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Legal Reality – Why OWS Will Fail To Ignite A “Revolution”

20 October A.D. 2011

This is along the lines of how this author expects this one to be “played” and “marketed” in the future.

If Limbaugh is right, that the “front” organization that registered “Occupy Wall Street” as a commercial slogan back in the summer, is pretending also to be “anti-jewish,” the availability for “spin” has not yet begun to be realized!

What’s fascinating is how many other groups have been drawn in by the “nameless,” “leaderless” effort.  

If this is a test to see how strong the political base is for more installation of the “police state,” and “Nazi-communo-fascism,” in today’s society, we’ll see in the coming year, via this and that form of “new legislation,” what the results of this social engineering test are.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Why OWS will fail to ignite a “revolution”
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 17:36:55 +0000 (UTC)

Succinctly, it is just another in a long line of Marxist protests which just hasn’t been fully found out yet.

And, it’s useful to a certain political contingent at the moment.

But, as Charles Gasparino notes in his NY Daily Post article, at its core Occupy Wall Street is an anti-capitalist Marxist movement:

The standard portrayal of the Wall Street protesters goes something like this: Ragtag group of unemployed young adults, venting often incoherent but overall legitimate populist outrage about economic inequality. But go down to the movement’s headquarters, as I did this past weekend, and you see something far different.

It’s not just that knowledge of their “oppressors” — the evil bankers — is pretty thin, or that many of them are clearly college kids with nothing better to do than embrace the radical chic of “a cause.” I found a unifying and increasingly coherent ideology emerging among the protesters, which at its core has less to do with the evils of the banking business and more about the evils of capitalism — and the need for a socialist revolution.

Gasparino goes on to detail what he found and it’s as unremarkable and as expected a listing of what you’d find at any A.N.S.W.E.R. protest.  You know it is radical when even Richard Trumka is vilified:

That was pretty mild compared to the sentiments offered in the official “Statement of the League for the Revolutionary Party” on the protests. These guys view as the enemy not just Wall Street tycoons, but also liberal labor leaders like Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO.

The problem with Trumka, according to the Revolutionary Party and its Zuccotti Park contingent: He wants to work with wishy-washy Democratic Party politicians, where the true revolutionaries want to “defend and develop Marxist theory as a guide to action,” which is the protests’ real purpose.

And yet Trumka is one of many Democrats who at least tentatively embraces this mob.  Political expediency.  They want to use this to validate their class warfare campaign.

ALSO SEE:   Comments On The “99% Declarations”

Yes friends, the murderous Che is again plastered on everything and the “revolutionary” Marxist spirit permeates everything – which is why this is eventually destined to implode:

Maybe the worse-spent dollar I have ever spent in my life was on a propaganda broadsheet titled “Justice,” which advocates “Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism.” On the front page of the newspaper-like document, beneath the headline “Capitalism: System Failure,” was a tease for a story on the economy and how “influential business economist Nouriel Roubini” recently said how “Karl Marx had it right. At some point, capitalism can destroy itself.”

Yes, the left-leaning Roubini made that fatuous statement, and many similar ones — so many, in fact, that he has lost much of his credibility in financial circles, though that didn’t quite make it into the “Marx Was Right!” story.

Also absent was any notice of how the much-hated banks benefited not from free-market capitalism, which would have let them fail in 2008, but from crony capitalism that bailed them out. The similar cronyism practiced by Trumka and the Obama administration — massive spending on useless but politically connected businesses like Solyndra, paired with class-warfare rhetoric — likewise has very little to do with free markets.

Yeah, this ain’t the ‘60s kids.  And the core then was just as radical as the core of OWS is now.  When the war in Vietnam ended, so did the ability of the radicals to get their anti-capitalist message out.  

Eventually this will be seen by the populace as a whole for what it really is.  That’s because at some point, the true nature of that core that Gasparino talks about will shine through in such a way that even slick spin doctors won’t be able to credibly deny it.   And when that happens, the entire movement will collapse like a wet paper box.


Legal Reality Newsletter – Who is behind the Occupiers?

14 October A.D. 2011

The main focus of the article forwarded is this question:  Just who is behind the Occupiers?

The insightful position presented by Limbaugh isn’t included in that article, so it’s included, here.

Here’s the webpage from which comes the segment below, which is the last part of that page.

RUSH: Now, there’s something interesting, too, about the protests.  We’ve talked to you before, last week, week before that, I think, about this group, this magazine called Adbusters.  You know, Adbusters is also very much involved in the Occupy Wall Street Now movement.  And David Brooks, you know, a clock is right twice a day.  David Brooks has a column in the New York Times today with an interesting implication.  He writes that the impetus for Occupy Wall Street was sparked by Adbusters magazine.

