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Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 2012 – It’s a very uneasy atmosphere in the world, this week. With all of the bad financial news and the threat of war, it seems that people are conditioned to expect nothing to happen. While it does help my peace of mind to not worry about things that haven’t happened, I also have one I eye open to the possibility of sudden changes. I see the important plan is to have a plan. Everything doesn’t go the way it was planned. This is where understanding Biblical principles and the lessons of history are important. In that regard, we are all still in school. We have a lot to learn, and we need instruction. We have seen enough to know that dependency is a problem. If we are cut off from necessities, we are vulnerable. Sometimes, people approach their worst enemies for help. It is a very dangerous thing to be at the mercy of human nature.

Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 2012 – It’s a very uneasy atmosphere in the world, this week. With all of the bad financial news and the threat of war, it seems that people are conditioned to expect nothing to happen. While it does help my peace of mind to not worry about things that haven’t happened, I also have one I eye open to the possibility of sudden changes. I see the important plan is to have a plan. Everything doesn’t go the way it was planned. This is where understanding Biblical principles and the lessons of history are important. In that regard, we are all still in school. We have a lot to learn, and we need instruction. We have seen enough to know that dependency is a problem. If we are cut off from necessities, we are vulnerable. Sometimes, people approach their worst enemies for help. It is a very dangerous thing to be at the mercy of human nature.

They should know that they can’t get away with painting their Mojo gold and silver. As George Forman used to say, “What the world wants is the real ice cream.”

Even without drug addiction or alcoholism, there is a clearly defined tribal mentality in the streets. You are right about meth. I can think of times when I was greatly relieved to hear of someone being locked up. The deeper the addiction, the less human people become.

It is critically important to note the efforts to make exercise of freedom of speech, a commercial action. No one hired us to make any statement. We did not receive payment for our expression, and at no time, is our opinion offered in open commerce, for the purpose of soliciting corporate profits. Now do you understand why I read Black’s Law Dictionary?

This resource is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to know what they are talking about

Monday, Jan. 23rd, 2012 – With Europe’s other shoe still hanging in the air,  Nothing definitive is certain, until Greece either gets a reprieve or or defaults. The stalemate between the rock and the hard place, continues. As has been discussed in many places, by many people in trhe financial world, the possibility of the currency printing presses going into overdrive is still there. That’s the carrot on a stick that keeps the markets coming back for more. When the paper comes out like confetti, government economic statistics won’t mean a thing. The “inflation under control” nonsense will be exposed for the lie that it is. The important necessities in the inflation figures would have to be replaced with manure to make the official figures. The other important statistic to people who live in the real world, employment figures, will have to count deceased people as employed, before the numbers will look good. In the meantime, the world moves on, and may do so without clearing it with those who think they are in control.

Sunday, Jan. 22nd, 2012 – I gather from the stories I’ve read in the past 48 hours that people would like to see life move in a better direction. Everyone is tired of hearing about imminent financial collapse, the constant threat of war, the wrestling with budget priorities, and the ballooning of debt beyond the ability of the world to repay it. I would like  to see the trouble evaporate into mist, and blow away. That’s just not going to happen. The world pleads for money, when there has been no money in general circulation, in 40 years.  The world wants the politics and confrontation of war to go away, and leave people in peace. The corporate consolidation of the world doesn’t allow for that. Theirs “money” to be made, resources to be seized, and the ever illusive profit to be made. Combine that with the unplanned and unforeseen, and it is a dismal picture of the future. What is the alternative? Water, food and shelter are the priorities. The more independent people become in these areas, the more stable life becomes. Don’t give the corporate structure opportunity to invade you.

I expect that the Teleprompter in Chief will dust off one of Krushchev’s speeches and shine it up a bit. It will be great entertainment if he bangs his shoe on the podium.

It’s always been about real money, gold and silver, and what it can buy. The parallel fantasy world of fiat currency has so skewed public perception about value and purchasing power, that no economic recovery is possible. The seeds of destruction have sprouted.

50 years ago, it was very common for people, especially in rural areas, to can friuits and veggies. It worked then, it works now.

I describe the debt crisis as panhandlers, sitting at the highway exits, holding signs that say “Will work for cocaine.”

The immunity boost that infants get from mother’s milk must be putting up too much of a fight against the mercury and viruses that the CDC advocates injecting into people. I call the vaccine agenda what it is : Post-natal abortion.

I don’t know that “love” is the proper term. There is no crying in baseball, and no love in Corporatism. The same mentality that dooms millions of people to starvation, also sends combat troops around the world. The Wars of Corporate Conquest, continue. Don’t mistake sympathetic ideological tenets for love. A dog doesn’t smile because he likes you.

The faith to believe a lie is powerful delusion. Faith in things that will be destroyed is self-destructive. Every train wreck eventually comes to a halt.

The investment philosophy in America has also changed. Investment used to be about building something real. Now investment is about balance sheets that measure fake money in a perverse game of Monopoly.

The implications of experimenting with historically deadly diseases is irresponsible, at best. At worst, ignoring the risk is genocidal.

If everyone is participating in the same crime, and no one presents themselves as an injured party, seeking restitution of damages, is there a crime?

As with all successful Ponzi schemes, the Fed will present the illusion of money as a plausible and easy to swallow scenario. Reality will be portrayed as a confusing side issue.

It is the Privileged Elite that put tyrants in power. Their literal and ideological descendants do the same thing, today. The same names that duped the United States into debt slavery with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 are moving the legal system into Fascism today. I prefer Mussolini’s word for it, “Corporatism”.

If we study history, the way it really happened, we learn things that we were never taught. We were indoctrinated into lies. There are no rights in Corporatism. If we do learn the lessons of history, we know that we don’t want to participate in the corporate consolidation of the world. We can make better, more independent choices.

The beginning is the important part. A world of uncertainty and discomfort is alleviated because someone took the first step.

People don’t know the value of a place, safe from municipal harassment. The predatory behavior of police departments and municipal courts is common in many cities. The solution is land and room to grow food.

The 14th Amendment made Federal property of everyone. The Doctrine of Presumption, established by the Supreme Court in 1873, makes it difficult fort people to insist that they are not U. S. citizens. The Federal corporation claims right of conquest.

Homeless people are very uncomfortable with the registration and internment practices of the system. I have friends that call the social services system t”The Meat Grinder”. They’re much too polite and diplomatic. I have other names for the system.

I know from experience that people are economically disenfranchised. Their commercial independence is instantly severed when employment ends. The key is independence. Government benefits require them to present themselves as property, wards of the state.

That reads like a bad waking dream that I wrote about, once.

Over time, it gets more difficult to present a consistent view, when the same old nonsense is repeated. If people hear the same message repeated, they are less likely to respond with constructive action. The tide of injustice and hypocrisy just keeps coming. Yet, when the things that people have lost become obvious to them, they can’t understand how they allowed it to happen. This is how people end up on the wrong side of the barbed wire.

A lot of people have heard of Operation Paperclip, but not in this detail. This is the skewed morality of Corporatism. Those in favor with the corporate structure are above the law. Those out of favor are guilty until proven innocent.

Medical, biological and chemical testing on troops has been admitted for decades. Experimentation on civilian populations has been proven in the United States. When will people be fed up with being livestock?

Don’t be surprised if this comes out to be a failed prosecution, because existing laws are “inadequate.” It would set the stage for a renewed push for SOPA / PIPA.

This mess is like trying to sell a car, with a big hole in the side of the engine block. Greece is camping in a tow away zone. They’re quickly moving out of a Winnebago, into a Yugo.

The corporate structure recognizes only property. Everything is measured for commercial utility. We are trained to monetize and harvest other people. I can’t live like that.

Public perception is skewed by affluence. Living outdoors is hard work. Carrying everything you don’t want to lose, everywhere, is hard work. Getting from place to place is hard work. People don’t understand why getting to a place 2 miles away is a problem. They drive, you don’t. They’re not carrying a 60 Lb. pack.

I’ve learned from 30 years of good and bad times, that everyone was successful at some point, in life. Homeless people see a phase of life end, and the transition is hard. Whatever the circumstance that took their lives apart, they are still human beings.

Having been homeless for most of the last 3 years, on the Front Range of Colorado, I’m familiar with many ministries and shelters. It jumped out at me that you have a vision for growing food in unconventional urban environments.

Many times, the systems to deal with social and economic conditions degenerate into another layer of government. We get herded like livestock. The new boss is always the same as the old boss. The corporate structure only recognizes property

Here it comes. The same process that is splitting Europe, now comes to the United States. We are watching the Balkanization of the United States. Divide and conquer. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

Friday, Jan. 20th, 2012 – We come to the end of another week, and history seems to be plodding along, on it’s own pace. We would like to see some resolution in the many conflicts that seem to be fixtures in the news. At least we would know outcomes and consequences. It is a blessing that out impatience is not rewarded, in the manner that people seem to want. There are some outcomes that would just be too much, too soon. There are so many financial, political and social conflicts, that we just want some peace and quiet, for a change. we can have that. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened, yet. Be prepared, if they do. Sleep well, at night. Tomorrow will get here, soon enough.

Banks lend the same “money” to many people, at the same time. Fractional banking is an abomination. It is fraud. Ending fractional banking would be a good start to recovery.

Apparently, they are comfortable with things that don’t work. Economics history has always been fixated on things that work for banks and governments. Those things don’t work for people. Independence works for people.

Widespread, independent food production is the safety net, in the event of market failures. More effort and study needs to go into what can be grown, where it can be grown, and the best methods to encourage independent family farms.

I have always seen that food independence on a family level was the best preparation for food shortage. The more food we can grow, independent of markets, the better.

Evidence continues to be uncovered. I’m sure that thorough investigation of survivors stories and the records of the time period would uncover many more yet undiscovered sites.

There isn’t much consideration given to the consequences of austerity reforms, namely business failures. There have been so many articles on the slowing economy. Many reasons are given, but there is a common thread. The transition out of government subsidies is complicated by a corresponding decline in tax and overall revenue. No one has any money.

Tying into these stories are the reports of similar phenomena attributed to the HAARP system. Cloud formations, lights in the sky, sudden temperature changes, followed by earthquakes, have been reported.

Undoubtedly, Tesla’s research on scalar resonant energy led to the development of the HAARP system. All government understands is force and energy. There is Ifno consideration given to the destructive potentials. If an idea can be formed into a weapon, it will be.

It’s a mess, and inflation will run businesses out of the economy. Between tax defaults and foreclosure fraud, the housing market just won’t be any part of any positive influence.

The same forces at work in 1942 are still active, today. Through such operations as Operation Paperclip, war criminals melted into the global corporate structure.

The HAARP system has many installations, around the globe. They are playing with things best left alone.

Of course, it’s insanity. It’s the tried and true Wealth Transfer Machine, at work. Inflate the bubble, then pop it. One reaps the harvest, the other the debt. The rich get richer, the poor get out with their skin, if they’re fortunate. The unfortunate get debt slavery.

Anything that begins with a lie can never understand reality. Government does not understand the legal definition of money. That would hinder the growth of the kingdom reconstructed in the image of man. It follows that government does not understand Law. Instead, the false system of weights and measures encourages statute private law, setting aside, abrogating and circumventing the Natural Law. The result is institutionalized hypocrisy. Stated intentions and policies are contradicted by commercial actions. The end of deliberate hypocrisy is poverty.

The European debt crisis is proof that the solvency of central banks has no relationship to the economic stability of any nation. The bailout plans around the world have done nothing but improve bank holdings.

The earth is becoming more unstable. The simmering pot of oatmeal analogy is a good visual representation. Occasionally, the bursting trapped gases pick up in activity, threatening to overflow the pot.

Yes, playing the debt game is flogging a dead horse. Having worked in a number of businesses that depended on access to debt, it is a very strange environment. The stench of financial death, bankruptcy hangs in the air. at any moment, the business could be devoured by it’s creditors. There is no thought given to ever being solvent.

The proliferation of laws is one of the marks of a despotic state. Selective enforcement of confusing and sometimes, contradictory laws, is another. The “law” is now the mechanism used by the politically well connected to neutralize and eliminate opposition.

Since the early 1900s, when the 25 most influential newspapers in America were bought up by the corporate elite, there has been no independent and objective press. The favored media serves the interests of it’s masters. The press promotes the wars of corporate conquest, pushes constantly for ever more restriction on the populace, and generally acts against the public interest. There is no accountability among public men.

This cycle of injury and retaliation could produce a shutdown of the internet. Being a suspicious mind from the beginning, I’ve always suspected some of the activities of the Occupy movement to be false flag events. This incident sets off my alarm bells. This hacker retaliation might actually increase support for passage of SOPA / PIPA.…/17480/0/38/38/Y/M.html

‎”Medicinal”? I knew fiat currency was an addictive drug. As we have seen, QE is more a placebo sugar pill, than medicine. The expectations in waiting for QE 3 will be interesting to watch. The shakes and chills have been going on for a month or more. The markets want the rush, and don’t care about the cure.

I do read for myself. In fact, I’m a photographic speed reader. I have read Marx. I’ve read a lot of authors you’s probably never heard of. You won’t tell me that the Material Dialectic is a wonderful tool for social change.You won’t wax eloquent on the virtue of Socialism or the evils of Capitalism, with me. Whatever an ideology is called, they are all contained in the all inclusive ideology, “Corporatism”. That was Mussolini’s word for Fascism. The world is one big Statist brothel, and always has been.



What died in AUSCHWITZ?

The following is a copy of an article written by Spanish writer

Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez and published in a Spanish newspaper on Jan. 15

2011. It doesn’t take much imagination to extrapolate the message to the

rest of Europe – and possibly to the rest of the world.


By Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez

I walked down the street in Barcelona , and suddenly discovered a

terrible truth – Europe died in Auschwitz … We killed six million Jews

and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a

culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people,

truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who

changed the world.

The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science,

art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the

world. These are the people we burned.

And under the pretense of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to

ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our

gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance,

religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty, due to an

unwillingness to work and support their families with pride

They have blown up our trains and turned our beautiful Spanish cities

into the third world, drowning in filth and crime. Shut up in the

apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder

and destruction of their naive hosts.

And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical hatred,

creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for backwardness and


We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their

talent for a better future for their children, their determined clinging

to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for people

consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for our

children and theirs.

What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe .

A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality that they

imagine America can suffer defeat without any inconvenience to


Recently, the UK debated whether to remove The Holocaust from its school

curriculum because it ‘offends’ the Muslim population which claims it

never occurred. It is not removed as yet. However, this is a frightening

portent of the fear that is gripping the world and how easily each

country is giving in to it.

It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended.

This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the, 6

million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians, and 1,900

Catholic priests who were ‘murdered, raped, burned, starved, beaten,

experimented on and humiliated.’ Now, more than ever, with

Iran, among others, claiming the Holocaust to be ‘a myth,’ it is

imperative to make sure the world never forgets.

This e-mail is intended to reach 400 million people. Be a link in the

memorial chain and help distribute this around the world.

How many years will it be before the attack on the World Trade Center

‘NEVER HAPPENED’ because it offends some Muslim in the United States ?

Do not just delete this message; it will take only a minute to pass this along.

Wake up America before it’s too late.

Thursday, Jan. 19th, 2012 – Class has been in session for so long, that people are expecting exams, at least for this semester. Wait no more. Most of the world is late for the test. Maybe the memo didn’t go out, on the nightly news. Maybe it was one of those strange commercials, during a football game. Nevertheless, you snooze, you lose. No one will be graded on the curve. A passing grade is evidenced in survival. A failing grade is evidenced by crushing poverty. One man’s employment is another man’s slavery.This is the test. How do people answer to debt that can not possibly be repaid? It is a lockbox snare that has been sprung. Before the debt could be repaid, there would be no currency in  circulation. Is it possible to live comfortably on zero dollars? That is the life lesson that is being taught. If people can manage to step out of commercial identity,they would see a completely different world. There was life before the Federal Reserve.

 Entire civilizations have come and gone, long before there was a United States Treasury. They all have the same thing in common. They lost sight of the definition of money. They believed they had a better idea,  By the wisdom of their own understanding, they became fools. Those who sow in debt, shall reap poverty.

The warnings have been coming for a long time. The developments of the last 40 years came together for me. when I wrote “Cancer Of The Wallet”. It’s as obvious as a 2 X 4, between the eyes.

The world has cancer of the wallet. It is now spreading to the body. There once were protections that stopped it from touching us, but the malignancy has gotten past the world’s immune system. The central banks have determined that the treatment should be more of the same poison that turned the cancer loose, in the first place.

Read more …..

‎In the fiat economy, the cycle of collapse and bailout is akin to trying to fly an airplane, sideways. Fiat currency isn’t designed or intended to do what money does. Money accumulates, producing prosperity and increased buying power. Fiat currency also increases, but in the opposite direction. Debt piles up, until depression and debt overwhelms the economy. Poverty overtakes all who depend on the debt system. Do the banks worry about that? No. They don’t get stuck with the worthless paper.

The proof is in the prices. The inflation figures are manipulated by substitutions with items that people don’t buy. For people who live and work in the real economy, Inflation is very real. People are being squeezed out of the economy.

Food can be found just about everywhere, if you know what you’re looking for.

Way back in 1980, that verse was a very sobering thought. Since then, after so much experience with that circumstance, I say that everyone in the world is homeless. Most people don’t know that, yet.

That is the conflict that concerns everyone who is trying to keep things going. Do people pay for fuel to get to work, or buy food to keep themselves able to work? Housing makes the conflict more complicated.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about the importance of local relationships. The reality is, that in a crisis, all we have is the people immediately around us. No one is going to build the future for us.

The balance between technology and functional minimalism has never existed. We like to think that living off the grid is easier now, aided by advances in technology.The fact is that maintenance will always drag us out of wilderness.

People in Rhode Island had better assert their State Nationality. United States citizens are property of the Federal corporation. For them, there is no defense against NDAA.

There is nothing American about Socialism. The conquest and reconstruction that began in 1860 is now coming to it’s conclusion. The pie in the sky nonsense about wealth redistribution and sustainable debt management is a bare-faced lie. The wars of corporate consolidation continue.

Ever get the feeling that the world is passing the United States by? There is always a buyer for crude oil. There is always someone ready to make the deal that another drops the ball on. There’s a lot of snoozing and losing, going on.

Contrary to what we have been taught for 50 years, the debt is owed to private central banks. They have cheated nations out of their wealth and independence with worthless paper. Now, they will take possession of their property, by bforce if necessary.

Changes in debt status do not happen in a vacuum. In a situation in which so much debt is expected to be swept aside, the investment environment would respond, accordingly. This is how nations become beggars. They have nothing left to bargain with.

The dirty little secret is that nothing will fix the debt problem. Banks are in the wealth transfer business. They want currency collapse. They get real things. Populations get worthless paper. People are so addicted to debt that they are now crippled.

This deal smells bad. The only logic in it is that there must be a government bailout in the wings, ready to stick the taxpayers for this.

It isn’t just Detroit. Municipal and state debt will be huge stories, in 2012. The combination of decreased revenue and increased expectations for services will combine to create impossible situations. Money leaves places where taxes grow.

Government debt should always be on the front burner. When people consent to allow a corporation to write bad checks in their name, it will adversely affect their lives. Government doesn’t pay for anything. Taxpayers do.

Control and power form a unique and insidious attraction for the dark side of human nature. There is an edge there, the event horizon for corruption and genocide. That edge is the border with an anti – human, alternative reality.

Whatever names that Globalization has gone by in history, it is Fascism. The all – inclusive term is Mussolimi’s word for it, “Corporatism”. The common thread is that the objective of commerce is always conquest.

I seriously doubt the figures. Homeless statistics are no more valid than unemployment figures. Manipulative statistical criteria are skewed by political agenda. I know of many places where homelessness has more than doubled, in the same time period.

“All game pieces, including tokens, currency, Houses, Hotels, Deeds and the Game Board are property of the Bank. At the conclusion of the game, a winner is determined and all game apparatus is returned to the box.” In this real life fraud, “returned to the box” has a very sinister meaning.

After the last 40 years of banking corruption, people surely must know that the Public / Private partnership is bad for financial health. The protection provided by government for injury to property rights is the key to public treasury. Once the boundaries of law are breached, nothing is safe. The fraud that afflicts us is now institutionalized. This is what happens when corporations dictate public policy.

It hasn’t mattered who the president was, since 1867. The War of Corporate Conquest took care of that. America was pronounced conquered by Congress, in that year. The States were abolished and replaced by subsidiary corporations.

This is how the debt game worked in Africa and South America, for the past 50 years. Countries end up with nothing left to sell. In the world of monetized debt, everything and everyone is for sale.

Why would the Fed launch QE 3?  For the same reason that a quarterback runs for his life. to escape being sacked.

There is one, seemingly picayune, but intensely critical point in the grammar employed in the text of any legislation. It only appears to be terrible grammar. In reality, the legal definitions of the terms used make it so. You may feel moved to correct their bad grammar. Please understand that you will not correct the legal context. Every word is carefully chosen for it’s legal meaning.

Yes, of course. It’s always the other guy’s fault. This is quite a little stage play, in itself. Pipelines and free trade corridors are the backdoor implementation of United Nations plans to dismantle and part out the United States. It is interesting to see the bickering over which country gets what.

Enough is enough. Dictatorial regimentation is not a social virtue. This must be stopped, here. These injurious acts do not end when the slave masters are satisfied. They are never satisfied.

Wednesday, Jan. 18th, 2012 – The world is a simmering pot of oatmeal. It may not even be real oatmeal, but just a perverted, genetically modified substitute. The results are horrendous. We are watching the body of humanity, turning on itself. Populations are being devoured financially, yet they keep coming back for more. People are less concerned with how the economy comes to an end, than when. If a continent were destroyed by a meteor impact, people would need no explanation. Yet, they are oblivious to the impact of fake money, fractional reserve banking and the Socialist, something-for-nothing monetary policies of the world. They go on their merry way, believing that everything is good and right, as long as they can go places and buy things.  The whole world doesn’t have to move to Greece. The Debt Monster is roaming the earth, unhindered.

Spectacular video. It’s a reminder that the world can change, very abruptly.

The problem with the Fed is that it is institutionalized corruption. It is the foundationm of the Public / Private partnership, Fascism. We now have government of the corporations, by ther attorneys and for the banks. There is no independent oversight in Corporatism.

All good questions. I’ve asked them of myself, many times in the last 40 years. The advice works in any age, in every circumstance. Get away from the cities. Secure a safe and secure source of water. Grow your own food.

The Euro was never an equitable arrangement, to begin with. When the pros and cons of a common currency were being debated, the very situation that is taking it apart today, was a major objection, back then. The critics were right. Europe is reduced to peon status by the UK, Germany and France. It is only a matter of time before those three betray each other, repeating European history.

Wonderful. Now we have Frankenmeat. How much genetic damage will this do to humanity, before it runs it’s course.Sometimes, science is a disease.

Budget debates are becoming meaningless. All the back and forth about what the numbers mean is just a distraction. Since the house of cards depends on everyone participating in the same crime. debt reduction is a symptom in itself, not a cure. This is the parallel with the end stages of drug addiction. Any mention of reducing the dole creates panic attacks, withdrawal symptoms and hallucination. Greece is in the shakes and chills, now.; China may resort to that special form of global burglary, the trade war that everyone fears. The U. S. is the longest running Ponzi scheme, in the world. All of the foreign investors are discovering that they were cheated. The mess that Nixon tried to wriggle out of in 1972, is coming back to haunt us. The Federal Reserve didn’t promise to make good on it. U. S. taxpayers did.

I wish I had read this before I wrote the “War Of The Money Worlds” Update, yesterday. The boys could have asked Bernanke who his retirement planner is.

There are two critical facts that demand the response of conscience. First, we have inherited lies from our fathers. It’s not their fault. We couldn’t have been taught better than they were. Second, we are the future that gets stuck with paying the bill. Kicking the can down the road is just abdication of responsibility. It just won’t stay kicked.

Derivatives work just like pari – mutual betting. Money on both sides of a point, then the banks take the percentage of the handle. Gamblers just can’t leave board games in the box.

Tuesday, Jan. 17th, 2012 – They came out swinging and firing, this week. The European debt crisis is turning into a good,  old – fashioned cattle drive. The weak and slow are being separated out of the herd. It’s like watching a pride of lions, on the hunt. We are about to see Greece tumble in a cloud of dust, This is the sideshow. France is on the front burner, this week. They aren’t the power that they thought they were. That leaves the UK and Germany to divvy up Europe. The sparring match between now and April will teach us many valuable lessons. The shifting alliances, pushed and pulled by private agendas, will create the headlines of  the coming months. Of course, most of the world will be too busy with more immediate trouble, to pay much attention to the currency wars. It will be interesting to see who notices that foreign trouble becomes domestic trouble.

When we last checked in on the boys, it was a little tense. You can’t blame them. Anyone would be stressed by the inconsistencies and contradictions in the economy. Not to worry ! Today, our little lunch group is graced with the presence of the Silver Tongued Devil, himself. Yes, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke doles out a little of his regal and condescending insight for the benefit of ……. well, we’ll see who it benefits.

This is the decline of our society. We now have agents operating under Color of Law, preying on the most vulnerable people. The headlines out of the cities prove that there is no safety in numbers.

This is the result of the infighting among central banks and the politicians who serve them. Populations are caught in the middle. People don’t like being trapped.

This is a basic fact of life. Where there is wealth, thieves and corruption infest. It’s the same everywhere. The politicians and bankers separate the people from their land and wealth.

The history books record that the administration of Ulysses S. Grant in the 1800’s was rife with graft and bribery, patronage and nepotism. The last 20 years shows that nothing in government ever changes. People still strive to gain access to the public treasury.

Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. After they’ve been fleeced, people are just legally naked, poor people.

This is one of those stories that everyone knows about, yet think that it just goes away. Very often, discovery only leads to more elaborate cloaking methods. When we see the same areas caught in the same activity, it is evidence that human trafficking has a lot of help, in high places.

Sounds like a “made for TV” movie. There are so many unethical threads in this story. It should be the template for the “don’t do that” file.

Unfortunately, taxes and corruption are a natural fit. Those who take wealth by force of government find more opportunity to lie, cheat and steal.

I write about this, all the time. People are very clear in their statements that they must stay on the right side of wrong, to protect their jobs and income. The choice of money is the first choice of law. Choosing fiat paper currency is to choose to side with the lawless.

Promises of no job losses are about as reliable as “no new taxes”. Greece is a blueprint for 2012. There is no thing more insecure than the promise of a politician.

This is like the Titanic hitting two icebergs. How many times does someone’s investment “vehicle” get dinged, before they park it in a different “lot”?

These stories are popping up, more frequently. There is a site that maps these reports.

Map of the strange sound phenomenon heard around the world., page 1

Most of us have never needed to know how hard life can be. The veneer of civilization is literally paper currency thin

If the banks weren’t devouring an entire country, we could say, “It’s only paper”. Unfortunately, when countries leave themselves open to such assault, there is little that can be done. At some point, the United States won’t be watching from afar. The rest of the world will be watching, to see how we walk in their shoes.

