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Commercial Identity Update: Mar. 1st, 2012

Thursday. Mar. 1st, 2012 – With so many issues rising up in debate, it becomes easy to forget that the structural mechanisms have been in place, for 150 years. The general public sees these institutions as altruistic and beneficial. They believe the news media when the Corporate Wars of Conquest are promoted. Unless that changes, people will be led around by the ring in their commercial identity noses.

There are some issues that people seem to discuss in terms of completely new and different things. In reality, it is just more of the same old thing. The present extremes are just the same old commercial practices, wrapped in a new package and applied in more areas. The foreclosure fraud issue is the perfect example. The same practices that have functioned in banking are now applied to property title. If the financial structure can get away with loaning the same money to multiple borrowers, it is but a small step to selling the same property, to multiple buyers.  The $26 Billion settlement is only a minuscule handling fee on $2.7 Trillion in theft. Yet, people will go out and vote for the same people that helped the mortgage industry rob them. People agree to the same old things. They get the same old things.

People talk about martial law as though it were some new thing. Nonsense. Commercial identity has never been outside the concentration camp of Corporatism. In many cases, the inmates and refugees guard each other. Role reversals occur with developments in circumstances. People confined within commercial identity can be deprived of liberty and property in one place and time, and then brutalize their neighbors transactionally, in the next. The smiling faces, on well – dressed people in the Utopia of media promotion may not appear to fit the dark description of a prison camp, but it is every bit as dangerous an environment. Acting in commercial identity makes everyone a predator, at some point.

With the Draconian legislation that has been signed into law in the past decade or so, their is cause for concern. The possible solutions put forth to deal with social crisis are all some form of internment. The fiat currency system, and by extension,  the economy, is a Federally managed benefit program. Everyone is already in a concentration camp, without barbed wire and guard towers. The insanity is that the inmates all believe they have rights. The reality is that they are property, to be managed to the maximum benefit of the corporation. 

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6 Comments on “Commercial Identity Update: Mar. 1st, 2012”

  1. gideon says:

    Great stuff George. Saw this today and thought of you and Harmon’s work. Would enjoy reading your comments on it, when you have time. God Bless

  2. The remedy is zero agreements with the Federal corporation. Because of the doctrine of presumption, the Federal lack of integrity can not be trusted. That means zero tolerance for it’s edicts, demands and currency. The basic principle is that accepting the benefits means incurring the obligations. We have to learn how to say that we don’t want any, all over again.

  3. gideon says:

    Secured Party Creditor? Is that valid/necessary or is that more UCC junk?

  4. A creditor is a creditor. We don’t want to be debtors. I don’t think that the concept of security, surety for debt, is restricted to U. C. C. In fact, such pledging as is described in the Bible is soundly condemned. Whatever the terms or their source, we don’t want to be there.

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