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Unnatural Law: Doctrines of Men or Commandments of God?

Unnatural Law
                                    Doctrines of Men vs. Commandments of God

Changing the rules of the Game of Life seems to be Man’s stock in trade. If something is best left alone, human nature just can’t resist tampering with it.


Unnatural Law: Agency vs. Sovereignty

                                                                        Unnatural Law
                                                                Agency or Sovereignty?
     The differences between Agency and Sovereignty affect so many inter-related ares, that it is difficult to avoid incomplete statements. Without establishing who someone is, where they are, what they are, their legal standing and who they are subject to, people get buried in legal apples and oranges. It is too easy for people to get off in the weeds of Uniform Commercial Code, International Law and U. S. Code. People find themselves caught up in being property and agents of the corporation. In those legal minefields, never forget that the objective of Commerce is always Conquest.


                    “HARVESTING WHAT?”

Knowing the history of the bureaucratic hardship imposed by the state of emergency in Agriculture didn’t help ease the reading of the article on the front page of the June 3rd, 2009 Denver Post. That state of emergency was declared in 1934 and is in effect, today. The article, titled “More farmers losing hope”, by Miles Moffeit told the story of financial hardship, stress from uncertain markets and of all things, a suicide prevention hotline for farmers. A study of agricultural history in the U. S. specifically, and the world in general, details the Corporatist seizure of the ability to produce food. When power and control override independence, we see this stress become the norm. At one time, farms were profitable and didn’t need the banks for anything. With the consolidation of the past 75 years, farmers are now the odd group on the outside, looking in. This is why farmers are under so much stress. Just as on every other inhabited continent, the corporate war is against them. The first action of tyrannical governments is to seize control of food production and use it as a weapon. As agriculture goes, so goes the nation. Forget General Motors.

The National Organization for Raw Materials (N. O. R. M.)  compiles a yearly table of production data, by area of production. It is a very good history of economic activity. The numbers are certainly very down in these days. With farmers being squeezed out and forced of the land, the work that should be the strength of the nation is under severe attack. While the urban public fails to defend their rural neighbors from corporate commercial attack, they should stop and think about where their food comes from. We must get past ignoring issues until they become a crisis. People will certainly take notice when food either is in short supply or costs twice what it did, a year ago.

Obviously, local independence is in our best interest. When the bottom lines of the banks became more important than the natural order of production and local distribution, the war was on for control of markets and land. This is why we must support farmers markets and local barter systems for goods and services. When we began accepting the paper Ponzi scheme, we became enslaved and exploited. We must understand that the fate of our neighbors is inseparable from our own. Looking for toll – free numbers to call or grant applications to fill out is a dead end in the same debt swamp that caused the original problem.

After decades of sowing debt and reaping poverty, the lesson should be clear. All of the experts with defective educations have led us to the edge of economic conquest by foreign interests. Consumers and farmers must defend each other from the attacks of the Globalist invaders. For too long, the combination of business and politics has invited invasion. Only by direct, local interaction can the outside oppression be excluded. Before Corporatist foreign agendas put farmers out of business and take food off the tables of America’s families, repudiation of the bureaucratic corporate structure must come.

We make choices, every day. At some point, our daily lives must surely must give rise to the need for better results. When do we question the logic of relying on institutions that don’t produce the required results? Delegating personal judgment to representation vulnerable to questionable influence is a recipe for disaster. The upside down and inside out Corporatist structure of this society and world creates more problems than it solves. Not only are decisions made according to private agendas of corporate global interests, but we are saddled with the burden of regulation toxic to local independence. Our neighbors are far more likely to have interests in common with us, than some convened body of public policy makers. That is the bedrock defense of a community against invasion by any organization. Certainly, those who believe the debt economy is a valid business model would not miss us, if we were gone. Being at the mercy of such treacherous mentalities is not an option, if we are to maintain civility and tranquility in our local relationships. We would do better to let the Globalist interests drift out to sea, without our support.

