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Cancer Of The Wallet

               Cancer Of The Wallet

     The world has cancer of the wallet. It is now spreading to the body.  There once were protections that stopped it from touching us, but the malignancy has gotten past the world’s immune system. The central banks have determined that the treatment should be more of the same poison that turned the cancer loose, in the first place.

     With all of the dysfunction in the world, people feel like trouble is coming at them, from all sides. We need a simpler way to figure these things out.  Perhaps, if we can describe events in terms that we have experience with, we could grasp the reality of the situation.

     Think of the world as a body with 7 billion cells. Each cell is in a different place, doing it’s own work, on whatever level that may be. Some cells function better than others. Some are healthy, some are not. Since most people in the world measure life in material terms, we can describe what we see in those terms. Once we grasp the concepts within those limits, the moral implications should be obvious.

    The infrastructure of the body describes it’s appearance. Size, shape and physical condition are visible indications of ability to function. If we saw an intoxicated and obviously ill man, walking down the street, keel over in the gutter and go into a seizure, we would call for an ambulance, wouldn’t we? I would hope that most people are more than instinct driven predators, in concrete, glass and steel jungles. Yret, from personal experience, I know that there are people that fit that dark description.

     The economy is the activity of the body. Our expectation is that performance would meet our expectations. By that standard, there is something very wrong with the body. The evidence of disease is everywhere in the daily news. Breakdowns in cellular function are widespread. Adding to these stresses is the fact that the commercial world exhibits parallels to the natural physical world. We live in an environment where millions of predators and scavengers see us as food. Being bitten by a poisonous spider in the middle of the night is a memorable experience. So is an encounter with a bear, or other large predator. As we see in the news, the commercial world is a wild and dangerous place. The threats come from parasites that hide within the body, and large foraging commercial animals that kill and eat, on the spot.

Nov. 21st, 2011 – A quick read through the news and commentary of the past 24 hours illustrates the entire range of predatory, parasitic and autoimmune dysfunction in the commercial activity of the day.

  It is when we look for the cause of our observations that we find disturbing information. We find so much destructive behavior in working up a case history. In simple terms, we begin with diet. Real things are the health food of the body. Representations of real things that do not comply with reality are junk food. Real money is the life blood of the body, carrying nutrients and oxygen to nourish and energize the cells. Fiat currency is a drug, exhibiting the characteristics of a stimulant, a growth hormone and an hallucinogenic. Is it any wonder that the world appears overdriven and irrational? This “drug goes by many trade names. Notes, Legal Tender, Stocks, Bonds and Futures function in the same manner. All products of government fiat decree can only be redeemed with real things. Herein is the great disconnect in the function of the body. Now, we see the symptoms of illness come to the forefront.

      Compound  interest on debt is the toxic dark side of the credit coin.   The toxins are produced exponentially as the practice of fractional banking create liquidity out of nothing, multiplying a debt instrument that is based on another debt instrument.  The body has been running on junk food for decades, and now is defenseless against financial cancer.


7 Comments on “Cancer Of The Wallet”

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  2. gideon says:

    Now that’s good. Keep “speaking in terms we have experience with” George. What’s the remedy/cure and how? Thanks for sending this to me. God bless you.

    • Hi, gideon. I took a chance in being very general in starting this one. I followed a 10 point outline in writing it. In the coming days, I’ll expand those points and relate news stories to them. In this way, this post will be more topic specific than “The Daily Climb There are a lot of blog posts that I don’t post because I don’t want to appear to be endorsing them. In this post, they are linked to what I have to say sbout th4e subject. In this way, I can add content that illustrates the negatives that are out there.

  3. ducati998 says:


    The only point that I would dispute is that the ownership of ‘common stocks’ is an exercise in fiat. Common stocks represent a proportional ownership in the business and their assets that [hopefully] produce a profit.

    As such, through common stocks you do own ‘real things’.

    jog on

    • I do recall instances in which holders of preferred stock held voting rights and common stockholders did not. I also recall bankruptcy proceedings in which common stockholders got little or no recovery of their assets. Some people are more equal than others.

  4. […] Read more at this link. […]

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