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Short Sabbatical

I’ve been away from my usual activities for a little bit. I picked up the materials to start a drafting project. I’m going to draw an engine that I’ve designed, over the last 40 years or so. I’m drawing it to demonstrate two principles. The first is to get around the pressure and fuel limitations in conventional engines. The second is to create a way to contain combustion in a small zone in the combustion chamber. This engi8ne would have both a load sensitive compression ratio and output speed. What I would do with it, beyond my own amusement, I don’t know. Yes, it would get as lot better gas mileage, perhaps double.

I’ve read so many articles and papers about altering the pressure curve, and they seem to be a partial answer, not really changing ther curver that much. I also want to beat the pressure limit at which detonation and pre-ignition occurs. If the pressure level is physically altered after the fuel is burned, there can be no damaging uncontrolled reactions. It’s just hot, inert gas.

The U. S. Patent Office has always been the most corrupt agency in the U. S. government. It’s that little clause about awarding patents to the applicant “best able to bring a product to market”. That’s why the man who invented the intermittent wiper blade system had to fight Ford for years, and spend 5 million of his own money to get a judgment. At the last that I heard, he hadn’t gotten a dime from Ford. The highest proprietary interest is served. I would rather put it in the public domain and have a thousand little cottage industry shops build it. That can’t be stopped.


Fiat Addiction Update 08/09/2011

     With the statement from Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, the gloves have dropped.

     As the current phase of the currency collapse progresses, wiping out trillions in equity, the stated purpose comes out in the open. The intent to print paper currency to the point of hyperinflation is proof the The Wealth Transfer Machine is going into high gear.  There is no sugar coating or whitewashing going on with this statement. Nations and entire continents are being thrown to the central bank wolves.

     Fiat paper currencies are dead things, producing death in the form of debt. The disease is hyperinflation.  The symptoms are panic buying, erratic commodity market performance, and shortages of necessities.  On the first day that the banks don’t open, the ATMs and cash registers don’t work, delivery systems will halt. The resulting confusion will manifest in the form of civil disruption ranging from passionate  and ineffective rhetoric in legislatures, to openly violent mayhem in the streets. Not  to worry, for the Plunge Protection Racket rides a white horse to the rescue. I tell you now, that the nations of the Earth will see the pale horse carrying Death, before this crisis runs it’s course.

      In all of this madness, we are seeing the final stages of drug addiction and substance abuse. People addicted to endless supplies of paper currency are finding that the upside of financial stimulus is always followed by the withdrawal symptoms in deprivation and systemic system failures. The economic seizures, chills and fever  of equity bubbles bursting won’t be just numbers on paper. Just as in 2007, we will see jobs and lives that will never return to stability. As I have warned in the past, the days are coming in which we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, that has a traditional job. The only remaining question is about how many of our formerly affluent neighbors we will see living outdoors, with us.

In seeking to understand public behavior of people in political interaction in the United States, we must understand the influence of addiction. In this case it is the addiction to the Federal Reserve Note. In all financial news stories, we should replace the words “money”, “dollars” and “funds” with the word, “cocaine”. We would then have a much better understanding of the influences in public policy. The sad fact of life is that people vote for the candidate that promises them the most candy. Silly children.

                                                      “Fiat Addiction” 

It is a most perplexing observation that most people seem to want to be imposed upon by force. When people are overrun by military action, the motivations are understandable. Living to live another day is a victory, in itself. It is when they have other options available, and still choose tyranny, that are puzzling. With the motives and objectives of private banking cartels clearly stated in history, it is difficult to understand why people would choose to participate in injurious activity. The affinity for fiat currency is a debilitating addiction. The process begins somewhere before coercive influence gets a foothold. Even without external pressure, people jump into bad choices before fiat currency dominates an economy. That, and the way that nations succumb to totalitarian impositions betrays a basic flaw in human nature. Whether that flaw arises out of fatigue or complacency, there is no clear pattern, but the text shows one clear pattern. People can tolerate slavery for only a short period of time. At some point, something gives way in the human heart and a turn away from government edict occurs, and the public motivation focuses on self-determination.

The fact remains that otherwise independent and functional people remain in compliance with the organizations and commercial activities that severely restrict their independence. Whether it be peer pressure or the promise of financial gain, the result is the same. The of private financial agendas in managing public money produce war and poverty. The repeated pattern is described by eyewitness accounts detail this process as a madness that quietly overtakes people and carries them into a world that the private banks dominate. The results of the events produce feelings of loss, resignation and helplessness. The common thread th is the disturbing fact is that the further a nation gets away from honest weights and measures, the further the nation strays into fiat currency andit’s revenue collecting ideas, the stronger the addiction to fiat currency. Eventually we see the result of this dark activity. The defense of illegitimate authority becomes pernicious and threatening to the structure of society.

