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What Someone Else Wants

What Someone Else Wants

Why do we seem to be pushed, pulled, compelled, coerced, bribed and threatened into a system of revolving slavemasters? Is it that we secretly crave the opportunity to exert power over another human being, IF our turn comes? Could it be that we are just as corrupt as the people we resent?

It is very obvious that fiat currency systems are cycles of abuse. The effort that people make in defending their bankers, attorneys, financial advisors, and media analysts is truly amazing in it’s dedication. Regardless of the wrongs that are inflicted on people, they still love their abusers.

I remember an incident that took place, about 10 years ago. In the place where I got my coffee every morning, on my way to work, I had a thought. As I handed the cashier the paper note in tender of payment, I asked her.

“Do you know why this is worth something?”

Her answer was, “No. Why?”

I replied, “It is worth something because you believe it is. You gave me something real, a cup of coffee, in exchange for debt that you and everyone else promised to repay to a private bank. When these notes are used, the user is borrowing debt.”

If I knew this, 10 years ago, why doesn’t everyone else know it, today? If you could go back in time and show Christopher Columbus a “$?” 100 Federal Reserve note, he wouldn’t know what it was or where it came from. You would have to admit that it wasn’t anything but paper, in his day. You would have a very rough time with the authorities of that day, obviously acting as an agent of a foreign power that doesn’t exist yet. You would know that Columbus wouldn’t sell you a rowboat for a wheelbarrow of FRNs.

In this phase of the currency collapse, everyone is expected to grab a bucket and start bailing. If you are in an ocean of debt, you can’t stay afloat with the Federal Reserve and the U. S. Treasury producing and taking on more debt than you can keep up with. Abdication of conscience leads to exactly what we don’t want.


Playing Both Ends

“Playing Both Ends”

Playing both ends against the middle may be standard procedure in the Corporatist philosophy, but it is a very dangerous practice. In every account of conflict, both sides discover eventually, that they only thought they had the deal that they wanted. The strange wrinkle in human nature that puts diplomacy on the backbone of corruption allows wiggle room to change the meaning of words and terms of the deal. So it is, in the Corporatist political structure. The faces and speeches may change, but the fact remains that conflicting and often contradictory demands can not be resolved. Anger management doesn’t work, here.

We see examples of the vertical failures in public policy, every day. In every area, social, economic and political, the top-down edicts from the administration don’t work at street level. They never did, without a military threat. The location becomes secondary to the factional and sectarian private agendas within government. Government doesn’t need a middle ground to play the ends against. As current agendas play out, an unresolved debate is sufficient. While factions get bogged down in details, no agreement is required to commit theft. Corruption is made difficult to identify if no terms are set. As things simmer along, the current global economic crisis will see the objectives of Commerce implemented in classic Corporatist fashion.

Whether it be in the board rooms of corporations or in the international realm of diplomacy, the wheels of blockade and embargo, invasion and conquest will grind on to their destination, subjugation. The machine of global Corporatism constantly seeks more fuel to run it’s anti-human machine. As diplomacy gets bogged down in scraping embarrassment from it’s shoe, the battle for land and resources will certainly intensify. Property is more likely to be stolen than blown up. Domestically, we see the nationalization of industries. Internationally, we see growing Corporatist domination at the hands of the central banks’ hatchet man, the United Nations. The trap that humanity finds itself in requires people to seek escape and independence. Outside motivation comes too late to be of value. Such basic needs are only successful if acted on by internal decision in each individual. To walk away from the crowd may seem uncertain at the moment, but it is the time-honored and proven path to liberty.

Corporatism tells everyone what they want to hear, ignoring obvious and impossible incongruities, contradictions and public exposure. People are so desperate to believe the “Yes, we can” that they go deaf when history says, “No, you can’t”. For 40 years, we have heard administrations quote Hitler, Stalin and Roosevelt in the spirit of Corporatism. The way each of their labor camp systems divided the world each had their unique charms, but they all worked toward the goal of an Incorporated purpose for a conscripted populace. Individual autonomy and self-determination are now cornered fugitives in the abandoned building that once was America. Because Corporatism sees each generation as a crop of human resources, it is naturally destructive. It is no compliment to be seen as a renewable resource. For the individual, it is a total loss system. If people are satisfied with finding nobility and fulfillment in corporate sacrifice, let them have their fate. The test is whether or not American principles will overcome that totalitarian lie.