High Rollers

                                                  High Rollers

What have we learned in the past year? If anyone has a long enough memory, it was about 3 years ago that the global economy had a flameout and went into a downward spiral. We should have learned to never be impressed with how well anyone plays the debt game. If we believe what the financial news tells us, we are as gullible as people were in 1913, 1929 and of course, September 2007. We came into a debt speculation crisis, only to take on trillions more in debt. At least some people have learned to avoid the “D” words. They’re still thieves and con men, but they’re not stupid. They don’t want to panic people out of buying into their Ponzi scheme. They know that they need time to put together a plan to deal with the big “D” word: DEFAULT. Creditors will be nervously tapping their feet in the waiting room, during the Congressional budget debates. Everyone knows that it’s time to stand and deliver. A bigger Federal deficit won’t stave off another currency collapse.

We did learn that U. S. fiscal policy doesn’t turn heads in the world. The message from the rest of the world, is clear. They aren’t going down in the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme. They slammed on the brakes when they were being pressured to open the paper floodgates. By experience in international intrigue and manipulation, Europe learned things that we didn’t. Centuries of dealing with the ruin brought by Corporatism and digging out of the rubble of war made them very conservative. They’ve had their economies brought down by the central banks, many times. They don’t want to see the central banks step up their military busywork in this fiscal crisis. Unless there’s another planet to pillage, there isn’t commercial incentive to squeeze Turnip Earth much further.

We should have learned that the economy won’t run without the proper fuel. Changing the numbers on the speedometer and screwing the accelerator to the floor won’t get to the destination, on an empty tank. Debt is less than nothing. It is a vacuum. In the presence of wealth, it is a negative potential, seeking the equilibrium of uniform poverty. The banks make great use of it as a weapon. At some point, real collateral will have to be in the pipeline. The question must be asked, now; Will the Federal corporation be able to maintain the illusion of solvency long enough to enforce it’s Fascist goals? History says, “No”. For more than a decade the suspicion has been that Federal land has been pledged as collateral . If so, we should see something more formal than suspicion, in the near future. U. S. citizens may be gullible enough to continue loaning and borrowing debt, but other countries know that the Federal Reserve isn’t the only game in town.

If we haven’t learned to prepare for the next crisis, now would be a good time. Water, food and shelter are the real priorities. We are running on blind faith, with the financial switch in the hands of thieves and liars. I don’t believe that God put people in charge who openly and publicly hate Him and His ways. People did that. Many, many times in history, people have gotten the consequences of what they wanted. People continue in every false belief because they hope to gain advantage in the corporate structure. The open rebellion that is the Federal Reserve will bring the United States to a standstill, as every fake money system has, before it. It remains to be seen, who wants to go down into the Pit with it.

People really should read “The Coming Battle” by M. W. Walbert. The history of the eventual subterfuge that produced the Federal Reserve Act is found in “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, by G. Edward Griffin.

I read “The Coming Battle” in December. It’s a very telling, detailed account of events leading up to the Federal Reserve Act.

493 pages, at this link:

Follow-up information is in the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, available through the Recommended Reading links at  .

Thank you, and pray for America

USA Receives STEADY FLOW of Radiation

This was just too current and too important to let slide by. It comes from one of my many email friends

From Mb-Y News

USA Receives STEADY FLOW of Radiation


There are nuclear plants that have been destroyed by earthquakes in Japan, of which we are all are very aware, enhanced by the HARRP system, according to reports.  There are nuclear plants in the US leaking radiation as well, how about 70% of them, this is what’s being reported and very few are aware of this.  They are outdated plants way beyond their production time, 20 years too long for most of them.  They should have been torn down long ago, but are continuing to be approved for production because of the demand of electricity.  Alternative energy’s just don’t seem to do the job.  Then there are the fires in New Mexico which are about to burn areas where old radiation is in the trees and soil near Los Alamos, which will make the radiation airborne if burned.  This is ground zero where the first atomic bombs were developed.  This was reported as a concern of the government, but will we ever know the truth or the consequences of any of this.   