Here’s just a sample of what the global elite had to say about depopulation and eliminating the “useless eaters”: “Society has no business to permit degenera…

Depopulation & Eugenics In America With Forced Sterilization

Memorandum to Bernard Berelson (President, Population Council) found in “Activities
Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the U.S.” 3/11/69 by Frederick S. Jaffe (Vicepresident
of Planned Parenthood – World Population).

Read it for yourself. Yes, they are serious, and always have been.

It’s always more of the same, only bigger. We are reliving the 1930s. All of the conditions and events are there, in the daily news headlines. We have civil unrest, economic turmoil and big – talking politicians. There is only one sane course of action. Recognize that we have inherited lies from our fathers. We were taught wrong, as they were. We have to retrace our steps, and repair the damage that was done.

Corporatism is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic. Since corporations are created by man, they are legally dead things. They produce in kind, dehumanizing and killing everything they touch. Slavery, the living death, is the product of social incorporation.

Business schools could improve the practical application of modern business education by opening internship programs in brothels and casinos. There is long precedent for a successful program. Jockeys and paddock workers have always had more business common sense than anyone on Wall St.

Considering that most people in the United States have no clue about what they are, hypocrisy is the inevitable result.

At this point, I think the world just wants to see this circus act cut to the chase.The end of this noise is a consolidation of interests into one dominant banking monopoly. the Uk, France and Germany all want it. The problem is that none of them want to include each other in the control structure. This standoff usually results in currency and trade wars. Europe could have much bigger problems than an unstable currency, before this is over.

Of course, this is only in use on “legal” border crossings. They might need an environmental impact study to set up random checkpoints, out in the desert. Can’t be irradiating the wildlife, now can we?

So, now Germany issues thunderous pronouncements from the Throne of Hypocrisy. No, the ECB can’t just print currency and undermine the “stable currency”. No, it’s better yet to just let the Federal Reserve do the printing and just send over a Trillion, or so. The ECB won’t print the dirty fake money itself, but it isn’t beneath them to grab a double handful of corruption from across the sea. This is a whole new level of chutzpah.

Monday, Jan. 16th, 2012 –  What to do? It is obvious to most people that the next step down in the currency collapse is upon us. Everyone wants to know what they should do tom protect their futures. There is no one solution that fits everyone’s situation.  You just can’t tell people to dump everything and hole up in a cabin, somewhere. That just doesn’t work for everyone. The measuring stick is independence. At this point, people understand the importance of eliminating monthly bills. Homeless people understand that, because they’ve been forced into it.  Many people get down to their cell phone, and not much else. The hardship of having nothing more than what can be carried or safely stored is a very harsh learning experience. People are naturally resilient and do adapt to changing priorities. Only the individual can assess the balance between need and luxury. Eventually, the ever increasing restriction of mobility and activity brings a new set of priorities to the surface. Eventually, people want to get off the bureaucratic treadmill. I certainly hope that people are mindful about deciding in favor of future independence.

That’s the difference between a swindler and a thief. A swindler puts up all the decorations and window dressing, to make it look good. A thief just grabs and runs.

From the beginning, the debt crisis has been about the gold. Gold is money. Gold is independence. Paper is debt and slavery.

Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, said the same thing. He said that people who work with their hands and make things, have no future. That’s how it’s come out, almost 20 years later.

The currency is rapidly going from being fancy pieces of rag paper, to entries in a digital ledger. It is completely disconnected from anything real. If we truly understand fiat currency, we know that it is designed and intended to fail. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They get real things. Populations get worthless paper.

They sell debt, as though it were a vital commodity. The truth is that the next batch of liquidity is the junkie’s next “fix”. It has reached the point at which the whole world is begging for the needle.

Argentina isn’t the lone stranger. In the U. S. , the government just lies about inflation, saying it is under control.

Homeless numbers more accurately describe the economy than politicized unemployment figures. It’s a completely different environment that doesn’t entirely comply with government statistical analysis. One reason is that anonymity is more highly regarded among homeless people.

Economics becomes one big Catch – 22, when decision makers hear the siren song of playing funny games with funny money. The mask comes off, and populations find themselves in debt slavery. The cruel joke gets played when they learn that they sold their children, for this.

I used to think that having 5,000 Friends on Facebook was a big deal. I found out that it didn’t work at all, like I thought it did. It took me back to square one. I was looking for interaction and discussion, to begin with. It really has called for some restructuring and definition of purpose.

Furthermore, selective enforcement has been as natural as breathing, in this corporate structure, for at least 150 years. There have been so many incidents of political enemies lists, professional blacklisting, and unspoken threats of retaliation. Why would today be any different than Abraham Lincoln shutting down 200 newspapers and jailing the editors? Yes, a Fascist takeover did occur, but just a lot earlier than most people think.

It just happens. You get the right posts in front of the right crowd, and BANG! On Nov. 29th, I woke up to see 502 views, and finished the day with 920. I wish every day was like that.

I follow the Relevant Content Rule. Since things like celebrity gossip and sports scores aren’t relevant to the theme that I present, I don’t refer people to such content. That keeps my content consistent.

Yes, we are repeating 1933. It does take the combination of greed and short memory, to repeat history. So, this president wants to make government more efficient. Hitler made government more efficient. Efficiency is not humanity.

What would be expected of a society in which people depend on government to rob their neighbors, for their gain? That’s how government programs work, in the United States, and in every other Socialist structure. By giving their consent in their citizenship status, U. S. citizens are party to all that is offensive in this incident, and worse.

Sunday, Jan. 15th, 2012 – While we’re watching the financial structure making incredibly bad decisions, we should have heard the alarm bells and already been making good decisions. Of course, most people never pay any attention to these things. This time around, going with the flow and hoping for the best will take millions of people over the falls, without a barrel. Europe is just a practice run for the United States. People just do not see that they must change their commercial actions, before it is too late.  Unfortunately, people aren’t stirred to action until jobs are gone, savings wiped out, and life out in the streets is very real and uncomfortable. There are a lot of people, talking about what they used to have..

As the headlines state each day, people are not happy with the way the world is being reconstructed. The problem is that everything that is good and right is being dismantled, in the process. People are not idiots, regardless of what social engineers in their Ivory Towers may think.


Legal Reality Newsletter 01/15/ A. D. 2012

15 January A.D. 2012

There may be more to the litigation, and if so, we’ll be able to match these concepts with that “final” ruling on the matter.

The 10th Circuit’s ruling is 100% consistent with our present legal reality.

Read more …

Interesting quote from Krugman. I would also recommend “Catcher In The Rye”. It opened so many moral cans of worms for me, when I was trying to figure out the commercial nature of the world. On the present debt crisis, we see that the Euro will take a beating, sp[aring failed fiscal policies the punishment they deserve.

Yes, Ayn Rand had many things right. Government is a very strange animal. All it knows is control. It’s like going shopping and being able to find nothing but left shoes. You were looking for bread and butter. Do you settle for what you can get?

We are reaping the rewards of government programs. I have always believed that government programs subsidize inflation. It turns ouit that infl;ating the housing bubble wasn’t such a good idea.

The Occupy movement is nothing new. I saw it for what it is. People assemble themselves in internment camps of their own making, and wait for the guards to come beat them. I go to the root of the problem. The currency itself is both a debilitating drug, and the lock on the prison gate. Protest always returns to beg for more of the same.

In 2009, I wrote a blog post on the importance of local relationships. My point was that, in a crisis, all we have aer the people immediately around us. I continued to point out that modern commercial society is isolationist and contrary to Biblical principles. The structure requires that expressions of charity and compassion be impersonal and anonymous.

The constant in homelessness is the nagging thought that there is no where to go. The limitations on civilized normalcy make us outcasts. We see perception change when insensitive people face homelessness, themselves.

This is reality.; My homeless experiences, over the last 30 years, remind me that I am never far from the street. The exposure to the elements and isolation from people does things. As much as I would want to put it all behind me, I know that the real world never goes away.

Life gets very basic, when someone is homeless. Shelter from the elements can become a matter of life and death. These statistics point out the dangers of the urban environment. Encountering the wrong “occupants” could be the end of the road.

From everything I’ve been told, by people who have been homeless in Las Vegas, it is a very dangerous place to be vulnerable. I’ve heard all the stories of assault, of being stripped of possessions, of life threatening confrontations. I was right for the last 30 years. Get away from the cities, while you still can.

Ok. I confess. I had the “Freak Out” album on 8 – Track. That doesn’t detract from the validity of the concepts presented. The time period itself is a very telling commentary on the present5 day. We weren’t happy back then. We recognize3d these Wars of Corporate Conquest for what they were. The general mood was very resentful toward the war machine. The experience is the foundation of everything I’ve written. Extra motivation comes from knowing that I was fed lies throughout my entire working life.

An exit from the Euro, by one country or many, still leaves the original problem. It would mean that the money didn’t exist to keep the Euro afloat. A new, common currency would be completely out of the question. As for countries rowing their own boat, it’s an adventure.

Over the past 8 years, the pattern of deep earthquakes ringing the globe around the equator area, followed by moderate earthquakes closer to the poles, signals something big coming. It just grabs my attention, when I see it.

However fiat currency / liquidity / credit / debt, is judged. the finite total of purchasing power can’t be dismissed. The proof is in the outcome. A crunch in one area is felt in the rest of the economy. I agree with your point. We will see this play out with the European crisis, spreading to other markets.

When you have 2 things, both going in the wrong direction, they can’t possibly work. Disappearing jobs and increasing the retirement age is just the system’s way of saying that it doesn’t pay off to mooks. People are starting to wise up. We’ve seen 30 years of people left high and dry by pension plans. The general consensus is don’t count on Social Security. Again, Socialism comes up a day late, and dollar short.

We are failing to learn the lessons of history. The events of the last 20 years find so many parallels with the pre – WW II years. We could know so much about what we are seeing, and most people are blind to it. It’s all there. Civil unrest, economic collapse, political intrigue, false flag events, and soap opera politics. If we could just see that, we would also know the end of it.

The shadow economy, classically known as the Black Market, is the oldest form of insider trading. That is a world notorious for it’s Black Ops and cast of Spooks. 40 years ago, it was common knowledge that the biggest trafficker of contraband in the world, is the U. S. government and it’s agents, official or otherwise.

I’m sure there’s a paper trail on everything that happens, in the world. Given the commercial aspects of the oil trade, it’s obvious that FDR was right. Everything in the world happens the way it does, because it was planned that way.

I just can not think of any rational reason why a manufacturer would, knowingly and deliberately, put a radioactive isotope in a home consumer product.

The push for digital and biometric ID has been going on, for a long time. The list of facilities with huge database capacities weren’t built to keep track of bingo games. One of the prerequisites for liberty is anonymity. That is becoming in short supply.

I had said that loyalty in Corporatism was measured by who an individual would lie, cheat, steal and commit murder for. I may have underestimated human nature. The field of battle is now expanded to civility.

As much as I hate to admit it, they can’t be stopped from hurting themselves. The best they can come up with is debt restructuring or another bailout. The inevitable failure of either just takes the economy down, another level. This is turning into a track meet, across quicksand.

Friday, Jan. 13th, 2012 – Good thing I’m not superstitious. We’ve reached Friday the 13th. For me, it’s coming to the end of the week, and a welcome rest. I fully intend to enjoy it. Over the weekend, while I have pause for contemplation.  I realize that we have something in common with everyone else. We all have to make up our minds about what we want, before we can do anything. I would hope to have the wisdom to make better choices in that area. We all have to deal with the conditions around us.  For all of the threatening things in the news, we have more immediate concerns. Yes, we know that the currency wouldn’t make good paper towel. We know that there are people that aren’t happy unless they’re expending ordnance and killing people. We know that there are people betraying the public trust with impunity. In all off this, our concern is with our own conduct. May we all be mindful of the rules and desire to walk in blessing. We only have one chance to do this life. I want it to mean something, beyond my years.

The lure of the fast buck and life in the fast lane takes in more the the privileged few. The whole country bought into the Federal Reserve in 1913. If anything is subprime, it begins with the currency, and fractional banking.

It is curious that environmental groups aren’t suing Monsanto into oblivion, for ecological damage. It must be some kind of corrupted agenda.

It’s more like power bases in the commercial structure are trying to choke each other with debt. If they think the last one out pays the tab, they will be sorely mistaken.

It’s more like parts are falling off the plane. Why settle for bombs, when you can have the whole aircraft, One Piece At A Time. Oh, I’m sorry. Johnny Cash already did that.

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – One Piece At A Time

From the U. S. Treasury viewpoint. all wars are for the purpose of forcing countries into the USD. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

Football bats and Ponzi sticks won’t fix this mess. We’re at the point at which only delusion has terms to describe delusion. If you try to de4scribe delusion with reality, you get a bar fight. Somebody wakes up with a shiner, the next morning. Drink lots of tomato juice.

Well, in that case, they must know that we have no interest in participating in their commercial activity.

Knowing Charlotte as I do, from working in talk radio, there were no surprises, here. At least I feel better that I never fit in the classroom environment. At least I know why I never wanted to be there. Now I understand why it was important that I never got into the position of having too much to lose. I would have been as pinned down and clueless as most of the people around me.

But Reggie, the Prussian Education Model sorts out the livestock, so well. It even identifies which ones to slip through the cracks. Some of us are fortunate to escape the plantation with 40 years left, to heal the damage. The “American” education system is doing exactly what it was intended for. Today, it turns out grunts for the current War On Whatever. People are still in line to bring their boy (or girl) home in a box. The education system has functioned flawlessly.

Here’s another story that contradicts the official line that there’s a recovery coming. The reports say that retail sales were up, in 2011. You can’t prove it by Sears / Kmart. The money just isn’t there. This is going to happen with a lot of famous brands. People won’t even be able to buy Twinkies and Ho Hos at Kmart, anymore.

These days, the word “auction” is like asking your buddies to give up their weekend plans, to help you paint your house. They have wives, they promised the kids a trip, they have to work overtime, excuse of the week club meeting, etc. The house of cards bond market will just have to fall in the basement.

Ok. Hold the phone. This looks like different strokes for different folks. Some reports say that 2011 was an up year for retail sales. Perhaps it could be a difference in perception and actual performance in different businesses. Based on past performance, I’m not inclined to give the banking crowd the benefit of the doubt. Their word is no good. With all this push for more QE, it just looks liketheir begging for a worse beating. I think we are really waiting for the Fed to foreclose on the Capitol Building and the White House.

It should be noted that the parent company of Bayer, I. G. Farben is very experienced in killing by poison. They manufactured the Zyklon – B cyanide that was used in the gas chambers of the Nazi camps.

For the past 8 years of watching the USGS map, I’ve referred to that area near Trinidad, CO and Raton, NM as “The Same Old Place”. If there’s an earthquake in CO, that’s probably where it is. There have also been earthquakes near Gunnison, and over by Grand Junction.

Everything swept under the rug is starting to smell. If they had a crazy uncle who believed that he was Teddy Roosevelt and that Panama was in the basement, they could have just buried the bodies of evidence in the basement. Now it’s to late. Cousin Johnnie is about to show up in the form of inflation. Peter Lorre is perfect, in this scene …..”Oh, nooooo….. Johnny! Not the printing press!! There isn’t time. We have to get out of here!”

Thursday, Jan’ 12th, 2012 – It isn’t that the world doesn’t have direction. The problems is that the world is going in too many different directions. Yet, that is the sum total of individual decisions. No one can make those decisions for everyone else. We can disagree. We can criticize. In the end, we just have to let most of it go. We can’t stop it,  In most cases, efforts to reason with people contrary to our sensibilities is fruitless. In all that we see, the wisdom of letting things run their course is borne out in the results. I would rather say that the warning is obvious, and I said it was exactly how it came out. It has nothing to do with persuasiveness or respect. Whether anyone heeds the warning or respects the messenger won’t make any difference. Some will feel their sense of danger stopping them at the brink. Others will just go on their merry way, caught up in the tide of the moment. This is what happens, when expediency overrules time honored standards. The duplicity and lawlessness in the world leaves humanity without excuse.

There are still some things that bare beyond price. This interview is one of the priceless artifacts of history.

Mr. Griffin tells it so well. His presentation is better than I could write it. Oh, that’s right! He did write it. Everyone really should read “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. Every once in a while, I take a break and read it, again.

My first thought was, “Who’d they steal it from?”. Then it hit me. The ever expanding list of filing fees and escalating Postal rates. Through the now standard Bait And Switch accounting practices, they paint a rosy picture. If you gear it low enough and put glass packs on it, you can make your riding mower sound like a hot rod. Just remember that sound doesn’t make the wheels turn.

This is an instant replay. When U. S. troops first entered Baghdad, the evening news showed U. S. troops, opening the bank vault and obsoleting the currency by spraying it with red spray paint. The objective of commerce is always conquest. The Wars of Corporate Conquest, continue.

The key term is “Internet ID for Americans”. That is a false term. The legal reality is that this arbitrary regulation is only valid in the case of U’ S. citizens and legal resident aliens. U. S. citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons, and aliens in the place they legally reside. Americans, by contrast, are Citizens of their State. If the recent actions of the Federal corporation haven’t brought people out in assertion of their State Nationality, now is a good time to start.

This is a rats nest of a hair ball. When a media outlet publishes or broadcasts content, that content is a public statement, and continues as fodder for commentary. If a blogger writes an original commentary on that content, the media outlet has no proprietary claim to that commentary. If media outlets choose to make their content available by subscription only, that is their prerogative. They are also free to go out of business for lack of subscriptions. They can experience what the TBTF banks felt in November with the exodus of deposits, headed out their doors to the greener pastures of local banks and credit unions. The response to this media tyranny should be widespread cancellations of present subscriptions and boycotts of advertisers supporting them. The message should be clear. Repression and restriction of fair use of content publicly released, will not be tolerated. More specifically, we must be clear in stating that we will not pay for the fabricated and misleading propaganda of mainstream media.

The acceleration of debt service is a direct result of both fiscal policy and the bailout plans. There are trillions in debt that comes due, just in the first quarter of this year. I trace it back to it’s root. Fractional banking gave thieves a license to steal. They didn’t need any further encouragement.

Most people are shocked to learn that the Magna Carta was not a contract with the common people. They are further shocked to learn that the U. S. Constitution isn’t either. These examples show how a nobility system is institutionalized.

We must be mushrooms. We’re kept in the dark, and fed manure. I think it’s the chicken variety. Nuclear accidents are only one threat. There are 60,000 chemicals in the environment, that weren’t there, 100 years ago. It’s multiple hands around our throats, choking the life out of us.

If the stock market really was a roller coaster, OSHA would shut it down for numerous safety violations and “accident” reports. Without considering the incidents of management malfeasance, the stock market is still a threat to public safety.

Two of my favorite books on the subject are “{The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and “The Coming Battle: The History of Private Banks In America” by M. W. Marbert..Those two books take the timeline from the Founding Era, through the formation of the Federal Reserve.

This really illustrates the difference between real money and fiat paper currency.
Real things hold their value centuries after fiat currencies and the governments that authorized them, are gone. That should tell us something.

The check is in the mail. Ben Bernanke is good for it. Government grants are available for a nominal contribution. Consult your brokerage. Your mileage may vary.

Pretty strong words in that article. Through decades of debate about trickle down economics vs. wealth redistribution, there has been one constant. Something trickles somewhere, and wealth does get redistributed. People get tired of watching politically well connected people stealing from each other, and the public.

There have been a lot of articles over the last 40 years, generally talking about the stock market decoupling from the real economy. The summary of all that is that the purpose and motive for investing has changed. My personal favorite is the Bigger Fool Theory. Whatever the investment is, the theory says that there is always someone ready to buy something that you had doubts about buying, in the first place. It used to be that the motive in investment was about building something real. No more, apparently. Today it’s more about building numbers on a balance sheet.

With so many reports of unseasonably warm weather, there is always the possibility of damaging and violent weather. All we can do is pay attention and get out of the way.

I’ve seen this before. At one time, the largest employer in Auburn, NY was Alco Power. They went from a peak of over 12,000 employees, down to 254. By 1983, after two re-negotiations of the pension fund, there were people who had worked there for 30 years, and got nothing for a pension.

Wherever you are, you go with what you know. Being trapped by circumstances, in a strange place, is not fun. It’s worse if the circumstances make you vulnerable to whatever and whoever comes along. Hard choices are coming, for everyone. There is no thing more insecure than the promise of a politician.

People get agitated when confronted with critical thinking. The conversation goes like this. I’ve gone through it many times.

Pull Federal Reserve notes out of your pocket. Ask someone, “Is this money?” . After the usual round of substitutional semantics, the exasperated individual says, “Well if you don’t think it’s money, just give it to me.” The smile on their face is quickly wiped away when they hear, “You need to go and read Black’s Law Dictionary. One of the requirements for binding agreement is equity in exchange. What are you offering to give me for this fake money?”

The illusion breaks down. People are always mortified when they realize that they have to give up real things, to get worthless paper.

I mercifully missed the speech. I don’t have to dignify it with a comment. We can sit back and watch history judge it.

All I could think of was one of those MLM sales pitches in a motel. The MLMs have better products.

The rules were tossed out, a long time ago. This is one of the incongruities that will persist, as long as the fantasy of fiat currency holds out. The world will eventually have to give up this cruel experiment of money by governmental edict. The very conditions that produce these temporary conditions will come back to bite everyone.

This is exactly the type of story that I look for. In many places, homeless people are hunted like animals, rounded up, prosecuted and fined. None of those things address any problems. They merely target and persecute. This story is a good example of people doing things to actually accomplish solutions. Municipalities should be paying attention. Class is in session.

Definitions are like budgets. When either gets in the way of an agenda, it gets discarded. “No” becomes “Yes”. The little tantrum gets the candy bar, anyway.

This is why they can’t come up with a plan that works. The size of the problem can’t be contained within the financial limits of the plan.

No, it’s not all good. Calling evil good, accommodating practices that are clearly abominations, and giving place to them is not good. While the world watches details filled in that were clearly written and recorded, thousands of years ago, the world still embraces rebellion.

They’re just being good little corporate widgets. Their job is to sell people the “benefits” of the Company Store Business model. After the past 3 years, they could probably sell manure as health food, and people would say that it tastes good.

     2012 will not be a drill. We have hard choices in front of us. It’s not about philosophy. It’s not about political ideology or affiliation. We know what is coming. Just as it was written, so it shall come to pass.

We are definitely not in America, anymore.

“Wage Slave 2012 Update 12/26/2011

Wednesday, Jan. 11th, 2012 – Sometimes, I get tired of being the wet blanket, all the time. It would be nice to write something cheerful, once in a while. But then, I understand my role in life. The thought of those insane Trillions in debt coming due, in the first quarter of this year just won’t go away. With this background of perpetual war, the same ol thing seems about as close to peace as we get. By all news accounts, everything seems to point to April. Between now an then, try to enjoy sanity wherever you fin it. It’s much better than the alternatives.

It follows the pattern of commerce. Blockade and embargo are acts of war. If the Corporatist agenda could go to war, conquer the States and abolish them, and claim dominion by right of conquest, then it follows that no independent entity is safe from being targeted. It may start with Iran, but it won’t end there.

This is appalling. I’ve dealt with being out with nowhere to go, as an adult. I can’t imagine children being in the same situation

Only people that believe that today is different than any other time in history buy into the notion of a bright future. they so easily get on board with this lawless system and ignore the trouble that it brings. I can only say what I have consistently said. They will understand when they get harvested.

On Wednesday, 11 January 2012, this author will be the guest on America in the Balance on Truth in Focus internet radio from 4 – 5 pm Central time.

This is the first time this author will be addressing this particular audience.  Should be a great show.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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Note from georgesblogforum: I’m trying to find a “Listen Live” button on this website. They do have archives of the programming, and last week’s “America In The Balance” program. I expect that this program will be available within 24 hours.

The on demand program “America In The Balance” with Harmon Taylor’s appearance is posted. As soon as I finish listening to “To Free America”, I’m going listen to what Harmon has to say.

I’m listening to “To Free America” with Randy Yarbrough on First Amendment Radio.

This case has been going on, for a long time. The shocking fact is it’s extent, over such a long time period. For whatever reasons given, it is still a very anti – human example of the core principle of Eugenics. Culling the human herd for the purpose of “eliminating undesirable genetic traits” is an abomination.

Interesting name for this operation. Of course, The Great Prophet, the one promised, like unto Moses, is Yeshua ha Maschiach, Jesus the Christ. The prophets in Scripture that spoke of this specific scenario are most notably, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Isaiah. I would start out by reading Ezek. 37 thru 39, again. It’s future history.

It is a very strange sound. It is rhythmic, closest thing I can imagine would be a distant jet. It is to intermittent to be helicopter blades. As loud as it’s reportde to be, there would have to be something visual to support a natural cause.

I knew that none of this would work, back in the beginning of the crisis in 2007. If you step in something unpleasant, spreading it on anything you can scrape it off on, won’t work. You have to take your shoes off and clean up the mess. We haven’t seen that done in the financial world, and there appears to be no intention of doing so. There’s a lot more manure in the markets, now. We are still being kept in the dark, The road to poverty is paved with fiat currency. It does stick to shoes.

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with talk show hosts that I like very much. They make the mainstream hosts look like Global Socialists. Well, in reality, the best known programs are Corporatist in their very souls. I’ve seen an heard, better than that.

I’ve learned in these polarized debates that it is commercial identity speaking. My mistake was in being deceived by appearances. I thought I was speaking with a flesh and blood, human being. In the gun control debate, that is not the case, at all. Now that I understand that, I know that someone who purposes to take liberty and property, eventually intends to take life. There is no reasoning with that mentality, because there are no positive human attributes in it.

After the trade balance in favor of China over the years, who would have imagined the words, “China” an “default” , in the same sentence? Yet, this is what happens when dysfunction in the market cycle occurs. Not only does what goes around, come around, it keeps on going. This can only accelerate the global collapse in currencies. We will see the Euro and USD adjust, accordingly. It won’t be pretty.

In the good old, bad old days, this was called racketeering. I see occasional calls for this kind of thing to be prosecuted under the RICO statutes. It’s a nice idea, ,but it would be like having the bartender from the movie “Goodfellas” for a judge.

It seems like everything in banking communications is vulnerable. Better that people be suspicious than victimized.

This is how you can tell who the real insiders are. They may get caught, but they don’t pay.

Nothing like a good old fashioned trade war among competitors. There is only one pie, an they all want the biggest slice.

There isn’t any sense, because there hasn’t been a free market in this country since 1867. The central banks got the conquest they wanted, through their agent, the Federal corporation. It’s been all downhill, ever since. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They get real things. Populations get worthless paper.

