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When They Come For ….

When They Come For …”

It occurred to me in the quiet of the night, that everyone is, to some degree, institutionalized. I didn’t see it quite that way, before. The Federal Reserve system is a debtors’ prison. It is a coordinated confinement and containment system. Functionally, people “in the system” are constantly goaded into assaulting and robbing their neighbors. Of course, everyone believes that they are doing their loyal, patriotic duty by doing and paying their fair share. The reality is that they are mercenaries for a private bank. The end result is that everyone gets pillaged and sold into slavery. Bank wins. Everyone loses. Last year, I listened to people describe jail and the homeless shelters in interchangeable terms. Both were described as components in a seamless system. How is that not an institutionalized mindset? The greater evil is that the majority of people describe the Federal Reserve system in fatalistic terms.

People say that there is no escape. The problem is that people can’t escape and take their paper life with them. The fear is energized by the fact that, just as their is a punishment/reward structure in the penal system, so to is the regulation in the Federal Reserve Monopoly game. Since everything in the U. S. economy is tied up in paper, the only realistic option is to let go of the paper. Even precious metals markets are compromised. Transactions are dependent on the existence of a widely accepted fiat currency system. Unfortunately, people won’t let go of the paper, until it crumbles to dust, and slips through their fingers. From what people have always told me, they believe that, at the point of collapse of the Federal Reserve note, they are as good as dead. That is strange. There is nothing noble about going down with a ship of liars and thieves. That would be the moment when people would be most desperate to live. In hindsight, life will appear to have been easy, before the Federal Reserve came for them. Life is about to become hard work.

People get marginalized and eliminated in stages. The weakest go first, harvested by the next strongest, with the blessing of the control structure. This is why relative financial strength is no basis for security. At some point, every economic strata will become the next target. For illustration of the human harvesting process, study the last 100 years of history in Africa. This is how Conquest is done. All those who made their fortunes from the demise of their neighbors must now watch their backs. It’s beginning to sound like the old Roman Empire. E. Pluribus Urinal. Summa Cum Commode. It’s difficult to find proper Latin phrases for fake money. When the collapse inherent to fiat currencies is completed in the Federal Reserve note, I’m sure that people will have much more colorful terms.

I wonder if people’s vulnerability is tied directly to their faith in the currency. It may be a closed loop question. The starting point depends on who initiated the fraud. I mention this, only because I see the promotional efforts for the next bubble, underway. I saw an ad in the paper, telling people to “bulk up” their 401(k)s. Don’t miss the recovery!”. Well they’re at it, they should put “$?”20 on Bucket Bladder in the 5th race. Then, they can at least have their “bad luck” to blame for their misfortune. If people could understand that it is the central banks that decide economic conditions, they would be in position to fix their vulnerability problem.

We are watching the functional, administrative confiscation and seizure of all private property. This subject will be examined tomorrow, in “Eminent Domination”. This is the warning sign and the tipping point. Before they come for you, they come for your possessions.


Purchasing Power Limits

Purchasing Power Limits


We all should have been smart enough to see this, early in our working lives. There is a real, functional difference between legal tender and lawful money: purchasing power.


The question is, who controls purchasing power? The illustration goes far beyond a dry accounting of history. No paper fiat currency has ever maintained purchasing power. It is the issuer of currency that controls it’s use, effectively controlling purchasing power. The holder of the currency only has purchasing power as an agent of the issuer.We must search for logic and sanity in the daily role of perception of money. It is in the exchange between merchant and consumer that the reality of tangible value is separated from the slag of fantasy. Wealth can not be hidden in a mountain of paper, in the fiery environment of the marketplace.

