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Purpose Driven Defects: Separate But Equal

Purpose Driven Defects: Separate But Equal

    I have always maintained that the 14th Amendment didn’t free any slaves. It really placed everyone under bondage to the Federal corporation. Here is proof, displayed in the Longmont, ( CO ) Municipal Court, yesterday. I was there to answer to charges of Prohibited Camping and Littering. As I shall demonstrate, some people are in actual practice and outcome, more equal than others.
     In the case before mine, a young man changed the details in his testimony during subsequent questioning. In summation, the City Prosecutor stated that the defendant lied during his testimony, and for that reason, should be found Guilty. He was.
     In my case, the police officer stated that I told him that I had stayed overnight at the location of the  violation. Upon my questioning, I asked the following questions:
     George : “What was the first question that you asked me, when you approached me?”
     Officer: “I don’t recall”
     George: “Did you ask me anything about my situation?”
     Officer: “I don’t recall.”
This is interesting. Two straight questions, and this police officer whiffed on both of them. We continue.
     George: “Did I not tell you that I was homeless?”
    Officer: “Yes, you did.”
     George: “Then, I did not tell you that I stayed overnight at that location, in those words. Is that correct?”
     Officer: “That is correct.”
     This is getting fascinating. In the prior trial, the defendant was penalized with loss of credibility for changing his testimony. Yet in my case, this police officer enters a fabricated falsehood in testimony, and admits that he testified to a specific statement that, in reality had not been spoken. This is the same discrepancy that got the defendant in the previous trial, convicted. Yet, at the end of my trial, this police officer’s credibility is not damaged or diminished. The Judge described him as a “fine, upstanding police officer.”
     This is clearly unequal application of the rules of evidence. It certainly is unequal application of the consequences of perjury. This is the central issue of this case.
     At one point in my trial, the City   Prosecutor faulted me for not volunteering information to the police officer, at the time of the citation. I asked the police officer:
     “Was I under obligation to volunteer information at the time of the incident?”
    I asked the officer, not the prosecutor. The prosecutor interrupted before the officer could answer. He acknowledged that I did have the right to remain silent. Yet,  this “right” was described as a negative in summation, against me. Again, some people are more equal than others.
   The most interesting genocide aspect of the trial was that I made my case for the reason that I felt intimidated in that situation. When I related the details of what happened in WWII to people with my family names, the prosecutor was so fixated on the police officer not being a Nazi, that he would not hear my words. I was not allowed to finish my statement. The judge ordered me back to my seat. This is an important moment in the precedent set in this courtroom. If I had been allowed to finish my statement, this would have been a critically important point.
     A police officer does not have to be a Nazi or wear any of the uniform details of a Nazi, to intimidate. Furthermore, no aggressive or threatening behavior is required for intimidation. All that is required is that the officer have the power ( weaponry) and opportunity to assault someone, without witnesses present who could dispute the officer’s account of the incident. The prosecutor’s behavior was fascinating. His reasoning is why he won’t have the slightest twinge of conscience, when he is “just following orders”. Corporatism has taken on many forms, over the years. The present Corporate Oligarchy is just a more refined, updated version of the same old Fascism.
     The implications of such cases as mine will become more apparent as time goes on. We can not allow judges and prosecutors to create a safe environment for police brutality and civil rights violations. If cases against displaced, disenfranchised and dispossessed people are dismissed. convictions overturned, and a few public officials serve jail time for the misconduct described in this article, I will have done my civic duty.

The Island of Uncle Sam

The Island of Uncle Sam


     The background information for this article is in “The Spirit of Dr. Moreau”. I’ll add the link for that, at the end of the text. Between now and then, we’ll examine what corporations are and what they do.


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The Chain

                                                      The Chain

If you were sitting back in your recliner, watching your favorite TV programs, you would probably get accustomed to 300 Lbs. of log chain shackled to your ankle. As long as the remote works, you’re probably in good shape. Eventually, you’ll need to get to the fridge or the rest room. Someone could get you another snack, but for some things, you’re on your own. I hope there is someone to run to the store for new batteries for the remote, when you need them.

When people displaced by Hurricane Katrina were about to be moved from hotels to mobile homes, the question arose, “Who will bring us our meals?” This is how dependency works. That is the heavy chain that can make willing slaves of everyone. Some people are stubborn enough to drag that chain around, everywhere they go. Some just sit and wait for a someday that never comes. Some don’t consider removing the chain because they are told that they have to wear it. This is life on the Federal Debt Plantation. We all know what happened to Cool Hand Luke. As the chain gets heavier and the inconveniences multiply, people will be waiting for meals that never come. There is no remote that will change channels on U. S. Treasury debt. The labor to move the chain will become all yours.