Now, Adbusters magazine, you may not have heard of them, but within certain circles Adbusters magazine is known for quite a lot and one of the things that they did that stands out was an essay in 2004 entitled “Why Won’t They Say They Are Jewish?”  David Brooks says that that 2004 essay in Adbusters outed influential Jews as a tiny elite with a nefarious grip on America. The old Jewish power brokers, the movies, the bankers, that stereotype, that conspiracy theory. (interruption) Well, not just the neocons. This was an attack on — neocons included in it — but this was an attack on all Jews, this was an anti-Semitic bunch.  And some people no doubt are gonna think that Brooks is on to something here.  These people are running around saying “I’m the 99%.”  These signs I just shared with you in the first half hour of these people writing, “I am the 99%” is how each of them ends.  That’s the last line in each of these signs, or messages, that these people are writing.  But they are touting themselves as the 99%.

Now, some people think the 99%’s also the 99 weeks of unemployment compensation because that group also calls themselves the 99ers, but the 99% versus the 1% is another angle that the group is talking about here, and Wall Street and bankers, those two terms have been anti-Semitic code for Jews in this country for a long time.  Occupier, Occupy Wall Street Now.  I’ve often said, I said last week he who controls the definition of words, the meaning of words, controls the debate.  He who controls the language controls the debate.  There’s a lot of interesting stuff here.  Occupy Wall Street Now, 99%, that leaves 1%, roughly the percentage of Jews in the population, too.  And Wall Street and bankers have been anti-Semitic code for Jews in this country going back quite a while.

Now, what’s happening here is that the Democrats… This is where Brooks may be on to something. It’s too early to tell. But the Democrats are embracing this group of people. They are embracing them big time. The Democrats — Jan Schakowsky in Illinois, members of Congress — cannot help themselves. They are embracing this group and encourages this group. Celebrities are showing up now. Kanye West shows up with Russell Simmons, and he was wearing his big gold chains, and he hung around for a while. He did a perp walk, signed some autographs and had to get out of there because he was mobbed by these people. But this Adbusters bunch has a history of anti-Semitism, proud anti-Semitism. (interruption) The article about Jewish “neocons” was just one of their pieces, Snerdley, that you mentioned here, along those lines.

And a lot of people, a lot of people like to think that Wall Street’s all made up of Jewish people. We’re the ones that mentioned this last week. We’re the first to tell you that Adbusters was deeply involved in this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brooks got the idea from this program. I’m gonna do a content search and I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna get the exact thing I said about Adbusters last week or the week before, whenever it was ’cause now people are starting to pick up on this. So here’s the point: If this group is being organized and paid for by a bunch of anti-Semites and the Democrat Party goes overboard in embracing this group of people, then this could be problem for the Democrat coalition, not to mention the fact that they could unleash a bunch of anti-Jewish racism down there if they’re not careful with this, ’cause there’s much more going on here than you just see at the surface.

This is not just the unions showing up or Craigslist or other people. This is Adbusters offering to pay these people to show up: $350 to $650 a week. Well, that’s Working Families Party doing that, the Working Families Party which is an offshoot of ACORN. So, look, you have a protest manufactured, no doubt orchestrated out of the White House. This is what the left does for a living. So you have all kinds of people now folding themselves into this, trying to take credit for it, be instrumental in its movement and its direction and its purpose. And it is not gonna be hard for this thing to get outta hand. I’m talking about politically for the Democrats. This is gonna end up being a tiger by the tail they’re not gonna be able to control if they’re not careful.

I’m not predicting it. (interruption) What’s the exit strategy? When they get tired. When they get tired, you know, when the free drugs run out, when the free tobacco rubs out, when the free sex runs out, when they get bored they’ll move on to something else. Or when the organizers say, “Okay, enough” and the word gets spread. But right now there’s — that’s not gonna end any time soon. This is just now getting energized, and the media reporting on this is just now getting up to speed in a way that the organizers hope that it would be. So it’s gonna be going on for a while. And Bloomberg said, “Hey, as long as you don’t break the law you’re welcome to stay here as long as you want.” Of course they’re breaking the law and nobody’s enforcing it. You let a Tea Partier defecate on the hood of a cop car and you see if you can go three minutes without hearing about it.


