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   My life experience and present circumstances have made me an advocate for the homeless and a watchman. The incidents of overt persecution and discrimination of displaced, disenfranchised and dispossessed people must be exposed in print, wherever possible. At some point, I want to get information into audio files. The opportunities expand greatly in that media format.

       This blog expresses my fascination with human nature. I constantly search for the root of motivations in current events. Being a photographic speed reader, I cover a lot of ground in a day. I hope that I’ve found enough relevant content to make it worth the trip. There is certainly enough to write about.

     In these days of economic and social upheaval, it is more important than ever that we learn the lessons of history. These stories of fraud, extortion, racketeering and murder. whether on individual or global stages, have played out many times. Central banks haven’t changed. Governments have alway taken license with the public trust. We should never get fooled, again. Yet, the latest flavor of the Bait-And-Switch and the Shell Game roll on.


36 Comments on “About”

  1. Joe Hunt says:

    Thanks for your work. I’m now following you as I was trying to find out what tags are and how the work; don’t have a handle on my dashboard yet.

    • Hi, Joe…… It took me a while to understand how tags work. Finding words that describe what I write is the easy part. I went overboard with it. I later learned that this could hurt my ranking in search engines. I limit my Category and Tag entries to a total of 10, now. That is the threshold number for those to be effective. I also use ping services like MillionPing, Feedburner, Feed Shark, Ping Goat to get my blog and feed URLs to the appropriate search engines. The combination of proper tag usage and getting your blog listed in the right places will be very effective. You will find a lot of help in the tutorial video on your dashboard, and the help links there. One very important warning that I got is to watch out for spammers. They’ll flatter you to death to get their links approved in your comments column. Don’t believe them. If they’re flagged as spam, they are spam. Delete their comments.. That should get you off to a good start.

      P.S. – Your first post is a very good start. I posted your link on my Facebook Group page, Georgesblog – for Social Conscience.

  2. Leaves Heal says:

    Good to see you, George– we all need to be aware… too many mentally- and physically-numbing tools misused too often. Good to find you alert and learning. Knowledge can lead to freedom 🙂

  3. Christina Marlowe says:

    Thank you, George, for being like minded. Keep up the good work!!


    Christina Marlowe

    • Thank you, Christina. After 50 years of trying to figure this world out, I’m starting to get things right and undo the lies that I was taught. I write it, because I can’t remain silent and ignorant.

      All the best


  4. Very interesting blog!

    • Thank you! I’m always looking for articles that explain why the world is the way it is. There is something very wrong, and I have to find out why. To get through what is coming, it will take all of us.


    • As background for “Money From Nothing, And Your Perks For Free”, my thinking in writing that, and “Cancer Of The Wallet”, came out of a previous post. After I wrote “Two Masters”, pastors and evangelists on 4 continents asked me for permission to use it in sermon material and as Bible tracts. At one point, I used Google Chrome to translate it into Urdu, and email it to Pakistan. I wanted to know how well it translated into Urdu and I needed feedback. As I was told, the plan was for an initial printing of 70,000 copies for distribution in Pakistan.

  5. Tincup says:

    I am in your court. Wonderful blog. I look forward to spending some time reading through your thoughts and information…I too believe economics / capitalism…has evolved into nothing more than a ponzi scheme. And….when you have 7 billion people that seems to have less means for education…the sheeps are there for the picking.

    • The moment that I learned that Mussolini’s word for Fascism was “Corporatism”, the light bulb came on. I see all of the isms under the statist umbrella of Corporatism. If you skim through my archives, or just search “Corporatism”, you’ll find a mountain of material. Thanks for stopping by. I search blogs every day, and I’m pretty sure that I should get email notifications on yours.


  6. How were your holidays George? Did you enjoy them?

    Happy New Year!

    • Since my New Year is Biblical, I wasn’t caught up in the revelry of the weekend. On Fridasy evening and most of the day on Saturday, I’m in the Talking Torah room on PalTalkk with my friends. It was a nice, peaceful weekend, while the world was distracted. I am happy that people got to take some time away from surfing blogs or posting. I’m recharged and sailing along, this evening. While I took some time off, my blog weny over 100 followers. Now I’m back at it, trying to get to 9,000 views this month. In Dec. I had over 8100. May yoyu have a very rewarding 2012.

  7. I understand. I know you celebrate Hanukkah, just wanted to make sure you had enjoyed the holiday! 🙂 I am glad you had a nice, peaceful weekend and I agree, a break from blogging once in a while is a good thing. A break from the COMPUTER is a good thing. 🙂 What is PalTalk? I have not heard of it before.