Photo Finish

Photo Finish

The first decade of the new millennium has been such a whirlwind, so far, that we have to stop and ask ourselves, “What just happened?!!” Do we have any historical frame of reference to measure recent events, by? Upon examination, there are many events in our history that point to present conflicts and their outcomes.

When empires disintegrate, the forces that functioned within them don’t just disappear into thin air. Relationships and traditions float on the winds of change, like dandelion seeds. So it is, in the transition periods in the United States. If we draw a straight line from the questions of our day, back through historical records, motives and goals become clearly defined.

When have we seen the present level of regulatory corruption and commercial consolidation in our past? That would be the period 1891 through 1913. The economic structure, combined with political corruption, produced public manipulation that led to the Federal Reserve and WWI. At that point, government became the Corporatist War Machine that we see today. The seeds of subsequent wars of Corporate conquest were planted in that time period. Generations became cannon fodder to enforce the will of the central banks and exact tribute from indigenous populations. Every aspect of social and commercial activity now teaches people the anti-human compulsions of Corporatism. People are now identified and valued by their relationship within the corporate structure. Throughout history, long before there was a United States”, these practices were condemned and ended in destruction. Monetizing and numbering people is the most evil practice implemented by government. It leads to mass murder, genocide.

Last year, people failed to recognize the patterns from the 1920s & 70s. If there had been recognition, before the fact, we never would have been talking about trillions in bailouts to “stabilize” the global economy. Those prior decades identify the actions that were taken in the past year as injurious to financial stability and social continuity. Going back and reading

“Land and Wealth vs. Debt and Promises: The End Game”

“War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce”

shows that I understated everything. My friends around the world were telling me that everything was worse than I said it was. In 2 trips across the country, I found that they were right. Sections of cities look like war damage. The atmosphere is different. The tension of being packed into cities, under uncertain and sometimes dangerous circumstances, wears people down.

Have we forgotten the scenes of those decades and what they led to, so quickly? The threat of hyperinflation, the resulting wage and price controls, loan defaults, the S & L failures, 23% prime rates, record unemployment, political and financial scandals …. need I go on? The jury is in, and we are judged, GUILTY. We are repeating the past. We are going down the path of social collapse, dangerous urban environments, polarizing media manipulation of public opinion, with government as petty, corrupt and self-serving as it ever was. We are being thrown to the wolves, and still don’t see it.

The present time is a turning point of U. S. history. As the Corporation has siezed the helm of the ship of state, and presumes to overrule the restraints that it AGREED to, in 1787, we are stuck with the reality that we are oppressed by a criminal organization. The United States government is Hell-bent on herding the population, like livestock. the healthcare reform debate doesn’t recognize people as living beings. We are seen as potential markets, managed assets, group cost caps, repositories for chemical cocktails and the resulting repeat sales, to address the side effects. This is the kind of human experimentation that makes war criminals of medical authorities. Credentials mean nothing in the sight of the Author of Life. The lust for power and wealth has never known satisfaction. The “American” Medical Association won’t find the goal of their obsession in Heaven.

It is interesting that legislation in the 1960s borrowed so much from wartime enemies. That illustrates that countries and leaders rise and fall, but Corporatism marches on. The public figures that rammed Nazi and Soviet laws down our throats at that time are now facing the consequences in Eternity. Will we learn from this, today? The legislation that resulted in the Patriot Act and Homeland Security is in the same spirit that produced the genocides of the 20th century, sending more than 100 million people to execution at the hands of their own governments. We are watching the disease of National Socialism run it’s course. We don’t have to be infected by it.

Thin Walls

    Every day, we are reminded of the fragility of life. We are separated from being scorched or frozen out of existence by thin walls. Our daily provision comes through a distribution system vulnerable to the uncertainties of debt manipulation.  Death isn’t the only opportunity to meet our Maker. That is the comfort we have in front of us in every moment. There are many opportunities for conference with our Creator. It is our loss if we do not seek that conversation. We are encouraged repeatedly to open that door and sit down to fellowship with the One who knows the end from the beginning and made all things, by the power of the Word of His mouth.

We see in the events of the day so many crying out for advocacy.  The ultimate Advocate is Yeshuah ha Maschiach, Jesus the Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Seek Him, while he may be found. 