RUSH: Here’s what I said on this program October 5th, so it was basically six days ago: “Now, the idea of Wall Street protests, this bunch — the idea for doing the Occupy Wall Street protest — was started by Canadians. It’s the brainchild of a Canadian anti-consumerist magazine called Adbusters which registered the domain name back in June. [emphasis and color added].  Now, among other things this bunch, Adbusters, the “anti-consumerist” magazine, has a long histoire of anti-Semitism. So in their corrupt and perverted minds Jewish money traders, Jewish bankers on Wall Street, why, it’s a natural target. So you have a group in Canada, largely steeped in anti-Semitism, providing the idea for this.” Who was it that arranged for protestors to go to the homes and the front lawns of AIG executives to protest their bonuses?

Who is it that has websites that organize all of this? Now we know it’s the same exact people, the so-called Working Families Party, are one of the groups paying these protestors — the same people that organized the terrorizing of those AIG execs in their homes. So that’s what’s going on here. There is nothing spontaneous about this at all. It’s purely political, and it’s being run by a bunch of anti-Semites, and you have Democrats — totally oblivious to that — running around embracing this. It’s a fuse that’s been lit, and who knows if it’s gonna go all the way down to the bomb and blow up. We’ll do what we can here to see that the fuse doesn’t get extinguished. There has been some violence. There’s violence everywhere. There has been debauchery every. There’s destruction of private property, 700 arrests, of course.

Yeah, I was wearing my Nostradamus hat yesterday, predicted all this. Adbusters? I would be surprised if Brooks got this idea from me. Where else is Brooks gonna learn that? Where else is anybody gonna learn that? Anyway, that’s of minor concern. You have Kanye West, a guy who earns over $30 million a year — which is peanuts, he still, he earns $30 million a year, and still he’s out there protesting Wall Street “greed.” (interruption) No, I said “peanuts,” Snerdley, just to irritate people. I mean, the protestors have been attacking the police, but we never hear about any of that. There’s nothing peaceful about this — and I would say of these 99% people, the percentage of ’em that actually know anything, know what’s going on, who are competent or cognizant, would stun you how low. This is a bunch of hangers on. You put an ad out there $350 to $650 a week to come down there and maybe get sex and drugs? I mean there’s all kinds of groping of women going on; they’re being paid for it. Come down and get some free smack and get paid for it! Come down and get some free dope and be paid for it.


            here to find out more!

Marxist?  Maybe.  Anti-semetic?  Maybe.  Paid protestors?  Definitely.  Thing is, where it’s not all that clear who’s doing what, those with the microphones and printing presses can blame whomever, as is expedient at the time, in order to garner whatever political hay may be possible to harvest from it.  “Do it and blame the political enemy” wasn’t a new idea when Hitler applied it  Some things never change.

Legal implications?  —  That system which tolerates/allows/encourages the use of “funny money” is Anti-God, Anti-Liberty, and Anti-America.  Those who use (and/or benefit from the use of) “funny money” to protest the “funny money” system (and its management staff, i.e., those who profit (most) from the “funny money” system) are, at best, internally confused.

Whether Marxism, or some other flavor of communism, or fascism, or “socialism,” or any other religion or economic policy that relies on “funny money” CANNOT apply in America, much less advance, without the commercial consent of those who voluntarily subject themselves to such.   Those who are complaining, here, have the freedom of choice, which they’ve exercised and have apparently “enjoyed” the “benefits” of such choice, and they are, very literally, complaining about the consequences of the choices they’ve been allowed to make.

Who is compelled to participate in anything “wall street” is doing?

Who is compelled to use “funny money?”

Who is compelled to participate in a system that uses only “funny money?”

No one.

Greed will never be (completely) conquered this side of the Kingdom.  But, a place to start to curb the current abuses is to stop playing the “funny money” game.  Once the worthless-ness of “paper” is the norm, the use of that which keeps “big government” and “big banking” “in charge,” right now, will end.

For example, it’s because there’s a “funny money” system in place that there’s also an “income tax” system in place.  The “income tax” hasn’t been a revenue source for quite some time now.  So, what’s its purpose?  Management of the amount of “money” in circulation.  “Funny money” is loaned into existence.  When the loan is paid, that amount of “funny money” ceases to exist, legally speaking.  In between the origin and completion of that loan transaction, “funny money” exists in circulation.  Picture a bath tub.  The loans are the water faucets bring water into the tub.  “Income tax” is just one of the drains (in the bottom and along the sides).  The “money” in circulation has to be a minimum amount and it can’t (beneficially) exceed a certain maximum amount.  Too little “money” in the tub, and commerce grinds to a halt.  Too much “money” in the tub, and things become worth less.  There’s a happy medium range in there, and managing that is quite the task.  The management tools include all these myriads of “taxes” and “fines” and “forfeitures” and the like (this author includes the price of gas as a drain), which are the drains that moderate the “money” supply in the tub.

“Wall street” controls the “value” of paper.