We only know the sequence of events and judgments of historians as they are taught to us. We should be greatly disturbed by every instance that requires us to turn our backs on our heritage. The respect for life and independence that was once a given is replaced by a hunger for Corporatist conquest in the marketplace. Unfortunately, the fear of poverty keeps people playing the debt game, trying to break even. That fear causes people to act against their interests. They have chosen more bureaucratic intervention and intrusion in their lives, taking on more trouble than they began with.

When systems break down, they drag people with them. The assets of the individual are then liquidated and absorbed into the corporate State, for “the greater good”, as embodied in the survival of the corporation. Do we seek life, or do we stay in our seats, frozen in fear? “Refugee” is just a polite term for “casualty”. There is no justification for abiding in such a circumstance. There are no neutral positions. There are only predators and prey. Generations have been taught to accept the latter, without dissent. The independent option is systematically and institutionally discouraged. We are taught to submit ourselves meekly, as spoils of war.

How do we reach the independent goal of life in liberty, seemingly just over the horizon? Obviously, the Corporatist structure has no interest in a freer, better world, in the future. Taking a harvest from it, yes; being restrained by any moral precept, no. We are taught that participation is mandatory. At present, the cannibalistic nature of Corporatism limits general predation. The bureaucratic conflicts among power structures seek bigger prey than the individual citizen. For the little fish, a barracuda is more dangerous than a Great White shark. This is the state of existence in the experience of humanity. America has been a rare, sheltered cove in the storms of war. To weather the present storm, we must be diligent in our training in the training that previous generations rejected. We may have been deceived, but people who discover that they have been lied to are most persistent in pursuit of the truth. Corporatist power is always directed at limiting the range of thought and silencing the voice of free people. A thief, caught in a lie, always resorts to murder. Revision of keep witnesses buried. So too will guilt build inn the corporate structure until it collapses or it’s components devour each other.Every empire in history has suffered this fate. It is the fragments that sprouted to torment future generations. Those who live by predation, are consumed by it. The path through the destruction is there for those who seek it. Answers only work by living them. Fortunately, we still have a will to live that keeps us moving. Survival is one victory. Independence is another. Repeatedly stringing those victories together is the pursuit of happiness.

Photo Finish

Photo Finish

The first decade of the new millennium has been such a whirlwind, so far, that we have to stop and ask ourselves, “What just happened?!!” Do we have any historical frame of reference to measure recent events, by? Upon examination, there are many events in our history that point to present conflicts and their outcomes.

When empires disintegrate, the forces that functioned within them don’t just disappear into thin air. Relationships and traditions float on the winds of change, like dandelion seeds. So it is, in the transition periods in the United States. If we draw a straight line from the questions of our day, back through historical records, motives and goals become clearly defined.

When have we seen the present level of regulatory corruption and commercial consolidation in our past? That would be the period 1891 through 1913. The economic structure, combined with political corruption, produced public manipulation that led to the Federal Reserve and WWI. At that point, government became the Corporatist War Machine that we see today. The seeds of subsequent wars of Corporate conquest were planted in that time period. Generations became cannon fodder to enforce the will of the central banks and exact tribute from indigenous populations. Every aspect of social and commercial activity now teaches people the anti-human compulsions of Corporatism. People are now identified and valued by their relationship within the corporate structure. Throughout history, long before there was a United States”, these practices were condemned and ended in destruction. Monetizing and numbering people is the most evil practice implemented by government. It leads to mass murder, genocide.

Last year, people failed to recognize the patterns from the 1920s & 70s. If there had been recognition, before the fact, we never would have been talking about trillions in bailouts to “stabilize” the global economy. Those prior decades identify the actions that were taken in the past year as injurious to financial stability and social continuity. Going back and reading

“Land and Wealth vs. Debt and Promises: The End Game”

“War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce”

shows that I understated everything. My friends around the world were telling me that everything was worse than I said it was. In 2 trips across the country, I found that they were right. Sections of cities look like war damage. The atmosphere is different. The tension of being packed into cities, under uncertain and sometimes dangerous circumstances, wears people down.