Tuesday, Jan. 10th, 2012 – So far, the new year is filled with unknowns. The headlines are just maybes and what – ifs. The old advice , is still the best advice. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet. Do what is right in front of you. Do things that work. There is so much speculation about the next few months. Will there be war? What will happen with fuel prices?  Even, who will win the Super Bowl? None of those things  have anything to do with what you have to do, right now, today. If we could change the things we worry about, we would just find new things to worry about. If we just take care of what we can do, I’m sure that there’s enough for the rest of the world to deal with.

Let us not forget that governments and their friends, corporations create these problems. The privileged few reap the rewards of the working poor.

Ted was never one to stutter. He gets the point across.

Ah, yes. The 14th Amendment. The centerpiece of Reconstruction. It’s right up there with the Treaty of Versailles in the world of Corporate conquest. This marked the end of the form of government upon which this nation was founded. All of the warnings given by the Founding Fathers have been ignored. the Federal corporation claims right of conquest and absorbs everyone into the indentured servitude of U. S. citizenship. Are our chains resting lightly upon us?

More money is what is needed, not more paper. Since the Fed is obviously set on printing, this is obviously a series of trial balloons, measuring the markets for acceptance. The stock markets will love it, the people in the supermarkets, not so much.

People know that everything costs more than it use to. Some people see that the price of gas has come own a little bit, but they now don’t have a job and a paycheck to buy any gas. Millions of people are on the edge of learning to live on zero dollars. Fortunately, the prices at the food bank have stayed stable.

That sentiment is consistent with the belief that central banks can print their way out of any crisis. That belies the bias. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They get real things Populations get worthless paper.

That’s a bad sign. When the pharmaceutical companies stop trying to flood a market with prescription drugs, the future health of that market has been written off. This displays the real character, or lack thereof, of the pharmaceutical industry.

However inflation is perceived, measured, balanced or accounted for, one fact remains. Fiat paper currency is not money. It can’t do the things that money does. It is remarkable that people give us real things in exchange for paper and it’s digital representations.

Making anything illegal doesn’t change anything. People are very short sighted. They never consider that they could en up homeless, an targets of the laws they supported.

It’s happening, everywhere. We are watching the collapse of currencies. It is taking the basis for a productive economy out from under all of us

In the last 3 years, we are also seeing people just crowded out of the economy. I’ve seen many formerly working and independent people, women and men, suddenly out of jobs, out of money, and out in the streets. It can happen to anyone.

They never stop to consider that they could be next. Municipal budgets aren’t getting any better, an the property tax future will get very grim. We could see public services turn more predator than servant. There are only so many lifeboats to go around. The choice may come down to homeless in the city, or a shack out in the country. The prime example is that New York City an New York State each lost 1 million in population, in the last decade. People don’t hold still for being gouged.

Usually, this means a scandal brewing. Yhe taxpayers? We on’t hear the taxpayers mentioned until just before a scandal breaks. They wouldn’t do any funny business with all of that bailout money, would they?

Although it is very pleasant to see giant central banks have to settle for half a loaf, never forget that they are masters at turning the tables. The hedge funds that win this round will have to constantly be on guard. Central banks don’t like the taste of their own medicine.

Last week, the cycle of deep earthquakes around the globe set off my alarm bells. I’ve seen enough over the last 8 years, to suspect that something big was waiting in the wings.

It has been clearly demonstrated that the biological attacks of recent years all originate in government bioweapons labs. To complete the agenda of unwarranted home invasion and de facto martial law, these biotoxins find their way into the general population. Governments create emergencies as a pretext for increased “security” measures.

The sinking of the Maine, the Lusitania, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin,… the list is endless. When the facts come to light, we discover that it didn’t happen the way wee were told, at all.

I doubt that you can find even one American among those arrested. United States citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons, and property of the Federal corporation.

The United States is a corporation, chartered by the several sovereign States. It is not a Country. The Federal corporation conquered the States, abolished them, replacing them with subsidiary corporations. United States citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons and aliens in the state they legally reside. They are a legal trust, a creation of the will of man, and have the legal status of a dead thing.

This is just a new ear tag for the livestock. United States citizens are a legal trust, a dead thing, and the property of a dead thing, a corporation.

Maybe someday, people will understand United States citizenship, better than they do, today. U. S. citizenship is a legal trust, legally a dead thing. A legal trust can be voided, or “killed” without consequence. All it takes is a decree from the sanctioning body, i. e., the United States, or agency thereof. United States citizens are not Americans. They have privileges granted by the State, not inalienable rights, from God. The United States is the god they chose to serve.

A year ago was probably a good time to get out of Dodge, in this case, Athens. It’s pretty clear that Greece has a simple choice. They either get out of the Euro while the getting is good, or submit to debt slavery.

ZH is indeed unique. I’ve found the commentary an conversation to be wide ranging an energetic. I even get to air out my moods. Whatever happens in 2012, we will have at it. Thank you for keeping it together and putting out a steady stream of expression to counter the nonsense.

This is already not the America I grew up in. That’s why I look for stories of people, doing things that work. Everything in this post was common sense, 70 years ago. Now, it’s considered extreme, by most people. The fact is, it won’t be extreme.

That is an idea that works. The homeless situation in the United States is so regimented in the bureaucratic system, that the mainstream solutions just do not work. There are a lot of practically skilled people who are homeless. I know an electrician that lives in his truck. I know a doctor who lives in his Lexus. That is what the system has brought us down to.

Yes, and that brings me to my favorite Thomas Jefferson quote:

“If private banks are allowed to control the issuance of currency, they and the corporations that shall spring up around them, shall deprive the people of all liberty and property. The people shall wake up to find themselves homeless, on the land that their fathers settled.”

This severe and violent weather, at this time of year, is certainly unusual. The question is, what it a fluke, or a new weather pattern?

A week would seem to be the limit. Under the best of circumstances, the supermarket shelves would be empty in 4 days. These days, having a week’s supply of food on hand is frowned upon. We wouldn’t be sufficiently vulnerable to run begging to the government for help. I would qualify the estimate to restrict it to urban areas full of people that believe their’s a phone number to call, in an emergency.

Monday, Jan. 9th, 2012 – The stage is set, it’s obvious that decisions have been made. In Economic, Political and Military terms, intentions are obvious. In all things, we understand that it is commercial identity speaking, not conscience. In the Economic arena, we will hear governments and central banks speak of circumstances, beyond their control. As commercial identity sees it’s purpose, the statements speak to the core reason for the existence of government and banking, that of control. In the coming months, the best you will hear is, “I’m sorry”, or a variation thereof.  Of course, populations will take the blame and suffer the consequences. New rounds of austerity measures and taxes will burden the common people who believe they are free, in corporate debt slavery. 2012 is already seeing a level of regimentation and militarization, not seen since 1933.

It reads just like the recommendations in the Report From Iron Mountain. Destruction of GNP and the 18 to 25 age group. That’s the stable society that the central banks want.

We are trained to be good, little corporate widgets, never questioning the validity of the currency or the economic system for which it stands. If anyone asks, we are to say that the USD is money. If anyone insists otherwise, it is war. We are to isolate and ostracize currency heretics. At all costs, the people may perish, but the currency and the Federal Reserve stands. If that isn’t perverted patriotism, then government school indoctrination has done it’s job, because people don’t see it. When the currency collapse comes, they won’t believe that it ever happened.

This is one of the encouraging activities. We do know that there are people that keep themselves beyond help. There is anything you can do about that. These people, who get out there and participate in this Sunday program, are doing the best they can. They are making the most of it.

‎That does structurally prepare for the worst physical threat, a nuclear detonation. Much in this plan also applies to dealing with civil disorder, societal breakdown, and threat from the immediate surroundings. Good post, for a good start on assessing local possible threats to personal and family security.

A few days ago, I read a blog post about converting shipping containers into housing. It was interesting, on several fronts. There are thousands upon thousands of containers that aren’t going back to China. they are durable, and spacious, compared to a tent. The link to the blog is in “The Daily Climb”.

100 years ago, “preppers” were normal, mainstream people. They were called farmers. They didn’t waste anything, and they saved of their resources for “a rainy day”. They didn’t borrow money, unless there was no other option. When government subsidies took the family farms into debt slavery, we lost the way of life that kept us prepared. We have to regain that independence.

This is why I say that I would not want to be my son’s age, today. he world was hard enough to figure out, 40 years ago. For people of any age, we must recover our own independence. Learn to grow our own food, secure our own water and shelter. The structure of society is failing.

Gold and silver are money. Paper not redeemable in gold and silver, is not money. The central banks have been working the Bait And Switch and the Shell Game, for centuries.

We’ll see how long this lasts. In Socialism, rules are made to be broken, by the privileged few.

This is one of the marks of the 1930s, and every Marxist takeover of a country. Since then people are targeted and contained, it ends with genocide.

Robby Noel knows whereof he speaks. He’s seen two countries shot out from under him. I call that, practical experience.

Another consideration is that we aren’t always in the wilderness. In urban environments, portability and stealth may be serious considerations. Some municipalities prosecute camping.

The corporate structure has never had much tolerance for dissent. The corporations give themselves a mandate through government regulation, to manage the livestock. Of course, government is more than willing to enforce the corporate will. The Public / Private Partnership gives people the “right” to do as they are told.

This is Corporatism at it’s most blatant and unhindered worst. This is a continuation of biological and chemical experimentation that was condemned, 60 years ago. What we are seeing today is the product of importation of war criminals into the corporate structure.

We can see very clearly that the objective of commerce is always conquest. This ties in to the documentation of the activities of the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

Can’t identify the players without a scorecard. This is a strange and twisted game of Monopoly.

Shifting structures and market objectives don’t always come out as planned. Nothing in the global market is carved in stone.

The Euro may be past the warning stage. It looks like the Eurozone countries kave on foot in the lifeboats, already.

There just is no good opening for the Euro. Whatever has been proposed as a solution has been swallowed by the debt. Maturing debt will swamp the Euro.

Isn’t this a peachy deal? The banks get all the real stuff and we get fancy rag paper bathroom tissue and wallpaper.

Oh, yes. Tenements on Tobacco Road for everyone. Turn the country into one, big Section 8 slum, from sea to shining sea. This proposal would be more subsidized poverty.

There may not be much left to enjoy. Monetizing debt and selling it to other countries is over. Debt swaps and other chicanery come up with funny numbers to support the funny money, but the fact is, U. S. debt is being dumped on the market. The Federal Reserve doesn’t have enough fingers to plug the holes in the dike.

The world keeps saying, “Bailout! Liquidity! Quantitative Easing! Monetize!” . I keep asking, “What about the debt?”.

At some point, somebody is goinmg to turn on the lights, and the cockroaches scatter. With each passing week, it looks like print or go home. The central banks are looking at finding the right time to do something drastic, even if it’s wrong.

I was hoping you would mention methane trapped in the ocean floor. Hate disappoint you, but none of the ’60s musclecar engines would ever get a sniff of 15,000 rpm. They would run out of breath, before they turned into shrapnel.

So, the fiat disease was officially spread farther than Europe. This will come out very badly.

Sunday, Jan. 8th, 2012 – Just a week into 2012, and it’s surreal. I see so many examples of why we are reliving the 1930s. The media calls militarized checkpoints and random searches, “routine”. This activity would be “routine” in 1930’s Germany. Tyranny has shifted up a notch. There is nothing American about this activity. It is obvious that the dovernment is more fearful than the fear that it publicly promotes. The perpetual state of war isn’t selling well abroad, so now the war effort is coming home to gradually impose such restriction on travel and commercial activity, that the economy will collapse.  Apparently, that doesn’t matter. It is obvious that the days of the dollar are numbered. Currency devaluation is the end result of present administration policy.  With the passage of NDAA 2012, we are quickly seeing the implementation of it’s most Draconian provisions. The United States is now a lawless corporation. Thefts of investor funds and confiscation of property by foreclosure fraud are the new normal. No economy can survive this.

Legal Reality: Fwd: Eric Holder, Time to Pay Your Trentadues?

This is really fascinating. It’s so much more detailed than the usual news and photos on volcanic activity.

It took me 40 years to unlearn the lies I was taught in school. Today, we are bombarded with lies.

With the way things are developing, every shelter, food pantry and outreach program counts. There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. Thank you for your service.

I’ve had years where my vehicle was my home. The doors seal better than a house, and it beats sleeping outdoors.

There are many people with medical conditions that should be indoors and treated. Homelessness is hard enough, when you’re healthy. These are impossible conditions.

Yes, these papers are in many cities. They are a valuable forum for people to express the reality of dealing with homelessness. People are not nameless faces.

There are a growing number of people physically and emotionally unable to cope with their circumstances. Homelessness is hard. I have friends who are sleeping outdoors. I’m indoors now, but it’s been a hard three years. With what is coming in the debt crisis, it will only get worse.

The things that didn’t work in the late ’70s, don’t work now. Apparently, the Fed is holding out for the last second, before printing a run for the door. The crisis is stronger and deeper, now. We don’t have the manufacturing and exports we had, 30 years ago.

They can’t have a stampede out the door, so orderly that no one notices. The major players have been making backup plans for exiting the Euro. The well has run dry. It may be quiet now, but’s going to turn into a bucket of marbles, bouncing down the stairs.

‎”Coercive”? Does that mean brass knuckles and rubber hoses? You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. This signals the end of the Euro, no matter what happens with Greece. They will have to admit that there just isn’t any more resources to feed the debt.

It won’t take three or for decades to assess the extent of the radioactive contamination. Whether the public would ever know that information, is a separate question.

The Masters of the Bait And Switch, the Shell Game, and the various forms of statistical manipulation continue the deception. The holes get filled with more and bigger lies. The Consumer Price Index is a myth. People know that everything costs more than they used to pay. The other pincer in this squeeze in loss of purchasing power. It’s only a dwindling time before the lies catch up with the liars.

In this situation, an attack by anyone is a negative. The imperative for an attack comes from the corporations that would gain from it. The media is scratching hard to promote an attack, ignoring what populations say about it. If a shooting war breaks out, everyone except defense contractors lose.

“Routine?” Since when? This isn’t routine in the United States. It would be routine in 1930’s Germany. This is de facto martial law.

There’s a liquidity crunch coming. 2012 won’t be a good year to get caught shallow in the pockets.

I would say, yes. By crisis, government is imposed, without consent. I wouldn’t feel too comfortable. The same Draconian impositions are being done, here in the United States.

Recent developments, such as the Monsanto and Dow petition to allow spraying a component of Agent Orange on American Crop land add credibility to this article. there is no question of an anti – human agenda, here.

We are reliving the 1930s. Corporate Tyranny got into high gear, in 1933. In a decade, genocide was the law of the land. Laying the timeline of the 1930s over today, we see that it fits. The United States is now a Fascist threat to civilization.

Friday, Jan. 6th, 2012 – These are the days of history repeating. In Europe, we are watching conquest working through to it’s end. The German position is that they are taking care of their own business, and the rest of the Eurozone can go hang. France plays the role of Vichy partner very well. They’re on the edge of default, and beggars can’t be choosers. The UK has a finger in the pie, because they’re the UK, with a hangover from the empire the sun never sets on. The much speculated, new and improved Eurozone treaty will be the mirror image of the Treaty of Versailles. Germany, France and the UK will conquer Europe . We will then watch the never ending European stage play of betrayal and intrigue.

Plastics contain many chemicals that mimic estrogen and cause autoimmune dysfunction. Everything from fibromyalgia to cancer are suspected as linked to these chemicals.

This is what Color of Law looks like. It used to be that all police officers were required to be bonded, by law. Now that municipalities have chosen to be lawless on that point, everything else falls apart with them.

50 years ago, a vegetable garden was normal. At least it was normal for people who were barely making it. We lived a lot smarter, back then.

We see this most often from people who don’t know the difference between a Sabbataen and a Jew. They don’t know history. They scapegoat anyone of Jewish lineage, and call it good.

If the timeline of the 1930s is used as a template, it doesn’t come out good. People are so naive. They believe that the government has no reason to single them out. They’re breathing. That was enough reason back then, and there’s no reason to believe that today is any different.

This is what government intervention and regulation does. It creates a bureaucratic monopoly. The political well connected get rich, and the people who actually work, go broke.

Interesting that the changes listed weren’t more volatile. It must be that the price is at the point of production. The people actually consuming the food know that the prices are rising.

“The U. S. jobs market improved in December”. Yup. Uh – huh. That’s almost as funny as the money. At least the Euro can give the Federal Reserve note directions. Last one out the employment door, clean the restrooms, before you go.

The State of Emergency in Agriculture, declared in 1934, has never been rescinded and is still in force, today. In the 1973 Preamble to the Congressional Record, Congress said,

“We acknowledge that most people in the United States, having lived their entire lives under a State of Emergency, have known no other circumstance. We see no distinction between a State of Emergency and a State of War”

The core issue that defines this political struggle is debt. The debtor is servant to the lender. This is why the discussion of politics, everywhere, just goes around in circles.

Acceptance with some people Is a good thing. Complicity with the wrong people is a very bad thing. This is how we learn standards of judgment. Learning is never a failure.

I really appreciate the volunteers in the shelters, food pantries and outreach programs. They make more things possible.

Financial blogs are always fun to follow. I picture a room full of people playing Monopoly, at card tables. Only one problem. By rule, there is a fixed amount of currency in the game. The Federal Reserve would never go for that.

It took me 40 years to unlearn the lies I was taught in school. Fortunately, I’ve had very good teachers, over the last 12 years.

That makes sense for the ECB. Just cut out the middlemen and become a cesspool repository of bad debt, themselves. It’s a brilliant twist on the Shell Game. We’ll see how far this goes, before the Federal Reserve is up to it’s eyeballs in slop.

People have the common sense of a 5 year old when it comes to the election process. They vote for the candidate that promises the most of what they want, and then wonder why the Nanny State doesn’t deliver the goods. People wouldn’t let their children walk off with a stranger, carrying a bag of candy, but they go glassy – eyed over their political choice. They just don’t understand that they gave up something they can never get back, with their vote.

Dependency on automation is teaching us all of the wrong things. Our independence is being crowded out.

Don’t bet on the U. S. decoupling from the global economy. There a ravenous hunger for liquidity, and the future of U. S. exports are tied to the global economy. Now, unless people really believe that it’s possible to print out of this debt crisis, go long on leaf blowers and toilet brushes. Everybody is going to need them for work.

This seems to follow the lava dome formation of post – eruption Mt. St. Helens. With the increases in volcanic activity around the world, any increase in activity bears watching.

Any impact that alters the angular momentum of the solar system is significant. I’ve always wondered what significance the impacts on Jupiter had on solar activity and our weather.

A year ago, this was unthinkable. Now, it’s a certainty. Between now and then, who knows. The behind the scenes paper shuffling has kept the Ponzi scheme going, but bailouts don’t work, and parties in the Eurozone will bail out, to save their own hides

Credit is just access to other people’s money, and that watered down by fractional banking. The problem is that the world has run out of “other people”. Even nations with trade surpluses are holding someone else’s borrowed debt.

6 months ago, I wrote that a cascade failure would begin in the insurance industry. The missing gold from adulterated gold bars would take major underwriters, such as Lloyd’s of London, down. So far, it’s been swept under the rug. We will see a serious hunt for the missing gold. It won’t be found because of the maze of deception in documentation

Right in line with the hot topic of the day, Europe is getting ready for another round of negotiations.

Here it comes. The obvious is becoming reality.

Thursday, Jan 5th, 2012 – What do you think the (fill in the blank) will do in the playoffs? Does the answer to that question matter to you? If it does, I’m happy for you. You have a distraction that will help you miss the bad things in the news. In the meantime, the things that affect whether people have a job or a home will continue to be posted, here.  The encouraging thing is that people are seriously searching for answers about what matters to them, in life. You can see it in blog posts in just about every category. People want things that work. They want to see that the product of their effort will be there, when they need it. To that purpose, may you all win something, this day.

When the printing presses go to work, we will see the inflation dog chase it’s tail. There’s no one left to export the debt to.

With the fallback position that fractional banking provides, The risk is either magnified or minimized, depending on which end of the Ponzi stick someone is on. Compound that delusion with taxpayer funded bailouts, and you get zero restraint. Let’s not allow Congress and the bureaucracy to escape judgment. Budget deficits should be paid out of their salaries and pensions. That would put a stop to that noise.

I hope millions of people see this film. I post the Daily Bail link for stories with the trailer, every time I see them.

As a footnote to this story, Monsanto’s profits are up. In modern politics, that is Congress doing it’s job. This has to change. We are betrayed by people in a position of trust. They shouldn’t be in that position.

Pharmaceutical companies get away with paying pocket change fines for damaging and killing people, all the time. They are involved in suppressing negative clinical trials to get drugs into the market and end up with huge profits from their activities. They should have to pay double their profits, in fines.

Failing to keep people medicated into happy go lucky land will get ugly when people get the notice that the food stamps aren’t in the mail.

A Trillion just doesn’t go as far as it used to. In fact, the currency is so worthless that the government has to lie about it. The original bailout in 2008 of $700 Billion turned out to be $16 Trillion, a third of which will never be repaid. The lies are catching up with the Federal Reserve system.

There’s no way that the funny math with the funny money can make this go away. The debt crisis is coming right back up the pipeline, and soon.

Of course any government refi plan should be downplayed. They can’t answer the question. “Who’s going to pay for it?” The taxpayers are way too fed up with the nonsense to get stuck with the bill. That kind of Bait-And-Switch would have politicians selling apples and pencils on street corners. the other option would require the banks to bite the bullet and back off the throttle on the Ponzi train.That’s not likely to happen. As we have seen, there are no bailoutsw for the public, that don’t end up in ther banks balance sheet.

People used to understand the concept of “dirty money”. Money carries a moral consequence that it picks up in it’s travels, before we get it. Since the currency is borrowed into circulation, it is a debt obligation. Calling it money, doesn’t make it money. Until we face that fact, the Federal reserve will print to feed the lie, and seal our destruction.

They will need a much higher level of agreement than has been seen to this point. The bottom line question of who is going to pay for it takes these negotiations apart, every time. We shall see, what we shall see.

People can’t tell the difference between debt and money. When the Federal Reserve purposed to monetize the debt and sell it to other countries, that institutionalized insanity. Debt can’t be transmuted into money by the alchemy of semantics. The people who lived through the Great Depression knew that. Why don’t people understand that, today?

While I’m thinking of it, I have to thank my friends at The O. U. R. Center in Longmont, CO. They make a big difference in people’s lives.

The difference is the dividing line between humanity and bureaucracy. Government herds and tags people like livestock. There are no human attributes in the corporate structure. We can not delegate responsibility to a legally dead thing, a corporation. Every day, we decide which master we will serve.

I really appreciate your efforts, Chris. I have friends who probably slept outdoors on the ground, last night.

In so many instances that we never hear about, many people have a better life because someone gave of themselves. Thank you for your service.

These programs that do real things to help real people get real things done. With the way things are going, it will take all of us to get through it.

Like it or not, entire industries have be3en exported out of the United States. If we continue on this same path, we will all be homeless.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about the importance of local relationships. Dysfunction occurs when commercial identity skews our perception. The priorities are no longer human. We see time and again, that in a crisis, all we have are the people immediately around us. We must recover our humanity.

We are learning the lessons of the Great Depression, over again. We can’t go back the way we came. We have to make the most of life, here and now. Thank God for the shelters, food banks and outreach programs.

I lived on the Front Range of Colorado for 15 years. The last 3 years, I was homeless. There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. Obviously, something has to change. Either the economy changes for the better, overnight, or homelessness will be the way of life for many millions of people.

It takes on site understanding to find things that work. Making the most of resources that would otherwise be wasted, is something that works. Thank you for setting a good example.

When the Federal Reserve bought into the lie that the debt could monetized and used in trade with other countries, the fate of both the currency and the country was sealed. As long as this delusion persists, we will continue to decline in economic standing. The generation that lived through the Great Depression knows that this is madness. We should learn this lesson now, or learn the hard way.

This is how Corporatism works. Corporations respect no national boundaries and have no national loyalties. Alliances are as expendable and disposable as people. Everything and everyone is defined in “units”. Units are either productive or defective. This is the Brazen New World we have gotten ourselves into.

If it were only Italy, the news wouldn’t last long. As we’ve seen, this disease is contagious. This is going to turn into a barfight at an ice cream social.

Sounds like a plan. Every time I’ve taken a “vacation”, it turned into a move. Wherever you are, the priorities will always be water, food and shelter.

This “who you know” economy is collecting all of the trouble it has sown. The truth be known, the government can’t live on debt, either.

I’ve found that trying to figure out what people want is a distracting effort. After a few years, I had to admit that my blog was all over the place and lacked continuity. Now, I search for blogs to follow that are thinking in the same direction I’m thinking in. There’s still a lot of room for variety in content.

Very good advice. There are things I want to change and I’m sure I’ll make things more accessible.

I don’t have a blogging problem. Since I’m a photographic speed reader and people tell me have a way with words, morning to end of the night is a perfectly normal schedule. It all fits together, and I’m never bored.

Very good advice. Purpose + Discipline = Results. I like it. In my situation, I found that no matter how well I write, I’m a blogger in a Twitter world. Everyone wants to read what the message is, in 140 characters, or less. I found that, even as I approached 150 posts, they weren’t getting much attention. So, with one of my posts, I switched to a daily update format. When I started it on another website, a year ago, it didn’t get much attention. Now that I search for blogs to follow and include their links in the content, “The Daily Climb” does get attention. This is the thing that I’ve always known. You can’t get read, if no one knows you’re there. As things have developed, it’s become very important to me that I see 100 clicks to other links on my blog. When I comment on someone’s post it means that I found something worth reading. Other people should see it, too.

Wednesday, Jan. 4th, 2011 – We’re barely into the week, and the economy is desperately trying to find  good news. In the past, overstating the numbers or their importance has caused big trouble. Too often, we have seen the positives floodlit with attention from mainstream media. The negatives get swept under the rug, until they end up in court, cause a bank to fail, or a developer files for bankruptcy. While the housing industry is gamely trying to save face, loet us not forget how widespread and tangled the foreclosure fraud issue has become. Courts have declared mortgages invalid, in many places. In many cases, clear title is broken. Under these circumstances, it has become more difficult for the mortgage industry to put anything under valid contract. No matter what the new housing starts are, building something into a strangled market is pointless. There are 13.5 unsold homes, as it is. “If you build it, they will buy it” no longer works. The point is that until this problem is resolved, contractors won’t be working very much, either. What goes around, comes around in the economy.  This can’t continue or the decline into recession is inevitable

When economic indicators are as manipulated as they have been, it couldn’t be -proven by evidence that there has been any recovery, except for the banks.

Markets are driven more by avarice than need. The belief that the need will provide the resources to satisfy avarice is rampant in the world. Supply band demand have become extortion and racketeering.

They’ve tried every imaginable way to integrate the currencies of the world. Obviously, the only option left is to collapse all of them, leaving a vacuum to fill with a global currency. All political dictatorships began with an economic dictatorship.

Toxic ingredients in vaccines have no moral justification. There is no question that pharmaceutical companies have caused more autoimmune disease and damaged more lives than all wars, combined.

