorer. I believe this was but one of several reasons why he was assassinated by the N.W.O. controlled CIA (Of this I have no doubt, in my mind.)
    I must also admit that I find your cynicism as demonstrated by the clever, and amusing use of terms such as ‘E. Pluribus Urinal’ and ‘Summa Cum Commode,’ to be not unlike some of the terms I use personally to describe some of these same nefarious (at best) entities. Examples: I use the term ‘Defecrats’ to describe ‘Democrats,’ and Republicurds,’ to describe the current RHINO ‘Republicans.’ These latter terms are used with every intention of implying that both of the ‘2 main U.S. political parties,’ bear a strong association with things fecal as well as federal. Maybe the term Federal derives from Fecal as well. It appears to me that it can be readily seen as being so! There’s surely more than sufficient evidence to support this view as well.
    If you recall how the ‘wonderful’ and supposedly intelligent, (probably considered to be so only by herself) Nancy Pelosi, responded to a question regarding the rush to pass Obamas’ Health Care bill, She said, “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it.” If Americans cannot see the sheer idiocy of such a statement, coming from a supposedly high ranking Defecrat, then they could also be readily convinced that the sun rises in the West. I, also, no doubt also, could sell them a bridge in Brooklyn with no trouble at all!
    Don’t you just love rubbing ‘Defecrats’ noses in it? it’s so danged easy!

    • A bridge that one does not own is at least tangible infrastructure. The Fed has gone way beyond that.
      They sell an inked piece of rag paper and call it “money”. You can’t cross the river on that, without the bridge.
      The deeper undercurrent in this post is the fact that the oligarchs will do as they please with their property.
      By the time that U. S. citizens wake up to 16 hour days in a Chinese salt mine, it will be too late for them.

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