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Fiat Addiction Update 08/09/2011

     With the statement from Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, the gloves have dropped.

     As the current phase of the currency collapse progresses, wiping out trillions in equity, the stated purpose comes out in the open. The intent to print paper currency to the point of hyperinflation is proof the The Wealth Transfer Machine is going into high gear.  There is no sugar coating or whitewashing going on with this statement. Nations and entire continents are being thrown to the central bank wolves.

     Fiat paper currencies are dead things, producing death in the form of debt. The disease is hyperinflation.  The symptoms are panic buying, erratic commodity market performance, and shortages of necessities.  On the first day that the banks don’t open, the ATMs and cash registers don’t work, delivery systems will halt. The resulting confusion will manifest in the form of civil disruption ranging from passionate  and ineffective rhetoric in legislatures, to openly violent mayhem in the streets. Not  to worry, for the Plunge Protection Racket rides a white horse to the rescue. I tell you now, that the nations of the Earth will see the pale horse carrying Death, before this crisis runs it’s course.

      In all of this madness, we are seeing the final stages of drug addiction and substance abuse. People addicted to endless supplies of paper currency are finding that the upside of financial stimulus is always followed by the withdrawal symptoms in deprivation and systemic system failures. The economic seizures, chills and fever  of equity bubbles bursting won’t be just numbers on paper. Just as in 2007, we will see jobs and lives that will never return to stability. As I have warned in the past, the days are coming in which we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, that has a traditional job. The only remaining question is about how many of our formerly affluent neighbors we will see living outdoors, with us.

In seeking to understand public behavior of people in political interaction in the United States, we must understand the influence of addiction. In this case it is the addiction to the Federal Reserve Note. In all financial news stories, we should replace the words “money”, “dollars” and “funds” with the word, “cocaine”. We would then have a much better understanding of the influences in public policy. The sad fact of life is that people vote for the candidate that promises them the most candy. Silly children.

                                                      “Fiat Addiction” 

It is a most perplexing observation that most people seem to want to be imposed upon by force. When people are overrun by military action, the motivations are understandable. Living to live another day is a victory, in itself. It is when they have other options available, and still choose tyranny, that are puzzling. With the motives and objectives of private banking cartels clearly stated in history, it is difficult to understand why people would choose to participate in injurious activity. The affinity for fiat currency is a debilitating addiction. The process begins somewhere before coercive influence gets a foothold. Even without external pressure, people jump into bad choices before fiat currency dominates an economy. That, and the way that nations succumb to totalitarian impositions betrays a basic flaw in human nature. Whether that flaw arises out of fatigue or complacency, there is no clear pattern, but the text shows one clear pattern. People can tolerate slavery for only a short period of time. At some point, something gives way in the human heart and a turn away from government edict occurs, and the public motivation focuses on self-determination.

The fact remains that otherwise independent and functional people remain in compliance with the organizations and commercial activities that severely restrict their independence. Whether it be peer pressure or the promise of financial gain, the result is the same. The of private financial agendas in managing public money produce war and poverty. The repeated pattern is described by eyewitness accounts detail this process as a madness that quietly overtakes people and carries them into a world that the private banks dominate. The results of the events produce feelings of loss, resignation and helplessness. The common thread th is the disturbing fact is that the further a nation gets away from honest weights and measures, the further the nation strays into fiat currency andit’s revenue collecting ideas, the stronger the addiction to fiat currency. Eventually we see the result of this dark activity. The defense of illegitimate authority becomes pernicious and threatening to the structure of society.

At what point does a people disconnect from their history and embrace the same institutional mechanism that they emigrated away from? I ask this question, in this form, because if any nation knew better, it was America. Not only do we have experience with the only form of government that recognized our Creator as the source of our rights, and the liberty to assert those rights, we also had experience with the fiat currencies of the colonies. The colonial experience was a financial disaster. The evidence is in the strong motivation that produced the prohibition against the States making anything but gold and silver coin, lawful tender. The fact that the Federal corporation claimed the power that the States never had, and couldn’t grant, is the height of willful rebellion. At that point, the Federal corporation was in default and continued in insurrection, culminating in the corporate violent overthrow of the legitimate government that represented the people. So much for the oath of office.

The history of private banks in America is a shameful history of Federal dereliction of duty. If we are to restore honest, legitimate government, we must also restore real, honest money. To fail to pursue that end is to accept the government we have as our just punishment. As long as people insist on being. S. citizens and enjoy the “benefits” of using Federal Reserve notes, they should stop complaining and just pay their taxes. Apparently, they are comfortable with the way their chains rest upon them.

I read “The Coming Battle” in December of 2008. It’s a very telling, detailed account of events leading up to the Federal Reserve Act.

493 pages, at this link: 


Where Did Our Gold Go?

This newsletter should be at the center of financial attention. The question is still unanswered. The Federal Reserve certainly doesn’t want to discuss it. You can subscribe to Harmon Taylor’s FREE newsletter at the bottom of this post.

4 December A.D. 2009

Why was there a constitutional convention, at all? Because the states were already being used as conduits for circulation of “funny money.” So, the concept was that a “greater power of man” would be necessary to prevent the state leaders from using the states as sources of “funny money,” known/labeled at that time as “Bills of Credit.”

As a nation, we’ve been pilfered by “funny money” practically from the outset.