Alcohol Abyss

Alcohol Abyss

    This is a story that I’ve told over that past 25 years that gets unexpected reactions. Since I do not consume alcohol, I’m in position as an observer. That helps me keep a straight face. Presentation of the story is as a joke. The surprise is that there is no punch line.

It’s a normal weekend evening and the usual crowd of regulars are in attendance. Eventually, the topic of conversation turns to the “dos” and “don’ts” of alcohol consumption. Let’s follow this conversation as it moves down the bar.

     One man, breaching the subject, says to the next man, “Well, I have a glass of wine with dinner, once in a while. I come in here on the weekend to watch the ballgame and have a couple of beers, but I’ve never been drunk.”

     The barstool neighbor replies, ” Well, I come in here a few times a week, maybe have a couple too many and have to worry about getting another DUI,  but I’ve never gotten so drunk that I passed out.”

     A third patron joins the conversation. Hearing their experiences, he confesses, “Well, I come in here most nights and pretty much drink until I close the place. I’ve sat over in a booth when I got a little too loaded. Passed out, right there. But I’m proud to say I can hold my liquor. I’ve never puked.”

     The next guy, hearing this says,  ” Well, I’ve had a taste for the whiskey for a long time. I can stay on my feet and keep going. But, I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve lost my cookies more than a few times. At least I’ve never woken up laying in it.”

      Another man, hearing this, admits that he has a real problem. ” I have to say that my problems go way past yours. I get drunk, I stay drunk most of the time. I’ve passed out, blacked out, puked and woke up face down in it. I’m ashamed to say that I have rolled over in it. At least I can say that my wife hasn’t left me like she threatened to.”

     The next man interjects, ” You’re lucky! I haven’t seen my wife and kids or driven a car in years. I don’t even know where they are. I’ve done it all, been lower than dirt. I drink, I get drunk, I fall down. I’ve passed out and puked. The only good thing I can say is that I never had a blackout and did crazy things that got me arrested.”

The next man obviously is in rough shape. He comes out of his drunken fog to be the unruly drunk. ” Alla you guys is wussies. What wouldja do if you was me? Anywhere I go, the cops stop to check me out. Most of the time, they just let me go. One night, a guy said something about derelicts running around loose. Before he could get in his car, I punched him in the mouth. How was I supposed to know he was an off-duty cop? Anyways, I came to in the Alcohol Recovery Center, not remembering any of it. They said I needed counseling. After I got out, I decided not to go to the counseling classes. I don’t have time for that. I’m usually too drunk, that hour of the day, to go to class, anyway.”

     The next man, having some experience in this area, puts in his 2 cents. He says, “WHOA, chief!  You should re-think that idea. I was just like you. I get in fights when I get drunk. I didn’t want to go to classes, either. Then I found out the hard way that a warrant was issued when I didn’t show up for class. I hope you can be on time for that class. I wish I still had the money I had before they got through with me in court. They don’t mess around.”

     The point of this story is that all of these guys believe that they are normal and functional. The truth is that none of them are. The first man is just lying to himself. He obviously hasn’t learned about how drunk he actually gets. With time, one mistake will inevitably end with a bad breathalyzer test. The rest are years beyond his state. Some of them may be past the point of no return. When I’ve told this story in the past, everyone has, at some point before the end, become uncomfortable and had to leave to be somewhere else. They recognized themselves in the story. 

Straight As It Gets

Straight As It Gets

If you’re a passenger in a car, and you see a turn up ahead, do you say something, or stay silent? Perhaps the driver has road hypnosis and doesn’t see what is ahead. Finally, you can’t take the uncertainty, anymore. You say,

“There is a turn ahead. you need to turn to the right, when we get there.”

The driver, disturbed from his mental haze, is a little irked. He says,

“The road has been straight for almost 2,000 years. Go back to sleep and mind your own business.”

You would like to comply, but you are running out of time. This being a crisis, you become more specific. You say,

“If you don’t turn in time, we”ll run off the road and hit a tree!”

Now the driver is so upset that he spills his soft drink in his bag of snacks. This really sets him off. He says in that methodical, on-the-edge voice, “If you don’t shut up, I’ll leave you by the side of the road!”

You quickly reply, “OK!! Stop and let me out!”

As the car slows to a stop, the driver’s mind clears and he sees the tree, too close for comfort. He shouts ,


You quietly answer, “Because my eyes were open to it.”

That is how life is. We never know everything, about everything. For billions of people, there is a turn coming. May our eyes be open to see it. May we speak when timing is in doubt. Some people might run out of time.