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Crash Course

     After all these years of nefarious and fraudulent shenanigans between central banks, you would think that people could avoid getting fooled, again. If you feel like you’re running a marathon on black ice, in the dark, at least you have some evidence of common sense. Perhaps you’re still sore from landing on your tailbone, in 2,008.


     There’s a big historical point that everyone is missing. In every currency collapse in history, there was a generation that forgot what real money is. When the collapse came, people had no wealth to stand between them and poverty It’s so simple. People got a harsh lesson in the Great Depression. Banks acquired property for pennies on the dollar. It was the biggest wealth transfer in the world, at that time. People got robbed, and they knew it.

     How did we get so far out in the weeds in just two generations? The simple answer is that we got distracted. We got distracted by war. We got distracted by one “ism” after another. We got proud. We impressed ourselves with the work of our own hands. We believed that we could rob future generations to pay for our present.  The problem is that each generation that is born after 1960 is lerning that they are the people stuck with the bill. The line of credit is running out and the banks are getting ready to take possession of their property.  It comes as a great surprise that they have been pledged as collateral against debt. We are about to find out why it is morally wrong to pledge another human being as security against debt.

     Where is it written that debt can’t be delayed, indefinitely?  The very nature of any promissory agreement says that this is impossible. Refinancing and second mortgages have so jaded the public mind that people don’t recognize lying when they hear it.  People now steal from their neighbors to give to their favorite charity, themselves. Oh, I’m sorry. The politicians promised it in their campaigns and everybody voted for it. Those who would say that they never voted for vany of this are in for a rude awakening. They do not understand     U. S.  citizenship. When a politician wins an election, the Power of Attorney for all U. S. citizens in that district belong to that politician. The party line of the Soviet Union is now standard procedure in the Administrative Law system of the United States. The doctrines of Corporatism work the same, everywhere.

     Now, we know how people end up going around in circles and getting nowhere. Everything is a against what we thought we knew. We were taught lies in the government indoctrination centers. We were persuaded that it was desirable to be good and productive obedient sharecroppers on the Federal Debt Plantation. So much for independence.  Along came peanut brain Jimmy Carter with his Declaration of Interdependence, and nobody threw rotten produce at him. The war against private ownership of property hasn’t let up, since. Yet, people still depend on government to rob their neighbors, for their gain. 

     So, what is the answer to this downward spiral? History says that it certainly isn’t civil unrest. The new boss is always the same as the old boss. Like it or not, he who has the gold, is king. The paper speculation is toilet tissue. Wherever the real metal is, you find the seat of power. Today, people feel cheated, yet they don’t even know what was stolen from them, or who stole it. The alliance of banking and government has always brought populations into slavery. Perhaps, if everyone were required to live for a year in the Great Depression, we might be prepared for what is coming.



9 Comments on “Crash Course”

  1. sysspot says:

    you’re preaching to the choir! Sy

    • Thanks, Sy! I’ve been preaching to the choir for a long time.
      While it’s fresh in my mind, I have to thank the folks over at
      The Economic Collapse Blog. They really get it and my latest post,
      “Crash Course”, has gotten a lot of views, there. When I woke up
      this morning, with over 100 total views, I started having a good day.

  2. American born says:

    Keep up the good work. I have bookmarked your site.

    Research Jewish involvment in banking thru-out history.

    Look into zionism and media influence.

    What we are seeing is a repeat of generations before us, same constant.

    • Thank you for your encouragement. One of my personal friends is Barry Chamish. He wrote the book, “Shabti Svi, Labor Zionism, and the Holocaust”. Unless we recognize the difference between a Sabbataen and a Jew, we have no chance to judge what we see, rightly. They are polar opposites, defined by Torah. Barry’s books are available at

      barry’s book is available at

  3. zorba the greek says:

    The vast majority of people in the U.S. and probably in Europe still feel that the
    government should take care of their needs, whether it be health care or unemployment
    compensation or food stamps or an education, most of the public believe they are
    entitled. We voted for the politician who promised to deliver increased social benefits
    and lower rates for taxes without questioning how these promises would be paid for.
    This has gone on for decades and now the massive debt the country has incurred is
    about to collapse our financial system and bring mayhem and chaos to our lives.
    Until recently, I believed our children and grandchildren would be burdened with this
    debt, but after reviewing the actual numbers of our debt, including the unfunded
    programs such as social security and medicare and medicaid, I realized that the debt
    is so great that it is impossible for even future generations to repay. It will be many
    years before we are able stop it from increasing and even longer before we will start
    reducing it. The only way out is to default. An outright default on U.S. debt would be
    unacceptable to U.S. and world leaders as it would devastate world economies and
    cause untold suffering, so the only option left is to inflate the debt away through
    monetization. This would have to be done very carefully to avoid hyper-inflation, but
    even if successful, it will punish savers and retired people with much higher prices on
    goods and reward others who are in debt.

    • Once the debt cycle is engaged, it is impossible to stop without payment in real wealth. Monetizing debt is a very recent term, even younger than the Federal Reserve. In reality, the central banks have been monetizing debt for centuries. This is just the latest version of the Bait-And-Switch. There is no way to monetize debt without an equal, plus compound interest, hyperinflation. It is a basic law of the universe that reality judges fantasy. People just are not ready to accept reality. They will have no other choice. Thank you for the comment!

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