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Consumer credit card debt rises, and this is supposed to be a good thing (via 100gf | Politics and Computers)

This mindset apparently didn’t take enough of a beating for the lesson to sink in. Ever since consumer debt became a component in the GNP, it seems that debt is the driving force in the U. S. economy. Wall St. responds very negatively to any actions adverse to the interest in buying U. S. debt. The only logical conclusion is that debt is a critical and strategic product and export of the United States. What was once known as criminal fraud is now accepted practice.

Remember that crippling financial crisis that was partly caused by high levels of consumer debt? Well it seems we're emerging from the worst of it. How do we know? Because consumer credit card debt is on the rise! Does it seem odd to you that one of the clearest sign that we're recovering from debt-fuelled catastrophe is the fact that debt is accumulating once again? If so, perhaps you share the opinion of those who believe that the 'recovery' pr … Read More

via 100gf | Politics and Computers


Federal Cattle Car

                      FEDERAL CATTLE CAR

If you ask people, “Are you gullible?”, the automatic answer is, “No, I don’t think so.”. Given enough economic and social pressure, people do agree to the strangest things. Once a generation agrees to be a sub – contractor for an invading private agenda, rather than keeping independence and free will, it’s all downhill for subsequent generations. That is the history of what was once America. That independence and creative resilience is gone. Each generation in the progress of Reconstruction is loaded on the Federal cattle car. Offer people prosperity. Offer them power and influence within the corporate structure. Tell them “It’s for the children”. Tell them anything. Bring them tales of corporate conquest and parade military heroes in front of them. For generations, people have called corporate tyranny a good thing. They just follow orders, believing that leaders do right in the world. They profit from trafficking in people and body parts, thinking they are serving the greater good. Where is the conscience that quietly and persistently reminds us that our economy grows on the people that have been plowed under as corporate fertilizer?

Barbed wire, overt human harvesting, internment and labor camps, the visual trappings of government gone bad, are bad public relations. Today, Americorps and the Peace Corps have replaced the Hitler Youth. yes, they will be trained to be good little Corporatists. Conquest in the name of Public Service is now the accepted definition of Humanitarianism. That is the way that Fascism presents itself, as the benefactor of humanity. the promise of a glorious future always ends in smoking ruins and piles of dead bodies. It is that dark side of human nature, that lust for power, hard at work seeking dominance over other human beings. We see it in the efforts to create “constituencies” and in “development projects”. A constituent is legal property. In these efforts, nations are drawn into web of debt and corporate subjugation. Billions of people suffer, while corporations manage the wealth they stole from them. That is why some of the wealthiest people in the world gave it all away, before they died. They wanted to get the guilt of all of that dirty money washed from their hands, before they died. Late may be better than never, but that doesn’t restore the lives that were destroyed. There will be a just accounting for the lives sacrificed for the gain of Corporatism.

Buying The Farm

                                                 Buying The Farm

People who wouldn’t buy a bridge sight unseen, accept the Federal Reserve note as the real thing. People must not know anything about the dual currency bait-and-switch. The scam works as well today as it has in every other bank panic, including the Great Depression. The Federal Reserve system is the real Bridge to Nowhere. It starts in debt, can’t prove what it is or show tangible collateral by independent audit, and can disappear into thin air, only to reappear under a different disguise. When it shows up with the Amero, people will seriously believe that it’s a new currency. The new kid on the block will turn out to be the same old whore. Yet, that corrupt system has the power to tell people what they are and what their obligations are. If people knew what they were supposed to be, where they really were, and what legal standing they don’t have now, they would get away from the Federal Reserve, as fast as they could go.

They would abandon the fake government, fake citizenship and fake money. The fake voting and fake representation would become things of the past. A government that no one voted for wouldn’t last long. A government that has no one but it’s welfare program constituents left to tax wouldn’t even last that long. The problem is that the corporation in Washington, D. C. has a thing for conquest. Reconstruction doesn’t seem to be working as well in Iraq as it did in the Confederate States. When Iraq refused to recognize the Federal Reserve note as the reserve currency, their currency got painted with red spray paint and a new carpetbagger government installed. Reconstruction rides, again.

It took 2 world wars for Corporatism to conquer the United States, Europe and Asia. A series of debt wars are bringing Africa and Latin America into the fold. The evidence is in the division of the world according to financial standing, not National borders. There are no sovereign nations. Their creditors own them. Finding the right candidate for office in the Homeland Security internment camp won’t correct this problem. When people agree to be less than they really are, they give up more than they could afford to lose. Understanding the difference between Americanism and Corporatism is prerequisite to staying out of the Federal Reserve “who’s on first” loop conversation. When the Fed tells it, it isn’t funny, anymore.