Have we forgotten the scenes of those decades and what they led to, so quickly? The threat of hyperinflation, the resulting wage and price controls, loan defaults, the S & L failures, 23% prime rates, record unemployment, political and financial scandals …. need I go on? The jury is in, and we are judged, GUILTY. We are repeating the past. We are going down the path of social collapse, dangerous urban environments, polarizing media manipulation of public opinion, with government as petty, corrupt and self-serving as it ever was. We are being thrown to the wolves, and still don’t see it.

The present time is a turning point of U. S. history. As the Corporation has siezed the helm of the ship of state, and presumes to overrule the restraints that it AGREED to, in 1787, we are stuck with the reality that we are oppressed by a criminal organization. The United States government is Hell-bent on herding the population, like livestock. the healthcare reform debate doesn’t recognize people as living beings. We are seen as potential markets, managed assets, group cost caps, repositories for chemical cocktails and the resulting repeat sales, to address the side effects. This is the kind of human experimentation that makes war criminals of medical authorities. Credentials mean nothing in the sight of the Author of Life. The lust for power and wealth has never known satisfaction. The “American” Medical Association won’t find the goal of their obsession in Heaven.

It is interesting that legislation in the 1960s borrowed so much from wartime enemies. That illustrates that countries and leaders rise and fall, but Corporatism marches on. The public figures that rammed Nazi and Soviet laws down our throats at that time are now facing the consequences in Eternity. Will we learn from this, today? The legislation that resulted in the Patriot Act and Homeland Security is in the same spirit that produced the genocides of the 20th century, sending more than 100 million people to execution at the hands of their own governments. We are watching the disease of National Socialism run it’s course. We don’t have to be infected by it.

Process Of Elimination

Process of Elimination

With the methods of ostracism and administrative character assassination that are in common practice today, who is able to to resist and defend themselves against agenda driven invasions of privacy? Compliance with regulatory demand will be no protection, in the end. After depending on a system to provide their needs by robbing their neighbors, the corporate structure sees that people are no more loyal and trustworthy than any other mercenaries. People are so accustomed to going along, to get along, that they ignore their complicity with activities that will eventually be turned back, upon them. Life won’t always be this good. As budgetary and commercial pressures intensify, expediency will be served. If the choice comes down to who eats and who starves, the bureaucrats and corporate thieves will make short work of the population.

We have seen a number of triage programs to deal with economic upheaval. Those who are compliant and trusting, are the first to go. Shelters and “work” programs are polite euphemisms for ghettos and internment camps. You are “helped” only if you are the property of a dead thing. This is how more than 100 million people were exterminated in the 20th century. Marginalized people are eliminated, their numbers reduced to break any remaining spirit of independence, and the compliant survivors are trapped on a cresting wave of debt, only to be swamped in the collapse. There are more riches-to-rags stories, every day.

These conditions won’t change. There has never been a recovery of purchasing power in the Federal Reserve note, since 1972. It was at that time that it became a pure fiat paper currency. Without any connection to gold and silver, men were pledged as security against debt. If this comes down to people cooking and eating their children, they were warned. They’ve harvested their neighbors for long enough. The carousel of revolving, pass-the-buck debt is about to slow to a stop. The currency collapse, in it’s final phase since 1972, will be complete. In the meantime, all of the indebted, indentured servants in their material prosperity will enjoy the adjustment periods between the downward steps, called “recoveries”. The hypocrisy that displays the audacity to define economic terms has no standing to define anything involving equity. Without independent audit of a monetary system that has engineered the wealth transfer from real money life into fiat currency death, there is nothing but the economic evidence to examine. The convicting fact is that the United States no longer has the ability to produce wealth to match the ability to incur debt. The common phrase for that is “operating in the red”. A disruption in the flow of debt caused the collapse of September, 2007. The conditions that produced that collapse have been placed in a different basket. Instead of a housing bubble, the financial disease is now infesting the United States Treasury. The remedies applied to date are a negative. Whether they are called liquidity infusion or refinancing, both are a form of selling the future to an adversary.

