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Commercial Identity Update: Feb. 19th, 2012

The Feb. 19th update to “Two Masters” was written with the assumption that people are still free to decide which master they will serve. Taking a position for or against the position would resolve nothing, in the context of that writing. I contend here that, given the options, the question is why people choose to stay in debt slavery, and reject Biblical liberty. For the purposes of this writing, the choice3 of masters was decided when people chose their commercial identity. By voluntarily choosing U. S. citizenship, people have chosen to serve the debt slavery master, in perpetuity, cradle to grave. This is in stark contrast to the Biblical standard. A debtor would serve the lender for 6 years, and be freed from the debt, at the 7th year. In our culture, bankruptcy only frees the debtor to incur more debt. This system of unjust weights and measure deprive people of all liberty and property. It is all debt, from issuance into circulation, into and through the debt slavery of wages, legally defined as corpotrate profits, received as Federal employees. Like it or not, everything that U. S. citizens receive and possess, is taxable. Welcome to the Federal Debt Plantation.


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Commercial Identity

     As I’ve written in the past, every conflict has a commercial root. This principle should be obvious. When the numbers don’t match up with expectations, there is conflict. This applies to everything from the price of a candy bar going up a nickel, to the major changes in the economy. The only certainty is that there is a problem, and someone is going to pay for it. These conflicts get out of control because people fail to distinguish between humanity and commercial identity. In those instances when we find that people don’t seem to be the people we thought we knew, it is because we knew their humanity. The standards and behavior change, when commercial identity takes over.

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The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 2012

The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 2012.

This is the first new daily post of the “The Daily Climb”, on it’s own blog site. I really like the layout on this theme.

Photo Finish Update 10/31/2011

     In all of the financial turmoil in every market, everywhere, there is one question that  should stop us in our tracks. Who is responsible for defending the integrity and stability of the currency?  Every day poses the possibility of a final outcome too close to call, in real time. We will retrace our steps in sorting out this photo finish, while we still have time.

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The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY Update 10/13/2011

     Everything I wrote in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY” is taking place, right now. The borrowed debt to keep the system running, just isn’t available. Populations are being lined up to be fleeced, harvested by their own governments.

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Federal Reserve: Too Big To Fail? Update 09/13/2011

   With all of the global financial instability in the news, this week, everyone would just like to sit back and take a deep breath. The one fact that we must all understand is that it is imperative that we get independent of fiat currencies. I hear people say all the time, “It’s all we’ve got”. If we are so enslaved by the corporate oligarchy that we can’t see outside the blinders of our education and cultural indoctrination, then we are slaves. The trap that Baron Rothschild and his sons built, is very well sprung. The currency is the lock on the prison we are confined in. Is there an escape?

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Fiat Addiction Update 09/12/2011

      With this morning’s financial news, we are observing the accelerating deterioration in financial markets in Asia and Europe. The equity investment indices only foreshadow the underlying currency issues. Investment runs on access to debt, these days. We see that the world is crying out for more of the poison debt pill to get it’s next “high”.  We are seeing the addiction to fiat currencies getting to the point of no return. The point of diminishing returns was reached, long ago. We have seen so many reports, stating the obvious. The solutions presented are clearly self-destructive. Printing currencies into irrelevance is about to impale the nations of the world on the sword of fraud. The central banks are about to be overcome by the lie that they can perpetuate false instruments and survive.

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