    Congratulations on going over 100 readers, what a wonderful milestone for the blog!

    I hope your 2012 is very rewarding also! Full of happiness too! Have a beautiful day George!

    • Good morning! …. I’mall rested and back at it. PalTalk is a chat room service. Talking Torah is gradually moving over to . The service is more reliable and there isn’t as much adware. May you have a very successful 2012. I’ll continue doing what I do, finding news and connecting people.


  8. I am glad you are rested and back at it! 🙂 Has the server Talking Torah has been on been having problems? I am sorry to hear that if so, and hope the new server is much better.

    • The PalTalk service has glitches an quirks. The new site is expected to be much better. I also listen to Hebrew Nation Radio, during the week. Mark Call does one of the best news and current events programs there is. I’ve known Mark for about 13 years. We attended the same congregation, for a long time. I was the Board Op[ on his radio program.

      Be well and blessed!


  9. Well, I hope the new server is much better! I have never heard of the Hebrew Nation Radio. I have a tendency to only turn the radio on when driving to work and back home. I use to listen all the time, years ago. Not sure why I got out of the habit. I did get rid of my television, well, not the unit itself, I just had the services turned off. Afterwards I realize I don’t even have a radio any more! I am getting a small one tomorrow. Maybe I will find some interesting shows to listen too myself!

    • Most of what I listen to is on the Internet. During the week, I listen to many of my friends from radio. I was the Board Operator on their programs. I listen to Robby Noel on Republic Broadcasting. I can listen to the podcasts of The Patriot News Hour with Eric Cedarstrom and Joe Jaquint, on demand. On Wed. & Thuirs. I listen to “To Free America” with Randy Yarbrough on FirstAmendmentRadio. During the mornings, I listen to Mark Call’s daily updates on Hebrew Nation Radio. Dr. Stan Montieth does 5 hours of his program, “Radio Liberty”. on various networks.
      It makes for a full week.

      Have a good weekend.

  10. I should try listening to different stations on the net more often, I just never think about it. There must be thousands to listen too!

    Do you mind if I copy and paste your reply so that I can keep the names of the people and stations you listen to? See if I can find them? (Otherwise I will have forgotten the names in 5 seconds flat!) 🙂

  11. Dang, can’t edit replies. Used the wrong “too” up there! 😦

  12. George, thank you for the sub..i believe you are performing an important service to the citizens of this country. i shall check in often. continue…

    • Considering the alternatives, they aren’t really alternatives. A life of ease and comfort in Pharoah’s house would be dereliction of duty. Hang in there. We’re being led out of this mess.


  13. You are on my blogroll; Am making a new post about you’re being put in my spamfile, and being forced to blog on it since WP denies its members an inter member messaging system. “X”

    • That is one of the inconveniences of the blogging world. To deal with it, I approve everything that has only a WordPress address. Without an inter messager system, it is difficult. Putting a personal email address on my sites would be dangerous. Some sites welcome trackback URLs, some don’t. For instance, I’ve always gotten a lot of referrals from Zero Hedge. Since I started the site for “The Daily Climb”, I get almost as many from my other site, georgesblog forum. On that page, I get around the spam issue by carrying RSS feeds from selected sites, in my header. I’m still learning how to get around the paradox of trying to communicate with people who don’t know that I’m here. It puzzles me that I get comments from WordPress URLs, that are not marked as spam. Thank you for understanding, and letting me know.

  14. Yes, typos are and I speak typonese FLUENTLY! 🙂 Thanks for the link. I have it bookmarked. I looked at the schedule, is Randy Yarbrough a guest speaker? I didn’t see his name on the schedule I was looking at on their site.

  15. I am asleep then, as I work at night. Wonderful it is it on any other time?

  16. Hi George, I just finished perusing some of your posts and find your blog very interesting. I too am now following you. Like Tincup, I haven’t figured out the Categories or Tags yet, but am still working on it. Glad you found my blog interesting enough to follow. Keep up the good work.

    Kevin Barr

    • Hi, Kevin …. I’ve heeded the WordPress recommendations, and they work. Keeping the total of categories and tags to a total of ten or less, is important to the search engines. I’ve found that the busier tags work best. In the area I writer in, I use the basics of Banking,Currency,Inflation,Corruption,Homelessness. The categories are usually Commentary and News. That keeps it simple.

      Best regards,


  17. Thanks George, I will keep that in mind.

  18. Kevin says:

    I read what you write on Facebook. Keep it up.

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