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Separation of Bureaucracy and Humanity 7/12/2011

     These days, we have so many influences bringing out glaring contrasts between Bureaucracy and Humanity. The hot spot today is the Federal Budget debate. This is nothing new. We’ve been watching people threaten each other with poverty since forever. It is during these bouts of confusing numbers and inflammatory ultimatums that we are reminded that turning on floodlights in a crowded bar, at midnight, can expose a lot of surprises.  

     It is in the contrasts, brought out it all their naked glory, that we see the behavior that causes us to cringe at admitting that we are associated with any of this mockery of all things American. Yet, we need this. We need to understand that Bureaucracy is anti-human. It is cannibalistic. Even in it’s most commercial context, it is impossible to find any compassion or grace for the behavior of Bureaucracy. Something happens to people when they gain auspicious titles and put on a suit and tie. In reality, they are no less human. They just act as predatory animals.

     There is one thing that we can be sure of. Those who gain by this unreasonable facsimile of a reality show called government will not be found in line when the inevitable next step down in the currency collapse is taken. None will admit complicity in the Ponzi scheme that is the Federal Reserve. There won’t be a deal good enough to persuade the world to buy U. S. Treasury debt. The situation will become institutional looting and piracy.

     This is the point when the masks come off and the wolves devour the sheep. The turmoil and protest in other countries will be seen in the United States. Bureaucracy believes that it is a law unto itself. The human common sense response would be to admit that there is a higher court than any institution of Man. But then, Bureaucracy ate of the forbidden fruit and bought into the original lie, long ago. No, the men of renown have not become gods, and their pride is going before destruction.       

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Straight As It Gets

Straight As It Gets

If you’re a passenger in a car, and you see a turn up ahead, do you say something, or stay silent? Perhaps the driver has road hypnosis and doesn’t see what is ahead. Finally, you can’t take the uncertainty, anymore. You say,

“There is a turn ahead. you need to turn to the right, when we get there.”

The driver, disturbed from his mental haze, is a little irked. He says,

“The road has been straight for almost 2,000 years. Go back to sleep and mind your own business.”

You would like to comply, but you are running out of time. This being a crisis, you become more specific. You say,

“If you don’t turn in time, we”ll run off the road and hit a tree!”

Now the driver is so upset that he spills his soft drink in his bag of snacks. This really sets him off. He says in that methodical, on-the-edge voice, “If you don’t shut up, I’ll leave you by the side of the road!”

You quickly reply, “OK!! Stop and let me out!”

As the car slows to a stop, the driver’s mind clears and he sees the tree, too close for comfort. He shouts ,


You quietly answer, “Because my eyes were open to it.”

That is how life is. We never know everything, about everything. For billions of people, there is a turn coming. May our eyes be open to see it. May we speak when timing is in doubt. Some people might run out of time.

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