Anyone who has ever had a credit card declined knows that moment of panic. The circumstance is made all the more bizarre by the fact that the refusal is made by corporations that are more insolvent than the card user. The entire loop of transaction is entirely in loaned debt. So it is with the newly unemployed. In their case, they personally have been declined and invalidated. There purchasing power is obviously in other hands. Purchasing power is held and manipulated by the issuing authority. In this case, the Federal Reserve holds the only part of an individual that counts in the economy: the balance sheet. From the Federal Reserve’s perspective, “cradle to grave” means from the time the currency is borrowed into circulation to the time it is destroyed, devalued or replaced. It has the same relationship to money that an animated cartoon has to a documentary film. Even then, with the developments in digital animation and special effects, most people have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. Some don’t particularly care. They’re just along for the thrill of the ride.

the 401(k) ride was a thrill, as long as it lasted. Here again, we see arbitrary control of purchasing power. When you here the stories of those who are nearing retirement and are suddenly impoverished, it’s way too late to come up with Plan B. People who invested in real money instead of Wall St. and “emergingmarkets” sleep much better than their paper counterparts. Unfortunately, most people, including myself, missed the turn away from the fraud economy by at least 3 decades. This would have been much easier to deal with, in 1975. The real gambling addiction is to the Federal Reserve note, not the glitter of the gambling meccas. Being tapped out in the Federal Reserve’s house will carry consequences that outlive generations. Unless an effective shift toward a more independent market system is made, people will be held prisoner by consent of their neighbors. As we have seen in the growth of the Socialist administrative “law” system since 1960, the most vulnerable assets are pillaged to benefit the vote – buying entitlement programs. The record of those programs lagging behind the funding curve is only a symptom of the hunger for power in the corporate structure of the United States.

Great insight into the future isn’t required to read the logical outcome of each day’s headlines. In the most significant areas of the domestic economy, we see nothing short of Soviet central micro – management. From the government takeover of the banking, auto and housing industries, we see the nationalization that has built openly Marxist dictatorships in Third World countries. Clearly, the United States has such a despot in the White House, right now. The dictatorial pronouncements come almost daily from this administration. Not only have the voters chosen a man of questionable origin and character, the majority clamors for acceptance of their abdication of individual independence. History records that their surrender will be quickly accepted. This always happens when a nation abandons self – rule in favor of corporate management by slave traders.

People have repeatedly ignored warnings of property seizures without compensation, in an “emergency’. We live in an extremely naive and short – sighted country. The invasions of privacy and Federal militarization of law enforcement have produced a level of warrant-less surveillance that would never have been tolerated, even 20 years ago. Now that U. S. citizens have been dragged into mandatory community service, there is no longer any pretense of representation. Politicians say that they are public servants. Who are they serving the public to?

With the way that people, proud to be “constituents”, are traded as political currency, we have to ask if the Cold War policy of Mutually Assured Destruction has carried over into the global economic crisis. The way that people and industries are sacrificed for international agendas is an affront to both human dignity and American self – respect. In the past 100 years, we have seen a shift away from the individuality that was the hallmark of Americanism. Quite simply, honest money kept us honest. Under the influence of the Federal Reserve, fraud and speculation went out of control. The public was mesmerized into acquiescence to corporate manipulation. The media whipped the public into a frenzy and people dove headfirst, into the causes favored by the corporate structure. literally, the public does not know anything until mainstream media tells them what they know. The evidence is clear and convicting. Every government program in the last century has cost this nation priceless principles that won’t be regained until the Corporatist damage has been undone. That would begin with phasing out the Federal Reserve system. There was a time when every individual was the repository of wealth, talent and opportunity. Ownership meant personal rule over possessions. We can not restore that liberty until no one pays tribute to any corporation and it’s standing army. We were warned, many times, about the influence of private agendas in public issues. We have been turned upside down. The U. S. military now serves the private agenda of the central banks. As it has come to pass, what was good for General Motors during the 1960s is not good for America. That policy has painted America as a predator and destroyer. There is nothing about defending this country in being a mercenary for the multi – national corporations, including the United Nations. The military structure has become the modern day Hessians. Only the scenery and uniforms have changed.

The unease felt in this economic crisis was sent out from the board rooms of the central banks. We now find the seeds of debt sprouting on our doorsteps. We have seen restrictions on the ability of individuals to buy and sell. We only think that we hold control of purchasing power. The options of barter, parity in trade of goods and services and independence from the Federal Reserve system are indispensable if we are to regain our liberty.

recommended reading

The content of the book, “The Coming Battle” by M. W. Walbert is at this link: 

The following titles are available at the Amazon link on the homepage of . You can view the book covers in that widget, about halfway down the page. Placing the cursor over the book takes you to the order information.

“End The Fed” by Ron Paul

“The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin

“The Late, Great USA: …..” by Dr. Jerome R. Corsi

“Spychips” by Katherine Albrecht & Liz McIntyre

These books are tremendous resources in understanding why things are the way they are, and in finding ways to deal with those conditions. 