Repression always seems to be a stronger motivation than encouragement, in human nature. There is just something about being aware of the presence of another human being that sets that off. In a cultural context, any change in circumstance is counted as danger, until proven otherwise.

The links break down because much of the data is not reality, but a derivative representation meant to mimic reality. The decoupling is the end result of separation from reality. I take this as proof that the markets do not represent the real economy any more than professional sports gambling represents what happens on the field of play.

A major concern is that markets don’t respond in the direction that public policy wants to go. The reaction to austerity and conservation is always a run on available supplies.

This contrived and illusory system is doomed to fail. The currency is not money. Government is not God. Products are shipped an average of 1,000 miles to get to us. This is so far removed from working the land with our own hands. It is inevitable that the future of survival is local.

In a crowd situation, rumor becomes as good as fact. It runs it’s course, leaving people wondering what happened, if anything. Men’s hearts fail them, for fear.

The Federal Reserve note itself, is white noise. If it were not for currency manipulation, the markets would reflect real value. Every day, we see the speculation on when the flood gates will open on more paper. If the answer to that daily question drives the market, everyone is in bad trouble.

The cost of making real things exposes the fraud of the fiat system. They can’t even manufacture the slag coinage, as cheaply as they used to.

Corporatism is an interlocking system of commercial relationships. It’s growth through two world wars and many military actions brings the world back to the developments of the 1930s. The patterns repeated draw the world into managed debt servitude. We know where it is going, by the evidence of where it has been.

A paradox of the fiat money system is that, for the Ponzi scheme to continue, politicians have to keep their promises. Failure to deliver brings the whole thing down.

Fiat currency is a fantasy, gold and silver are reality. The fiction of the fiat markets is blowing away like smoke on the wind. 2012 will be a year of currency collapse.

Shelter is both a physical separation from the elements and a calm place in the eye of the emotional storm. Every day, we are all searching for that refuge, in some form.

This is a good example of someone getting something done, instead of just planning it.

I like things that work. Homeless people can be just as functional and expressive as anyone else.

We’ll see how long this lasts, or even if it gets off the ground. The history of trade restrictions is that the terms are violated as quickly as they are implemented. Remember that nations agreeing on anything start in mistrust. They end up in dissolution. The current Euro crisis proves that.

Bureaucracy has always had a distaste for independence. It has a hunger for other people’s money. The best way to get their hands on it is to tax people into poverty, and then offer to help with the resources it extorted.

The earth has become much more active, over the past decade. We are still learning when and how to get out of the way.

Looks like the housing market hasn’t learned it’s lesson. If they build it, somebody will default.

When I saw a documentary about GMO food that openly admitted that modern chemical farming was developed in Nazi Germany, I instantly understood where GMO crops fit into the population control agenda. This is genocide. It is a holocaust without the barbed wire and gas chambers.

These videos contain the documentation for everything that I’ve been writing. The paper trail details how world history has been shaped, since 1934. The videos are well worth the hour that it takes to watch them.

This is a lot better than watching football. It is interesting that the ESF coincides with the State of Emergency in Agriculture. 1934 is an important year in history. The Federal corporation took dictatorial control of the economy. That State of Emergency has never been rescinded and is in force, today. It’s purpose has been stated in the Preamble to the Congressional Record in 1953 and 1973.

‎These videos confirmed everything I knew, and more. I knew that American pilots, in American planes were flying combat missions against Japan, in 1939. I just didn’t know that the operation was funded by the U. S. Treasury since 1934. I’m keeping the link to the Zero Hedge posting, along with this one, current in “The Daily Climb”.

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd, 2012 – The study of Human Nature is fascinating. Every day, we see people Living, moving, acting out roles in so varied environments and circumstances. It all seems contained within the boundaries of postponing the inevitable on one side, and reaching for the unattainable, on the other side. In between, there are all of the lessons of life. There are accounts of stress and desperation. There are displays of temporal power. There are stories of people defeated, before they started.  There are people who inspire, and those who discourage. Some seem to avoid the just reward for their deeds, and others who suffer misfortune they didn’t deserve. Through all of it, we as observers try to find meaning in why things are the way they are.  Just when we think we’re certain about anything, we find that there are details that we weren’t aware of. If we shake our heads and walk away without considering what happened and what it means, we have lost something. We always have an opportunity to learn something that will be important to us, later. With that thought in mind,  today will present bus with new lessons. Class is in session.

The generation that lived through the Great Depression is remembered as The Greatest Generation. Losing everything and moving on to build a life that far outweighs the loss is what they are remembered for. There are many racing analogies that come to mind, but there is one that is particularly descriptive of these circumstances. You set the car up for the end of the race, not the start. As the race wears on, the track comes to you. I heard that in an interview, after Jack Johnson won a big block Modified race at Lebanon Valley Speedway. Good advice from a smart man.

It hasn’t mattered who won since 1867. That’s when the system was changed. The Federal corporation conquered the States and abolished them. The States were replaced by subsidiary corporations. When you see the term “this state”, it means legal status within the Federal corporation.

More Enabling Acts. It didn’t happen overnight in Germany, but they’re trying to set a new record. Zero to Tyranny in a few months. This may not get out of committee, but they won’t stop trying.…_Introducin%E2%80%8Bg%3A_H.R._3166_%26amp%3B_S._1698_Enemy_Expatriati%E2%80%8Bon_Act%21/17278/0/0/0/Y/M.html

Thank you for posting this. I know many dog owners who will be interested in this.

That’s handy information if someone has to deal with a crisis. Any disaster that disrupts deliver systems needs a backup plan.

Title 50 of U. S. Code says we don’t have to be told, either. Decades of chemical and biological testing on U. S. citizens have gone unreported and unchallenged. We don’t find out about the dangers until decades have passed.

Yes, that is a real gun show. Having fired a 50 Cal Barrett, I do appreciate what the right tool for the right application means.

This is what I’ve been telling people for 30 years. Get away from the cities. Find safe drinking water, or have a good carbon block filter. Grow and store food. Independence is priceless.

That’s an interesting concept. Securing belongings usually involves bringing our stuff, wherever we go.

That looks a lot better than some of the places I’ve slept, in the past 30 years..

Life is good. When my blog post, “Purchasing Power Limits” was published in the local newspaper, I did send 5 copies to my mother. Enjoy the coffee. We don’t always have it.

Officially, there are 10 million people in the U. S. that are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. W8ith what is going on with the economy, more people than that are slowly being squeezed out. Thank God for the shelters, food banks and outreach programs.

We can only be in one place, at one time, doing one thing at a time. We’re not God. Some people get angry with us because we’re not God, and can’t just hand them everything they want. The rest are glad that we’re not God, because there would be a lot of smoking holes in the ground.

This doesn’t work. None of the wage slaves can get that deal for themselves. Yet, people allow the federal corporation to write bad checks, in their name.

This is madness. Iran gets off on the wrong foot. Impeding international trade by threat of military confrontation never works.Of course, economic sanctions do make people combative. This is reminiscent of Japan’s position, prior to Pearl Harbor. Like it or not, positions have been stated, and a standoff is in progress.

There’s a lot to be said in favor of being a realist. It makes it much easier to state the obvious. For there to be anything to manipulate, someone really has to get paid, and stay paid. This system of revolving debt is far from reality. The paper currency won’t cut it, anymore. People who take possession of physical gold and silver at the point of sale, know the difference.

I’ve always found this time of year to be stranger than fiction. But then, I’ve seen some strange behavior. I’ve seen people with no money, walk around pushing a cart for an hour, then park the cart filled with “shopping”.

First, I want to thank you for following my blog. I know that the things that I write are outside of most people’s comfort zone. I’ve searched the world for people who tell me I’m wrong. The Emerson quote has a lot to do with that. As long as I can remember, if I said anything about anything, a dozen people would pop up to tell me I was wrong, and it just won’t work. They trained me well. I don’t wait for a crowd to agree with me. They gave me an independent streak.

The good thing about writing is that I don’t have to be brilliant continuously. That would make my head hurt. I never forget the moments when something comes out that reaches someone and they respond. Writers write to be read, first. To be understood is a gem.

I’m very familiar with Dave Hunt’s work, from when I worked in talk radio. I see that there is a system of interlocking relationships in the financial, political and religious spheres that are forming the Beast system, The Great Whore of Babylon


Having experienced so many instances when the effort was there, the form of thought was there, but the fire just wasn’t lit, I can say that there is no substitute for a purpose worth risking everything that might be gained.

If investor sentiment could solve the debt problem, then that would be something worth the confidence that a rally seeks. Since sentiment can’t defy gravity or the debt load, there is nothing upward that is sustainable. Of course in the short attention span of the large institutions, a few seconds might be considered sustainable. That might work for recording a profit by the end of the day, but it doesn’t work, in the real world. The price of Powerball tickets is going to double. Is anyone long on those?

Having been a photographic speed reader since the age of 4, I quickly ran out of things to read. I read the dictionary and phone books, just to ease the boredom. I still read everything in front of me, but I do focus on relevant topics. I follow over 100 blogs. I search through Internet search results, incessantly. I read Black’s Law Dictionary, regularly. I have a link for it, online. It’s in the list on my blog site and in some of my blog posts. Yes, reading does enhance understanding of meaning. Pronunciation and typing lag behind, in my case.

Monday, Jan. 2nd, 2012 – Today, we start the first full week of the new year.  We can certainly expect to see activity in the financial world. The same problems are still there. This is one area that doesn’t start with a clean slate. It hasn’t started fresh, in a very long time. Developments in debt management will be an underlying factor in every aspect of the news. Finance will affect every aspect of daily life. Jobs, incomes and lifestyles hang in the balance. D3ecisions made a generation ago have monetary policy locked into a commitment of monetizing debt. The generation that lived through the Great Depression would see that as a contradiction in terms. They understood, very clearly, that debt is not money. This lesson will be repeated, many times, in 2012.

I just commented on a blog post that talked about the announcement of a new global financial system and currency, in 2012. I’m a skeptic. We shall see, what we shall see. Still the possibility got me thinking. I see another purpose in the ESF. Ever since the League of Nations there’s been a push to global governance. Logically, it would also include global control of the issuance of currency. By exporting debt around the world, a backdoor method of integrating the currencies of the world has been underway, since 1934. Obviously, the role of the ESF defends Federal interests. There has always been a struggle for the position of reserve currency of the world

You can pull a string all over town, but you can’t push it anywhere. It is impossible to force a slave to be free. That is what we have come to. That is what debt does. The debtor is servant to the lender. We have become slaves on the Federal Debt Plantation.

Of course, 2012 will be more difficult than 2011. With each passing day, the interest on the debt waits for no man. It keeps piling up. Adding to the debt load in an attempt to push back the day of reckoning doesn’t work. 2012 will be a year of mounting debt and declining ability to pay.

This has been a “do what you like, but don’t do it here” culture for the past 40 years, at least. People are described more by what they hide, than what they reveal.

My friends around the world welcome me to reality. They tell me that we now have an Internal Security Agency, just like they do. A few tell me that torture is part of the package. It’s a not-so-brave new world.

Man can not create life. Corporations imitate life within an alternate universe of their own imaginations, yet they will never survive the delusion. They are dead things, legally.

Yes, Ben Franklin did understand the worth of unfettered public debate. Since we no longer have an unfettered national media, it falls to us to perform that duty

Right now, many are convinced that government has gone a step too far. What will they say in the middle of the next crisis? I’d feel better about the answer if we had a more independent culture, as we did in 1930. That’s too bad. In 2008, we began reliving the 1930s.

The reach of the corporate structure, it’s agencies and agents, is now growing with the acceleration of technological advance. It would appear that nothing is beyond their reach. They seek to establish a man made Heaven of their own, but will end in destruction.

Roles could be reversed, in 2012. We could end up cleaning bathrooms and mowing lawns, in Third World countries. Oh, wait a minute! We don’t have to go anywhere! The United States could have Third World status, in 2012.

Life gets down to the basics. Water, food and shelter, in that order. You can ride out the economy, with those.

It is consistent with history. With foreign countries unloading U. S. Treasuries, it makes sense to buy them back with devalued currency. It’s only a postponing band – aid, but the Ponzi scheme continues.

The numbers of displaced and impoverished people will continue to increase. There are 10 million people in the United States who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the streets. Thank God for the homeless shelters, food banks and outreach programs.

The Federal Debt Plantation is operating at maximum capacity. They produce a bumper crop of “Ponzis”, every year.

Whether legal aliens, U. S. citizens or not, the Federal corporation requires everyone to sign up to get fleeced. Corporations have no respect for national boundaries.

As I’ve been saying, we are living in the 1975 film, “Rollerball”.

Not to mention the gold bars, adulterated with tungsten cores, in the bullion bank vaults. That story is largely suppressed, but the story of the missing gold won’t go away.

This is the product of “The System” that people are so eager to defend. The sheep skin falls off, and the wolf is exposed. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They get real things and populations get debt, in the form of worthless paper.

This incident may be connected to stories reporting on changes in the characteristics of the Gulf Stream. Uncharacteristic weather patterns are also attributed to these changes.

A global currency has been a hanging curve ball, on the way for a long time. We shall see, what we shall see.

Based on my answer to the basic question, “Is the currency, money?”, I say the forecast isn’t this good. My answer is “No”. Debt monetized by borrowing into circulation is not money. Oh what a tangled web they have woven.

Intelligence agencies work muscle for the corporate structure. They respect no national boundaries. The corporate structure is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic. Dead things claim dominion over the earth. That will not always be so. Their time is short.

These are very disturbing signs. Areas of Yellowstone have been closed to visitors because of elevated risk. The earth is waking up.

Very timely prayer from Allan McDougall. Psalm 6: 2 – . That’s a promise that we can believe in.

Psa 6:2 Have mercy upon me, O LORD; for I am weak: O LORD, heal me; for my bones are vexed.

Psa 6:3 My soul is also sore vexed: but thou, O LORD, how long?

Psa 6:4 Return, O LORD, deliver my soul: oh save me for thy mercies’ sake.

Psa 6:5 For in death there is no remembrance of thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks?

Psa 6:6 I am weary with my groaning; all the night make I my bed to swim; I water my couch with my tears.

Psa 6:7 Mine eye is consumed because of grief; it waxeth old because of all mine enemies.

Psa 6:8 Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity; for the LORD hath heard the voice of my weeping.

Psa 6:9 The LORD hath heard my supplication; the LORD will receive my prayer.

Psa 6:10 Let all mine enemies be ashamed and sore vexed: let them return and be ashamed suddenly.

‎People just do not understand these enabling laws. They don’t study history. Creative interpretation and selective enforcement make them dangerous. If a present tyrant doesn’t realize the worst application, the next one could.

“The U. S. banks are completely isolated from the European contagion”. …. Yes, and Mary Poppins had a little lamb. With the Fed committed to propping up Europe, the contagion is in the debt swaps. Speaking of debt, that is the major export of the United States.

As my blog has grown, it has become very important to see a growing total of clicks on other links in my blog(s). If I see more than 100 in a day, I know that there is content that people find relevant.

I’ve lived in vehicles. The best was a Dodge Van Camper conversion. The coldest was -23 F, in a Chevy S – 10.. Not fun, but you learn the rules. Everything must stay as dry as possible

The corporate structure is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic. These accounts illustrate that point. The history of internment camps is rife with examples of uncertain alliances and loyalties. There are no human priorities in Corporatism.

I do appreciate the volunteers in the shelters, food banks and outreach programs. The past 3 years would have been miserable without them.

I knew things were upside down 30 years ago, when my case manager in the unemployment office had a Masters in Psychology. that was the only job he could find.

Unfortunately, we have all been trained to measure ourselves and others for their commercial utility. We are trained to monetize people and harvest them. We sell ourselves for fake money. To change that mindset is to gain freedom and we learn independence.

One thing is certain. In the short term, everything is a step sideways, or appears to be so. In the long term, history repeats. We are reliving the 1930s.

People don’t understand that, with fiat currencies, there is nothing to lead with. It would be likje someone knocking on your door, trying to sell you something he doesn’t have, and can’t deliver. Fiat currency is the promise of money. The only way it survives is to sell people the idea that inflation is normal. Then, they will accept devaluation as a fact of life.

Just having the threat to supplies is enough. Lurking in the background is the potential for all this debt swap mess to come unraveled. After the documentary video I watched today, the currency markets are more fragile than we are told.

I saw the Occupy movement for what it was, from the beginning. My first question was as to whether or not they were taking legal action in petition of Redress of Grievances. Since there was no evidence of such actions, I wrote a blog post titled “Redress of Grievance, Or Voluntary Internment?” As it has proved out, people voluntarily assembled themselves in internment camps of their own making, and waited for the guards to come beat them.

Sunday, Jan. 1st, 2012 – There’s no point to speculation about the end of the new year. Our only option is to pick up what we know, and go with it. I see a theme that will come to the forefront, in 2012. It is expressed, always has been expressed, as presumption of commercial activity. That should make us uncomfortable. The presumption has always been there, we just haven’t recognized it.  The discomfort is in knowing that commercial perception is completely materialistic. It is incapable of seeing anything or anyone, as anything but property.  In that context, the incentives in the structure are moving society toward regimentation of the population in forced labor. In history, it’s been called many things. Internment camps, labor camps, public works projects, etc. In every case, they all displace people from the land. In retrospect, the circular arguments in “War Of The Money Worlds” illustrate this concept. The participants may be friends. The go back and forth in civil conversation. However, their commercial identities lock them into roles that are opposed to each other. This is the commercial environment that the present debt crisis will play out in. There is no resolution within the system. The announcements and proposals will go around without end, until currency collapses, government and bank failures and political affiliations  run their course.

Not surprising. It has the stink of U. N. Agenda 21 ripening in the sun. This ties in with many articles, from many sources, touting war as a population control option.

We will see the difference between fiat currency and money, in 2012.

Purely fiat currencies have an existence of about 40 years, on average. There are many theories on this. The best that I’ve heard is, that is the amount of time required for the foolish generation that allowed weights and measures to be so adulterated in this manner. The generation that replaces them lives with the consequences of their parents actions.

People thought that they were getting on a train to move on to a better life, in another place. That was the history of the pogroms, all over Europe. People held on to false hope, trusting men to respect life. We should not be so foolish, in the future.

The IMF has done it’s job, gloriously. It has spread debt slavery into every Third World country. Corporations have followed the IMF in and raped nations, walking off with land that populations were displaced from, natural resources having been pillaged out from under them. We won’t see the IMF change it’s objectives, in the least.

2011 was an admission that the Welfare Nanny State was in too deep, to back out, now. The debtor shall be servant to the lender in 2012. It as always been so. Now, people will have to admit it.

The fact is that the Federal Debt Plantation is fighting to stay in business. It’s only product is debt. The United States has been exporting debt for 77 years. Whether their is an admission of insolvency or not, the debt is coming home.

Fiat currencies are borrowed debt. They mortgage the future, to pay for today. We are going to see the difference between fiat currency and money, in 2012.

Quoting someone is remembering his words. I quote Thomas Jefferson, very often.

“If private banks are allowed to control the issuance of currency, they and the corporations that shall spring up around them, shall deprive the people of all liberty and property. The people shall find themselves homeless on the land that their fathers settled.”

The standards of conduct have been established before man was created. This fallen world is following it’s nature to it’s destruction. We must turn back to the ways that we were instructed to go.

This system of unjust weights and measures does have it’s back against the wall. All who have ears to hear, are called to come out of it.

Homelessness is the collateral damage of the wealth transfer system. The fundamental weapon of mass destruction is poverty. Central banks get real things. Populations get worthless paper.

The central banks have been taking “coordinated actions” since 1934. It’s amazing that they could keep a Ponzi scheme going, this long.

Plan B is to pack briefcases with currency and have the plane ready on the tarmac. Seriously, there is no Plan B for when this unimaginable debt bubble pops. The exported debt is coming home to roost.

It is shocking, how deep this financial hole goes. After watching a video on the history of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, all of my suspicions were confirmed. The documentation corroborates what was common knowledge on the street, for 40 years.

I wouldn’t say that putting the fox in charge of the hen house, Franklin Roosevelt by name, would solve anything. It was his administration that took gold out of circulation and set us on this path to fiat currency poverty. He was in this corruption, up to his eyeballs.

The Roman coinage was an adulterated currency. There was no standard weight and measure. Metal could be shaved off of the coins. In both cases, financing the military advances of the empire stretched the funding until it broke.

The beat goes on. Paper money is comparatively easy money. All of the cheating tricks that kids learn, playing board games, work in the real world. These days, they still work, after people get caught.

The depth of this EQ is the only good news. The pattern I’ve seen over the past 7 years is that deep earthquakes circle the globe, followed by shallower earthquakes. The next few weeks will be interesting.

Many times I’ve asked people what they’ll do, when the banks don’t open, the cash registers and ATMs don’t work and the supermarket shelves are empty. Most think that the government will do something. They would do better to learn how to grow their own food.

Economists are completely disconnected from the real world. They’ve lived in a fiat universe for so long, they believe that there’s a paper solution to everything. The fiat currency bubble is about to burst, while it’s being inflated.

That is interesting. I saw a documentary on a similar facility in Washington,     D . C.  Of course the ongoing speculation about Denver International Airport has never been explained away.

People have short memories. They don’t study history. If they did, they would understand how fiat currency takes a nation apart. For the Federal Reserve, it only took 99 years to dismantle and part out America. U. S. citizens are repaying the debt on funny money twice, at interest. Central banks are masters of the Bait-And-Switch and the Shell Game.

I’ve seen it expressed in many forms, in the past 40 years. It condenses into the fact that Right and Left have no meaning, when spun around by civil unrest. Both ideologies are now absorbed into Corporatism. That was Mussolini’s word for Fascism.

Preparation avoids suffering and confusion. Taking the time to think things through, before a crisis, setting up emergency options and having viable alternatives is just good common sense.

Weaning away from civilized convenience isn’t always pleasant, but it is a valuable learning experience. Having been homeless 7 times and lived in vehicles a few other times, I can say that it is an education in independence. As circumstances are developing, millions of people will have to learn these lessons.

That would be quite a confrontation. Even so, the subtleties of perception shift without public notice. World perception is being skewed in rebellion. The outcome seems to be inevitable. We must avoid being caught up in it. We are reliving the 1930s.

That’s a way of life now. I look back at the videos I’ve done and the things I’ve written. The lesson is that commercial success is a trap, not a desirable priority. To be successful, as the world measures success, I would have to betray my principles and embrace everything I write against. The world won’t always be this way. For many, it won’t be as good as it is, right now. The damage was done, long before we were born.

Homelessness touches everyone. I slept outdoors, in a sleeping bag, last winter. I know a doctor who sleeps in his Lexus, because his medical license and malpractice insurance lapsed, while he was doing volunteer work, in India. I can tell you, it gets cold, down by the river.

Making sense of confusion is the human condition. Mixed signals are the new normal. We need a different standard of measurement than the world has devised. Obviously, the world standard is devised to defraud and rob. You don’t want to catch the train to the next MF Global. The currency is not money. Gold and silver are money. Paper is not money. The disconnect is the seed of lawlessness that has sprouted and infested the world. The standard by which the world is really measured is older than any nation or central bank. We have been weighed in the balance, and found wanting.

It is interesting that he chose the same actions that are taking the system apart. He chooses default in protest, takes the money that is due the obligation, and takes up gambling as a vocation. Not surprising. In a lawless society, he has chosen to be lawless. This defines the cascade failure that is coming, in the commercial world.

The points of argument between Capitalism and Socialism are now moot. Without real money, there is no pure form of Capitalism. Because of the innate nature of human commercial interaction, there has never been a form of Socialism consistent with it’s stated objectives. Both ideologies have been absorbed in Corporatism. Now it’s easier to understand, than live with. An Elite Corporate Oligarchy is now the structure of the world. No matter how Capitalist or Socialist a nation claims to be, they are all administered by the agencies of the Privileged Few.

Currencies rise and fall with the fortunes of the nations that sanction them. The shifting alliances that we see emphasize that point. This is another Plan ‘B’, just a potential out, covering the possibility of the end of the Euro damaging the USD.

These indicators are factoring in hope of recovery. The reality is not as good as the numbers say the situation is. The currency itself is a system of debt slavery. Currency collapse and depression is the more likely outcome.

I like what I see here. There is a lot of room for discussion. On the issue of land owner rights, we see a very tangled mess, today. There is far too much to deal with in a comment.

Friday, Dec. 30th, 2011 – Here we are, going into the last weekend of 2011. What can we expect in 2012? The world certainly took a turn for the worse, in 2011. My friends around the world welcome me to the real world. The United States now has internal security checkpoints, just like they do. The media accounts on this are delusional. None dare call it martial law. As the Corporate Oligarchy tightens it’s micro – managing grip, more people will see what I’ve been told, for years. It really is worse than I say it is. We have seen an end to anything contained in the Bill of Rights. There has been no Constitution since 1867, anyway. They drag the document out to make people feel nostalgic while they’re waving the flag and celebrating the Corporate Wars of Conquest. Yes, you should explain to your children why they should be proud to be cannon fodder. On the bright side, world events are coming to a grand climax. Future history is unfolding, just as it is written. That is important. There is strong delusion in the world. Without written standard of measure, there is no sound judgment. We know that things are not as we are told they are, No further proof of the deception is needed. The economy is not as good as we are told it is. These constant wars are fought for reasons other than what we are told. The truth will bear out. Currencies and governments will continue to collapse. They will be replaced by central bank receivership, shackled in debt slavery. The United States is already deep into it. None dare call it slavery. We prefer the comfort of delusion that we are free. The velvet glove is coming off the iron fist, and people are getting hit.  Destruction is coming.  Search the Scriptures for the way you should go.

Shabbat shalom! For those interested in Hebraic Roots teaching, the Talking Torah room on PalTalk is open, through the day.

Through the week, I’m usually listening to Hebrew Nation Radio at:

On a personal level, an individual doesn’t have to wait for an entire State to secede. State Nationality is a requirement to be a State. There must be 60,000 State Nationals on the land defining that State. U. S. citizens can not secede. That would be a legal impossibility. They are still shareholders in the Federal corporation, imported statutory persons, legal trusts, and aliens in the state they legally reside in. For the purpose of this statement, a State is an area of land with living, flesh and blood human beings living on it. A state is a subsidiary to the Federal corporation. To properly secede, people must refute the presumption of U. S. citizenship and assert their State Nationality. The links to research this are in my links list.

A plan tested in an actual event is a plan with credibility. I’m posting the link to this.

Regulations create agents sent forth to devour all of the people’s substance. Thomas Jefferson was right. We do live, piled one atop another, as they do in Europe, and we have become as corrupt as.Europe. The notion that bureaucracy is good is a European concept.

Georgesblog – for Social Conscience My first thought was “NOT!”

2011 ends with more shackles on the economy than it started with. Regulatory micromanagement and an open – ended public debt load are combining to kill consumer activity and business expansion. I can’t see how 2012 comes out good.