Thus, an effective protest is the use of an honest system of weights and measures.  The use of “funny money” (paper) is a vote for more of the same that we’ve got right now. Thus, legally speaking, whoever is truly behind (as in financing) that activity, they are truly confused, as are the ones being paid in “funny money” “dollars” (paper) to protest “wall street” (which controls the “value” of paper).

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Obama’s Red October Uprising
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 12:01:24 -0700
From: CCW <>
To: CCW On-Target! <>

The Patriot Post
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Subscribe to Alexander’s Essays in The Patriot Postclick here.Alexander’s Essay – October 13, 2011

Obama’s Red October Uprising

The Resurgence of the American Socialist Movement

“We must make our election between economy and Liberty, or profusion and servitude.” –Thomas Jefferson

By now, you’re aware that the seeds of socialist dissent are being sown across our great nation, mostly within the fetid soil of urban centers, where cadres of activists coalesce under the aegis of “Occupy [fill in the blank].” It would be difficult to avoid the fanfare, given the amount ofLeftmedia coverage (read: promotion) that these protests receive.

According to my colleague Brent Bozell at Media Research Center, the protests were the subject of “more broadcast network stories in the first nine days than the Tea Party drew in the first nine months.”

Typical of the adoring coverage was this missive from ABC’s Diane Sawyer, who claimed the occupiers “have spread to more than 250 American cities, more than a thousand countries — every continent but Antarctica.” (Seriously, this drama queen actually said “more than a thousand countries.”)

In stark ideological contrast to the Tea Party Movement, which seeks to restore Liberty and Rule of Law as enshrined in our Constitution, the socialist “Flea Party” movement occupying city blocks across our nation is composed of the latest generation of useful idiots and debauched opportunists.

Conservative political observers have uniformly written off these protests because they’re populated by the usual suspects — a mix of leftist protagonists supported by Ivy League ignorati, collegiate lemmings, paid union thugs, the socially disenfranchised, and a handful of unwitting poor folks. Though these protestors exhibit limited “intellectual occupancy,” I would caution that underestimating the threat to Liberty that these Occupier protests pose is a serious error. Reputable polling firms find that more than 35 percent of likely voters support the protests.

Post your opinion

Just who is behind the Occupiers?

Here’s the short answer: Barack Hussein Obama and his socialist bourgeoisie.

As our editors have comprehensively revealed through the pages of The Patriot Post, from the time Obama first emerged on the national political scene in 2004, to the rise of his present-day regime, Team Obama has crafted a perilous national security crisis bent on “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” by imploding free enterprise and replacing it with Democratic Socialism.

So, while the Occupiers are of many guises their common thread is a storm-trooper adherence to Obama’s Marxist agenda.

The mob movement was organized by “Occupy Wall Street,” a front for the Marxist General Assembly movement, whose communications director, Brian Phillips, clearly articulated the organization’s primary objective “to overthrow the government.”

That goal has been echoed in the last two weeks from coast to coast, as affirmed by an Occupy LA leader, who proclaimed that nonviolence is not an option: “[T]he bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class. Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”

Their populist national slogan, “99 percenters v. 1 percenters,” implies that the American people are 99-to-1 in favor of forcibly redistributing the possessions of the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans to the other 99 percent.

This slogan, and its underlying message, is being promoted by William Ayers, the former Weather Underground radical. Ayers issued a “collective statement” for the Occupiers concluding “that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power.”

Post your comments

As you may recall, Ayers is a close friend and former neighbor of Obama back in Barack’s “community organizer” days in the fashionable Hyde Park section of Chicago. It was Ayers who hosted, in his own home, the first fundraiser for Obama’s successful 1996 Illinois State Senate campaign, thus launching BO’s political career.

This latest rash of socialist protests has crafted its classist message around the revolution-tested politics of disparity, under the leadership of old-school radicals like Ayers.

They are building on Obama’s classist theme of “asking people who have benefited the most over the last decade to share in the sacrifice.” Of the current 99-percenter protests, Obama concludes, “I think it expresses the frustrations the American people feel.”

Obama’s DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was a bit more candid: “The protests are symbolic of the frustration that middle class folks and working people feel. … We understand their frustration, we applaud their activism and hopefully they’re going to help get the Republicans in Washington’s attention so we shift the Republicans’ focus from just Barack Obama’s job, to everyone’s job.”

Nancy Pelosi added, “The message of the protesters is a message for the establishment everyplace. No longer will the recklessness of some on Wall Street cause massive joblessness on Main Street. … God bless them for their spontaneity. It’s independent … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, it’s focused. And it’s going to be effective.”