Sustainable Bankruptcy


We’ve watched the Federal Reserve Bait-&-Switch for 98 years. Are people tired of the lies and the wars? I’m sure they are. The question is, whether or not they will get used to prison. That’s what happens when people are monetized and harvested to pay for debt, traded for debt. Perhaps this will suggest other options …..


 Sustainable Bankruptcy

      When the rules of the game are different than they were explained to you, it should be no surprise when you lose. When the rules are changed in the middle of the game, without your knowledge or consent, that is the crime of Fraud. Such is the Federal Reserve system. Originally, Federal Reserve Notes were redeemable in gold and silver coin. That5 quickly changed to a pure debt system. That is how the Bait-And-Switch works.
     Let’s take a look at what history says this means. In 1933, our U. S. Treasury issue gold coins were confiscated by threat of force, then sold to foreign central banks. This was the end of the connection between the paper currency and real money. The consequences for today’s economy are staggering. Before the total debt could be retired, there would be no currency in circulation. Think about that for a moment. No currency means no commercial activity. People would say that there would always be a medium of exchange. While that is true, it is also true that the central banks control the exchange rate in every devaluation of a currency. They win. You lose. It’s as simple as that. 
     Real things are real money. The paper is only paper. For the moment, businesses give real things in exchange for the paper currency. That hasn’t always been so, and it is not a guaranteed standard in the future. We can’t say that the government is good for it. The government is indebted to the Federal Reserve Bank.   The government says that U. S. citizens will repay the debt, not the government. We are now watching the assets of the Federal corporation being sold off to pay the debt. That can include U. S. citizens, themselves. Debtors prisons are just around the corner. 





Affirmative Materialism

     Whether we see it or not, the current debt ceiling debate is an exercise in Affirmative Materialism. The entire conversation is hampered by these Corporatists who are ruled by the lusts of their 5 senses. In their expectations, they do err greatly, for they ask amiss. In simple terms, access to more debt is not Manna from Heaven.
   Watch where this comes out. Unmet expectations always result in anarchy. The welfare state has always been a day late and a dollar short because it does the evil of spreading dependency. The only way that governments can promise material comfort is to impersonate Final Authority. In the aftermath of social bankruptcy, those who presented themselves as gods, are found to be no gods, at all. The emperor has no clothes. He’s just a naked fool, proudly paraded down the street.
     Whether we know or or not, our bellies lead us to slavery and our conscience leads us to freedom. Our needs and desires can be used against us. God gave us conscience to oppose the world. Most people are content to live with guilt, as long as their stomach is full.

     When we try to find the positives in situations, we can be deceived into bad choices. It’s just a basic flaw in human nature. People judge good and evil by whether or not they materially benefit from it. If something causes the stock market to go up, they are in favor of it. If it goes down, they are dissatisfied. People believe that, as long as they can go places and buy things, everything is good. Perception is not always reality. 

     We are now at the crossroads of Reality and Perception. This is not a good time for a wrong turn. Illegal immigration is easy to understand. It is perception that leads us astray. U. S. citizens are imported statutory persons, aliens in the states they reside in.  They are the legal aliens that volunteered to pay the debts of the Federal corporation. Foreign nationals entering the U. S. illegally are the leg breakers sent in by6 the central banks to take possession of the collateral on the debt.  The debt is owed to private central banks, not to U. S. citizens.
   Herein lies the irony of our situation. In this “managed economy”, independence and autonomy are things of the past.  14th Amendment citizenship is the new slavery. A return to reality can only be realized by a return to real money and asserting our standing as Americans. U. S. citizens are NOT Americans. They are shareholders in a corporation that is foreign to the States. 
    Should we wonder why we have no rights in this society? I don’t think so. We can’t perceive Reality by pretending to be something we are not. Withdrawing support and consent in and for the Federal corporation is the only valid choice. 

