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Two Masters Update Feb. 12th, 2012

     I don’t know if the last decade will ever be completely behind me. There are parts of it that were necessary to change both my understanding, and direction. That, I can accept. The things that I can not excuse, remain. Learning from those experiences does not add value to the specific activities. Learning does bring me principled conviction.  Today, I can describe that resolve. Yesterday, I couldn’t.

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A little vindication is nice. For 5 years, I was the voice people expected to hear, when they caled The American Freedom Network.  I filmed and produced videos that went all over the world. I did audio production that they haven’t duplicated, since. When I left AFN, I thought everyone in alternative news media knew who I was and what I was about. Most of the last 3 years felt like I had disappeared from the face of the earth. I never gave up. I continued writing under a wide variety of circumstances. I talked with everyone who came along and I follow more than 70 blogs. I speed read and comment on posts on many websites. Today was a major breakthrough. The previous record for daily views on my blog site was 93, on July 4th. Today, I have 278, at the moment. Michael Corbin always told me that he needed me as a writer. Dr. Stan Montieth

said that he really needed someone who could research the way I could. As it turns out, I need to be all of those things, and everything I was before I became homeless. It’s been a long, hard road, but I’m home now. I have a wonderful woman in my life that really cares about the things that are important to me.

Legal Reality Newsletter 7/7/2011

7 July A.D. 2011

The article below is by R.K. Blacksher.  It was posted 5 July 2011.  In the link at, he lists his occupation as “Drone.”  Creative, anyway.

This author prefers Pat Shannan’s lesson in the matter.  The term “constitution-ist” is the proper description of one who supports, promotes a/the “constitution,” as contrasted with the term “constitution-al-ist,” which is one who supports a/the “constitutional,” which term IS a noun, and, in some parts of the country, that noun refers to the function of the last part of the alimentary canal.  What Blacksher is saying, in his way, is that there are no political solutions.

Here is the very last concept in this piece:  “People cannot free themselves if they do not believe they are enslaved. People need to stop trying to free themselves through politics and start trying to free themselves from politics.”

Clearly, Blacksher does not yet understand, completely, the nature of the problem, because slaves have zero authority to obligate themselves or their property commercially.  It’s precisely because there is NO slavery that the present “funny money” system “works.”  Said another way, involuntary bondage had to go in order for it to be replaced with our present condition of voluntary bondage.

Slaves can’t get credit cards or open retirement accounts or purchase land or cars, etc.  Only those with the legal capacity to enter into agreements may engage in even the basics of commercial activity. In the same way that children and medically incompetent people have no “capacity” to bind themselves commercially, slaves have no capacity to bind themselves commercially.

Where one finds few legal remedies for involuntary bondage, given that such law exists in a society that finds it moral and acceptable for one human being to “own,” as property, another human being (which concept is all throughout Scripture), one has all kinds of remedies for Voluntary Bondage.  Voluntary Bondage is the by-product of our present commercial system, in which we’re seduced, through our ignorance (unawareness) of our present legal reality, into binding, commercial obligations that are enforced in such a way as to make us think that the authority relied upon is law.  Voluntary Bondage is something over which we have 100% control.  Thus, on the flip side of that same coin, we have only ourselves to blame.

To play the game of politics is to pretend that the politicians are “the problem.”  Thus, by changing them, the problem may be fixed via a different group of politicians who will then rewrite or just “delete” the offensive, oppressive, police-state “statutes.”  Fortunately, that’s not how the present system functions.  Since no politician in any office can ever compel anyone to sign up for any “gotcha agreement,” by which we impale ourselves on the horns of Voluntary Bondage, no politician, in or out of office, is “the” problem.

“People need to stop trying to free themselves through politics and start trying to free themselves from politics.”  R. K. Blacksher.
Very well said.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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Affirmative Materialism

     Whether we see it or not, the current debt ceiling debate is an exercise in Affirmative Materialism. The entire conversation is hampered by these Corporatists who are ruled by the lusts of their 5 senses. In their expectations, they do err greatly, for they ask amiss. In simple terms, access to more debt is not Manna from Heaven.
   Watch where this comes out. Unmet expectations always result in anarchy. The welfare state has always been a day late and a dollar short because it does the evil of spreading dependency. The only way that governments can promise material comfort is to impersonate Final Authority. In the aftermath of social bankruptcy, those who presented themselves as gods, are found to be no gods, at all. The emperor has no clothes. He’s just a naked fool, proudly paraded down the street.
     Whether we know or or not, our bellies lead us to slavery and our conscience leads us to freedom. Our needs and desires can be used against us. God gave us conscience to oppose the world. Most people are content to live with guilt, as long as their stomach is full.

     When we try to find the positives in situations, we can be deceived into bad choices. It’s just a basic flaw in human nature. People judge good and evil by whether or not they materially benefit from it. If something causes the stock market to go up, they are in favor of it. If it goes down, they are dissatisfied. People believe that, as long as they can go places and buy things, everything is good. Perception is not always reality. 

     We are now at the crossroads of Reality and Perception. This is not a good time for a wrong turn. Illegal immigration is easy to understand. It is perception that leads us astray. U. S. citizens are imported statutory persons, aliens in the states they reside in.  They are the legal aliens that volunteered to pay the debts of the Federal corporation. Foreign nationals entering the U. S. illegally are the leg breakers sent in by6 the central banks to take possession of the collateral on the debt.  The debt is owed to private central banks, not to U. S. citizens.
   Herein lies the irony of our situation. In this “managed economy”, independence and autonomy are things of the past.  14th Amendment citizenship is the new slavery. A return to reality can only be realized by a return to real money and asserting our standing as Americans. U. S. citizens are NOT Americans. They are shareholders in a corporation that is foreign to the States. 
    Should we wonder why we have no rights in this society? I don’t think so. We can’t perceive Reality by pretending to be something we are not. Withdrawing support and consent in and for the Federal corporation is the only valid choice.