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Separation of Bureaucracy and Humanity July 20th, 2011

Separation of Bureaucracy and Humanity

July 20th, 2011

     Today, we find many genocide and human rights issues in the administration of the Private Law System as implemented by various governmental bodies. Today, I encountered such a circumstance here in Longmont, CO. The court system has been operating in the artificial construct of private law for so long, that they don’t recognize the Law.

The regulations and ordinances are applied within the environment of “Eminent Domination”

      To say that the application of all matters in Administrative Law serves the highest proprietary interest would be a legally and demonstrably valid statement. In this system, an individual is entitled to all of the justice that he or she can afford to pay for. It is the commercial agreements that decide the outcome of administrative actions. In my specific circumstance, I have no bank accounts, no insurance policies, no active Social Security account, no licenses, No charge or store card accounts and no voter registration. In plain and simple terms, I am not a voluntary shareholder in the corporation. I am not an imported statutory person. The presumption that I must be anything that I have just given the legal definition for is fraud and a denial of the requirements for binding agreement. Under these circumstances, we see the identical regulations and applications that were executed in 1930’s Germany.
     The situation that I encountered today is only the beginning in the process of genocidal herd control and manipulation imposed by most municipalities in the United States. It began before I was born and continues unabated into the future. The facts of the matter are the least of the issues.    As background, the history of the claims of right of conquest bring the present day into sharp focus against the backdrop of the history of genocidal policies inflicted on populations. In 1942, 60 people with my mother’s family name were deported from Holland and died in the Auschwitz, Dachau and Sobibhor camps.  In my father’s family, people with my grandmother’s family name were executed in their village in Poland. These atrocities were committed by men with uniforms and guns. Obviously, this had great influence on me when I was confronted by an armed man in uniform, in a secluded area. In this situation, the man already had his ticket book out, and was reaching for his pen. That was not the time or place to dispute anything.  I acted and responded as what he assumed me to be and didn’t object to anything he said. On July 26th, that will be a different circumstance. There will be witnesses present. Everything will be open to challenge.
     On March 24th of this year, I was ticketed for prohibited camping and littering. The facts are:
1. I did not spend the previous night in the area.  I was at a different location, on private property.
2. I arrived at the location a few minutes after 7 AM. The area is open to the public. It was not illegal for me to be there.
3. The reason that I was there was that I was given a tarp and had to get it.
4. There is no evidence supporting the charges. In the photos that the officer took, there are none showing me on the ground in a sleeping bag.  There are no photos of me under any erected shelter.
5. At the time when the items of litter were left there, I was living in Stilwell, OK. A year ago, that site was abandoned during a flash flood. None of the trash was mine. There is no physical or legal connection to me on the charge of littering.
6. Requiring a fee for discovery documents in the case is a denial of access and a denial of due process. It is a most disturbing experience to encounter people who believe that “the way it is” is the Law. These are the people who will “just be following orders” in the future.
     The human rights issues in municipal responses to displaced and disenfranchised people are training exercises for the next Holocaust. One of the first groups of people rounded up in Germany were Homeless People. We now see the same policies and actions being taken in  the United States, today. Municipal agencies now herd and categorize human beings as livestock, property of the State. The numerous accounts of police brutality and corruption fill the news, regularly.
     Further description of the present social environment is found in the following articles.
“The Spirit of Dr. Moreau”
“When They Come For ….

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  1. Beginning on Monday, the 25th, I will be recording my blogs into audio files. As they are completed, I will be posting them as podcasts here on WordPress.

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