I’m sending this update so you may have an idea of the situation.  I have family in the northwest area of the US and recommend them to leave the area…radiation levels are very high there now.   Just because people can’t see the danger, doesn’t mean it’s not there.  When more earthquakes happen in America (including Canada) more nuclear plants will be damaged.  This will become an ongoing problem because of the solar flares from the sun and the enhancement of HARRP technologies.  The solar flares are causing the earth’s magma to heat up and swell which is shifting the tectonic plates of the earth.  Therefore we will have more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.   Labor pains always progress worse before the big delivery day.   May the Messiah come soon.  


I know a lot of people don’t have time to pay attention to all of this.  Everyone has their lifestyle, their careers, and their personal everyday problems to deal with and barely have time to keep up with all of that.  Take some time, kick back and look at the whole ball of wax and see if anything can be done to help yourself, family, and friends.  I’m listing some videos below for your viewing.

May you be safe and blessed in the days ahead.    


Fukushima Day 111- Radioactive urine NOW in children meanwhile USA receives STEADY FLOW of Radiation <<< Click on to open

CNN reveals Fukushima “TWICE as bad” and “HOT particles reaching the USA” <<< Click on to open

Leuren Moret is a Nuclear Power whistleblower who is telling all who will listen about the dangers of nuclear power.  Like playing with fire… mankind has not learned, as can be seen in the engineering mistakes made in building the Fukushima Plant in Japan.  Nuclear radiation is very dangerous and we will be stuck with the consequences for a long time to come.  There are certain measures you can take to protect yourself.  Listen as she explains.

Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 1/2 – Leuren Moret – PDX 9/11 Truth <<< Click on to open

On The Wings of the Almighty

  Moshe ben-Yosef E-NEWS

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Planet X: Wait And See

Planet X: Wait and See

     There has been so much speculation about the approach of a body from outside the solar system that I’ve taken a “wait and see” approach to the information. There are interesting details in the debate. It’s the observed phenomena that make the debate interesting. 

The most interesting detail is the point of the effect of a large mass on the angular momentum of the solar system.  The central point of the discussion is that the effect of a large mass approaching the orbits of the planets would cause the rotation of the planets to slow down. In the case of the planets other than the one we’re on, that might not mean much to us. Here on Earth, where we live, it could have immediate meaning. If the rotation of the Earth slows, everything from weather, to tide levels, to earthquake and volcanic activity would be affected. A recent NASA article showed the projected orbit of the comet Elenin. This is the body that has drawn great interest as to it’s content and mass. Some say it is a comet. Some say it is a wayward planet, on a much longer orbit. Some say that it is a Brown Dwarf star with a significant percentage of the mass of our own sun.

 I’ll examine the ramifications of the worst-case scenario, a Brown Dwarf star.

     If, in fact, Elinen/Planet X/Niburu, the names most often referring to this object, is a Brown Dwarf star of large mass, then we should see unusual and increasing effects. According to one report, the sun rose in Greenland 2 days earlier than expected. This detail captured my attention. I want to see more proof. If the Earth’s axis has been moved beyond expected behavior, causing this unexpected event, then I should look for reports of other unusual events. If this object has enough mass to accomplish such a disruption, then the Earth’s rotation must also respond to it’s gravity field. This could be serious. The water in the oceans at the equator is 495 feet above sea level. All that holds that water there  is the rotation of the Earth. If the rotation slows, that water would spread out, complying the laws of physics. If the rotation slows by whole seconds, instead of the nanoseconds caused by the recent great earthquakes, then coastal water levels would rise. If I see stories such as water remaining further inland at places like Cape Cod, then some of the waiting for evidence would be completed. The speculation continues beyond this. There is so much debate about climate change. For all of the accounts of strange weather, the fact remains that even more extreme weather than what we’re seeing now has been observed in the last 20 years. For me, the jury is still out on attributing weather events to a disruptive body passing through the solar system.  The fact that a body of some type is approaching, as stated in the NASA article;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb  

gives me confirmation that at least something is known to be entering the solar system. Now, I can measure the speculation that continues. The arguments for and against all of the speculation will be tested.

Between now and Oct. 16th, 2011, we should see concrete evidence of what is really going on. I say that we shouldn’t worry about things that haven’t happened, yet. At the same time, we must judge the events that we see and prepare to take the best course of action.