Obama’s “Red October” uprising takes its inspiration from the 1917 Social Democratic Labour Party protests in Russia, which gave rise to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Then, as now, the economy was in serious decline. Then, as now, Bolshevik revolutionaries were young, some 85 percent of them under age 30. Then, as now, they issued decrees giving rise to “the most militant and class-conscious” protests.

When their protests had grown to sufficient strength, the Socialist Democrats concluded, “an armed uprising is inevitable, and that the time for it is fully ripe.”

It was a brief and bloody revolution, and at its conclusion, the protestors implemented policies that mirror proposals advocated by SDLP of today, the Occupiers: All real property was seized and redistributed, companies and factories were nationalized, all private wealth was confiscated by the state, Church properties were seized, and debts were repudiated.

Fast-forward about 100 years to the “99 percenters v. 1 percenters.”

Today, almost 35 percent of Americans aredependent upon government subsidies, and 40 percent of Americans pay noincome tax and thus have no stake in the cost of government. Consequently, most are predisposed to vote for the redistribution of others’ incomes rather than work for their own. Further, if theSupreme Court rules that ObamaCare comports with the so-called “living constitution” rather than strikes it down based upon Rule of Law, by 2013 the number of Americans who depend on the largess of the central government will swell to well over 50 percent.

Combine the dependent ranks, the sprouting seeds of socialist unrest and the grim reality that the American economy is at serious risk of collapsing altogether under the Obama “debt bomb“, and we have all the ingredients for an even bigger Red October uprising today and just before the election of 2012.

Should Barack Hussein Obama be re-elected in 2012, a prospect that, admittedly, seems rather inconceivable today, it would create the proverbial “perfect storm” to finish transforming the national landscape from one characterized by Liberty to one smothered by tyranny.

America is a great nation with a resilient economy and political system, but it is only kept so to the extent that the American people uphold the principles and values upon which that greatness is founded. However, for those who remain complacent in the belief that Liberty is self-perpetuating, that the question of transition of power by bullets rather than ballots is archaic, I remind you that those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it. Of such complacency, Samuel Adams wrote, “If ye love wealth better than Liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

Tell me what you think

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!
Libertas aut Mortis!

Mark Alexander
Publisher, The Patriot Post




(To submit reader comments click here.)

(Please pray for our Armed Forces standing in harm’s way around the world, and for their families — especially families of those fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen, who granted their lives in defense of American liberty.)

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By Neil Slade Slade, PatriotPost| 182 videos

Legal Reality Newsletter 14 October A. D. 2011

     Once again, Harmon Taylor cuts to the chase. I’ve made the point before, that the only thing the banks fear is that people will cease doing business with them and get out of the debt system. Harmon makes the point with much more background information and much better organization than myself.


 14 October A.D. 2011

Another view on “who’s behind it.”

As there exist multiple versions, the uncertainty remains, which is the fertile field for those intending to turn that into whatever they want to turn that into for whatever political purpose.

And, it’s still a matter of going to the “lords” of “paper” and complaining about our purely voluntary use of their “paper.”  They won’t care how loud the complaints are, as long as the participants just keep trading with their “paper.”

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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——– Original Message ——–

Subject: OWS: The Risks Facing America Today
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 21:53:36 +0000 (UTC)

I was skeptical that the protests were serious.

I suspected they were yet another “demonstration” – the sort where people come, they wave signs, they complain, maybe even they riot a bit, and then they leave.

In 2008, in fact, on August 26th of that year, I said the following:

In short, once again, fraud.  Legal, but fraud nonetheless.  You, America, seem to think this is just great as your grocery and gas budgets get squeezed. 

You must think its great for your budget and lifestyle to get reamed, since I’ve yet to see a groundswell of people in Washington DC protesting or our city streets swarming with people who refuse to leave and shut down commerce.

And I amplified the point with:

Let me know when y’all get mad enough to do something about all this nonsense….. (funny how during the Democratic Convention last night the buzz was all about the second round of sore loserman with Hillary delegates rather than the outright theft and fraud from the people that the party supposedly claims to be most-closely aligned with!)

I guess that time has arrived.

Even CNBC has been effectively forced to recognize that this is not just a bunch of Soros-funded hippies.  Oh sure, they’re there; so is the SEIU, so are the other “usual suspects.”  And why not – they’re always “there” when there’s a good flag to be waved and a movement to try to co-opt, exactly as was the Tea Party, exactly as was “9/12”, exactly as were the Tax Day protests (two of which I have spoken at locally.)

But then they went home.  The streets were empty, the signs and people gone.

This time it’s different.

This time support is coming from surprising places.  Like former corporate activist (and buyer of companies!) Asher Edelman.