The Charge Of The Carpetbaggers

The Charge Of The Carpetbaggers                                                                                

     Carpetbaggers were agents of the Federal corporation, after the War of Federal Conquest, in 1867. Since debt is a hunger that is never satisfied, we are still in a headlong rush down the mountain of debt. Like locusts devouring every crop in their path, so agents have been sent forth to devour all of the people’s substance.      Before we settle in with drinks and snacks for the thrilling story of the desperate Charge of the Carpetbaggers into the Valley of Debt, a short history lesson is in order.      In 1860, the first Marxist president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln began the military conquest of the States. Since he and Karl Marx were pen-pals and mutual admirers, we saw many of the tactics that were later applied in the Bolshevik revolution. Lincoln closed 200 newspapers and jailed their editors. He sent Federal troops to drag a Congressman from Ohio out of bed, in the middle of the night, and deported him from the country. Since the Federal corporation is the occupation force for the central banks, the conquest was completed and agents were sent forth to devour all of the people’s substance. They were called “Carpetbaggers”, so named because they traveled light, carrying bags that appeared to be made from carpet material. Henceforth, the Federal corporation claimed right of conquest over all that was within it’s reach. Now, settle in for the paper war that is “The Charge of the Carpetbaggers”. In this economic war, the supply of possessions has been exhausted. When the Carpetbaggers ran out of property to steal, a new scam had to be utilized to deprive people of Liberty, Property and Privacy. Enter the Bait-And Switch Ponzi scheme, the Federal Reserve system. Over a period of 96 years, a system completely divorced from real money now closes the gate of the stockyards. The livestock have been rounded up. The mounting debt to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat is killing economic activity. The only frontier left is the human body. The only new industry left to expand is the processing, marketing and distribution of people, their body parts and genetic material. The charge into the Valley of Debt demands the monetization and numerical identification of every human being. “Human Resources” are now war materiel in the Ponzi Fiat Paper Debt War. In this morning’s business news, the trade situation with China is in the news. Watch and learn. This is how debt is used as a weapon.

Of course, we still have the healthcare reform debate on the front burner. Both sides play the guilt trip game on each other, but they will both lose. They are just different, opposing factions of Carpetbaggers. Their tactics and motives are similar. They all have the people skills of bean counters. Their priorities are completely mercenary and predatory. Shooting each other in the foot comes out the same way as shooting themselves in the foot.

Let’s establish something concrete, right here. The healthcare reform debate has nothing to do with anyone’s health. If it did, we wouldn’t be relying on synthetic patent medicines that corporations make big money from. If it had anything to do with health, we wouldn’t be paying any attention to anything that comes out of The Centers for Disease Creation and Promotion. The healthcare reform debate is about managing people to the maximum benefit of the corporate structure, before they are allowed to die. If there is another dime of profit in your sorry carcass, the bean counters will find it.

There is hope for us, yet. The rebellion that created the Public/Private Partnership, the New Age polite term for NATIONAL SOCIALISM, will crash and burn, as it did in Germany and Italy. there isn’t enough room in Barter Town for Pharmaceutical, Banking, Insurance, Labor and Medical services logistics to maneuver in their feeding frenzy. With the regulatory structure for rent to the the most well- heeled lobbyists, the pimps in Washington, D. C. have plenty of street ready talent to work with. This is what happens in a culture that monetizes people. Corporatism is the Devil’s Whorehouse. In this fight for control of the medical neighborhood, 5 will go in, 1 giant totalitarian monster comes out. This will be the engine of destruction for the subjugation of humanity that Hitler tried to build. The Nazis didn’t lose WWII. They just had to move and set up shop in the corporate United States. The culling of the herd begins with Universal Healthcare. Employment and access to activity will be regulated by Insurability. If you are not cost effective, you will be removed from taking up space among the living. RFID tracking and identification will be a central component of efficient management of you, the “resource”. Hitler loved efficiency.

This doesn’t have to be. We were warned. The wise have ears to hear. The foolish are deaf in their comfort. Call upon the Name of the Living God, Yeshua, the Lamb of God, if you want to live. He is the Way out of this minefield.

War Of The Money Worlds

War Of The Money Worlds

   On Wednesdays, these old friends get together for a long lunch, concluded in spirited conversation. They are all too busy for the friendly competition of their youth. They don’t have time for pick-up ballgames and board games. They do enjoy their time together on Wednesdays. Let’s listen in on the conversation, as Paper, Metal, Stuff and Imagination verbally spar with each other.

    Paper: “Well gentleman, I’m very well positioned for the recovery.”