Everything I see starts with the currency is not money. It follows that the economy tends toward disintegration. Prediction of an upside fall to the ground, dead. The talking heads on the financial news present the lie with all their might. No matter how convincing they are, the currency is still just paper.

Another applicable word would be “Derelictocracy”. Public officials are presumed to know the law.
In the Supreme Court case of Screws vs. United States, that was the majority opinion in the ruling.

It takes a lot of control to keep the welfare state livestock under control. We see the public response in European countries, when austerity measures are announced. If 46 million people are notified that the food stamps are not in the mail, it could get ugly. But wait a minute! Didn’t government create this problem when politicians bought vote with promised handouts?

Politicians have always buttered their own bread, with the high priced spread. The taxpayers take care of that, and it doesn’t cost the politicians a dime

Both Capitalism and Socialism have been absorbed into Corporatiam., There is no right to private ownership of property, anymore. If there was, we could grow our own food and make our own way in life. Instead, the heavy hand of corporate intrusion and invasion exerts it’s power, everywhere. The Wars of Corporate Conquest continue.

In many places, homelessness isn’t that good. Setting up a tent would bring instant attention from the police. It would also bring a $195 fine that homeless people can’t pay. Homeless people are often hunted down like animals, deprived of their meager possessions, and harvested by the courts.

I see that we are reliving the 1930s. All of the economic, political and social conditions are repeating. We can not stand silent while this is happening.

We have to see beyond where we are, and know that better is possible.

Many are trapped in the artificial construct of technology and convenience. Returning to the old paths and the old ways is a good thing. It’s independence.

That was a step towards the reality of homelessness. The hours between 11 M and Dawn can be miserable. In winter, the cold can keep you pinned down, until time to get up and get coffee, on a good day.

Thank you for your service. I have many friends who are sleeping outdoors. If it were not for the shelters, food banks and outreach programs, life would be much more difficult.

I have many friends who are sleeping outdoors. In extreme weather, there are shelters that open. If it were not for the shelters, food banks and outreach programs, life would be very hard for many people.

I’m sure that the charts for the collapse of the Roman Empire followed the same pattern. Making coinage out of base metals and military expansion caught up with them. History is repeating.

The stage is set. The conflict between force of wills and ideologies will play out, to conclusion. There will be a gloating winner, and a resentful loser. This is a classic split in the making.

The FDA worships at the altar of Monsanto, on this one. Control the food, control the people.

At least people are beginning to figure this out. The president is the president because he’s the one the banks want.

There is no grounding in reality, for the markets. The paper speculation is just hanging from a noose, by the ankle. It’s going to be a long drop to the ground, when everything cuts loose. 2012 will be the dead cat bounce before the depression that makes everyone forget about the ’30s. We’ll have enough trouble to deal with.

It’s the Lyndon Johnson “Silent Majority” thing all over, again. Decision are made with support from imaginary people that no one knows.

People have been dropping out of the wage slave system for generations. There are people who never got into it. With each passing day, the corporate structure becomes less relevant and more intrusive. Some people respond by just saying no, and walking away from it. They don’t have any other choice. There is nothing there, for them.

Technology is available today that tyrants could never imagine. That box is open, and there is no closing it. We are way beyond 1984. All that is left to us is to be who we are, speak the truth, and seek the good path that leads to deliverance and redemption.

Following through on the line of reasoning, government bonds are an act of war, committed by governments, against their own people.

The paper gold market is collapsing. MF Global fixed that. Try getting the real metal in your hand. The physical market is a different planet. The fiat universe is made of anti – money. It destroys real wealth. With that understanding, the speculation markets should make perfect sense.

Yes, shoot the messenger. Like that has ever worked, right? The historical fact is that Corporatism always does the big crash and burn. People just don’t get it. There are two very divergent realities to choose from. One is genuine, the other is deception. We see it in our expectations. The American Way is truth, justice, compassion, industry, ingenuity, honesty ….. etc. The United States Way is about eliminating competition, by whatever means necessary. In 2012, we have to wake up and smell the coffee, before the price goes up.

Harmon Taylor makes complex things so easy to understand. That’s why I’ve been getting his free newsletter for years.

It will be Tuesday before people can do anything about what they missed while they were distracted by the noise and commotion of New Year’s. The world certainly changed for the worse, in 2011. But we’ll leave the new year to it’s own trouble. We will come back to see who’s being downgraded, who’s lining up at the Fed to get some more funny money, and we always have political intrigue and scandal. Catch your breath and rest. We’re going to need it.

People must have to be serious control freaks to be involved with government. When I heard that there were people in government and the private sector that viewed the common people the same way that a hunter viewed a deer in a field, it made my skin crawl. That’s what commerce does. It skews human values and takes on a purely commercial mindset.

It’s poison spreading through the financial system. Celebrate New Year’s while you can. A year from now is very unlikely to be this good.

I ask people if they are financially conservative, or Biblically conservative. I see a lot of hesitation, with that question

That’s why I wrote “Fiat Addiction”. Fake money has similar effects to drug addiction.

Thursday, Dec. 29th, 2011 – We are counting down the days to 2012. It feels like living in the film, “The Green Mile”. With the developments of 2011, the global economy has to feel like a dead man, walking. Since WW II, we have seen the Corporatist war machine go into high gear. We have seen governments take openly Fascist changes in policy. We have seen Marxist dictators run roughshod over Third World countries. We have seen Socialist indoctrination in the education system eviscerate the industrial nations. We have seen currencies disconnected from reality. Monetary policy is now in a “go for broke” mode. If the central banks continue going in the direction they are going, nations will go broke. For all of the talk of economic interdependence, the proof is there that no policy makers really believe that. The tension in the world stems from leaders proving to each other that they can’t be trusted. There is an obvious agenda in play that persuades people to throw caution to the wind. These are very dangerous times. Each day is uncertain. Yet, we do have hope, if we have the conscience to hear it, and the faith to believe it. All will come to pass, as it is written. The big question for 2012 is, “Where do we put our trust?”.

I’ve seen the rising numbers of homeless and near – homeless double in the places I’ve been, in the last 3 years. As the currency collapse continues, the numbers will continue to rise.

That’s why I wrote “Fiat Addiction”. Fake money has similar effects to drug addiction.

All that, and the delivery system is becoming more unstable. If people can’t grow their own food, they really need to know their local farmers.

There is a growing number of people who never figure into the unemployment numbers. They gave up on the system, long ago. With the continuation of the currency collapse, that group could easily outnumber the officially unemployed.
I’d like to see the numbers for new applications for Social Security Disability benefits.

It’s all the same crowd. The preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery. We must remember that this president has repeatedly made reference to his desire to implement mandatory community service, by a civilian force equal in size to the military. We used to call that forced labor, leading to outright internment camps.

We are seeing push come to shove. There is only one pie, and no one will be satisfied. They all want the whole pie.

The funds are contained in the closed loop of the banks, circulating through the vaults. Debt service is an ever growing part of the Federal budget. Almost none of the stimulus funds reached consumers.

I’ve been trying to explain this to people for at least 8 years. Paper is not money. Gold and silver are money. I tell people that, if they are holding physical gold and/or silver, they are the bank. I get the deer in the headlights look. I tell them, if someone wants to buy their metal with paper, demand double spot price. They respond with no one would pay that price. Then, I get to the punch line. They should never allow themselves to be put in the position of having to sell their metal, at any price. Why should they trade their real money for worthless paper?

So, the economy is a plane that has controls that work backwards, sometimes, or not at all. I’m glad the Fed knows that.

Everything is coming apart. Wildlife die in strange, sometimes unexplained ways. Diseases flare up that investigation sometimes can’t explain. We see corporations like Dow Chemical, petitioning to spray an Agent Orange component on crop land in the U. S. We see Monsanto genetically modifying the food supply. We wonder if there will be anything left, fit to eat. Surely, judgment is coming, and soon.

The central banks play a game of “heads, they win. tails, you lose.” Once they get a purely fiat currency in place, the population is hopelessly behind the debt curve. We now have the most insidious form of slavery in place. The fiat currency ends private property rights, and with them, independence.

The one thing that w8ill remain is the government of a nation is not the people of that nation. Corruption separates the two. We see governments taking actions so injurious to the population, that we must ask how such cruelty and inhumanity could achieve such power. These days that we live in won’t always be this way.

The rats don’t want the ship to sink. They’d rather nor have to jump overboard.

At times, the analysis of central bank moves reads like an account of a game of Bridge or Poker. We watch the balance go back and forth, watching the next card drawn or played. In this game, we don’t know if anyone is going to get a decent hand to play.

From the beginning, the motivation in blogging came from the comments and discussions that arose out of my blog posts. I didn’t set out to be the best blog or the most popular writer. I’m following an increasing number of blogs because I want to read what other people have to say.

Blogging is a tremendous outlet for thoughts that can'[t seem to find expression in other forms of communication. Writers write to be read. That need is the operative force in writing. We can be as inspired as we’ve ever been, but we still need that connection and feedback.

Blogging is a unique environment. If you’re at it every waking moment, as I am most of the time, it can be tiring. Any time away from it re – energizes and the content is there to fill the time available to it.

That is the format that I use in my daily update blog post, “The Daily Climb”. It functions well on many levels. It records my thoughts on stories that I read. It’s an archive of links that is always there. I hope it helps people with those interests in finding other blogs to follow. You should do very well in this format.

When we first begin blogging and following blogs, we see blogs that have 10, 15 or even 25,000 views. When we have months that only get 200 views, we wonder how they did it, and what it took to get there. I just passed 27,000 views and I’ve made good friends along the way. It is those interactions that make blogging what it should be.

Collecting water out of the sky has always been the safest method of gathering water. If water stands for very long, everything grows in it, especially the bad things.

Before there was Fukashima, there was Chernobyl. Safety is a relative concept. In the years to come, measuring risk will have different parameters. Commercial factors can not be allowed to rule decision making in the area of nuclear power.

Since the Great Depression, there has been no global Capitalism. Socialism is the ideology of fiat currencies. The more accurate description for global monetary and economic ideology is Corporatism. We are witnessing the corporate consolidationj of the world.

We have watched local police shift view toward military confrontation and away from protecting anyone’s rights. It always made me nervous 40 years ago, when I saw an increased emphasis placed on prior military experience in police recruiting policies.

Yes, what he said. With the rampant lawlessness in the land, we don’t own anything we can’t carry, and we don’t have any rights that we are unwilling to personally defend. The objective of commerce is always conquest. The Wars of Corporate Conquest continue.

I can’t see how these reports are anything but whistling past the graveyard, at midnight. The official figures are always revised negatively, within a few months of the initial report. This process will continue only as long as the markets respond favorably to the reports. I see this disconnecting in 2012. It isn’t that the smart money is all that smart. The smart money just isn’t ignorant.

This is one of the marks of fiat currency. The official reports say one thing, and reality says the opposite. The plain and simple fact is that the money is just not there to support the level of economic activity that the media tries to persuade us is improving.

I have been saying for months that we are reliving the 1930s. All of the social and economic patterns are evidently repeated. As I wrote in the introduction for today’s “The Daily Climb”, we are on the brink of the excesses of Corporatism, Mussolini’s term for Fascism.

This is the Public / Private Partnership, Fascism, in action. Mussolini preferred the term “Corporatism”. That term most accurately describes the structure and activity of central government, today. We are living in the original 1975 film, “Rollerball”.

The tax the rich schemes assume a captive audience scenario. The rich don’t hold still for being robbed, by government or anyone else. People neglect to consider that the Federal government has to compete for revenue. The rich are able to move their wealth and operations out of the United States. Taxation and labor issues have already moved industrial capacity out of the United States. Squeezing the Golden Goose is over with. Now, people are trying to squeeze turnips.

From the time that leakage from Fukashima was acknowleged, the questions concerning the extent of the contamination were being asked. To this point, there have been few answers. It remains to be seen how much responsibility TEPCO will be forced to admit.

The pace of turmoil is increasing, both in world political and economic tension, and in the physical activity, itself.

The general mood in 2008 was that everyone knew their neck was on the block. They just didn’t want to hear that the axe was going to fall, right now. Atthe time, China’s exports would indicate that they had no problem. I never gave any thought to their economy coming apart, internally. As it turns out, the present situation proves my point. No production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. We know that there will be plenty to write about, in 2012.

Wednesday, Dec. 28th, 2011 – The world we knew is passing away before our eyes. We never got to know life in America. The Federal corporation conquered the States in 1867, and now claims everyone as 14th Amendment property. We have government of the Corporation, by the Attorneys, and for the Banks. Our inalienable rights are supposed to be protected under our State Constitutions. We are betrayed by a corporate structure that knows no law but it’s own decrees. At this point, asserting our State Nationality is ignored.  The United States is a corporate internment camp. We are seeing legislation passed that enables a tyrant. NDAA was a shock, but if you study history from 1920 to the present, you will see that we are reliving the 1930s. The difference is that the objective is here in the U. S., not in Western Europe.

I have a new invention. I’m going to call it the Ponzi stick. It goes up, once. When it comes down, it suffers a catastrophic structural failure. The user is left feeling betrayed and violated. There is no warranty. If you want a refund or free replacement, you have to ask Jon Corzine. He will refer you to JP Morgan. The check is probably not in the mail.

I tell people, if they are holding physical gold and silver, they are the bank. If someone wants to buy it, demand double spot price. The response is usually that no one would pay that price. My response is that someone is offering worthless paper for real money. You should never be in a position of having to sell your gold and silver.

The answer to the poverty and debt question is that we are being “Ponzi” – ed into oblivion. Congress is unaccountable to us because they are there to manage us to the maximum benefit of the Federal corporation. For everything else, picture two sunny side up eggs, sizzling in a skillet. This is the human brain on fiat currency.

A decade ago or more, we were saying that this was coming. Now it’s here. We’re not kooks or tin foil hats, any more.

Yes, the news is very negative. Yes, the legislation is bad. We are reliving the 1930s. Dictators don’t happen overnight. It takes a decade , or more. It remains to be seen, how much of that time we have wasted away.

Yes, the game is afoot. They’ve been playing Ponzi Ball for 99 years.

The only answer in the short term is to stop sending people to Washington,      D. C. and turn Federal government over to the State governments. If those seats were filled on a rotating basis, no individual would have a uninterrupted term in that seat, and they would stay a lot closer to home.

As historical background, Japan was under a blockade and embargo preventing shipments of oil into Japanese waters, at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. War is a commercial action. The jingling we hear is not pocket change. Regardless of who throws the first punch, it’s still a fight.

I know that is a lot harder than it reads. 15 miles in the forest is a lot different than 15 miles on a road. I did like the concentration on awareness of surroundings. It immediately brought to mind everything I’ve read about dangerous environments.

Very good post. There are a number of good carbon block filters on the market. I have had a lot of experience3 with one of them. I once filtered water from a lake through it. When I bent down to scoop a bucket of water to filter, I could smell sulfur. The filtered water was clear, clean and refreshing. Water filtration is important. There are 5,000 parasites that thrive in and on the human body. We don’t want to be drinking them.

In every book on survival that I ever read, everything begins with a list. Some build a list from scratch, by assessing priorities. Since most of us have little or no experience with survival situations, other than what we’ve seen on TV or read, most of us aren’t qualified to know what we need. Thank you for this post. Everyone has to start with something. A time tested list is better than what we can come up with, on our own.

The future problem is bigger than the present one. There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street.As the currency continues to inflate, the depth of it’s collapse will be deeper. The damage will be more severe. Debt expansion didn’t ease the Great Depression. It is production and employment that ends economic decline.

The numbers are shocking. This is only the beginning. As the currency further collapses under the weight of increasing debt, so to does economic activity. Lower production, fewer jobs. More unemployment, more homelessness.

Slavery has always been the preferred business model of central banks. They have zero tolerance for dissent or opposition. People are in there positions, only as long as the central banks allow them to be there. They will either vserve the interests ofr the banks, or they will be gone.

We don’t owe it to ourselves. The debt is owed to a private central bank, the Federal Reserve. The Fed will collect the debt, by whatever means necessary.

We knew the radioactive contamination was leaking from the reactors, without remedy. The question that was raised at the time of the admission as to the leakage, how far would it go? Now, we’re getting the answer to the question.

We’ve known for almost a decade that these facilities, among them WW II prisoner of war camps, closed military bases, etc. , had been renovated for future use. There are lists of their locations and capacities. This is not rumor or conspiracy theory. These facilities are property in Federal inventory and activity in those locations is not consistent with inactive facilities.

The problem is that we are in exile. If we were in the Promised Land, this could and should be done. We are living under the Babylonian system with all of it’s abominations, including a fiat currency that is an unjust weight and measure. I believe that we are in the time of the Second Exodus. We will see the Biblical plagues visited upon the world. We are repeatedly warned of what is coming. We are repeatedly told not to be troubled by these things. If we are obedient and come out of Babylon, we are promised that we will be delivered out of this bondage.

This is an example of the corporate structure measuring how much pressure can be put on the livestock, without causing a stampede. Oops! We have a stampede.

We have to have hope to continue to function. We must also take care that our hope is not held in denial. If we ignore the severity of the debt load ande the history of fiat currencies, our hope is not hope, but delusion.

In the long run, the house always wins. The house won in 1929. The banks got property for pennies on the dollar, and we entered into a system of steady devaluation and loss of purchasing power. The USD now has 2% of the purchasing power it had in 1930. It is now a 40 year old, purely fiat currency. Currency devaluation is the mark of the decline and eventual collapse of any civilization. Yet, the central banks still have us rolling dice, in their house. We are seeing the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world.

Such is the way of the world. It has always been so. It traces back to a basic flaw in human nature. Just as one man seeks to make another an extension of himself, so do nations. Private banks know no allegiance to any nation. They defraud nations out of their wealth with fiat currency. In the process, they play both sides in a conflict against each other, financing their wars. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

We have seen, and continue to see focal points develop in the Corporate Wars of Conquest. This is a continuous process in the consolidation of the world under one authority. It was foretold that we would see this. May we recognize what it is and prepare ourselves, accordingly.

Economic collapse is triggered by Extreme Corporatism. Capitalism requires money. Fiat currency is Socialist in it’s practices and applications Corporatism is the all – inclusive “ism”.

The American Way is about Truth, Justice, Compassion, Ingenuity, Honesty….etc. The United States Way is about eliminating competition, by whatever means necessary. It is Corporatism, the same ideology that made Hitler a dictator and genocidal tyrant.

There is never enough for the greedy. They monetize and harvest everyone and everything. We are watching the corporate consolidation of the world.

The objective of commerce is always conquest. We see that the corporate structure will use anyone, any thing to achieve global conquest. In 1867, the corporate structure began the reconstruction of the United States. Now, it is reconstructing the world.

The Eurozone is going around in the same vicious circles. It’s coming down to all of that liquidity dressed up with nowhere to go. It’s like running out of gas while driving over an oil field.

I just commented on a post dealing with the mathematics of a bank run. It specifically dealt with ECB possible actions in that scenario. These moves in balance sheets are only the beginning. As we have seen, circumstances have teetered on being outside of the capabilities of central banks.

Very informative post. Ir does set the parameters for dealing with solvency issues. It still remains to be seen how deep the shock is, and how long it will last. The fatal flaw is that the currency is not money. It is borrowed debt. The possibility of a cascade failure in liquidity always remains.Hyperinflation is the symptom and fraudulent Ponzi practices such as Fractional Reserve Banking are the cause.

 Legal Reality Newsletter author Harmon Taylor will be the guest on “To Free America with Randy Yarbrough”, this afternoon. Please listen in. I know that you will be better informed about the issues of the day.

When a company is in trouble, the vultures start circling. Goldman just happens to be the lead vulture. Let us not forget that they have their dirty laundry hanging out in the breeze, too.

Tuesday, Dec. 27th, 2011 – We are seeing the unthinkable, being done by the unprincipled. Politicians claim to be doing the most good, for the most people. Yet,  the evidence of their actions undeniably condemns them for placing restrictions and burdens on people that are both debilitating and demoralizing. They seem more concerned with increasing the debt burden on the taxpayers, without causing a riot. The news stories of the coming day are things that we never imagined in our wildest nightmares. The Wars of Corporate Conquest continue. We are bombarded with dangerous chemicals. We are confronted with an increasingly invasive and belligerent bureaucracy. Today we sound the alarm, speak loudly and clearly. Lines are being crossed that put us further down the path to genocide.

This bears reposting. We can’t allow this to happen. The chemical they want to spray on America’s farm land makes up 50% of the content of Agent Oange.

I’ve said it before, so I might as well say it again. Corporations commit acts of war, against free people. Unless politicians believe they won’t have to face another election, they still have space to recover their conscience. If they don’t have fear of Eternal consequence, they will answer for their actions.

Here is the video that I was looking for, to go with that Monsanto Dow Chemical story on spraying America’s farm land with a component of Agent Orange.

Don’t you just wish you could run down to your bank, and do the same thing? What’s he think, we’re made of money? No, I think he thinks our great – grandchildren are made of money.

This is the time of year when people feel guilty for taking time off from the Rat Race. At the same time, they fear something going crazy, while their back is turned and they’re distracted. I’m sure everyone would like to leave the trouble to after New Year’s. The problem is that the trouble might not wait that long.

This is the time of year when people feel guilty for taking time off from the Rat Race. At the same time, they fear something going crazy, while their back is turned and they’re distracted. I’m sure everyone would like to leave the trouble to after New Year’s. The problem is that the trouble might not wait that long.

It works the same, everywhere. I made reference to the history of Third World nations in “{Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game”

“Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game”

It all begins with knowing what you are going to do, before you have to do it. Time spent now will avoid discomfort or worse, in the future.

Banks are master craftsmen of the Bait-And-Switch and the Shell Game. The currency is created out of nothing, backed by nothing. It is then leveraged to generate as much interest as possible. It is a trap, starting populations behind a debt curve that they will never overcome.

As the security of fiat currencies decline, once favorable financial relationships come to an end. We are seeing nations reevaluate the trade and market conditions. As we have seen in the past, shifting trade relationships do not last. They are an expediency, for the moment.

Gold is money. It is intrinsic value and free of debt. Paper fiat currency is a debt instrument, borrowed into circulation. Even if governments print it, instead of private banks, they are still borrowing with the future as collateral. As long as people will give us real things in exchange for paper and plastic representations, it’s a medium of exchange. When that ends, it’s just paper.

I’ve been telling people to get away from the cities for 30 years. The cities are internment camps. Independence is priceless.

Everybody is going to need to know this. The time to start studying and learning, is now.

I don’t see the Euro swimming upstream against history. I don’t see the USD doing that, either. Fiat currency and fractional banking all run their course, like any other Ponzi scheme. It takes an average of about 40 years, but they all go over the falls, without a barrel.

That was interesting. I analyzed two different samples of my writing, and got the same answer.

It’s interesting, because I don’t write fiction. I did read a lot of Science Fiction, & Fantasy, though.

I know how miserable that is. I’ve done it. It is the lowest point in life. Yet we walk through it. There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. We know what they will face.

Yes, that is the end result of the process that I wrote about in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”.

“The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

This is a great insight into human nature. They swarm toi the trough for more of the same that made them sick, to begin with. Inflation will be a “hidden” tax and interest rate, passed on to the population.

Mr. Griffin speaks better than I write. He knows whereof he speaks, and he has a lot more experience with the issues, than most people.

This is why I make references to the original 1975 version of the film, “Rollerball”. I recognize similar structure in the bureaucracy of today. Everyone should watch these videos. Mr. Griffin is the research standard by which all journalism should be measured.

This confirms what we already knew. The United States is lawless. It is government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys, and for the Banks.

I hate to be the wet blanket all the time, but I don’t see anything in housing meeting expectations in the coming year. The foreclosure fraud issue is still the other shoe, ready to drop.

The fatal flaw is the currency, itself. It is not money. It is a debt instrument, borrowed into circulation. It is exchanged for another debt instrument, a U. S. Treasury bond. The debt must be repaid at interest, twice. U. S. citizens are way behind the debt curve.

I remember in 2009, one of the talking heads on CNBC saying that he was” thinking about teaching his kids the grifting arts”. That must be what it takes to be a banker..

I liked the line about the hookers. When I wrote that America had become a nation of pimps and prostitutes, a few people got angry with me. Too bad. It’s true. I’m going to invent a knew toy and call it the Ponzi stick. It goes up, once. When it comes down, it suffers a catastrophic structural failure. It leaves the user feeling betrayed and violated. If there were no more liability issues than Bernie Madoff and Jon Corzine face, it would be a great idea. I’m not an unprincipled pirate like those two. I’ll just wad that invention idea up for File 13.

Industrial demand for commodities will definitely go down. Food and food related infrastructure will be under a lot of pressure to meet profitable production levels. Whatever the cost, the bullet will be bitten, and the rising costs passed to consumers. Food inflation could make the government numbers silly.

We should remember that a Preservation of Government meeting was held. No Congress people were aware that it took place, and had no knowledge of the content.

Business depends on repeat customers. Drug pushers have the most loyal customers. They will rob and steal to support the business. When addiction replaces reason, there are no rules. With the pharma industry, the corporations are just as dependent on their customers as the addicted customers are to them. It’s a mutually parasitic relationship.

The debt stories are like holes in the dike, multiplying by the week. I haven’t seen that the debt load is given the importance it should hold, in economic forecasts for 2012. Repeatedly, I see inflation understated and consumer activity overstated. 2012 won’t be as good as the forecasts.

U. S. citizenship is a revocable privilege, not a right. It is a share in the Federal corporation It is a legal trust in private law. .It is not a birthright. At the time of detention, it is a simple matter to declare citizenship void. It is a very simple semantic Bait-And-Switch

The outwardly appearing reasons may be money. The underlying condition is that all of this activity is in commercial identity, a dead thing. It is impossible to live, in a dead thing.

People do not own their land. A warranty deed, or other such instrument, is not the actual deed. It is a license, allowing use of the land, subject to the terms of the license. That is subject to revocation or change in statute. Just as with a motor vehicle, the Certificate of Title, by legal definition, is a document issued in lieu of the actual Title. Unless you have the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin in your name, you don’t own the vehicle. If a car loan is used in the purchase, you will never own that vehicle.

This is something that works. I Like it.

What begins in error, ends in error. The divergence of the error expands over time. The basic error is the belief that fiat currency is money. There is no sense in the market because of this fatal flaw. Purely fiat currencies have an average time of circulation of about 40 years. 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the USD becoming a purely fiat currency.

I pretty much agree with the economic predictions, except for the inflation issues. That means I disagree with the overall economic prediction. Inflation figures are manipulated for political gain. The consumers know that the government lies. I don’t believe that the currencies will be that stable. The French will blow their noses in the general direction of the British. I believe that there will be shortages of basic necessities. There will be episodes of panic buying, if not looting. And finally, the Fed will declare at least one bank holiday, after the election. It will be a busy year. Traders will hold on to their shorts.

There’s nothing like the flavor of the month. The Wars of Corporate Conquest continue.

