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What Have We Learned?

                    What Have We Learned?

Since there doesn’t seem to be very much Biblical understanding in the news these days, I observe that this corporate legal trust mentality in the United States hasn’t learned very much. Of course, it is a legally dead thing, so we can’t expect it to understand life. We should have no such hindrances. At least we have the option of choosing life.

     I just skimmed through the news of the day, and it isn’t pretty.  This how Federal benefit programs have always worked.

      Accountability and transparency are words that don’t mean anything within the corporate context. In the 1970s, I wondered how bureaucrats found the time to line their own pockets, after taking care of their friends and political supporters.

     The answer is simple. There are Federal benefit programs to take care of all of it. In the final analysis, we have learned corruption is an act of Congress.

     We have learned that the paper economy doesn’t work anything like the way that people expect it to. In September of 2007, I said that the emergency measures wouldn’t work at all, because there is no substance in them. If wealth is power, the economic engine needs to produce more wealth, to make power. Unfortunately, the wealth creation components, the moving parts of the economy, no longer perform to their original design standards. For the last 96 years, the Federal Reserve has been greasing the palms.

     It seems that their wasn’t any left over to lubricate the friction points of the economy. Pouring more debt down the throat of the economic engine won’t produce any more power. Debt is corrosive and abrasive. Sand in the crankcase and sulfuric acid in the fuel tank will produce seizure and sudden catastrophic failure.

     We learned from the news, that the F.D.I.C. is requiring banks to prepay “$?”36 Billion in fees. That’s a polite way of saying that things are getting tight and they have to call in markers. We learned what margin calls did for Wall St. in 1929. Today, we watch the financial structure hit the brakes and tighten belts. The people who are playing the debt game the hardest could be the biggest losers. Remember, we have seen the tension and warnings of previous Congressional budget debates. We have learned that the losers become financial refugees. If we are to respond properly, we must exhibit what we have learned. Those who clamor for more debt to save their own hides will be setting themselves up to be collected, monetized and harvested. The Unholy Trinity of the Federal Reserve, the U. S. Treasury and the Cabal of Czars that no one voted for, will scoop up the public and feed people to the Wealth Transfer Machine. 


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