In the notes from the madness that is financial news, we see that the banks are going to loan the Federal Reserve “money” to help stabilize it. The question is, which walnut shell is the pea really under? It’s in Ben Bernanke’s right-hand jacket pocket. It must be quite a scene when Ben Bernanke makes a withdrawal. He presents the demand at the teller window. The teller responds, “But, of course, Mr. Ponzi! Would you like that in small, unmarked bills?” In a related headline, “Banks at risk after wild copter heist”. Helicopter Ben must be at it, again.

I know that I will see many of the people who now tell me what I have to do, in the street. I will listen to them tell me how they lost everything, when the economy went to Hell. The only response I can give them is, “It’s not there, yet. You’re still breathing.” If things get that bad, there won’t be any tree bark and grass left to eat.

When They Come For ….

When They Come For …”

It occurred to me in the quiet of the night, that everyone is, to some degree, institutionalized. I didn’t see it quite that way, before. The Federal Reserve system is a debtors’ prison. It is a coordinated confinement and containment system. Functionally, people “in the system” are constantly goaded into assaulting and robbing their neighbors. Of course, everyone believes that they are doing their loyal, patriotic duty by doing and paying their fair share. The reality is that they are mercenaries for a private bank. The end result is that everyone gets pillaged and sold into slavery. Bank wins. Everyone loses. Last year, I listened to people describe jail and the homeless shelters in interchangeable terms. Both were described as components in a seamless system. How is that not an institutionalized mindset? The greater evil is that the majority of people describe the Federal Reserve system in fatalistic terms.

People say that there is no escape. The problem is that people can’t escape and take their paper life with them. The fear is energized by the fact that, just as their is a punishment/reward structure in the penal system, so to is the regulation in the Federal Reserve Monopoly game. Since everything in the U. S. economy is tied up in paper, the only realistic option is to let go of the paper. Even precious metals markets are compromised. Transactions are dependent on the existence of a widely accepted fiat currency system. Unfortunately, people won’t let go of the paper, until it crumbles to dust, and slips through their fingers. From what people have always told me, they believe that, at the point of collapse of the Federal Reserve note, they are as good as dead. That is strange. There is nothing noble about going down with a ship of liars and thieves. That would be the moment when people would be most desperate to live. In hindsight, life will appear to have been easy, before the Federal Reserve came for them. Life is about to become hard work.

People get marginalized and eliminated in stages. The weakest go first, harvested by the next strongest, with the blessing of the control structure. This is why relative financial strength is no basis for security. At some point, every economic strata will become the next target. For illustration of the human harvesting process, study the last 100 years of history in Africa. This is how Conquest is done. All those who made their fortunes from the demise of their neighbors must now watch their backs. It’s beginning to sound like the old Roman Empire. E. Pluribus Urinal. Summa Cum Commode. It’s difficult to find proper Latin phrases for fake money. When the collapse inherent to fiat currencies is completed in the Federal Reserve note, I’m sure that people will have much more colorful terms.

I wonder if people’s vulnerability is tied directly to their faith in the currency. It may be a closed loop question. The starting point depends on who initiated the fraud. I mention this, only because I see the promotional efforts for the next bubble, underway. I saw an ad in the paper, telling people to “bulk up” their 401(k)s. Don’t miss the recovery!”. Well they’re at it, they should put “$?”20 on Bucket Bladder in the 5th race. Then, they can at least have their “bad luck” to blame for their misfortune. If people could understand that it is the central banks that decide economic conditions, they would be in position to fix their vulnerability problem.

We are watching the functional, administrative confiscation and seizure of all private property. This subject will be examined tomorrow, in “Eminent Domination”. This is the warning sign and the tipping point. Before they come for you, they come for your possessions.

What Have We Learned?

                    What Have We Learned?

Since there doesn’t seem to be very much Biblical understanding in the news these days, I observe that this corporate legal trust mentality in the United States hasn’t learned very much. Of course, it is a legally dead thing, so we can’t expect it to understand life. We should have no such hindrances. At least we have the option of choosing life.

     I just skimmed through the news of the day, and it isn’t pretty.  This how Federal benefit programs have always worked.

      Accountability and transparency are words that don’t mean anything within the corporate context. In the 1970s, I wondered how bureaucrats found the time to line their own pockets, after taking care of their friends and political supporters.

     The answer is simple. There are Federal benefit programs to take care of all of it. In the final analysis, we have learned corruption is an act of Congress.