I once wrote a blog post about the importance of local relationships. Close knit communities get things done, without confusion from politics. The practicality in the situation is that, in a crisis, the only help is the people immediately around us.

Having known several Holocaust survivors in the past 40 years, I can say that They survived experiences that we would never want to go through. They are changed. Simple things, a photograph, a memory, a sound can take them completely out of your presence, back in time. The horrors are fresh in their minds, very real to them. What I have learned about my own family history chills me. Dark days are coming. Is anyone listening to the sound of the alarm, the shofar sounding?  We must do better than people did, in the 1920s. The same laws that enabled tyrants to murder with impunity, are being enacted, today.

As I wrote in my intro for yesterday’s “The Daily Climb”, the debt instruments, like the Federal Reserve notes are like cockroaches or termites. More debt, more of them, won’t increase their food supply. We and everything we possess are the food supply.

The increasing severity of the debt cycle points to a bad end for the economy. Expansion of the availability of debt, easy credit, liquidity will not solve the problem. We are beset with madmen who believe they can print their way to prosperity.

Monday, Dec. 26th, 2011 – Watching the global debt crisis is a lot like watching the presidential campaign debates. It isn’t that the personalities are all that important. Because I’m fascinated with history and human nature, I pay attention to it. I understand that in every statement and action, it is commercial identity that is speaking. With that understanding, I don’t get caught up in the intrigue of personality clashes. I understand that the circumstances on display are bigger than the people involved in them. I understand that the Corporatist position holds them replaceable, expendable and disposable. People can go from being a central figure to a “used to be”, very quickly.  This week should define where events go, next. We know that everything on the table is too little, too late. It couldn’t be any other way. Debt feeds on real wealth. It isn’t satisfied with more debt. Think of all of those pieces of paper as cockroaches or termites. More of them doesn’t increase the food supply. The food supply is you and everything you possess.

Now, that is a young lady who put her mind, back and hands into a solution. I like things that work,. We have to survive, to have hope.

Phew !!!! I thank God you came along! Most people don’t care enough to even check on someone in that position. Death and mourning are high on the list of causes of depression. In his case, circumstances emotionally beat him to a pulp. A few days ago, I wrote in another comment, may we be the help that God sends, when people cry out for help. I know what it is, to live in the streets.

Quantifying the content of the articles is brilliant. Most of the time, I just look at who is being quoted, and their position / status. I have never kept count. You developed very revealing statistics.

At some point in life, everyone has been in a game of Monopoly in which one of the players wants to change a rule, in the middle of the game. What follows is dissension, followed by accusation and recrimination, followed by the breakup of the game. This is the pattern of the Euro collapse. We should take notes. The USD can’t be far behind.

One of  the refinements to come out of the World Wars was the technology of espionage and surveillance. We see it applied against civilians, today. Government now has the weapons that tyrants dream of.

The “safety net” is an expansion of the 14th Amendment debt slavery system. We now have a culture of dependency, too fearful to leave the Federal Debt Plantation.

Prohibited Material + Captive Audience = Instant Market.

I’ve been following stories of unexplained mass deaths of animals for a long time. This seems to be an unusual episode of toxic contamination or an unknown pathogen. The question is, will the cause be publicly identified with anything close to the truth?  This blog has a large archive of such posts. I also read several posts about contagious disease outbreaks on this site. The posts I read go back a long ways. The world is poisoned. There are 60,000 chemicals in the environment, that weren’t there, 100 years ago.

The repercussions are happening. They just aren’t bureaucratic and judicial. Europe is in a world of hurt, of their own making. Sow in debt, reap poverty. The USD is following right along. This blog has a large archive of such posts. I also read several posts about contagious disease outbreaks on this site. The posts I read go back a long ways, Arlene. The world is poisoned. There are 60,000 chemicals in the environment, that weren’t there, 100 years ago.

There are a lot of good things learned in humility. Nothing is ever a total loss. No human being is worthless. I could have frozen to death in 1982. I’m just happy to be alive. If I had died back then, the past 30 years would never have been for me.

It’s bad that we are poked, groped, scanned, prodded and watched by other people. It’s worse that there are going to be machines that do the same thing. I don’t believe this has anything to do with product sales. This is tracking technology, plain and simple.

A couple of years ago, I had a layover in a bus station for about 5 hours. I had nothing better to do, so I observed the conversation between a security guard and his supervisor. It was most revealing. The supervisor was fresh back from something like his 3rd tour in Iraq. He was explaining the differences between what could be done in Iraq, and what could be done in a civilian situation, in the United States. The interesting point was that it is the judgment of security on site, to determine the level of response, in a given situation. I wonder if they lapse into combat mode and forget where they are.

Scattered crisis are also scattering crisis. Economic collapse, civil disorder, shortages and government intrusion all produce displaced and disenfranchised people. I see 2012 becoming very nomadic.

Charlotte is such a great lady. I was on the board for many interviews on “Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Montieth”. I was on the board when she filled in for him, for a week.

The boom is going bust, all over the world. Now, it’s a question of who picks up the pieces.

I saw early stories about GM soybeans causing ulcers and tumors ib laboratory rats. I’ve always been looking for the study, confirming the reports.

This is fascinating history. We know that Prescott Bush was convicted of trading with the enemy, for his business relationship with Hitler, before and during WW II. Watch the videos.

What better way to highlight the expansion of the TSA VIPR program? Issuing a security alert terrorizes travelers, making them more compliant with the unlawful violations of civil rights. It illustrates my point. Only the Federal corporation and it’s agencies can legally own slaves.

We also know from other sources, that Leon Trotsky left NYC to return to Russia with $8 Million that he had raised while in New York. He was detained on board ship in Canada. President Woodrow Wilson personally intervened to accomplish his release. He returned to Russia with the finances for the Bolshevik Revolution. Corporatism is the inclusive “ism”.

Fiat currencies are fictions, created by the deceptive and dishonest hand of human nature. It is the foundation of the something for nothing mentality. It begins as nothing, and evaporates into nothing. It deceives the whole world.

Control and manipulation are seen in every area of commerce. Control of the necessities of life is a dangerous power. Water, food and shelter are the areas where we are seeing great and evil intrusions. Globalism has a plan for the future. That plan includes only 500 million people. Jacques Co0usteau knew there was a plan. At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero in 1993, he said, “For Earth to survive as a planet, 350,000 people must die each day, by whatever means necessary.”

I wrote about these commercial conflicts in the. intro for today’s “The Daily Climb”

We should never be surprised that banks and politicians never do as they say. It is the nature of the commercial environment.

Under normal circumstances, denial of the facts is simply delusion. When government tries to legislate the quirks of human nature, issues are raised that perpetuate in endless conflict. I like the Jack Nicholson line. Government should take it to heart. “Go sell crazy, someplace else. We’re all full up, here.”

That is the perplexing aspect of human nature. When we state the obvious, most people don’t want to hear it. If they hear it, they won’t receive it and act upon it. People are content to be sitting pigeons. No one can force a slave to be free. They just go looking for a new master, if their present situation falls apart.

The last century, and particularly the period following WW II, mirrors the decline and disintegration of the British Empire. That nonsense about “spheres of influence” that I was taught in high school is contradicted, ever day. No one talks peace, unless they are prepared to back it up with war.

War is a commercial action. It naturally follows that Advertising and Public Relations promote that action. There is nothing about defending any country or anyone’s freedom in war. It is corporate conquest, and nothing more. Bearing false witness about the nature and reasons for war brings it’s own condemnation.

If there was any doubt about the dysfunction of perception in this crisis, that has been dispelled by now. Clearly the world has been sent strong delusion. Fiat currency has drugged people into stupor.

This control issue has a long history. In 1979, the city of Cleveland, OH tried to pass an ordinance requiring fireproof or fire resistant furniture in all residences. Verification would require access and entry be granted to city inspectors. It would have been government sanctioned home invasion. People saw the invasion of privacy for what it was, and soundly rejected the measure.

We’re thinking in the same direction. I said the same thing in my intro for today’s “The Daily Climb”. This situation doesn’t have an upside.

The behavior in banking today reads like the ’20s and ’30s Gangster days. They should be called Banksters. They’re just working the old street cons, the Bait-And-Switch and the Shell Game.

Sunday, Dec. 25th, 2011 –

Little kids, fighting in the sandbox. The European situation is becoming pathetic. The rhetoric going back and forth isn’t addressing the problem. It’s like arguing over the best stateroom on the Titanic.

Last week, I wondered how many more forks could be stuck in the Euro, before it croaked over. At this point, I don’t know what’s holding it up. The stories about secret or not so secret plans to return to national currencies don’t inspire confidence.

It is sad and tragic. It does happen. I remember missing seeing someone in a day shelter, and asking about him. He usually brought a newspaper with him, and I had become accustomed to the regular routine of trading conversation back and forth, while we traded sections of the paper. After that second morning, the news reached us that he had passed away. At least he had a room, and was indoors. It’s winter, and I’m thinking of my friends, who are sleeping outdoors, in Colorado

I  too, have a strong preference for several blogs. In total, I’m probably following 130 blogs. They all give me a ground level account of places I’ve never been. Since I write primarily about the dark side of human nature, some of my friends call me The Doomsday Preacher. I never expect to be nominated for any awards. I don’t write entertainment. The fact is, without the blogs I follow, it would be very difficult to write anything, without plowing the same old ground.

Thank God for the homeless shelters, food banks and outreach programs. Without them, life would be miserable. I’m thinking of my friends who are probably sleeping outdoors, tonight.

The best I can say is that this doesn’t come as a surprise. No production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. Not only is China’s export market declining, but manufacturing decline now feeds into the decline of the domestic market. It’s a vicious circle. The global economy is based on another vicious circle, the fiat currency debt system. Where does it come out? History says it never comes out, as good as it used to be.

It’s so simple, a caveman should be able to understand it. Substituting fiat currency for money is fraud. The problem is that everyone is involved in committing the same crime.

It’s not just for Zimbabwe, anymore. Deleting zeros won’t change anything. The new currency won’t have the purchasing power of the old currency. “New and improved?” I don’t think so.

That reminds me of the Rich Little “America is having a going out of business sale” Richard Nixon impression, in the 1970s.

If it’s any consolation, the debt situation in the United States isn’t any better. People just seem to ignore it here. It is very well disguised and hidden. People don’t recognize it, because the packaging looks the same, but their money doesn’t buy as much.

For whatever reason people fall into the snares that weaken them, they can’t free themselves without help. Dumping a man on the street, near a shelter, is a failure to complete their duty. I do realize that emergency services are not a taxi service for the homeless. If the hospital treated him, they have no justification in placing him in harm’s way.

This is reality, and there are no expectations that it will get better. There are 1.7 million homeless children, in the United States. Thank God for the homeless shelters and food banks.

Aside from the characterizations of French and British authorities, the report does convey a distinct air of misrepresentation and suppression of the facts. There are so many valid studies finding the adverse effects of GM foods, that claims to the contrary should be easily refuted. The report is obviously a false instrument, filed with false intent. Whether they knew it or not, they were under oath. They can admit the falsehood, or answer to it, in Eternity.

This is what Color of Law produces. The militarization of law enforcement transforms peace officers into prison camp guards and eventually, executioners. This deputy allegedly made the jump directly to the end result. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

If people understood this, they would know that the end of consensus is genocide. Silence is consent. In the 20th century, silencing the voice of conscience meant killing 140 million people. The result of the consensus was the United Nations. Now, that central authority continues silencing the voice of conscience through it’s “aid” programs. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank spread debt slavery throughout the world, silencing dissent. The Hegelian Dialectic is the operative mechanism of corporate consolidation of the world. Mussolini’s word for Fascism was Corporatism. That term perfectly describes the Communitarian Third Way.

Any fallback position from a solution to the problem is failure. What is lost in the transition to national currencies is that there will be an intrinsic need to defend those national currencies. It could be no-holds-barred conflict in the global markets.

Protection of anything DHS wants to invade, is apparently a red flag.

Yes, the estimate is high. In 2012, the world may have trouble hanging on to the word, “growth”.

It is obvious that the War on Terror is really a war against U. S. citizens. The militarization and regimentation of this society has come to suppress dissent and recognizes no accountability to the people. We say “representation”. They hear “management”.

When the issue is economic recovery, the check is not in the mail. The check has never been in the mail. A lump of coal has more intrinsic value that a Federal Reserve note.

The crisis isn’t over, and it’s not going away. The efforts to hold the debt together with more debt, are doomed to failure. The question is whether or not the move to national currencies will involve defaults on Euro denominated debt.

We have to go back 3 or 4 generations to find words to describe the players in this crisis. They would have been called pikers and poltroons, back then. They make promises they can’t keep, with money they don’t have. One lies, and t5he rest swear to it. One transgression piles on top of another. The crushing weight of debt will collapse the paper empire.

We are seeing the corporate consolidation of the world. The compulsion toward world domination, in which the Federal corporation is a willing conspirator, will run it’s course. As it is written, destruction is coming.

It is a drop in the bucket. They are talking billions, when they need trillions. The easy loan terms only delay the collapse. It is only a matter of time before the next crisis brings the banks back to the present liquidity problem. It hasn’t gone away or been solved.

We can’t avoid hard questions, because the conflicts are always right in front of us. Wherever we turn, we have to address the questions. We can look at how societies have done in the past. One thing we do know. When these questions are decided on purely commercial terms, millions of people die to save the bottom line. Whether it be casualties in war, or genocide in internment camps, the corporate structure is a dead thing, with the priorities of a dead thing. It has no room for positive human attributes.

Friday, Dec. 23rd, 2011 – Here it is, the end of the week, and I feel that I’ve accomplished nothing. I know that’s not true, but this lingering debt crisis lets the air out of everything. Not being one to let those thoughts rule over me, I have to put the thing in perspective. I took the claims that have been made, and measured them by the actual results. That raises pertinent questions about the outlook for the future. Taking the statement that 2011 is 4 times worse than 2008, can we expect that 2014 will also be 4 times worse than 2011? If so, the $16 Trillion that the Fed printed out of thin air, to get into this crisis, multiplied by the projective factor of 16 times the amount of Fed issued bailouts, we can ask if it will require $256 Trillion to “fix” the inevitable 2014 crisis. That’s a fair question, since real people have to do real work and never see unthinkable numbers like that,  on their paychecks. The Fed painted the economy into a corner with a broad brush, in 2008. In 2011, will U. S. taxpayers stand in the corner, while Ben Bernanke empties the paint can on their shoes?

Everything is under Color of Law, now. It appears that they have authority, but thast authority is illegitimate. It is dictatorship from the Federal corporation, a corporation foreign, to the states. The sovereign States were conquered and replaced with subsidiary corporations, in 1867.

Corporations respect no national boundaries. Corporatism instigated and manipulated wars for it’s gain. The world is being consolidated into one corporation.

Oh, yes. This looks like a prison camp guard, just following orders. We should go back and revisit the transcripts of the Nuremburg Trials

It is a sad fact of the times. Government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys, and for the Banks

We watch and we report. We know there is a war. We know that a battle is coming. We do not hide in fear, but sound the shofar. These are the days that men have watched for, for almost 2,000 years. The King is coming.

Thank you for going the extra mile. Too often, that man’s situation is reality in the street. People can’t imagine the quiet and emptiness of waking up in the middle of the night, in a sleeping bag, in the snow. I am blessed that I am an excellent reader and have no alcohol or substance issues. I know many people who are in a hole they can’t climb out of.

The world, and all of it’s “isms” , is being consolidated under Corporatism. That was Mussolini’s word for Fascism. The Corporate structure that brought us the World Wars, is still in place, doing the same old thing. These wars of conquest are a continuation of FDR’s telling statement: “If you see something happen in the world, you can be assured that we planned it, that way”.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been resisting the release of information, all along. Everything that has come out has been as bad or worse than expected. The behavior is obviously quite desperate. With the foreclosure fraud issue up in the air, we have the setting for a perfect storm, in the housing market.

Now, that is an insight into where this economy is going. The drop in wages isn’t being met with a drop in prices. As for the temporary employment, there are are lot more people in day labor than I can ever remember. The inconsistent employment and no full work weeks are putting people in the streets.

This is reality. This is what debt does. The reality gets more severe. Any future debt incurred to keep the system going will add to a burden that can never be repaid. Debt is a loss based mechanism. The debtor is always behind on the interest payments. The United States needs to learn this, as quickly as possible.

Messing with Keynesians isn’t the same as messin’ with Sasquatch. You have to provoke Sasquatch.

Since I’m opposed to a central world government, no man should be in that role.

Call up your credit card company and make the person on the other end listen to you cut up their card. It’s one of the most satisfying things you can do.

The preferred business model of central banks has always been slavery. The debtor is servant to the lender. They know that. Debt slavery gives them mastery over everything and everyone.

The influences in the debt bubble work toward the same end. The banks are in the wealth transfer business. Their goal is to acquire title and / or possession of all wealth.

We are witnessing the corporate consolidation of the world. Corporatism was Mussolini’s word for Fascism. In Corporatism, human beings are property of the State. With passage of the 14th Amendment, under Reconstruction, the Corporatist ideology became the defining change in American law. Now, the same forces are Reconstructing the world under one government, economy, currency and religion.

The Federal Reserve note would not be in circulation, without debt. It is borrowed into circulation in an exchange with U. S. Treasury bonds. Both must be repaid, at interest. Before the debt could be retired, there would be no Federal Reserve notes in circulation. Debt takes on a life of it’s own, and demands to be fed.

I’m always looking for new blogs to follow. I tend to get bogged down in the same old stuff. The tedium of plowing the same ground makes me fidgety. The blogosphere is a great place to explore.

I almost never think of writing as art. I certainly don’t write entertainment. Yet, the content that I write does require a certain level of dedication and discipline. We can’t all be celebrities, but that’s not the purpose in writing. In fact, public notoriety contradicts so much about what I write about.

Spammers will tell you anything to get you to click “Approve”. You’re wonderful. No one writes as well as you do. They’re so happy they found your blog. You changed their lives. The truth is that getting their link into your comments makes them money. It also damages your standing in search engine rankings. Approving Spam messages gets a warning from WordPress about allowing Spam messages on your blog site. Read the comments, but finish with “Delete Permanently”.

The connection between the brain and fingers is sometimes erratic, at best. Many times, I’ve had the content and purpose clear in my mind, only to segway into tangents. When I hand write a draft, the finished work never comes out the same when posted. After 4 years, the process has smoothed out and I hope I make more sense.

First, I like the title of your blog. When I grow up, I want to be 5. Life was perfect when I was 5. I could make a toy out of anything. Every time I went out the door, it was an adventure. School eventually developed into that regimentation/indoctrination thing. I never fit “in the box”.

I’m still figuring that Facebook question out. At one point, I reached thr Friend limit of 5,000. I started a group page. Over the past 2 years, I found that most of the people in my Friends list never messaged me, never visited my blog site or group page. On my Wall, I would see so many posts selling products or soliciting funds. Last summer, I made several announcements about editing my friends list. Some reactions were very negative. I unfriended 1,000 people. Now, the only way into my friends list, is through subscription to my blog site.

Writers write to be read. As time goes on, people discover you are there. I’ve found that people regularly visit if the content is fresh and relevant to their interests. After 6 months on WordPress, My blog site is approaching 25,000 views. You will find that making an honest effort to communicate with people results in more than visitors to your site. I have friends on 6 continents. That means more than any statistical measurement.

Interesting blog. I remember the frustration of my school years. I have demonstrated a functional form of ADD, over the intervening 40 years.. I’ve been a photographic speed reader, since the age of 4. I’m able to read multiple books, at the same time. Yet, I have always been the classic underachiever. Ive joked about it, saying that I have no industrial application. It’s taken a lifetime, but I understand why I shouldn’t want to fit into the commercial world.

Over the past 4 years, the biggest adjustment for me was to write what needed to be written, without apology or compliance with popular opinion. At times, the responses can range from benign condescension to vitriolic inference of possible retaliation. It’s all part of human nature, and writing has moved me along that learning path.

Congratulations on your 100th post. When I came to WordPress, I had more than 3 years of archives on another site. Out of almost 300 posts, perhaps 100 of them were not time sensitive and the topics remain currently relevant.

May you enjoy all of the blessings of Chanukkah.

40 years ago, I was approaching the end of high school. I was just beginning my learning curve. Trying to understand the world, filled with contradictions and dysfunction in the early ’70s, proved to be a task that is never finished. Back then, I observed that life cwas becoming more chaotic and nomadic, over time. It was obvious to me that the urban mentality was completely out of step with human priorities. The sum total of my wanderings and experiences have coalesced in my blog posts over the past 4 years.

It is a natural fit, but people don’t call the Public/ Private Partnership what it is. It’s Fascism. Mussolini called it Corporatism. Upon investigation, that term is the most legally correct term.

The hypocrisy of eliminating risk is the financial expression of natural disaster avoidance. The hypocrisy lies in the fact that fiat currency allows opportunity for manipulation that gold and silver as currency, do not. The fact that fiat currency exists for the sole purpose of depriving people of liberty and property, is hidden. This is the fundamental denial of informed consent that the Federal Reserve is founded on.

Life is becoming much more real. The contrived and arbitrary dictates of commerce are crumbling. Independence is becoming an increasing issue in survival.

The examples of lawlessness fill the news, everyday. We now have a nation under the boot of Corporatism, the ideology that brought Hitler to power. The basic rule is the rule of Thunderdome. In every conflict, two men go in, two agendas enter, but only one comes out, alive.

Poverty is a weapon. We see it in the people isolated and moved from the land they once produced the necessities of life. I’ve written many posts about the role of government in managing the spread of poverty. They are all contained in my archives.

Thank God for the homeless shelters, food banks and outreach efforts. Without them, life would be miserable for many people. Thank you for your efforts. I’m thinking of my friends, sleeping outdoors, in Colorado.

I’ve been telling people for 30 years to get away from the cities and acquire their water, food and shelter, as independently as possible. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Commerce has taken us far from human priorities. We must separate ourselves from this artificial structure that monetizes and harvests human beings.

The homeless do need to be heard, on their terms, and not used as political currency.

The concept of “purchasing loyalty” raises serious moral issues, but the dark humor that it has inspired is illustrative.of the destructive flaws in human nature. Al Capone said that he rented politicians, because they don’t stay bought. That is getting dicey in international affairs, because everyone is finding out that the currency is no good.

Speculation and leveraging are dangerous, no matter who does it. Both the U. S. and Europe are caught in a maze of Catch-22s, without confessing to any of them. Fraud is now acceptable in the fiat currency system. This is the inevitable consequence of taking the money supply further afield from the narrow path of real money. The debt problem can not be solved with more borrowed debt.

They open the floodgates, and a babbling brook trickles out. When the ears were being passed out, the banks thought they said “gears”, and they just wanted the one they already had. Now they hear “billions” when they really need trillions.

It used to be that the most important thing about a press pass was access to the media buffet. Now, there is the unspoken obligation to present the story as government agencies spin them. The media now operates in the gray area between pandering and prostitution.

Unemployment numbers have been manipulated the serve political agendas for at least 3 decades. This is just more of the same. I like the quote from John Jennings.

“The problem is that we have fake people, living in a fake country, using fake money, and subject to fake laws.”

This won’t last long. People are also reminded constantly by the media that they’re running out of time to get out there and spend every last dime they can beg, borrow or steal. This artificial stimulation of consumption can only carry the market so far. Pack a parachute. The downside is going to be steep. Since fictional and false deities are about as legitimate as the Federal Reserve, I won’t interfere with public delusions.

I’m really trying to avoid sarcasm, here. I’ll just stick to the facts. The contamination has to be many more times as dangerous as the Salk vaccine, contaminated with the carcinogenic virus, Simian Virus-40. We have to remember that regulation is about the economy, not about life. The corporate priorities are anti-human.

Since this isn’t a holiday that I observe, I’m not as distracted as most people. I do observe that this time of year is a time of false sense of security. People mention peace a lot, around the Winter Solstice. There is no peace. But, let people have their distractions. The calamity that is coming will be very real and very sudden. We’ve already seen runs on bank deposits. It won’t take very many bank failures to accelerate the withdrawals.

These days, the only word you see “collateral” connected with, is “damage”. The subterfuge and perjury in the bailout process is matched only by the recent history of the mortgage industry. I was right 40 years ago, in high school. Government kills everything it touches.

Thomas Jefferson is a good example of a lifetime of observation of human nature, condensing into concise and memorable quotes. If only people would take those quotes to heart, today.

Now, tell me again, which is the dog and which is the pony in this show. None of the banks or countries have a pot or a window, but they all talk bigger than their wallets. That goes double for the Federal Reserve. All that ever comes out of these meetings is a rush to stick the taxpayers for it.

Disaster teaches us about community and mutual vulnerability. In a crisis, all we have is the people immediately around us.

Thursday, Dec, 22nd, 2011 – I’m tired of this debt crisis/bailout cycle. It is conflict, without resolution, a constant state of war. The blogs that I read tell me that a lot of people are tired of it, too.  A million reasons are given for it. Blame is quickly assigned, fingers pointing. I can’t give you a date for when it will end. I can tell you how it will end, and why. It is not our fault that we were born into a trap that was set, before we were born. Yet, if we continue in our present ways, we will suffer the consequences. This is where life gets real Biblical, real fast. Whether or not anyone believes it or not, opinion will change nothing. In a comment on a blog earlier, I went over just a few of the points in this issue. I said this:

“The Bible certainly does have a great deal to say about Finance. In particular, this fiat currency system is condemned as an abomination. It will be destroyed. Compounding the condemnation is the fact that the entire system is based on pledging men as security for debt. Furthermore, the means of making a living, the tooling of industry, is pledged as security for debt. Another abomination. The world certainly is under a curse. The Bible says that those who do these things shall surely die.”

That is just a few of the transgressions, just dealing with the commercial system. I’ll leave it at that. One thing at a time is enough to take on. We absolutely must return to a system of just weights and measures to even think about putting this right. We get what we agree to.

“Money From Nothing, And Your Perks For Free”

This does make me feel better, but there have been beatings in many places that went unpunished. I have friends who have been assaulted. No one was ever arrested in those incidents.

Thank you for your efforts. Without food banks, homeless shelters and the various outreach programs, life would be miserable

Having seen it all go away, several times in the last 30 years, I know the desperation of trying to stay afloat and not making it. I’m posting your link because you are not alone. There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street.

I‎’ll believe “unlimited liquidity” when Germany gets on board with issuing Eurobonds. Until that happens, the ECB doesn’t have the resources to guarantee anything. Every other story I’ve seen said that the ECB doesn’t have anything, without outside help.

I’m so happy I’m not in CO. After 15 years of snow, I’m just glad I’m in a nice, warm place.

Paper gold can go to zero or to a billion an ounce. Doesn’t mean a thing. It’s not real gold. Measuring the value of one fiction by another is delusional.