The people running the scam know the difference between real money and paper. They knew it in 1929, and worked the bait-and-switch to perfection. we are now seeing a growing reluctance to part with gold and silver, for paper. Believe it or forget it, there is no good reason to give up real money for paper. Granted, people still insist on paper in consumer transactions. Get the paper some other way. Give them strings of beads from Mardi Gras, if you have to. Keep your gold and silver. Don’t get caught in the bait-and-switch.

Why is this important? It is important because 200 years of fast-talking con artists have taken America back to square one, for at least the seventh time. This time, the panic could be the killer. Prior to this economic collapse, there was gold and silver coin in general circulation. The next time that Federal Reserve debt is offered as legal tender, could be the last. If the Fed calls that paper nothing right now, everyone is flat broke, immediately. There would be nothing in the banks, to get.

Who has the better financial statement? Is it the one with room left under the limits on his credit cards, or the one who bought some of that fine bottom land in the Everglades? Ben Bernanke and his buddies in a well-lighted conference room is a far more dangerous situation than the ‘gators and cottonmouths, in the dark.

Panic Attack

Panic Attack

Waiting for the Federal budget debates is a lot like waiting in the doctor’s office. You have an idea about things you already know about, and will accept a definite maybe as good news. Old magazines that didn’t interest you when they were new, aren’t much of a distraction. So, here we sit. We’ve seen state budgets try on shoes that were too big for them. We’ve seen municipal departments worry about financial nail trimming, while hoping against budgetary castration. What will we be looking at in the coming months?

Right now, the word “Deficit” is a dirty word. It should be. The Federal Budget has been an interest-only loan for at least 35 years. We only thought the housing bubble was huge. The mortgage on the Federal Plantation is the riskiest loan in the history of mankind. The most stressful time for the U. S. economy is while the next fiscal year is undecided. This year will include a visit to the financial proctologist. You’ve probably wondered why the sun doesn’t shine, there. I suspect that we’re about to find out why we would really rather not know the answer to that question. We have been so focused on the things that are rammed down our throats in Congress, that we haven’t paid any attention to the other things done to us. The things done by banks and corporation are done without ant prior public debate.
Since this is September, a refresher course is in order. When we were last at the scene of the public dole feeding frenzy, there was a closed-door meeting among the Federal Reserve, the U. S. Treasury and Congressional leadership. No details came out of that meeting, but it is obvious that the currency collapse card got played. Since then, the pile of chips on the table has grown larger than the table. We’ll see who bluffs, who blinks and who calls, over the next few months.

Lest we forget, trade relations with China were a bit strained, last year. All China had to do was voice reluctance to buy any more U. S. Treasury debt. Financial stocks went into a death spiral. This year, the global economy is all dressed up in debt, with nowhere to go, but down. Everyone waits. The only known fact is that the Federal Reserve is hosting the party. Everyone has the expectation of drinking themselves under the table with debt. You know what happens when you keep bad company. You get a bad reputation. They go to Hell in a handbasket, and drag you with them, protesting your innocence.It would be way too late to protest.We didn’t want God’s provision and His ways, in His house. United States citizens choose to throw their lot in with the pimps and con artists in the Federal corporation, instead. If you don’t want to fit that description, now would be a good time to get out of the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme.

What do we do now? We wait and watch. We’ve seen the battle plans of the Corporate Wars, before. The global players are positioning themselves in the hope of gaining advantage and influenced. Populations are monetized and ready for the first ante. Your street could end up owned by one bank, your house by another, and your children by yet another. Your job isn’t secure enough to be mentioned as an asset. We’ve seen all of this, before. We know that the media never calls anything what it really is. It should help to know that the words “budget” and “deficit” now have the the same functional meaning. This is what happens, when people don’t know the difference between debt and money. People have no clue as to how the debt game is played. I hear it, every day. People believe that they can win the debt gamThey don’t understand that they lost, before they were born. The mechanism to monetize them and extract the wealth from them has been in place for many generations. The old adage is, “Live and Learn”. May we all live long enough to learn.

So, what does all of this mean? It means that we will see a budget crisis. Entitlement programs will tighten belts, sacrificed to ram through the healthcare agenda. Again I repeat the unnatural order of Corporatism: Government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys, for the Banks. Now, you should know what is going to happen, next. It’s what the banks want. 

When They Come For ….