Here’s the problem for the “powers that be” who have been trying to ignore this movement: They erroneously believed, as did many others (myself included), that this would be like the Tea Party (which was de-fanged and turned into a fraudulent shell of what it began as) or the other “movements” such as the “protests” at G-20 meetings.  That is, people would show up, they’d wave signs, a few would commit random acts of violence and guarantee severe negative billing on the local TV and then they’d all go home and wash the tear gas out of their eyes.

But something different happened this time.

The people came.  They didn’t throw molotov cocktails, sticks and bombs.  They did wave signs, but then they didn’t go home.  They did what I said would have to be done – in 2008 – in order to make a difference: THEY STAYED.

There’s been plenty of detractors spewing about the “Progressive Stack”; I have not witnessed it, and if it’s true that actual discrimination is being practiced, then we have a problem, as the fact remains that representative government demands that justice be color and gender-blind.  If it’s not, and the allegation is being made that it is not, then gentlemen, we have a problem – a serious problem.

But I won’t throw bombs on this issue until I know.  And toward that end, this weekend I will be attending one of the local protests.  With a bullhorn.  With others.  With people in the political sphere.  I am going both to talk to those who want to listen (if there are such people) and to listen and observe myself, and will take pictures while there.

Yes, at the end of that day I will go home.  But some others may not.  In fact, many others may not.

Here’s the thing: Even today, CNBC is still talking about “recapitalizing the banks.”  What’s “recapitalize” mean?  It means steal from you.  See, the reason you need to “recapitalize” these firms is that they*****ed away their own capital by doing dangerous, risky, even fraudulent things.

The corporate media and politicians are still claiming that “we made a profit from TARP” and that “everything was repaid.” 

This is a bald lie.  AIG didn’t repay their money.  Neither did GM.  Money was shuffled around in a complex shell game to appear that all was repaid but in fact what happened was that you, the taxpayer, were looted.

You were looted through higher prices at the gas pump, higher prices at the grocery store, lower wagesand at the same time zero interest rates so those of you who were prudent got ****ed THREE TIMES instead of twice!

Representative government?  Where?  By anywhere from 100:1 to 300:1 the people demanded that TARP NOT pass.  That the banks that did foolish and in some cases criminal things be forced to eat the consequences. 

Again, as I’ve said for four years: We need a banking system because we do indeed need a way to clear payments so you can pay a bill or buy gasoline and food – so commerce can flow.  We do not need these banks that committed these acts.

But rather than do the right thing, our politicians were bought and paid for on both sides of the aisle.  It’s particularly telling – and galling – that when allegedly being “grilled” by Hank Paulson in 2008 the banksters left the meeting smiling and yucking it up.

First they ****ed you, then the government paid them to **** you again.

Now, finally, it appears that the people have awoken.  A day of ineffectual sign-waving isn’t enough any more.  Oh sure, that’s part of it, but the part the media is ignoring – for now – is what’s happening after the “able to be ignored political rally” is over.

The people are organizing a Congress – a real one – in the public square.

They’re passing around ideas.

They’re debating.

They’re arguing.

And then they’re VOTING.

It’s self-organized.  It’s real.  And while the crooners in the mainstream media are trying to ignore what’s actually happening, they’re not stopping it – and in fact, they probably can’t stop it at this point.

Washington  – and Wall Street – now has an issue.  One that may not be able to dispelled or dispersed any longer.  One that may have now taken root and grown beyond the ability of the various factions in our government to either ignore it or stomp it out. 

The people have, for four years, demanded that the foundational principle of representative government be followed: One citizen, one vote.

They didn’t get that.

There are many confused people at “Occupy Wall Street.”  They know they were robbed, financially raped and serially abused by banksters and politicians, but they’re not exactly sure how it happened.  I’ve written over 4,000 columns and a book – due out in a couple of weeks in hardback form – that details all of it, and Leverage details a path forward that I believe will address the problems on a permanent basis. 

But that few of the OWS folks understand how it all happened doesn’t mean they don’t understandwhat happened.  After all, it’s not difficult to figure out that your job got offshored to China and you’re standing in the street after you are foreclosed upon.  You might not understand exactly why it is that your home went down in value by half or more, but you sure understand that you’re broke.  You may not understand that you’ve been promised things like Medicare from politicians like Jeff Miller and Steve Southerland, along with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and of course Harry Reid that there is no mathematical way for you to actually receive ten or twenty years hence, but you do understand that you’re 50, unemployed, that nobody will hire you and while they won’t say it (because it’s illegal to “discriminate” on this basis) you have a stinking suspicion it’s because the embedded cost of your medical insurance is $2,000 a month and the company you applied to can’t afford it.  You may not understand exactly how you, the 20-something college graduate got ripped off to the tune of $100,000 by your “alma mater” for a worthless degree (proof of which is that you’re unemployed) but you sure as hell do know that the debt collectors are harassing you on a daily basis!