Metal: “We’ll just have to see what will be. The downside of speculation is bankruptcy.”

Stuff: “We wouldn’t be talking about this if all commodities were indexed together in a parity system. All of this confusion in people trying to get over on somebody is sickening. It’s just plain predatory.”

Imagination: “Now, my friends, we shouldn’t be carping over what is wrong with everything. We have to have the vision of what can be.”

The consensus response, as this conversation has played out, so many Wednesdays before, is more of the same. Everyone wants to know what Imagination has in mind. Of course, they can’t keep up with Imagination’s vision. No evidence presented in opposition to their self-centered minds can move them. They see only what they might lose in reconsidering their positions. The conversation continues.

Paper: “Life would be much easier if the Federal Reserve would just print more money.”

Metal: “That’s the problem, to begin with. Paper is not money. You’re invested in emerging markets. You know what happens when other countries tell you that your “money” is no good. They don’t want it, and they talk about dumping “dollar” denominated notes on the open market.”

Stuff: “You’re narrow minded, Metal. The currency is only a minor problem. The big problem is the terms of exchange issue. We need to elect the right people to manage Commerce.”

Imagination: “This is where you all get off in the weeds with these political arguments. Commercial problems require commercial solutions.” Somebody always gets left out of the loop in your reasoning. You get caught in the same old closed loop, every time.”

Stuff: “Hold on a minute! I’ve been trying to get you guys to see the wisdom of parity pricing for as long as we’ve all been trying to make our way in the world. You’re all trapped in your own little worlds, with your games and schemes. Don’t you get tired of losing? When are you going to realize that there are standards to be met, that you have no control over?”

Paper: ‘We’ve been through this, before. Investment and industry have built the greatest economic system in the history of the world. It is a tower of hope and a beacon of prosperity to the whole world.”

Metal: “Now, there’s a stirring speech! The audacity of fraud. To call an empire built on lies and worthless paper great is the very depths of human rebellion. Don’t you read the Bible? Don’t you know that the Bible says that a wise man knows the end of all things? It doesn’t take very much wisdom to understand plain English. The end of your wonderful construction is destruction. Yet, you keep piling on the debt. When the books get balanced, you won’t be doing the accounting. You’ll all be caught with your hands in the cookie jar and your heads in the toilet.”

Imagination: “You get too hyper, Metal. All of that old stuff you come up with doesn’t work, anymore. The world has changed since that book was written. We’re not simpleminded dirt peasants, anymore. Get with the program. This world runs on modern standards, now.”

Stuff: “You play the same old tune, over and over. You need to outgrow yourself, Imagination. You’re a genius in your own mind. You need to come out of your dream world and get real.”

Imagination: “Here we go again. You guys are the ones in a dream world. Let me ask you this: If everyone is participating in the same crime, and no one presents themselves as an injured party, making claim for recovery of damages, is there a crime?”

The Group in unison: “No, of course not! Everyone is consenting to the terms of the deal.”

Metal: “Every one? Did anyone ask God about this?”

Paper: “There you go again, with that God stuff. If God wants anything to say about it, He can just come on down here and do something about it!”

Metal: “As it is written, everything shall come to pass in it’s appointed time. In due time, gentlemen. In due time.”

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The Four Money Questions

Update 08/04/2011 – With the aftermath of the debt ceiling debate running at full speed, “The Four Money Questions” brings out some interesting points and questions. When the alleged president steps to the podium, the theme to “The Twilight Zone” should be played, instead of “Hail To The Chief”.

“Where does the money come from?”. The answer to this one would turn the economy upside down, if the truth ever escaped the control of the media. The common consensus is that the Federal Reserve currency “works”. That’s not true in all circumstances. The truth is that countries around the world are telling the United States that the currency is no good. They’re selling off U. S. Tresury bonds at a steady pace. The resulting inflation is just beginning. The Federal Reserve note depends on everyone believing the same lie. The economy is unraveling because there is no market for what Bernanke & Geittner, Agents Out of Law, are selling. People have to have confidence for a confidence game to work. Somebody call Joe Friday. I think he’s working Bunko Squad, this week.