At what point does a people disconnect from their history and embrace the same institutional mechanism that they emigrated away from? I ask this question, in this form, because if any nation knew better, it was America. Not only do we have experience with the only form of government that recognized our Creator as the source of our rights, and the liberty to assert those rights, we also had experience with the fiat currencies of the colonies. The colonial experience was a financial disaster. The evidence is in the strong motivation that produced the prohibition against the States making anything but gold and silver coin, lawful tender. The fact that the Federal corporation claimed the power that the States never had, and couldn’t grant, is the height of willful rebellion. At that point, the Federal corporation was in default and continued in insurrection, culminating in the corporate violent overthrow of the legitimate government that represented the people. So much for the oath of office.

The history of private banks in America is a shameful history of Federal dereliction of duty. If we are to restore honest, legitimate government, we must also restore real, honest money. To fail to pursue that end is to accept the government we have as our just punishment. As long as people insist on being. S. citizens and enjoy the “benefits” of using Federal Reserve notes, they should stop complaining and just pay their taxes. Apparently, they are comfortable with the way their chains rest upon them.

I read “The Coming Battle” in December of 2008. It’s a very telling, detailed account of events leading up to the Federal Reserve Act.

493 pages, at this link: 

High Rollers

                                                  High Rollers

What have we learned in the past year? If anyone has a long enough memory, it was about 3 years ago that the global economy had a flameout and went into a downward spiral. We should have learned to never be impressed with how well anyone plays the debt game. If we believe what the financial news tells us, we are as gullible as people were in 1913, 1929 and of course, September 2007. We came into a debt speculation crisis, only to take on trillions more in debt. At least some people have learned to avoid the “D” words. They’re still thieves and con men, but they’re not stupid. They don’t want to panic people out of buying into their Ponzi scheme. They know that they need time to put together a plan to deal with the big “D” word: DEFAULT. Creditors will be nervously tapping their feet in the waiting room, during the Congressional budget debates. Everyone knows that it’s time to stand and deliver. A bigger Federal deficit won’t stave off another currency collapse.

We did learn that U. S. fiscal policy doesn’t turn heads in the world. The message from the rest of the world, is clear. They aren’t going down in the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme. They slammed on the brakes when they were being pressured to open the paper floodgates. By experience in international intrigue and manipulation, Europe learned things that we didn’t. Centuries of dealing with the ruin brought by Corporatism and digging out of the rubble of war made them very conservative. They’ve had their economies brought down by the central banks, many times. They don’t want to see the central banks step up their military busywork in this fiscal crisis. Unless there’s another planet to pillage, there isn’t commercial incentive to squeeze Turnip Earth much further.

We should have learned that the economy won’t run without the proper fuel. Changing the numbers on the speedometer and screwing the accelerator to the floor won’t get to the destination, on an empty tank. Debt is less than nothing. It is a vacuum. In the presence of wealth, it is a negative potential, seeking the equilibrium of uniform poverty. The banks make great use of it as a weapon. At some point, real collateral will have to be in the pipeline. The question must be asked, now; Will the Federal corporation be able to maintain the illusion of solvency long enough to enforce it’s Fascist goals? History says, “No”. For more than a decade the suspicion has been that Federal land has been pledged as collateral . If so, we should see something more formal than suspicion, in the near future. U. S. citizens may be gullible enough to continue loaning and borrowing debt, but other countries know that the Federal Reserve isn’t the only game in town.

If we haven’t learned to prepare for the next crisis, now would be a good time. Water, food and shelter are the real priorities. We are running on blind faith, with the financial switch in the hands of thieves and liars. I don’t believe that God put people in charge who openly and publicly hate Him and His ways. People did that. Many, many times in history, people have gotten the consequences of what they wanted. People continue in every false belief because they hope to gain advantage in the corporate structure. The open rebellion that is the Federal Reserve will bring the United States to a standstill, as every fake money system has, before it. It remains to be seen, who wants to go down into the Pit with it.

People really should read “The Coming Battle” by M. W. Walbert. The history of the eventual subterfuge that produced the Federal Reserve Act is found in “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, by G. Edward Griffin.

I read “The Coming Battle” in December. It’s a very telling, detailed account of events leading up to the Federal Reserve Act.

493 pages, at this link:

Follow-up information is in the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, available through the Recommended Reading links at  .

Thank you, and pray for America