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Legal Reality Newsletter 12/28/ A. D. 2011 – Radio Program

8 December A.D. 2011

We need the breaks we take, but the “Beast” system seems quite tireless.

So, we’re back at it.

Randy Yarbrough’s “To Free America,” on KHNC 1360 AM, The Lion, Johnstown, CO (also covering the Denver metroplex), is on schedule for the regular time of 4-6 Mountain (6-8 Eastern, 5-7 Central, 3-5 Pacific).  (program scheduling)

Likely focus, for at least part of the show, is the COLORADO version of the “transportation” code.

Call in line is 877-254-7524.

Via the internet, the site is  Those new to internet listening may find value in linking to the station ahead of time, just in case a download may be necessary in order to hear the program.

See you on the radio.


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Note from georgesblogforum: You will need the Winamp player to listen to the program. It is available free at

The home page for the program is:


3 Comments on “Legal Reality Newsletter 12/28/ A. D. 2011 – Radio Program”

  1. […] Legal Reality Newsletter 12/28/ A. D. 2011 – Radio Program […]

  2. Thank you foe “Like” – ing this post. I know you will find the program very informative.

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