“What does the money say?” The record doesn’t allow the “money” room for any words of wisdom. A budget crisis is always a time when public officials and private institutions whistle past the graveyard, whenever a public statement must be made. Helicopter Ben can sit down to dinner with Nebuchadnezzar and they can read the handwriting on the wall, together. People can establish a “New Order” to make war with the Eternal Order. We will watch the foundations under the New Order crumble as the rich men of the Earth claw at air on their way down the sides of the Pit. Gold calls paper into judgment. That’s what the real money says.

“Where does the money sit?”. this is the great question, this time around. There should be suits and ties made of orange jumpsuits. The people running the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme belong in prison. In the end, the collaborators will be the fall guys in this Great Felony. The “money” ended up in the central banks’ coffers. U. S. citizens have to repay the debt TWICE, at interest. What a deal. The good old Bait-And-Switch and The Shell Game work nso much better in the digital age. Virtual shells and virtual peas are so easy to palm and pocket.

“Is it really money?”. With the manipulations and misappropriations of the past few years, we now have enough evidence to answer this question, “No”. Real money wouldn’t allow the accounting discrepancies and perjury that covered the thefts. When the general public no longer believes the lie and pulls their deposits out of the Fed system, we will watch Hell come to breakfast. It will be the conflict between free will and voluntary bondage. The battlefield will move over the landscape of local media, flee from bankruptcy to anything that looks like a lifeboat, and then learn how to pray. i repeat myself. When this mess blows, it will be spectacular.

The Four Money Questions


     If the world is becoming too Biblically negative for most people, it is because people and nations do Biblically negative things. 
If the world can’t handle the truth,  denying it won’t make anything, better. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin;
“A nation that refuses the Wisdom of God shall be dominated by slave traders and thieves.”
     If Congress and the people are serious about a General Accounting Office audit of the Federal Reserve, the examination must start at the beginning. Where is all of the gold and silver that is supposed to be the real wealth that underwrites the paper currency? Where is it, right now, at this moment? The art of the deal in this dark tale of history is the Bait-And-Switch. The gradual metamorphosis from “good as gold” to paper backed by government edict is gross malfeasance in office on the part of Congress and Felony Fraud on the part of the Federal Reserve. End fractional banking, the unchecked expansion of debt and the continuation of this assault in Commerce against America.

To this point, we have betrayed ourselves and our country. We have fought wars for the multi-national corporations. For 100 years, we have been drawn into the corporate consolidation of world Commerce. The agenda of Corporatism reaps the spoils of war, while the American people get the blame for it. This must end. This nation was not founded to pillage the rest of the world. We must assert our lawful, legal authority by correcting our Nationality, become Americans again, and withdraw our consent for the Federal corporation that enslaves us. For our education, we have the following websites. Live and learn. Pray and seek. Please, God. Help us in our national time of need. 

“Is It Really Money?”

I remember an episode of the Twilight Zone in which mannequins each had a turn to come to life and live, out in the real world. That scenario is much like the appearance of fiat currency. It is monetized, by some strange alchemy, transformed from paper to money. It goes through it’s life cycle, not knowing it’s mortality. At the end of it’s run, it is drawn back to it’s source,to occupy it’s inanimate post, dead to the world.

The strange parallel is that, at some point, the mannequin forgets that it doesn’t belong in the real world. It acts, and is accepted as a real, flesh and blood, human being. In the case of the Federal Reserve note, U. S. citizens have married a blowup doll. Do they know that “she” leaks like a sieve?” What will it take to keep her “inflated”?

The Federal Reserve note is picking a fine time to leave us. Most of the silverware and jewelry have been stolen. The “court” has awarded her alimony and support. Her evil offspring, the Global currency, is about to trash the house. We must get out of that house. We have been crippled by repeated financial abuse. The full deception and financial irresponsibility of the United States is about to teach us the meaning of real money.

There are questions we must ask, and answers we must accept, if we are to recover our independence. A big question is:

When people crossed the country in covered wagons, did they consider themselves to be homeless?”

Please ponder that question. Most people can’t imagine anything outside their convenient lives. They can’t even be buried for free after living in a fiat world and economy. The day is coming when the probate system will extend the obligation of debt beyond the grave Paper should not have such power over people.

This is the difference between reality and fantasy. The outcomes and consequences are different. Reality doesn’t carry a haunting nightmare. The fantasy world id prowled by a relentless predator.

