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Legal Reality Newsletter – “America In The Balance” Radio Archives

1 February A.D. 2012

After getting several notes asking about how to listen to these programs “live,” I learned that these are designed more for use as podcasts, and the equivalent, than as live radio programs. So, you get to pick when listening fits best into your schedule.  Each is one hour.

They are good programs for getting into some of the foundational basics.  For that audience, we’ve started at a very good place.

Here is the web page that has links to the programs.

Search that page for “taylor,” and you’ll get to the two programs.  As of this particular moment, they are the first and third links in the list of programs.

We at Legal Reality appreciate the support from “America in the Balance,” and from Amanda, Don, and Keith, the show hosts, and of course, all those who work behind the scenes to make the program possible to provide to their audience.

If this programming is of benefit, they would appreciate hearing that.  The contact information is found on that page, as well.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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The Smartest Man In The World

     I know this is an old joke, but I’ll update it. It’s still funny, and always will be. The characters change, but you can’t fix stupid.


     This time around, there are three men on Air Force One when the unthinkable happens. A Homeless Guy, Al Gore and Barack Obama are stunned for a moment. On the left wing, one engine just falls off, and the other catches fire. As the flames spread and the fire streams off the edges of the wing, the pilot announces that they will have to bail out. This immediately starts an argument between  Gore and Obama, as the Homeless Guy calmly pulls a banana that he scrounged out of his coat pocket and peels it. Of course, there are only two parachutes available. 

Obama :” I’m the most important man in the world ! I’m the President of the United States ! I’m bringing America Hope and Change ! This is my damn plane and my damn parachutes !”

Gore:” I’m the smartest man in the world ! I invented the Internet and Global Warming ! I’m going to Carbon Tax the world to death. With all due respect, Mr. President, you had better Hope you can Change your shorts, after this is over.”

With that, Gore straps on and dives out the escape hatch.  Obama begins to give the Homeless Guy the speech of his life.

Obama : “The last ‘chute is mine. Gore just showed the world why he can never be President. There will be a Predator drone outside his bedroom window, tonight.”

Homeless Guy : “Not to worry, Mr. President. The smartest man in the world just jumped out of the plane, wearing my backpack. When we land, we can do lunch. I know a good place. I’ll buy.” 


Process Of Elimination

Process of Elimination

With the methods of ostracism and administrative character assassination that are in common practice today, who is able to to resist and defend themselves against agenda driven invasions of privacy? Compliance with regulatory demand will be no protection, in the end. After depending on a system to provide their needs by robbing their neighbors, the corporate structure sees that people are no more loyal and trustworthy than any other mercenaries. People are so accustomed to going along, to get along, that they ignore their complicity with activities that will eventually be turned back, upon them. Life won’t always be this good. As budgetary and commercial pressures intensify, expediency will be served. If the choice comes down to who eats and who starves, the bureaucrats and corporate thieves will make short work of the population.

We have seen a number of triage programs to deal with economic upheaval. Those who are compliant and trusting, are the first to go. Shelters and “work” programs are polite euphemisms for ghettos and internment camps. You are “helped” only if you are the property of a dead thing. This is how more than 100 million people were exterminated in the 20th century. Marginalized people are eliminated, their numbers reduced to break any remaining spirit of independence, and the compliant survivors are trapped on a cresting wave of debt, only to be swamped in the collapse. There are more riches-to-rags stories, every day.

These conditions won’t change. There has never been a recovery of purchasing power in the Federal Reserve note, since 1972. It was at that time that it became a pure fiat paper currency. Without any connection to gold and silver, men were pledged as security against debt. If this comes down to people cooking and eating their children, they were warned. They’ve harvested their neighbors for long enough. The carousel of revolving, pass-the-buck debt is about to slow to a stop. The currency collapse, in it’s final phase since 1972, will be complete. In the meantime, all of the indebted, indentured servants in their material prosperity will enjoy the adjustment periods between the downward steps, called “recoveries”. The hypocrisy that displays the audacity to define economic terms has no standing to define anything involving equity. Without independent audit of a monetary system that has engineered the wealth transfer from real money life into fiat currency death, there is nothing but the economic evidence to examine. The convicting fact is that the United States no longer has the ability to produce wealth to match the ability to incur debt. The common phrase for that is “operating in the red”. A disruption in the flow of debt caused the collapse of September, 2007. The conditions that produced that collapse have been placed in a different basket. Instead of a housing bubble, the financial disease is now infesting the United States Treasury. The remedies applied to date are a negative. Whether they are called liquidity infusion or refinancing, both are a form of selling the future to an adversary.

In the notes from the madness that is financial news, we see that the banks are going to loan the Federal Reserve “money” to help stabilize it. The question is, which walnut shell is the pea really under? It’s in Ben Bernanke’s right-hand jacket pocket. It must be quite a scene when Ben Bernanke makes a withdrawal. He presents the demand at the teller window. The teller responds, “But, of course, Mr. Ponzi! Would you like that in small, unmarked bills?” In a related headline, “Banks at risk after wild copter heist”. Helicopter Ben must be at it, again.

I know that I will see many of the people who now tell me what I have to do, in the street. I will listen to them tell me how they lost everything, when the economy went to Hell. The only response I can give them is, “It’s not there, yet. You’re still breathing.” If things get that bad, there won’t be any tree bark and grass left to eat.

Reconstruction: The Broad Way To Destruction Update 01/15/2011

As the headlines state each day, people are not happy with the way the world is being reconstructed. The problem is that everything that is good and right is being dismantled, in the process. People are not idiots, regardless of what social engineers in their Ivory Towers may think.

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Hello world! update

Good morning! ……. I’m just getting into my first cup of coffee at Ziggi’s Coffee House in Longmont, CO. Ziggi’s website is   Until I’m awake,  please forgive the typos. My fingers don’t fit the keys, this morning. I never was a typist.  Once I get going, I want to switch to a theme with a more natural header layout. I hope that the content stays through the switch. Because I’m still learning my way around WordPress, it took me hours to get to where it is, now.

The best we can do is live and learn. Time for me to get to class.