I met a man in a homeless shelter a few years ago, that had an interesting story. He was dressed a lot too well for that place. His story was that he had a government job, until he tested positive for amphetamines, once to often. He lost everything but his suit. For whatever reason, people are being squeezed out into the streets.

You’re singing my song. That’s exactly what I wrote in “Fiat Addiction” 2 1/2 years ago. The problem with this debt poison is that it doesn’t just eliminate out of your system. It ends up poisoning someone else. “Contagion” is a good word for that.

“Fiat Addiction Update 11/09/2011”

That was amusing. I loved the John Adams quote. The currency paper is a rag paper,cloth fibers, manufactured by Crane & Co. in North Adams, MA. At least it was, back when I lived in that county. There was always a big story about it in The Berkshire Eagle newspaper. Well, keep yer stick on the ice, yer powder dry, and remember that a herd of swine makes more sense than Congress, when they speak.

I  doubt that there is any growth. In fact, I doubt that there has been any growth since 2007. I’d like to see GDP numbers adjusted by deducting total debt service and trade imbalance from the raw GDP numbers. I’m sure that comes out far short of anything that can be spun, as good news.,%20the%20survival%

This must mean the Flim Flam Man is in town, with a plan. Regulation changes always seem to bring more centralization of banking.

Good post.. Class is in session.

This global game of “pass the hat” is just fiddling, while the financial world burns. The clock is counting down to the final buzzer. The banks are in the wealth transfer business. Nations will not have any game winning heroics. This will come down to financial power bases that recognize no national boundaries.

Politicians and semantics are a natural fit. The political environment dehumanizes people, monetizing and harvesting them as human resources.

Most people would find that hard to believe, but when you’ve seen it with your own eyes, you know that is reality. When you wake up in a campsite, just before dawn, and hear three beer can tabs pop, that is what your fellow campers have for breakfast.

I was at a shelter once, where the policy for alcohol and substance abuse was very strange and dysfunctional. I was told about a man who was turned out in the street, because he failed the breathalyzer test. It was a bitterly cold night. Alcohol and hypothermia do not mix. The municipal policy is supposed to be that an individual in that condition is to be taken to a detox center. This shelter didn’t see fit to call to make those arrangements. That man was found dead the next morning, in the park across the street.

We are seeing people who know the facts, researched the facts, and are now ignoring the facts. The only way they can do that is by deceiving the public. It’s the same, everywhere. Only when confronted with the consequences of ignoring the facts, do we see admission of the facts.

They can’t even bail out Italy’s $2.7 Trillion. Leverage? That’s what caused this, in the first place. “Sophisticated market engineering” is a fancy term for fraud. It’s not just insanity. It’s organized crime.

In the area I was in for the last 3 years, the homeless population doubled since 2007. That was just the people that sign all of the paperwork and apply for the benefit programs. The total is actually much higher.

Without the shelters and the food banks, life would be miserable. There are tens of millions of people in urban environments who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street.

Yes, this is a problem. The reality is a bigger problem. At this moment, there are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. They will go somewhere, if that happens.

I would hope that we are seeing an expression of independence in this. At the very least, independent food production is a step in the right direction. All blessing and increase comes from the land.

As I wrote in the introduction for today in “The Daily Climb”, I’m tired of this debt crisis/bailout cycle. I can’t say when it will end, but I do know how it will end, and why. We have a lot of changes to make, and a lot of hard choices. We should do that before we are forced to.

For a month we knew this had to be coming. We knew that the United States debt was as bad, or worse, than any European country. This inter – bank “liquidity” problem is synergistic in nature, because it is all borrowed debt. Multiple levels of interest obligations put the currencies far behind on the debt curve.

Apparently, the new maxim in banking may just be the old maxim: “If you build it, they will steal it” . So now, what do you do with people who just demonstrated that they can’t be trusted? Don’t do business with them. No deposits. No returns.

Comments are closed on this one, but it’s such a good history lesson. I just have to post it.

We were warned for a decade that this would happen. An era of speculation and paper manipulation has left us with a commodities market that is losing the ability to function, in either production or delivery. What a tangled web mining stocks wove. Now, it’s time to face reality, the reality of real money.

The prime of the Baby Boomers was spent in excess that mimicked the Roaring ’20s. Now we’re facing hardship not seen since the Great Depression. History repeats.

Austerity is a hard lesson to take. I liken the dependency to fiat currency to that of drug addiction. It runs it’s course, the addict either comes out of treatment, or dies. It is said that fiat currencies last about 40 years. One theory that makes sense is that it takes that long for most of the foolish people to die off. The people that are left have to dig out of the hole, or perish.

The economy is like a car that doesn’t need brakes, because it has a horn. Disconnecting the currency from real money is such a car. This steep ramp that the economy is rolling down has only one exit. Unless currencies are fixed to a system of commodity standardization, there are no brakes. Some would argue that the steering doesn’t work, either. It is literally Hell on wheels.

This is madness. The police become criminals, then hide behind a badge. This is the very definition of lawlessness.

There is an obvious sense of urgency because this crisis is much worse that 2008. in fact, 2008 was much worse than we were told. The amount of debt that was thrown around turned out to be $16 Trillion. Peports are that 30% of that will never be repaid. As we see today, that debt made today’s problem much worse. This is the decay spiral of a Ponzi scheme. How much longer will people believe the lie that fiat currency is money? Desperate people will believe whatever they are told.

Wednesday, Dec. 21st, 2011 – More people are aware today that the Euro is running out of straws to grab. The signal of the beginning of the end was the people lined up outside banks in Greece and Latvia, waiting to pull there deposits out. We can expect to see a lot more of that, as other countries get squeezed out of the Eurozone. There’s no turning back, now. The banks have been “Ponzi” – ing as fast as they can go, to get to this point. The crisis will wolf down that $1 Trillion from the Fed like it was a light snack, to hold it over until lunch. The banks are in too deep, and things are changing, too fast.  The shocks are coming. Bank failures can’t be forestalled, any longer. The warning signs are there. As ratings are lowered and we start to see bank holidays, the crisis will intensify. The markets run on rumor and spin. We see repeated stories that the markets hope for the best, and then bail out.  The credit crunch reached the street in Greece, with disastrous and violent results. People get irritable and short tempered when they’re backed into a corner. If there is a positive in developing situations, I haven’t seen it.

We are being led out of this corporate, commercial system. There’s no other way to say it. This society implements the tenets and practices of every pagan society in history. Family life makes it very difficult to walk away from the comforts we have known. We are all in different places on that path. Yet, come out of Babylon, we must.

Under stress, like trying to get to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground, you have no other choice but to wait it out. Sunrise is coming, and not a second sooner. That becomes a goal.

Good lesson. We literally have to live and learn.

Water, Food, Shelter. The first 3 priorities make the rest of the priorities attainable and obtainable. Thank you for posting this blog. People are going to need it.

Uh – oh…. We know how this goes. The military goes in and confiscates anything it pleases. 100 years ago, we had similar problems with organized crime. Communities took care of these problems through the system. There was no revolving door on the prison, or today’s expected amenities that now go with life in prison. Because we have entered an age of lawlessness, my belief that we have to get away from the cities is confirmed.

Having lived in the streets at times, over the last 30 years, I understand this. Poor people, by material standards just have a different view of life. We understand that, in a crisis, all we have are the people immediately around us. May we be the help that God sends when people pray out of suffering.

Class conflict solves nothing. The causes of social tension are hidden behind layers of revised history and political mythology. I try to explain the details and methods, digging into history for most of my life.

There are ways to get things done. Sometimes, finding people who know how to find those ways, is the first step. Thank you for this example.

So refreshing to read this post. If it were not for the kindness of others, many of us might not have survived. I could have frozen to death, in 1982. I’m very happy to be alive.

7 times in 30 years, I’ve been that homeless person. I have friends who are probably sleeping outdoors, tonight. Thank God for the shelters and food banks.

Ah, good. You’re keeping score. Does this mean we should be watching IRT: Most Dangerous Roads, more? Could see the next big thing in emerging markets.

This sounds very much like the O. U. R. Center in Longmont, CO. I have many friends, there. If it weren’t for shelters and food banks, life would be miserable, for many people. Thank you for your efforts.

Thank God for the homeless shelters and the food banks. There’s nothing more miserable than waking up in the middle of the night, getting rained or snowed on. I’m thinking of my friends in Colorado, who are still sleeping outdoors.

Yes, homelessness can happen to anyone. I know a doctor who sleeps in his ’99 Lexus. It’s only a car, but the doors seal better than any house. I’ve been homeless 7 times in 30 years. I write a lot about the history and economics of poverty.

Now, that took some thinking. Just looking at the tent, it’s obvious that weight would be transport considerations. Getting enough insulation to make the tent viable in extreme cold has to be accounted for. Incorporating the insulating material into the structure obviously avoids a lot of moisture and heat control. I’ll be interested to see how it tests out.

That’s one way to keep the bank solvent. The taxpayers can lose their jobs and homes, but that’s not what banks are about. They’re in the wealth transfer business.

Interesting report. Where do they stand with S & P, Moody’s, etc,? The company name rang a bell, I thought I saw the company name in an S & P downgrade article, earlier.

Ok, this is the first story I’ve seen that has the can actually bouncing down the road. It remains to be seen if Europe has enough left from the tax base to carry the increased debt load.

That’s at least consistent. As nasty as the situation could get in Europe, it is understandable to avoid getting into it. These reservations about commitment go all the way back to UK reluctance to join the EU, in the first place. I’d dig in my heels, too.

This story gets wilder buy the hour. There have been so many articles that are back and forth on the funding for this. It really is the Shell Game, played with banks, instead of walnut shells. You can’t tell who’s in or out, but I believe the pea is in Ben Bernanke’s right – hand jacket pocket. Of course, if he’s left – handed, that could change things.

It’s nice to have a positive rating. It’s not so nice to get on the wrong side of the debt curve. Unless these countries can expand existing activity and find viable markets, they could end up in the same boat with Greece.

There are strings tied to that $34 Billion. It doesn’t seem that the Fargo police understand who and what all that gear is aimed at.

Whew! That’s an understatement. Since there has never been an independent audit of the Federal Reserve, there is no way of knowing how fragile the financial system is. We can be certain that it’s worse than we know. I suspect that opening the Fed to the light of day would find it filled with dead men’s bones. As I write, a new round of downgrades are in progress. Italy and France are back on the front burner. I see it as pressure to print Eurobonds. The insiders in the bond market must be drooling over manipulating Trillions in those.

What a nest of vipers this is! If it weren’t for bailouts, they’d run out of bribe money.

The central factor is always fiat currency, fake money.We can watch for new and improved packaging on borrowed debt, in 2012.

The fur flies, now. If the court rules that MF Global has no fiduciary obligation to investors, and no wrongdoing was part of the sale process, last one out the door, turn out the lights. If that happens, the power will be cut off, if you get trampled in the rush.

The indications of a French downgrade keep popping up. They just won’t go away. I suspect that it’s pressure on Sarkozy to get on the phone. Unless Germany can be persuaded to allow the ECB to issue Eurobonds, the pressure will continue.

Posted by Anonymous on Wed Dec 21 2011 13:17
BREAKING NEWS– BANK RUN -TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO WEST INDIES, REPUBLIC BANK, ROYAL BANK, FIRST CITIZEN BANK and SCOTIABANK thousand of customers simultaneously secretly withdrawing all their funds, because they believe that the banks might go into bankruptcy, and for fear of the bank becoming insolvent and that they the customer, will lose all their money.people are putting their money in smaller credit union banks or keeping it at home.

I wrote in my intro for today, that we would see bank failures and runs on deposits. People want their money close to home, not exposed to foreign bonds and insolvency.

Knowing John Perkins as I do, from working in talk radio, I have to suspect that the IMF is up to no good, in Africa. For good reason, people in Europe had better hide the good silverware, too.

It’s all about herding the livestock. U. S. citizens are Federal property, human resources in inventory, right down to their DNA. That’s what they volunteered for. Now, the herdsmen on the Federal Debt Plantation just have fancier cattle prods.

We have Government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys and for the Banks. Heads they win, tails we lose. By our participation, it’s all legal. There is only one way to right the wrongs. Returning to the Biblical foundations of American law would be a good start. Of course, the Federal corporation would resist that with all of the force that U. S. citizens are able to pay for.

Of course, it’s worse than 2008. Today, there is more debt, and liquidity is disappearing back into thin air, where it came from. Now, we see constant pressure to print more debt, as the solution. Since the bailouts in 2008 were grossly understated, and turned out to be over $16 Trillion, are they going to go for broke, this time? If the central banks are eventually going to take the plunge, why don’t they just print $160 Trillion in new debt? It can only come out 10 times as bad as the present situation, but we’ll have euphoria until it’s time to start paying.

Human nature is the reason that Plutocracy can’t work. It is that compulsion that makes one man a commercial extension of another, that degenerates into serfdom. We used to have a Bill of Rights, until passage of the 14th Amendment. With passage of the NDAA, rights have been restricted to revocable privileges. U’ S. citizens are legal trusts, statutory imported persons, aliens in the states they legally reside in, and property of the Federal corporation.

Some days are better than others. Finding blogs that “get it” makes the day better.

December 21, 2011 at 11:05 am

Well said George!

December 21, 2011 at 11:44 am

Thank you! I just get frustrated with why people don’t want to assert their nationality. They insist on being U. S. citizens, imported statutory persons, aliens in the state they legally reside in ….. the list goes on and on. They call their revocable privileges “rights”. That’s like a cow, suing a farmer over the way it gets milked. At least all this madness gives me something to write about.

It seems that the Real Estate markets aren’t happy if they’re not living in a bubble. The story gets repeated, over and over. After a bubble pops, the talk is about how to re-inflate the bubble. Now, it seems to be about keeping the bubble inflated, while they patch the holes. I had a bicycle tube like that, once. It had 11 patches on it. It wasn’t very reliable.

Since economic activity is limited by the amount of new debt available, we should expect to see numbers that don’t match up with reality. Hoping for the best is one thing. Paying for it, is another matter.

So, the new paradigm is about knowing when a bond is going to land on it’s face in the manure, right? I’m asking because I might have to tell people to stop pretending about “investing”. For as long as I can remember, i’ve heard horse players call their activities “investing”.

The corporate consolidation of the world continues. This sets the tone for the next week. Now that Greece has been cored like an apple, the attention turns back to Italy and Spain.

Obama’s documented public statements make it pretty clear that he is an anti – American, Marxist agent of a foreign power. He did say that the United States is the fastest growing Muslim country in the West. Before that, he said that he wanted to visit all 57 States. There are only 50 in the U. S. , but 57 Muslim countries. It’s not about his religious identity. It’s about his disloyalty in acting against U. S. citizens. As long as people insist on being shareholders in the Federal corporation, they’re stuck with it, regardless of who the president is, or where he was born. They can shut up, and pay their taxes. They are being managed to the maximum benefit of the Federal corporation. In fact, they’re paying for that “service”.

The Federal corporation itself, became a monster, in 1860. The invasion of your humanity begins with the invasion of your space.

The corporate consolidation continues. This is how Reconstruction works. It’s one Korea, followed by Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan ….. after another.

When the “Fast & Furious” story broke, it was reported that the plan was to create a problem, and then ride in on their white horses, to fix it. To follow through on the game plan, they need a scapegoat. This fits the pattern of putting it on the people they recruit to take the fall.

So, the new paradigm is about knowing when a bond is going to land on it’s face in the manure, right? I’m asking because I might have to tell people to stop pretending about “investing”. For as long as I can remember, i’ve heard horse players call their activities “investing”.

It’s good to see balance of priorities in the comments. It begins with water, food and shelter. Without those three, there is nothing to protect. Next, in a situation in which one man has gold, another has silver and the third has a side of beef, who is the rich man? Easy answer, if the supermarket shelves are empty, the cash registers and ATMs don’t work, and the local security is suspect. All of the bases have to be covered.

Planning is good common sense. Having a good plan is practicality. The combination produces independence. The people that no one would listen to,10 or 20 years ago, had it right. Batten down the hatches. It’s going to be rough seas,for a while.

This is the Wealth Transfer Mechanism in action. Banks get real things. Populations get worthless paper. It’s as simple as that. Once understood, we should never think that printing more “liquidity” will solve anything. Debt slavery is the most subtle form of slavery. It is only a matter of time until people are monetized and harvested in the most blatant end of debt slavery, Genocide. Understanding that there is a war is part of the battle. We must also understand the weapons.

There is so much range in the debate over economic factors and how they fit together. While the debate goes back and forth, this is what is coming. “Wage Slave: 2012”.

“Wage Slave: 2012 Update 11/18/2011”                                                                    

Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 2011 – This can’t get any more bizarre, can it? The past 24 hours have seen stories about the debt crisis that defy logic and common sense. We see numbers on reviving the EFSF that are laughable. They haven’t found out that they can’t “Ponzi” everything. Even with borrowed debt, they have to put it on the table, right up front. The $1 Trillion or more that the Federal reserve is reportedly ready to kick in is still  a fraction the size of the problem. We’ve seen stories about how that can be leveraged, too. Multiplied debt built this problem, and multiplied debt is supposed to fix it? I don’t think so. Apparently, bankers flunked math badly enough to believe that numbers don’t mean anything. The real world says, think again, count everything over, from the beginning. Speaking of the real world, it’s falling apart, out there. A lot of people are getting an education on how to live on zero dollars.

Ever since a cabal of industrialists, bankers and various people of privilege bought the 25 most influential newspapers in the U. S. , the media has been the voice pushing the Corporatist agenda. Since the early 20th century, wars have been instigated, currency collapses engineered and executed and the rule of statute, Private Administrative Law, has run roughshod over all that was right and decent about America. It is no surprise that media repeats big lies, over and over again.

Having been homeless 7 times in 30 years, I do have some practical experience with poverty. I’m also a photographic speed reader, able to speed read multiple books, at the same time. After 54 years of devouring everything I saw in print, the content coalesces into a blog. Poverty is not a condition that just happens. It is not random misfortune. I am well acquainted with how poverty works. That’s how I came to write “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

This is more common than you would think. I know people who have been beaten. A few years ago, there was a gang of teenagers that were eventually caught and went to trial for killing homeless men, with aluminum bats.

The joke is on the paper speculation market. I have friends who have been buying physical gold and silver, for decades. It took a while to get through to them, some of them years. I tell them to ignore the spot price. “Huh?” is the response. First, I tell them to never allow themselves to be put in a position of having to sell their holdings. Second, if a dealer is on the phone, repeatedly trying to buy, tell him you want double spot price. The response is that no one would pay that price. I remind them that they don’t have to sell their gold and silver. I remind them that they are being offered worthless paper for their real money. It is then that they understand that someone who has physical gold and silver is the bank. They have money, and the potential buyers want it. Just how badly they want it, is another story.

Homelessness can happen to anybody. I know a doctor who sleeps in his ’99 Lexus. There is a lot wrong and a lot that is going to get worse. In a crisis, the people around us are the only help we have.We should remember that,when life is easy.

The shelters are uncertain, not open all the time. Where I was, they opened if the temp. was below 25 and dry,or 30 and wet. I’ve spent many below freezing nights in a sleeping bag. After 3 years, I’min a good place, indoors and dry.. I have enough work to feed myself and I have Internet access.I have peace. Every night, I think of my friends back in Colorado, sleeping outdoors on many nights,as we get into winter. Thank God for the shelters and outreach programs. The links to The O. U. R.Center and The Well are in the links on my blog site.

The jump from homelessness to an apartment is bigger than people think. Most of the people I know from the shelters and day centers do day labor, and are grossly underemployed. It’s impossible to do anything, working a day or 2, a week.

The next shoe is hanging by a lace, ready to drop. We will see what sunrise in Europe brings.

This is not good news. To be singled out for attention in this debt crisis kills that country’s ability to function, financially. I believe this is done to focus attention away from the ECB.

The objective of commerce is always conquest. This system of debt slavery is conquering with the stroke of a pen.

The house always wins. It just amazes me that people think ‘Stock market” and “investment” in the same thought. It is encouraging to see stories about people pulling their money out of funds. The stock market began as a nest of swindlers, hustlers and con artists, and so it is, today.

We are faced with 2 very different choices of law. The choices are so opposed to each other, that the conflict between them comes out in this discussion. If I encounter someone whose choice of law is Privaqte Administrative Law, there is no conversation beyond initial disagreement. I test for that choice of law. I pull out a Federal Reserve note, asking if it is money. If the answer is yes, it is likely to be a very short conversation.

In reading this article, we must ask ourselves who’s law we are subject to. As I wrote in “Two Masters”, that decision goes beyond the issues of this life, and beyond this world. It is encouraging to see that someone will still state the facts of the matter and give account for why things are the way they bare. Private Administrative Law doesn’t want to hear the solution to the problem, to this point. I didn’t want to hear such things either, until I admitted to myself that I had inherited lies from my fathers, that were of no profit. I can only make my personal choice of law. I know who I serve.

That’s not surprising, after the admission of error in the last 5 years. That is human nature. Things usually tighten up after someone gets caught. I also see that inventory may also have been misstated. I can’t prove it, I just suspect it.

It was fiat currency and fractional banking that created this crisis. It was deliberate. As I wrote in “Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game”,so it shall be. The banks get real things. Populations get worthless paper.

Ah, more U. N. Agenda 21, anti – human regulations. Since there is going to be a summit in Rio, let us remember the words of Jacques Cousteau in 1993.

“For the earth to survive as a planet, 350,000 people must die, by whatever means necessary”

Nice guy, that Jacques. He has all Eternity to think about it.

Let’s see if they can avoid sticking another fork in the economy. Benjamin Franklin was right. No man’s person or wallet is safe, when Congress is in session.

There is one fatal flaw in this plan. Fiat currencies and fractional banking created this crisis. More of the same, won’t fix it. The currencies of the world will suffer the same fate as every other fiat currency, before them. It is a bitter cup, and the nations and banks will drink every drop of it. We are only fooling ourselves if we trust in the judgment of the wealth transfer business. Banks get real things. Populations get worthless paper.

That opens so many questions. Could it be that the same harmonics in producing “monster” 90 Ft. waves in the ocean, also create monster storms in the atmosphere?

Embezzlement is always an inside job. In every instance that we’ve seen of investors getting wiped out, people in regulatory agencies covered for the thief. The technicalities may not have been violated in this case, but moral standards and trust were betrayed. Again, we have to ask, who is guarding the guards? When corporate entities, including Federal agencies, operate immorally and without fear of judgment, the system is completely lawless.

Europe must be wearing blinders. The announcement about the Sarko Trade was that it was very limited in scope and would not be available as a QE program. This is the addictive behavior of fiat addiction. People see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear.

What I was seeing for the last 3 months came out in writing “Cancer Of The Wallet”. I had written more obvious things before, but this was a view I wasn’t aware of. We are seeing a demonstration of the fact that no production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. The world economy is definitely a declining market.

“Cancer Of The Wallet”                                                                                                

Countless times, every day, we choose whom we will serve. Our free will is confronted with coercion on every level. We see many examples of retribution for voicing objection. We are in a society that is itself, a corporate internment camp. We are required to do things and participate in practices that are bringing judgment upon this land. Our comfort is in knowing that there is a higher court than any institution of man.

That 30 million more people illustrates a bigger problem. Imagine if a significant number of the 50 million people who were murdered by abortion were here today, demanding to know where there jobs are. This is how government deals with issues. If anything interferes with it’s agenda, they just kill people. We see the evidence of the Report From Iron Mountain, which says that, in order to maintain a stable society, a significant portion of the 17 to 25 year old group must be eliminated, and a significant portion of GNP must be destroyed. Everything we see today fits that agenda.

Europe and reality haven’t fit in the same sentence, for months. None of the countries can sell enough bonds to cover the demand for cash, and the answer we’re given is that there’s one more meeting. Forget January. I see an emergency meeting, before the scheduled meeting. It may not even be announced, just reported. It can’t be hidden. The bad dog got loose and the whole EU neighborhood is disrupted. With the Fed talking about moving in with more than $1 Trillion, the debt will have a direct pipeline to the U. S. It is only a matter of time until U. S. banks start having emergency meetings of their own.

So, the limits must be higher than the $1 Trillion + that the Federal Reserve is ready to send to Europe? It will be interesting to see how far above public announcements the real amount goes.

This won’t be pleasant.The amounts discussed in bailout plans would be devoured in no time at all. Even then, proposals have collapsed because even partial funding efforts fell short. These bailout plans don’t work, because there is no money in them. The currencies are all borrowed debt.

Interesting reading. I make further distinction by looking at commercial actions. It is in this area that people openly define themselves, regardless of what they say, or what they believe about themselves.

This is going to be the lifestyle that people wish they had, as the economy worsens and shortages plague the cities.

Of course, it’s treason, right out in the open. Of course, that is what it would have been, before 1867, when the Federal corporation conquered and abolished the States and replaced them with subsidiary corporations, or “states”. Another nail in the America’s coffin was the 14th Amendment, making slaves of everyone. This tyranny didn’t start, recently. Corporatism has been at war against America, for a very long time. The trouble is, it’s very difficult to find any Americans. U. S. citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons, aliens in the state they legally reside in. The train left the track, a long time ago.

‎40 years ago, when I was in high school, I wondered how politicians managed to line their own pockets, while being so busy lining their friends pockets. Today, I understand that it’s a cooperative effort. I think that’s legally called a conspiracy.

I’ve seen this video, several times. The documentation is there. Corporatism has been at work from before ratification of the Constitution. In that day, this guy would be a Tory. He would have had to run for Canada to escape hanging.

Ouch! I always thought it was strange to have so many earthquakes, over so long a period of time, in that one little area. Another place that has always intrigued me, for the same reason, is Puerto Rico.

No production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. It can shift emphasis into other areas, but the world is a declining market. I went around this block in 2010, as a judge in an online debate on Sino – Indo Relations. The sticking point was a closed cell mentality on both sides of the debate. The sobering thought that brought the discussion around to constructive input was that the combined population was roughly half the world’s population. There is no room for a vacuum, in that circumstance. Mutually beneficial market systems are the answer.

This situation is running on fumes. The bailout plans are just carrots dangled in front of the media noses. The amounts discussed are pocket change, compared to the size of the problem.

Making money is the general idea. Paying dividends is someone showing you how they are going to make you money. Old-fashioned, I know.

“Ben Bernanke In The 21st Century” His paper helicopter, “Air Farce One”. Or not. Bernanke in a green leotard would turn my stomach.

Let us remember that Kim Jong-Il was a loon, to begin with. His arrogance and megalomania were second to none. I don’t expect anything more stable than that.

I’ve been saying for 4 years that these bailouts would not work, because there is no money in them. It’s all borrowed debt, and creates a bigger problem in the future.