When They Come For …”

It occurred to me in the quiet of the night, that everyone is, to some degree, institutionalized. I didn’t see it quite that way, before. The Federal Reserve system is a debtors’ prison. It is a coordinated confinement and containment system. Functionally, people “in the system” are constantly goaded into assaulting and robbing their neighbors. Of course, everyone believes that they are doing their loyal, patriotic duty by doing and paying their fair share. The reality is that they are mercenaries for a private bank. The end result is that everyone gets pillaged and sold into slavery. Bank wins. Everyone loses. Last year, I listened to people describe jail and the homeless shelters in interchangeable terms. Both were described as components in a seamless system. How is that not an institutionalized mindset? The greater evil is that the majority of people describe the Federal Reserve system in fatalistic terms.

People say that there is no escape. The problem is that people can’t escape and take their paper life with them. The fear is energized by the fact that, just as their is a punishment/reward structure in the penal system, so to is the regulation in the Federal Reserve Monopoly game. Since everything in the U. S. economy is tied up in paper, the only realistic option is to let go of the paper. Even precious metals markets are compromised. Transactions are dependent on the existence of a widely accepted fiat currency system. Unfortunately, people won’t let go of the paper, until it crumbles to dust, and slips through their fingers. From what people have always told me, they believe that, at the point of collapse of the Federal Reserve note, they are as good as dead. That is strange. There is nothing noble about going down with a ship of liars and thieves. That would be the moment when people would be most desperate to live. In hindsight, life will appear to have been easy, before the Federal Reserve came for them. Life is about to become hard work.

People get marginalized and eliminated in stages. The weakest go first, harvested by the next strongest, with the blessing of the control structure. This is why relative financial strength is no basis for security. At some point, every economic strata will become the next target. For illustration of the human harvesting process, study the last 100 years of history in Africa. This is how Conquest is done. All those who made their fortunes from the demise of their neighbors must now watch their backs. It’s beginning to sound like the old Roman Empire. E. Pluribus Urinal. Summa Cum Commode. It’s difficult to find proper Latin phrases for fake money. When the collapse inherent to fiat currencies is completed in the Federal Reserve note, I’m sure that people will have much more colorful terms.

I wonder if people’s vulnerability is tied directly to their faith in the currency. It may be a closed loop question. The starting point depends on who initiated the fraud. I mention this, only because I see the promotional efforts for the next bubble, underway. I saw an ad in the paper, telling people to “bulk up” their 401(k)s. Don’t miss the recovery!”. Well they’re at it, they should put “$?”20 on Bucket Bladder in the 5th race. Then, they can at least have their “bad luck” to blame for their misfortune. If people could understand that it is the central banks that decide economic conditions, they would be in position to fix their vulnerability problem.

We are watching the functional, administrative confiscation and seizure of all private property. This subject will be examined tomorrow, in “Eminent Domination”. This is the warning sign and the tipping point. Before they come for you, they come for your possessions.

What Have We Learned?

                    What Have We Learned?

Since there doesn’t seem to be very much Biblical understanding in the news these days, I observe that this corporate legal trust mentality in the United States hasn’t learned very much. Of course, it is a legally dead thing, so we can’t expect it to understand life. We should have no such hindrances. At least we have the option of choosing life.

     I just skimmed through the news of the day, and it isn’t pretty.  This how Federal benefit programs have always worked.

      Accountability and transparency are words that don’t mean anything within the corporate context. In the 1970s, I wondered how bureaucrats found the time to line their own pockets, after taking care of their friends and political supporters.

     The answer is simple. There are Federal benefit programs to take care of all of it. In the final analysis, we have learned corruption is an act of Congress.

     We have learned that the paper economy doesn’t work anything like the way that people expect it to. In September of 2007, I said that the emergency measures wouldn’t work at all, because there is no substance in them. If wealth is power, the economic engine needs to produce more wealth, to make power. Unfortunately, the wealth creation components, the moving parts of the economy, no longer perform to their original design standards. For the last 96 years, the Federal Reserve has been greasing the palms.

     It seems that their wasn’t any left over to lubricate the friction points of the economy. Pouring more debt down the throat of the economic engine won’t produce any more power. Debt is corrosive and abrasive. Sand in the crankcase and sulfuric acid in the fuel tank will produce seizure and sudden catastrophic failure.

     We learned from the news, that the F.D.I.C. is requiring banks to prepay “$?”36 Billion in fees. That’s a polite way of saying that things are getting tight and they have to call in markers. We learned what margin calls did for Wall St. in 1929. Today, we watch the financial structure hit the brakes and tighten belts. The people who are playing the debt game the hardest could be the biggest losers. Remember, we have seen the tension and warnings of previous Congressional budget debates. We have learned that the losers become financial refugees. If we are to respond properly, we must exhibit what we have learned. Those who clamor for more debt to save their own hides will be setting themselves up to be collected, monetized and harvested. The Unholy Trinity of the Federal Reserve, the U. S. Treasury and the Cabal of Czars that no one voted for, will scoop up the public and feed people to the Wealth Transfer Machine.