And let’s not kid ourselves – there were plenty of felonies committed here and both political parties are responsible for them, either as principals or accessories.  100,000 perjured affidavits in foreclosure cases?  That’s all ok?  Appraisal fraud that was rampant for nearly a decade – blacklisting appraisers that were honest and refused to play along so the bubble could be further inflated?  That’s ok too?  How about making loans that the lender knows can’t be paid (a business decision) but then marketing them as good loans to others when selling them on (fraudulent misrepresentation) – is that ok?  How about intentionally arming Mexican drug gangs who then shoot both Mexican and American citizens with the apparent full knowledge of the US Attorney General? Is that ok?  How about letting a major bank have a pass on criminal prosecution for money laundering for those very same drug cartels?  For a more “home grown” example how about the Jefferson County Alabama residents that have seen their sewer bills go up by something like a factor of five over the last few years due to a corrupt project that was rife with graft and tricky financial deals – and while some of the politicians and others went to jail in Alabama, not one bankster who works for the major financial institutions that were involved in the scheme was even indicted, say much less imprisoned. Or, if you prefer, half a billion taxpayer dollars “invested” in a company that, it appears, the government knew was going to fail. There are dozens, even hundreds of other examples of rank corruption within our political system.

Since our bought and paid-for politicians won’t lock up the fraudsters and do what has to be done to dismantle the looting of the American citizen they’re being literally replaced wholesale.

Yes, right now this is “local government” with a small “l” and a small “g”.  But make no mistake, this is representative government.  It is people hashing out what they want and how to obtain it from a process of debate and discussion.  Ideas are being circulated, argued, discussed and then voted upon.

That’s government folks.  You’re seeing it.

What comes next?

Well, that depends on whether the denizens in Washington DC pay attention and wake the hell up.  Whether they decide to STOP THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING.  Whether they stand and demand that the frauds and the schemes not only end but those responsible are held to account.  We tried it their way – “we must move on” – and the behavior didn’t change.  The swilling banksters not only didn’t go to jail, they didn’t stop looting either.  They stand on their 30th floor balconies sipping champagne and jeer at the “hoi polloi” below who are being literally bled dry by their schemes and scams.

The fact of the matter is that the cabal of looters, including Bernanke who is stealing from Grannyeach and every day with his “zero interest  rates” in a puerile and outrageous attempt to prevent those who ripped her off with “home equity loans” and 30% interest on credit cards from having to face the music for their idiocy, still haven’t repudiated their failed policies and faced the mathematics: What they’re doing can’t work; the victims of this vampiric attack have been sucked dry and have no more blood to “donate” by force!

There is only one question left to answer: How serious are these folks in the various cities?

If the people have truly awakened then the government had no option but to STOP THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING.  To deflate the odious and unpayable debt rather than try to build the pyramid higher.  To cease deficit spending.  To accept that the contraction that must come will come, but to refuse at the same time to protect those who did idiotic and even criminal things from the just deserts of their acts. 

Yes, such a path forward will bring more economic pain in the short term.  But the bulk of that pain should fall on the over-levered individual (who will be forced into bankruptcy) and the fat-cat banksters who intentionally lent money they did not have and knew couldn’t be paid as agreed, who will also go bankrupt and join the ranks of the destitute.

There are members of the “1%” who got there through honest industry.  But they’re damn few in number.  Those who exploited offshore labor – kids and near-literal slaves, along with poisoning the air and water in China to make billions (e.g: all the “darling” companies people know and love) are not innocent capitalists.  They’re rapacious bastards, just as guilty as are the predatory lenders bilking people on serial refinances and University Reagents who built ivory-tower bull**** predicated on outrageously-abusive “lending” peddling worthless “degrees.”  Then there’s the medical “industry” that rips you off for $20 for a dick pill in America while a Canadian – hardly a poor nation – can pop the same pill for $2.  It’s all part of the same racket, and it’s time to tear the away special privileges that have allowed these people to literally steal your future and that of the youth of this nation.

I suspect that this movement will not go away.  Indeed, should the power of the government be abused further to try to stamp it out with violence there is a very real risk of revolution.  This is the fear I’ve voiced before; history says that for every 1 George Washington you get 10 Hitlers or Pol Pots.  The odds suck should the people decide they’re not going to stand for it, which is why in The Declarationthe following appears:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

The Colonists more than 200 years ago knew the risks.  There were certainly many examples of attempts to form a more-perfect union that had failed in the past, resulting in totalitarian states.  Most of the Colonists came from one or another – they knew what bondage was!