Regarding the system in place now, i.e., the federal reserve system, FDR got it started in earnest by using the pretext of war as “the reason” for stealing the gold. JFK saw over the near horizon the key developments in the “funny money” system, and he opposed that system with every ounce of his being. To instigate the “funny money” scam, JFK had to go.

From that point in time, we find a new variation on The Golden Rule: He who has access to the gold takes the gold. This is a very slight variation on, “Do unto others, and run!”, which has been adapted in this country this way: “Do unto others, and run for high office” (so as to have access to the gold).

Basic physics teaches us basic reality: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So, it should come as no surprise that where the West has “leaders” intent on stealing the world’s gold supply, we have the Eastern Response to the new variation on The Golden Rule: If you’ve done unto us, you can neither run nor hide.

Inquiring minds would like to know who has all of America’s, and everyone else’s?, real gold for which the tungsten was substituted, and where did they put it all: land, sea, or air/space? (Anyone been to the South Pole lately?)

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

P.S. And, while all this international focus is on the gold, it’ll be interest to see of the one-worlders have the financing to keep up the UFO charade.

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Where Will You Go When The Sovereign Debt Volcano Blows? (via Socio-Economics History Blog)

We have to trust in Divine Providence to put us in the right place, at the right time. There is no where to run to. A good common sense start would be to get away from the major cities. When this mess blows, it will be spectacular.

Where Will You Go When The Sovereign Debt Volcano Blows? Private bankster debts have been socialized and this is leading to a sovereign debt crisis. The amount of public debt which America carries is in the region of US$100T-200T when you include Social Security, Medicare, GSE debts, unfunded liabilities, off balance sheet items..etc. The debt to GDP ratio of most Eurozone nat … Read More

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Economic Collapse, Global Debt Crisis & Depression Explained ! (via Socio-Economics History Blog)

This is what I was writing about when I listed “The Four Money Questions”. We are capable of understanding. We have standards of judgment. We are competent to make our own decisions.

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Our Center News Page

     We see the news, every day. We see banks defaulting on their obligations, in cycles of paper boom and debt bust. Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain are on the edge of going out of business. Unemployment and inflation are squeezing people everywhere, out of the economy. There are growing numbers of homeless people, living on the edge. Under the developing conditions, we can only see the spread of poverty.                                                                                                                

   The shelters and subsidy programs do what they can. In many cases, it is volunteers that keep programs afloat. I know many people who will be out in the street, if they can’t get the rent together, in the next two weeks. That isn’t a certainty. Most of them are under-employed day laborers. With the situation obviously not getting better, the importance of  facilities like the OUR Center become greater.  I would hope that there are more such programs, around the country. My city is very fortunate to have this community effort. The news page for the center is at this link:                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thank you for reading. I hope that this post inspires similar efforts in your community.      

Abysmal In The Abyss

In a crisis, everyone does something, even if it’s wrong. There is a lot wrong with the consumption mentality of the social structure in the U.S. As we are seeing with the inflation that is so obvious that no one really believes the economic reports from the media, people are making hard choices. They don’t want to have to choose between enough food to eat or rent to avoid being homeless. Yet, that is reality. Ignoring reality makes people …….

Abysmal In The Abyss
     We have seen what it means when the bottom falls out. Whether in the many bank panics in the world, the crashes in investment markets, or the boom and bust cycles of inflation and deflation, the common people lose.
At the bottom of a currency collapse is misery and hardship. For the present generation to pay for the excesses of their ancestors may not be fair. The fact is that private banks have never been fair and open in their dealings. They lure people in and harvest them, without mercy. The next step down in the managed currency collapse will be every bit as severe as the last one. Runaway printing of currency leads to runaway inflation. Escaping the suffering starts with sincere prayer, follows through long term storage of critical supplies such as water and food, and is completed in the will to live. We must seek the way out of this mess. Only our Creator can show us escape to His refuge.

Sustainable Bankruptcy


We’ve watched the Federal Reserve Bait-&-Switch for 98 years. Are people tired of the lies and the wars? I’m sure they are. The question is, whether or not they will get used to prison. That’s what happens when people are monetized and harvested to pay for debt, traded for debt. Perhaps this will suggest other options …..


 Sustainable Bankruptcy

      When the rules of the game are different than they were explained to you, it should be no surprise when you lose. When the rules are changed in the middle of the game, without your knowledge or consent, that is the crime of Fraud. Such is the Federal Reserve system. Originally, Federal Reserve Notes were redeemable in gold and silver coin. That5 quickly changed to a pure debt system. That is how the Bait-And-Switch works.
     Let’s take a look at what history says this means. In 1933, our U. S. Treasury issue gold coins were confiscated by threat of force, then sold to foreign central banks. This was the end of the connection between the paper currency and real money. The consequences for today’s economy are staggering. Before the total debt could be retired, there would be no currency in circulation. Think about that for a moment. No currency means no commercial activity. People would say that there would always be a medium of exchange. While that is true, it is also true that the central banks control the exchange rate in every devaluation of a currency. They win. You lose. It’s as simple as that. 
     Real things are real money. The paper is only paper. For the moment, businesses give real things in exchange for the paper currency. That hasn’t always been so, and it is not a guaranteed standard in the future. We can’t say that the government is good for it. The government is indebted to the Federal Reserve Bank.   The government says that U. S. citizens will repay the debt, not the government. We are now watching the assets of the Federal corporation being sold off to pay the debt. That can include U. S. citizens, themselves. Debtors prisons are just around the corner.