     We have learned that the paper economy doesn’t work anything like the way that people expect it to. In September of 2007, I said that the emergency measures wouldn’t work at all, because there is no substance in them. If wealth is power, the economic engine needs to produce more wealth, to make power. Unfortunately, the wealth creation components, the moving parts of the economy, no longer perform to their original design standards. For the last 96 years, the Federal Reserve has been greasing the palms.

     It seems that their wasn’t any left over to lubricate the friction points of the economy. Pouring more debt down the throat of the economic engine won’t produce any more power. Debt is corrosive and abrasive. Sand in the crankcase and sulfuric acid in the fuel tank will produce seizure and sudden catastrophic failure.

     We learned from the news, that the F.D.I.C. is requiring banks to prepay “$?”36 Billion in fees. That’s a polite way of saying that things are getting tight and they have to call in markers. We learned what margin calls did for Wall St. in 1929. Today, we watch the financial structure hit the brakes and tighten belts. The people who are playing the debt game the hardest could be the biggest losers. Remember, we have seen the tension and warnings of previous Congressional budget debates. We have learned that the losers become financial refugees. If we are to respond properly, we must exhibit what we have learned. Those who clamor for more debt to save their own hides will be setting themselves up to be collected, monetized and harvested. The Unholy Trinity of the Federal Reserve, the U. S. Treasury and the Cabal of Czars that no one voted for, will scoop up the public and feed people to the Wealth Transfer Machine. 

Oath of Office, Broken Wind

Oath of Office, Broken Wind

     The definition of an Oath of Office must be understood in the context of valid agreement. People are mesmerized by pomp and circumstance and do not question or examine the proper context. Such an oath is a public display of commitment to serve in a specified capacity. Over time, the duties incurred have been changed by who the individual has sworn to serve. The legal definitions of words have been multiplied, changed and misrepresented to protect the guilty.

People talk about change as a good thing. Real change in America began with a war of conquest and the Reconstruction Acts, the “New Deal” of it’s day. The Federal corporation, originally formed and commissioned to be confined to specific commercial administration activities has intruded into everyday life by monetizing people and commercializing all activity. This process has denied free people their humanity and failed in it’s commission as a guardian of independence and liberty. We are now ruled by the priorities of a private commercial agenda. No longer do we have the luxury of just weights and measures, equal protection under the law, and due process. As it has been said, some are more equal than others. The highest proprietary interest is now served. In the present corporate structure, an oligarchy owns the population. all commercial disputes are judged in favor of the management structure. In that context, an Oath of Office is now a commitment to serve the corporate structure in it’s management of legal trusts. People are now legal fictions. They are property.

Having been deprived of the right to own property, people are now subject to the revenue collection process. Not only are they vulnerable to loss of freedom and possessions, they must support and participate in a system that makes all property a collective asset. U. S. citizens now rely on a corporation to rob themselves and their neighbors in order to provide their needs. They are at the mercy of predators because they themselves are predators.

This may seem redundant. The point must be made and understood. Public officials have no loyalty to you, as an individual. You are a revenue source. When the Federal Reserve balances the books, you are in the accounts receivable column. Before their is nothing left of you, this fact should give pause for thought. We have enabled agents and legal mechanisms to accomplish the task of disposing of us and our wealth. Those agents have sworn an oath to accomplish that task, for the corporation. You are being liquidated. The currency is a tool used to separate you from property. There is no recovery for you as an individual. Hasn’t anyone noticed that we are being changed into a population of financial Dust Bowl people?

Hasn’t anyone noticed that continuous inventory is being taken of them? The effort to track every purchase and possession is relentless. A plague of surveillance cameras watch activity with unblinking eyes. The point will be reached when it will be impossible to have or do anything that is not recorded. At that point, an Oath of Office will be no more valid than the term, representation. The corporate structure uses the word representation, when it means to claim management authority. The departure from the most basic legal protections that we have relied on now make social processes an exercises in conquest. Do we question why we should be pitted against our neighbors in a commercial war? Do we question the premise that our well-being depends on conquest of others?

On a flow chart, the flow of wealth is exactly the opposite of what people believe it is. But again, appearances are deceiving. Everything in the financial news is the opposite of what people believe it to be.