No, I do not wish to see violence.  I do not wish to see Revolution.  I fear it, because I have read history, I have studied history, and I know the odds.  The odds suck ladies and gentlemen, but these odds are known to theWashington elite as well.

I therefore hope – indeed, pray – that instead we will see contemplation in our seats of political power.  That we will see the government do the right thing and respond to the will of the people, not the will of the looter.  The looters are not the people in the parks waving signs – they’re the ones in the balconies.  They’re infesting The Federal Reserve and indeed Congress as well.

There remains time for reform.  To level with the American people: You were made political promises that are mathematically impossible to keep.  The political machinery of this nation and indeed of other nations as well built edifices that ensconced and protected frauds, both legal and illegal.  These edifices must come down.  Those who did criminal things must be and will be punished, those who did stupid things must and will be exposed to the natural outcomes of foolish acts.

No, you cannot have the pension you were promised: Those who promised it to you lied.  8% compounded growth forever is impossible.

9% growth in medical costs cannot be sustained forever either.  Drug and device companies, along with the medical industry generally, lobbied furiously for special protections so they could literally loot the economy, more than doubling the share of economic activity they plundered from you.

The education industry is just as bad.  College costs have gone up some 500% over the last 30 years.  This too was driven by two fraudulent edifices: The claim that “everyone should go to college” along with “free” money lent to everyone to attend, even though those doing the lending knew damn well that a huge percentage could not pay and would not find employment.  We know this is true because these lenders lobbied for, and received, special protection to prevent students from going bankrupt and discharging their debt!

The housing industry lied as well.  10% growth projections in price trumpeted by many were a knowing lie.  That too is mathematically impossible on an indefinite forward basis; hell, even on a 30 year (duration of a mortgage) basis it’s impossible.  The $150,000 house turns into a $2.4 million one if you believe those numbers.  Yet this is what you were “sold” and worse, the financiers enabled it by “selling” you money to chase that which they knew would blow up.  They just didn’t know when it would.

We still hear people talking about “investing for the next 20 years” in companies that tout 5-year expected earnings growth of 20-25% annualized.  One such company, were this to prove up over 20 years, would have revenues of more than $2 trillion by that time.  Not billion, trillion   That clearly isn’t going to happen, yet that same claim was made in the 1990s and virtually every one of those firms collapsed – they were ultimately a zero!

Removing the artificial supports that propped up these schemes, scams and frauds will cause the economy to go into freefall.  That’s a fact.  But we can mitigate some of these harms, and we must. 

We must stop believing in “globalization” where what it really means is offshoring labor to places with 1/30th of our labor cost as they employ children and near slaves, literally having to place nets around the buildings so the workers can’t commit suicide.

We must stop allowing people to come into this county as “migrants” when in fact the reason businesses want them here is that they’re undocumented, cheap to employ, cost-shift their education and health care to everyone else and are being literally abused as if slaves here in the United States.  No instead these people must leave – and those jobs must go to Americans.

We must recognize that the consequence of ramping inflationary impacts on assets –  including “home prices” – must be allowed to correct.  If you support widespread homeownership why is it that basically nobody actually owns a house?  You don’t own something if the bank has the title nor do you own something that you must pay taxes on every week, month or year.  I own my computer; it’s paid for and there is no continuing payment to government or a bank for it.  I do not own my house; while I have no mortgage to a bank I sure have one to my local county, don’t I?  We must stop lying to the people about what is really going on, have the debate on what we want, and how we’re going to pay for it.

In short the schemes, scams and frauds have to end.  I recognize that there is short-term pain involved in doing this but it doesn’t matter – it has to happen and it will.  Our only option lies in choosing to do it on our terms rather than through societal and political collapse.  For those interested in justice not only will ending the scams mean prosecution for those who deserve it, it will mean bankruptcy for many of those “Fat cats” who really aren’t rich – they’re living large on the same leverage that the common people were during the housing bubble years, and when it collapses they will be rendered broke as well.

We can either face facts in this nation or the nascent beginning of a potential replacement of our current government will grow, as will the risks.  History says that the people are usually ignored by the looters right up until a substantial fraction have lost everything and therefore have nothing to lose.  When that group become of sufficient size and decide to organize, the game’s over and the outcome isusually very undesirable.

Do not hope or pray for revolution my friends.  Down that road lies terrible risk and poor odds.  Instead, pray for wisdom and change by our elected and appointed officials, that they choose the path of sanity rather than compounding insanity.

The time to do the right thing is running out.

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