There is no freedom without independence. It is a very steep learning curve, retracing our steps back to being free inhabitants on the land. Perhaps going back and reading “Pilgrims Progress” again would be a good idea.

Like it or not, here it comes. After the disruptions of the past six months,the stage is set for severe fluctuations in both consumer goods and currency supply. The wrenching shocks in supply and demand have never been controlled in any fiat paper economy. The three questions that root out the answers that financial analysts tiptoe around will separate the smoke from the mirrors.

“Where does the money come from?”

Here, we find the fatal flaw in every managed economy. The emphasis is more on management than on creating real wealth. The paper numbers always look better than the actual production. Such a gambling mentality has been fostered by the manipulation of numbers that there is no recognition of a real economy. The illusion held in the minds of the public are so deeply ingrained that the economy is no longer measured in real production. It is all a statement in debt manipulation.

It remains to be seen, how long inflation can be hidden from real consumer experience. Re-inflating the housing bubble, funding public works projects and taking direct control of industries are only part of the problem. Eventually the lag in production will produce short term shortages. There will be all of that imaginary money trying to buy back ordered goods. The balance isn’t there.

The track record of taxation for the purpose of controlling inflation is a consistent account of incompetence. The results have never matched the intent. Even though the new administration tried to keep consumers optimistic with it’s stated taxation policies, people aren’t as gullible as they used to be. They know that higher business taxes will chase more manufacturing to foreign countries. The trade imbalance and resulting indebtedness will take the economy down, further. Where are the jobs to support this proposed financial fairy tale?

The fact is that higher taxes will be paid by people who can be held still long enough to be milked. The sales and use taxes will core state and municipal taxpayers like apples. You can’t get blood out of a turnip. The Federal Reserve debt empire has been squeezing the same turnip for 95 years.

It is not the purpose of the Federal Reserve to maintain your lifestyle. The collapse of the economy won’t be stopped. The next phase will be false hope, followed by more tragedy. One need only examine the recent encouraging economic news, against the reality of the past decade. This current plan has been in place for at least 20 years. No accommodation has existed for continued consumer security, in that time. The repeated pattern of wealth transfer into the financial management structure should convince people that they are not in the loop. The emphasis is clearly in the orderly end of the concept of the United States as an individual, independent and sovereign nation.

To this point, the discussion has dealt with the manipulation of what is ACCEPTED as money. We know where that comes from. The danger posed by that source has destroyed economies in the past. Illustrating that point was the article on the front page of the Business section of the Sunday Denver Post. The article, written by Aldo Svaldi, titled,

“T-bond bubble looms as inflation risk, experts say.” ,

quoted, among others, Warren Buffet and Casey Research CEO Olivier Garrett.

Olivier Garrett described the enormity of U. S. Treasury debt:

“Never in the U. S. have we had this level of money creation in as short a period of time. The scale is such that you could see the printing presses turning red hot.”

Warren Buffet stated the context of history in the evaluation of these developments.

“When the financial history of this decade is written, it will surely speak of the Internet bubble of the 1990s and the housing bubble of the early 2000s, but the Treasury bond bubble … may be almost equally extraordinary.”

That statement, before the Federal Reserve last week, may be a line that no sane people would want to cross. The abyss is somewhere in the dark. Yet, for all such warnings as this statement, the blind still lead the blind.

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It is only a matter of time until a crisis in inflation and currency devaluation forces the issue. The Federal Reserve and the U. S. Treasury will decide that they don’t pay off too mooks, marks, rummies, patsies and suckers. A bank holiday means a halt in to ATM, credit card and check, and all forms of EFT transactions. People will learn the meaning of the real economy. The imaginary economy can be turned off like a light switch. Homeland Security is preparing for the possibility of food riots, looting and runs on the banks, possibly this year. Be prepared and stay away from large cities. They could be dormant volcanoes of desperation.

Consumers must be the laughingstocks of the financial world. Government, the financial structure and employers openly play a game of keepaway with consumers. The joke is that consumers aren’t really in the game. They have no chance of winning. The economy is an exclusive gambling house with strict admission standards. After 95 years of the Federal Reserve separating fools from there money, land and possessions,people have lost everything. Consumers won’t believe that until someone they trust takes it all away from them.

Where does the money sit?”

The illusion is that money circulates. The reality is that control never passes out of the control of institutions to consumers. Once an institution gains an inroad into property that it doesn’t control, it layers obligations until the equity is secured. The transaction becomes one sided. Everything becomes an exchange of Federal Reserve property.

Financial institutions do have a vested interest in maintaining the value of the Federal Reserve note, to a limited degree. That interest is not what you might think. Only currency devaluations that insiders are prepared to profit from are allowed to happen. The headlines may be speaking of dire circumstances, but the few at the head of the line have become very rich. That was the procedure in every recession and depression in the past. That is what is happening, now. That is how Ponzi schemes work.

In the confusion of financial reporting, the real change is hidden. Title to property is being transferred at an incredible rate. The recent dictates that General Motors must comply with are an example. We were shown very clearly, who owns General Motors. Private property rights are becoming a thing of the past, at least for people like the remaining individual shareholders of GM. Every sector of the economy is becoming consolidated in an increasingly centralized, totalitarian corporate structure. This process almost succeeded in the 20th century. Of course, barbed wire, internment camps and crematoria were bad public relations. The new economic model uses the cities as internment camps. The restraints are in the minds of people, so dependent on the financial structure, that they would never think of escape. We are about to see a live performance of the movie, “Rollerball”.

It should be obvious that the fake money doesn’t sit with the consumer. Gold and silver coin, on the other hand, turn the tables. You can be the bank.

If you have gold and silver coin, let’s see how well you can play keepaway with the loan sharks at the Federal Reserve. People didn’t fare very well in the gold confiscation of 1933. I hope you do better, this time around.

I wish the news were an April Fool’s Day joke. I would be greatly relieved to find that this was only a bad nightmare. We have seen the pecking order in the corporate structure, in action. The takeover of General Motors is spectacular in that a blatant power play by government, intruding into industrial activity, as the administration did, should be seen as a warning shot. If there was any doubt that the state of emergency was never ended, that doubt is erased with this event. This must be the audacity that we heard so much about. One of the largest corporations in the history of the world was taken over for the printing costs.

“What does the money say?’

The fact that money talks is a given. The problem is that either people don’t understand the language, or the meaning of words isn’t the same for everyone. I see substantial proof for the latter. The cause of this situation is found in the deliberate deception in education. People should have been taught better. In speaking the only frame of reference they were taught, they speak the lies that continue this system of conquest by fiat currency. They become agents of the central banks. Volunteer agents are still agents, nonetheless. Aiding and abetting criminal activity does strange things to people. They really believe that their lives are good and normal.

The deciding factor is in the bias of the source. The fiat currency says that happy days are coming. Gold and silver, real money, says that the paper empire has been weighed in the balances, and found wanting. How many wheelbarrows of currency will it take to buy an ounce of gold? The question won’t have any meaning for people without an income.

They probably won’t need a wheelbarrow, anyway.

Inflation is the gradual method for telling people that their currency isn’t as good as it used to be. This is why the rumblings about a regional currency, the Amero, won’t go away. It’s like the Denver Broncos saying that they’re not trading their quarterback for the past few weeks. Never say never. The fiat currency system screams for a global currency. The world would get off easy if the deluge of paper ended after 40 days and 40 nights. Unfortunately, there are probably more than 40 thieves. That’s another story, for another day;

“Ben Bernanke And The 401(k) Thieves”. It has a ring to it.

The message from gold and silver is much better. There is no uncertainty and no debt axe hanging over your neck. The beauty of having gold and silver is that you don’t have to say anything. The standards are long established and the final warning given, long ago. The decisions of the Federal Reserve and the U. S. Treasury become inconsequential. God doesn’t make concessions to criminals impersonating responsible public officials. People get buried in suits and ties, everyday. Do they ever think about how that conversation would go, in Eternity?

The bottom line here is that fiat currency speaks, and gold and silver call it a liar. Money that has never lied about it’s value is much better.

“Is it really money?”

“Where does the money come from?”

“Where does the money sit?”

What does the money say?”

     Find the answers to these four questions, and know why things are the way they are. Generations were taught “the way it is”. We know this is not the way life is supposed to be. We can not sleep with a clear conscience while this condition exists. If we do less than honorable people, we are less than honorable people.