Monday, Dec. 19th, 3011 – If this week is anything like last week, We will see a step sideways. The ratings agencies will downgrade a country or a bank, the markets and currencies will respond in either panic or relief. I just don’t see that history stays static and predictable. The meaning for the media will be the passing of leadership in North Korea. Celebrities and leaders always seem  to hold the public’s attention, while something is being stolen. The U. S. is moving more toward resembling one big internment camp, with each passing day. A very negative precedent is being set. Detaining suspects without a crime is apparently acceptable practice, after the passage of the NDAA. The atmosphere of suspicion now feeds on itself. Reality and due process are not factors in the new police state. We are reliving the 1930s. Restraint on government is now disconnected. The heat of the moment has replaced the sober consideration of the facts and standards of justice defined when we still had a Constitution.  This is the subjugation that Corporatism establishes in it’s amoral and predatory nature. For 150 years, the world has been led to the brink of darkness. It is obvious that the decision makers have embraced that darkness. I hope that they find their conscience before they take another step.

I’ve been getting Martin’s newsletter for years. reading it is as easy as breathing.

Now, this is an interesting video.

Hi guys! I found you while tag surfing. the world is flat broke. I’m reading blogs that are saying that the politicians are going to come up with bright ideas and fix everything. I tell them the same thing I tell everybody else. Water, Food and Shelter. Start with those. Everything else, commerce is a war zone. See you non the radio.

Patriot Trading Group – Gold, Silver & Weekday News

This is the consequence of casting our burdens on future generations. The people here and now, are that generation.

It doesn’t matter who the president is. It just happens that this guy is the one the banks want, at the moment., As far as blame goes, the horse left the barn in 1913, with passage of the Federal Reserve Act. They couldn’t even stay within the limits of that. Fiat currency has made this a lawless society.

The crash began in 2007. At the time, I wrote that the bailout plans would not work because there was no money in them., There still isn’t. Fiat currencies are borrowed debt. The bailouts only increase the debt load. They create a bigger problem, later.

The crisis in in Trillions, not Billions. Regardless, an ever increasing debt load is one step ahead of the funding. That’s how the wealth transfer works.Borrowers start out behind on the debt curve, and never catch up. The USD will be next.

Be prepared to move quickly and travel light. In a crisis, plans don’t always turn out to be good plans. Move it, or lose it.

Now, there’s a refreshing brush with reality. Since the economy is so dependent on consumer confidence and spending, t5his is the time of year that they should admit that they’re really pushing holiday shopping numbers, Don’t wait for the sales. Shove your way through the crowds at China Mart and pay top dollar for stuff you could get cheap after the rush. Monetary policy is inside out and backwards.

BlackListedNews Radio is on the air

I enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing “Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game” A little vindication is nice.

The timeline of a real currency collapse gives us a frame of reference to measure what we see, today. As my readers have told me for years, it’s worse than I say it is.

I’ve known for decades, if I want to know what’s really going on in the world, talk with truck drivers and farmers. They live and work in the real world.

I just had to stop by and read this. I was sure from the title that it had to be pulling my leg, clean off. If it ever really does get to those headlines, the Pelosi will have already hit the fan.

All it takes to inflate a bubble is the currency available to get it done. It all traces back to the fiat currency. As one of my friends, John Jennings said, “The problem is that we have fake people, living in a fake country, using fake money, and subject to fake laws”. That pretty much covers it.

Yes, civil liberties are being abrogated, circumvented or otherwise being set aside. That is the legal meaning of the term, “statute”. This is in the form of the Enabling Laws, that made Hitler a dictator, giving him absolute and arbitrary power. The passages about “discretion” are most disturbing. they open the door for hit lists, political enemies lists, dissidents lists, and the lack of criteria in the selection process is disturbing.

Markets, advertising and marketing people and the public are like little children. Daddy and Mommy say “No”. The child hears “Maybe”. thinking that the rounds of being cute, saying the right things and as a last resort, throwing a tantrum, will change “Maybe” to “Yes, ok. But this is the last time. Don’t ask for anything more, or you’re not coming with us to the store”,

In the case of a business that’s floating in denial, no should mean no. Thr denial of economic facts can be the investor’s loss.

It’s more sinister than that. Poverty is a weapon, used in the war zone of commerce. It is directed and aimed by central banks and the corporate structure that does their bidding. Poverty is no accident. I wrote about the process in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

“The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”                                           

I’ve written about poverty as a weapon, in many of my posts. The banks are in the wealth transfer business. they get real things. Populations get worthless paper. The preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery. People think that this debt game is freedom and opportunity. The most effective form of slavery is that in which the slaves believe they are free..

The first and most basic step is to return to real money in circulation. This fiat currency system is one of unjust weights and measures. That definitely flies in the face of Western thought. It bis clearly condemned, an abomination. Second, pledging a man as security for debt is another abomination. Our entire economic system is based on exactly that practice. The Bible says that he who does this, shall surely die. Our society is dying. We know what the cure is. We can open The Book, and read it. Then, we should go forth, and do what it says.

We hear over and over again that the United States is becoming a Third World country. That means that class is in session. There will be a test.

This is reality. At this moment, there are 10 million people in the United States that are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. Over the past thirty years, I’ve been out there, 7 times. We didn’t create this mess, but we have to cope with it. Life goes on. In any situation, we will do something. The question is, will we do things that build independence? The current system of indenture servitude in Federal corporate citizenship was a wrong turn in history.

“If we allow private banks to control the issuance of currency, they and the corporations that shall spring up around them, shall deprive the people of all liberty and property. they shall wake up, HOMELESS on the land that their fathers settled.”  (Emphasis mine)

– Thomas Jefferson

I can never forget the faces and the stories from the past 30 years. People who live in the real world, displaced and disenfranchised from this paper currency illusion, have only what they immediately experience and survive to define life.

This is the dependency created by the debt based currency. The concept of the free lunch didn’t begin, recently. We are the generation that the debt for the easy life was passed on to. 40 years ago, people believed the Utopian fallacy that future generations would be prosperous enough to pay for it all. That illusion is fog, dissipating on the winds of change.

Where do people go, and what are they supposed to do? People live today, dealing with a deck stacked against them, before they were born. In a crisis, the people around us are all we have.

The missing piece of the puzzle is a safe area, safe from municipal harassment. Too often, displaced and disenfranchised people are preyed upon by police and the court system, saddled with fines they can’t pay, forced into the indentured servitude of community service. That is institutionalized slavery.

This is what the world is coming to. The days are coming when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, that has a traditional job, with benefits and pension. The reason? That structure builds the debt load out of control. For the past 30 years, I’ve seen people who thought their retirement was secure, and wasn’t.

British officials may attend the meeting, but it will be cotentious. There are too many deal breakers in the present form of the agreement. Push will come to shove.

That separation is a step in the right direction. As we have seen in both the U. S. and in Europe, violating that boundary invites corruption. Unless these areas of commercial activity are separated, there can be no protection for national economies. Right now, every nation is being pillaged by multi – national investment banks, and they still want more access to the public treasury. This is the mechanism that has taken apart the Euro and will proceed on to the USD.

I have always picked up change, found in the street. A penny may only be a penny, but 100 of them make a dollar. Now, if that was a real silver dollar, that would be better than the paper funny money, but people still like it and give real things for it.

As we have seen in Europe, “deleveraging” means “austerity”. This starts the vicious circle spinning. Lost jobs, incomes and tax revenues further tighten the credit supply and tie up a greater percentage of GNP in debt service. I have long maintained that an accurate measure of economic strength must subtract debt load and balance of trade from GNP. If someone already produces those figures, they would be a great help in evaluating the remedies to the debt crisis.

It is interesting that this figure doesn’t always follow with future results. Perception gets blown around with every rumor. I find stories of unsold homes being bulldozed to keep the inventory down, most disturbing. They make new housing starts look like busywork. It is certainly not the mark of any viable industry.

The common thread through all of the possibilities is that investment markets litter the road in front of them with paper trash, debt. It doesn’t take much to set off a wildfire of inflation and currency collapse. Perhaps the Fed needs a mascot, like Smokey the Bear. But then, they wouldn’t take the advice. “Only you can prevent Ponzi schemes.”

Corporatism monetizes and harvests people. First, they are dehumanized and reclassified as human resources. Like it or not, the Federal corporation can do as it wants with it’s property. U. S. citizens are legal trusts, not living, flesh and blood beings. They are property of the corporation. The legal definition of the term, “constituent” makes that very clear.

Phew! That is an aspect of the European debt crisis that I never thought of. With the sovereign debt issues, I never considered the squeeze that would be put on mortgage availability. The credit crunch could be only the tip of the iceberg. By the “birds of a feather” guilt by association rule, I have to wonder if Europe will have the same level of foreclosure fraud that we have in the U. S. If so, all hands on deck, man the lifeboats.

It is the lack of integrity in the market that allowed MF Global to take the money and run, that has killed gold stocks. Investor trust has been broken. As long as the regulations allow comingling of investor funds, the market itself is complicit in fraud. Men can agree to anything and call it good, but judgment is inescapable. Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished. There is a higher court than any institution of man.

Perhaps California should consider joining the EU, and get in on some of that largess from the Fed. While the legislature wrestles with this pension problem, it may come out that the “reforms” pit the state against the unions. It couldn’t happen to more deserving people.

Currency by the bale from Helicopter Ben will only accelerate the problem and create a larger debt load. But then, central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They persuade people and nations to sell their birthright for worthless paper. The can kicked down the road just gets bigger with each kick. We should be talking about increases in debt density when we read these announcements. This time, the can is a 55 Gal. drum, filled with concrete.

The technical details will always set nations against each other, in the Euro deal. Let us not forget the bigger problems that have followed attempts to bail out fiat currencies, in the past 3 years. Kicking the can down the road means that moving in the same direction encounters a bigger can. At this point, the can is now a 55 Gal. drum, filled with concrete. With the story about the Fed kicking in over $1 Trillion, that drum might end up filled with lead. This situation is the definition of a snare. It is impossible to escape, with all of the weight hanging by an ankle.

Legal Reality Newsletter 12/17/ A. D. 2011 – Protected Speech 

Sunday, Dec. 18th, 2011 – This week, we will see the Law of Entropy at work. As the European debt crisis expands, we see institutions such as the Federal Reserve, drawn into the liquidity vacuum. There isn’t a choice in this matter. The Law of Entropy demands a constant input of energy to maintain present conditions. All of the fiat currencies are debt – based. It would be equivalent to trying to stay healthy on a diet of nothing but sugar. Eventually, systemic breakdowns would land you in the hospital. At this point, only real things can feed this system. This is why we see the level of fraud, theft and deception in the financial markets. Real things are harder to come by, than just printing paper. We are seeing corporate entities , such as MF Global, openly pillaging investors. I expect that we will see a lot more of that activity, particularly at the hands of central banks. We are now in the currency wars. In this system of false weights and measures, there are no rules. This is survival of the lawless, devouring the defenseless.

Will it be more of the same, or is this a change in direction? The next week should be interesting.

They pop up, occasionally. the curiosity and mystery about Nazi culture drag people in. It’s that moth to a flame scenario. Whether the participants thought it was in jest or not, there is no justification for such behavior.

It’s all perfectly logical. Hell is coming to breakfast, and people know it. Discretionary spending is a thing of the past. If the currency follows the historical standard, they’ll evaporate into thin air, back where the currency came from. I ask what people will do when the banks don’t open, the ATMs and cash registers don’t work, and they can’t get any answers. We’re about to find out.

With all of the saber rattling that has gone on in the area, it remains to be seen if this change will put tensions on hold or contribute to instability. Whatever happens, the markets will react, very quickly.

These certainly aren’t normal times. In fact, the term “normal” shouldn’t apply in the moral sense of the word. As we have seen, “normal” now means “any way the wind blows”. The world is going to Thunderdome. They won’t break the rules, because there aren’t any.. Obviously, there is so much irreparably wrong, that we are seeing the political gloves drop. Any pretense of rule of law disappeared with the NDAA. The corporate oligarchy is out in the open.

As history records, the Federal Reserve does not tolerate competition. The last president to successfully defeat the private central bank was Andrew Jackson. Kennedy didn’t make it. It was difficult to take a stand as President of the United States, with his brains blown out. We have had government by threat of assassination for 150 years. Private banks have a long history of such acts. They kill national leaders, instigate wars, financing both sides, and buy elections. They certainly attack currencies that they want to eliminate.

The media has been the bought and paid for advertising and marketing agent for the Globalist agenda, ever since the bankers and industrialists bought the 25 most influential newspapers in America, almost 100 years ago. The growth of the propaganda machine started there. One of the first acts by this lying cabal was to quash the ad announcing that Germany knew that the Lusitania would be carrying munitions bound for Great Britain, the week before the ship sailed. All it took to kill the ad was intervention from Woodrow Wilson. Since then, the media hasn’t slowed in the slightest. Fabrication and falsehood are now what passes for journalism.

This must be why we run a huge deficit. Buying friends and coercing people is expensive.

This has gone way too far. We are reliving the 1930s. We’ve seen it all, before. After a decade of violence in Europe, Western Europe in general, and Germany specifically, were ready for a dictator. Along came Hitler. Today, after numerous terror alerts, false flag events, military operations against U. S. citizens, the people are looking for a great leader to fix everything. They just aren’t thinking that it will be a leader that will fix them.

We are reliving the 1930s. This is the same form as the Enabling Acts that made Hitler a dictator. We have said for years that the war was against U.S. citizens. It’s out in the open, now.

I never could resist a good Thomas Jefferson quote. He knew more about human nature than most. The Abraham Lincoln quote is interesting. He should have known what he was saying. He led the war that conquered the States and replaced them with subsidiary corporations.

If this debt crisis followed the Titanic script, no one would announce to the depositors, “In 22 minutes, you’re all good as dead.” In the banking time frame, it’s a little bit different. Could be 22 days, or weeks, but definitely not years. Plunging into the near freezing ocean of debt is going to shock the world.

There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from living in the street. I’ve had friends that I “camped” with, because they couldn’t make the rent.

There is no sense in any of this. Since 2007, there have been housing developments of unsold homes that have been bulldozed. I’ve been writing about the reasons for almost 4 years.

I wrote about the municipal response to homelessness in “The Spirit of Dr. Moreau”. It is an amoral and anti – human mentality that sees the homeless as vermin.

“The Spirit of Dr. Moreau”

The faces of the homeless contain the memories and experiences of a world that most people can’t imagine. I don’t have to imagine. I have the memories.

The scenes are a window into the experience. The isolation, waiting out the night for daybreak can’t be described by mere words. In many places, being hunted like an animal by the police is worse than snow and rain.

It’s hard to get things moving, but life would be a lot harder without you. We have to be the help that God sends.

I applaud your efforts. It can be done, as The O. U. R. Center in Longmont .Colorado has demonstrated, for 25 years.

I was briefly homeless in Asheville. People have no idea about the desperation to find a place to go.

This is what it has come to. Th3e days are coming when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, who has a traditional job. Retirement? What’s that?

It’s the same everywhere you go. It isn’t getting any better. I’m thinking of my friends, who are still sleeping outdoors. Thank God for the homeless shelters and the food banks.

As we get into winter, I’m thinking of my friends in Colorado, who are sleeping outdoors. Thank God for the homeless shelters and food banks.

Without places like the O. U. R. Center and The Well, life would be miserable.

 The Well   

Only the people who’ve been out there can describe it. When people experience homelessness for the first time, they can’t find words to express the vulnerability and uncertainty. Homelessness teaches people how to pray.

Every municipality is seeing growing numbers of homeless. I have been telling people for 30 years to get away from the cities, learn to grow and store your own food, and get as independent from the distribution system as possible. We are coming into the days when we will have no other choice.

If it weren’t for the homeless shelters and food banks, life would be horrible for many people. The circumstances aren’t getting any better. I'[m thinking of my friends, who are still sleeping outdoors.

Having been homeless 7 times in 30 years, my life experiences make me an advocate for the disenfranchised and displaced people living in the streets. I speak out for people who have nowhere to go, remembering my friends who are still sleeping outdoors. Thank God for the homeless shelters and food banks.

As I’ve said, the days are coming when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, who has a traditional job. We will have to be more resourceful, adaptable and independent than any generation since the Great Depression.

We are coming into times that no none is prepared with. Not since the Great Depression have people had to learn how to live on zero dollars. Without the kindness of others, there would be no hope. In a crisis, we are the help that God sends.

It comes down to who we are, to what we do, and how that measures up to what we are supposed to be. In a crisis, we are all the help that God sends.

We never know how important the next person we meet will be to our future. Outward appearances mean nothing. People value the superficial because we are all trained to measure people for their commercial utility. That is the expression of inhumanity, in everyday life. We should do better, if we know that.

Defense contractors always come grunting and snuffling in, when Congress slops the hogs. The military has been a private, mercenary army for so long, that they make no distinction in killing when the corporate structure points an accusing finger.

I’ve been homeless 7 times, in 30 years. Until someone has been there, they have no clue what it’s about. Live and learn. That’s all we can do.

We knew that an abdication of sovereignty was involved in joining the Eurozone. The velvet glove comes off the iron fist.

The history of Europe doesn’t just say no. It says “Hell, no!” The thought of paying tribute to a foreign interloper would start another Hundred Years War.

There’s nothing like the reality of taxes to bring people to their senses. We were warned about the heavy handed and predatory nature of international treaties.

Because the USD is borrowed into circulation, and exchanged for another debt instrument, U. S. Treasury bonds, there would b3e no currency in circulation, long before the debt was paid. It is a mathematical end game, a Ponzi scheme.

Most people don’t know this. They also don’t know that U. S. citizens are not Americans. They don’t know that they are legal trusts, imported statutory persons and aliens in the states they legally reside in.

Yes, good sarcasm is hard to find. I do remember that, in one currency devaluation, Zimbabwe knocked 19 zeros off the currency. Looks like they’re back up to 14. Frequent flyer miles must be priceless, by comparison.

That’s a good start. Breaking up the incestuous relationship between lending and investment will eliminate a lot of opportunity for corruption. Getting free of the central banks and their fiat currencies should be the ultimate goal, but everything is done, one step at a time.

Banks and ratings agencies take turns playing “good cop/bad cop”. They pit nations and their currencies against each other. In the conflict, they finance both sides, in every dispute. There are many losers, but the central banks always win. Enjoy prosperity while it lasts. History teaches that it doesn’t last forever.

I’ve been trying to hammer that lesson home, for a decade. If people won’t hear it, they’ll experience it for themselves, when they get swindled. Money is money, and paper is not money.

Not only are most people ignorant about money, they are also ignorant about History and Human Nature. They should know that choice of money is a basic choice of law. Choosing fiat currency as money brings about all of the delusion that produce the Liberal/Progressive mentality. It is rebellion, plain and simple.

Please read all comments on this post. We know something is wrong. We should understand the wrong and do what we can to set it right.

It is a pity, John. It’s one of the motivations that keeps me writing and trying to reach people. The Bible says ( I’ll find the reference, if you want it) that one man pledging another for security for debt, is an abomination, and that man shall surely die. It also says that pledging a mans means of making a living is an abomination, and under the same curse. The entire economic system is based on such abominations. U. S. citizens pledge themselves and their children as security for debt. This abomination is coming to an end, and people can’t expect their days to be long upon the earth.

Thank you for bringing that up, John. Early in my days as a believer, I was struck by the example of another great English preacher, John Knox. John Knox was a slave trader who was brought to his knees in great remorse. We have to remember that we are the people that great preachers prayed would be here, after they were gone.

My apologies to Scotland, John. I just learned something I didn’t know

The handwriting has been on the wall, for a long time. Back in 1965, or thereabouts, before the Zip Code became the Zip Code, the designation was FOZ, the acronym for Federal Occupation Zone. The same pattern that we see in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., has been applied in the United States, ever since The War of Federal Conquest in 1867. This is the pattern of Corporatism. Invasion, Conquest, Subjugation, Occupation. It is repeated many times in history. It moves from a shooting war to occupation by bureaucrats and tax collectors.

Let us not forget the Preservation of Government meeting, which no member of Congress knew about, until after it had taken place. We now see that Congress is neutered and irrelevant, by Executive Order.

For decades, I have suggested that people vote to replace Congress with their state legislatures. Members would serve in the Federal capacity on a rotating basis, determined by each legislature. State officials don’t necessarily act in the best interest of the public, but they are closer to home. As long as people insist on being U. S. citizens, imported statutory persons and aliens in the state they reside in, that would be the best option available to them.

It should be safe to say that we will see legislation and revision of regulations to protect investor assets. The public is of a mind to throw Congress under the bus.

They might need to hire David Copperfield to pull this one off. An end of year rally would be an illusion, fed by strong delusion. There doesn’t seem to be much sentiment, or resources for that matter, to support any significant volume. It’s a lot harder to get the lemmings moving toward the cliff, these days

The horse has been missing from this barn for so long, that the vultures found the carcass, first. Maybe the public will learn not to pay for promises. Then again, gamblers still put their money down, when the house goes crooked.

In 80 years, government entitlement programs have produced a growing near – majority of emotionally crippled dependents. We must retrace our steps. Get away from the cities. Grow our own food. Become independent from the distribution system.

The answers are back in that little fracas in the 1860s, the War of Corporate Conquest. It wasn’t between the states. The Federal corporation conquered the States and replaced them with subsidiary corporations. The Federal corporation now claims right of conquest.

America ceased to exist in 1867. The States were conquered by the Federal corporation, and replaced with subsidiary corporations. The 14th Amendment made slaves of everyone. the Supreme Court ruled in 1873 that everyone in the United States was presumed to be a federal citizen. U. S. citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons, aliens in the states they legally reside in.

You don’t have to be a genius to know that something is terribly and deliberately wrong. The economics and the politics say that we are reliving the 1920s & ’30s. We are seeing it in the municipal response to poverty. I have seen the cities as voluntary internment camps, for 30 years. On this present course, barbed wire and guard towers won’t be needed. Fear is the fence and the currency is the lock on the prison gate.

That follows the pattern. Create a crisis with fake money. Collapse the economy. Get people grabbing at straws. Sugar coat slavery to make it look like a remedy for poverty. It’s worked before in history.

The situation isn’t likely getting any better. I’ve been saying for years, that the days are coming, when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, who has a traditional job. We are going to have to think, act and work more independently, than ever before.

We must first understand that, in a crisis, the people immediately around us are the help we have. For 30 years, I’ve been telling people to get away from the cities, grow their own food, and get as independent from the distribution system as they can. The priorities are water, food and shelter, in that order. Without those three things, nothing else matters.

Homelessness isn’t going to just disappear. This winter could be made a lot harder by economic conditions. People are trying to accomplish something today, instead of having to face a bigger problem, in the future.

I’ve been homeless 7 times in 30 years. Unless and until someone has been there, they can’t imagine the things that become important.

Having been homeless 7 times in 30 years, I’ve learned a lot of things, the hard way. Planning and preparation save a lot of pain and suffering. A crisis is not the time to figure out how and what to do. Water, food and shelter are the priorities. You have to stay alive before you can think about anything else.

The difference between 2008 and today is that there are trillions more in fiat currencies floating around the world. The comedy of errors would have us believe that the current debt crisis can be remedied with more debt. This is the downfall of every Ponzi scheme. The inevitable “liquidity” shortage isn’t just a cash flow problem. If real money were in the equation, this would never reach the extent that we see today. No, the big problem is access to more debt. The symptoms we see today are closer to being drug addiction than any financial system defect. Think of it as someone stealing from his grandmother to feed his habit.

This will be an increasingly important question. We are seeing a currency war, whether we realize it, before the fact of the outcome. The Euro has now become an afterthought. I’ve asked, who picks up the pieces? In this case, we have a standoff, at the moment.

You have to start somewhere, and the source is the right place. Prosecuting the corrupt CEOs and CFOs under the RICO statutes, getting convictions that spill this can of worms out on the floor, and above all, recovering restitution before any bankruptcy filings can be allowed, would change the financial landscape.

Bank closures always seem to be a story that doesn’t get much print or TV attention. The popular notion is that a bank’s doors close, and the FDIC comes in and makes it all better. Not true. Somebody eats that loss, and it always comes back to bite the taxpayers. Of course, it takes a “Crisis” to sell the backdoor bailouts to the public.

The Euro is a fine textbook example of how to work the Bait-And-Switch. When the Euro was first introduced, it was rumored to be 15% backed by gold. That was enough to get people on board with it. So much for rumors. It turns out that it’s just another fiat currency. People play the debt game as hard as they can go, but in the end, it’s still just borrowed debt.

QE3 would guarantee a decline in purchasing power. As with previous QE programs, very little actually reaches the consumer level. The operative balance is now unemployment matched to present government benefits. The inevitable slowdown in consumer activity will neutralize any positive influence of easing credit supply. All that will be left is the debt load.

Perfect timing. Harmon Taylor’s free newsletter was on this very subject. there are a lot of reference links in this newsletter.

Legal Reality Newsletter 12/17/ A. D. 2011 – Protected Speech

I’m sure that there will be many more secret meetings, in the future. The risk of a run on deposits could m,ake their meetings, pointless.

All I could picture while reading this was the roll spinning, faster and faster, as the Conehead swallowed the toilet tissue. The trap is sprung. When the ratings agencies downgrade the U. S. , it won’t matter. The Bait-And-Switch will have done it’s job, and the hustlers will be sitting on a beach, with an umbrella drink.

Real money changes the balance of power, everywhere it goes. Fiat currency can’t do that. It is a hit and run bandit, the mechanism of the wealth transfer process. This is how the financial war is being fought.,_Islam,_and_The_Future_of_Money.html

‎5 years ago, one of the radio programs that I worked on divided the $8.5 Trillion in FRNs by the ounces of above ground gold. The figure was $3500/Oz. After the blizzard of paper in the last 3 years, who knows?

It’s out in the open, now. I’ve said for years that we are living in the film, “Rollerball”. Corporate intrusion and conquest is running roughshod over the entire world. This didn’t start recently. A verbatim translation of the Nazi Law on Weapons of 1938 is contained in the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1968. 40 – some years later, the Hellbound train is still chugging down the track.

Timing is everything. When the currency collapse gets bad enough, they can make a global central bank and a single world currency look good. We know where that comes out.

No, I’ve actually seen commercial space converted into homeless shelters and day centers. All of those unemployed people that don’t figure into the unemployment statistics have to go somewhere.

Inflation statistics are disconcerting because the initial report is always understated. The numbers are always revised negatively, within a few months. If the average of revision over the past few years are applied to these figures, a much better picture of real inflation would appear. just as existing home sales were overstated for 5 years, so too do the inflation figures promote an unjustifiable optimism.

Efforts to convert the Titanic into a submarine are failing. As the financial system goes under, the undertow will take everything too close to it, to the bottom with it. Through the interlocked relationships in international finance, the statement that no nation is immune to the consequences of a Euro collapse, is true. The fallacy is in the belief that global support for Europe will fend off a “Great Depression”. To the contrary, that will only lengthen the time of the depression, and lengthen the time of recovery. The commitment to fiat currencies could make the time of recovery, never.

Banking and diplomacy complete the picture of a dog, chasing it’s tail. As we have seen in both areas, actions are quietly taken long before they are officially announced. It should be no surprised that we see banking gravitate toward a future, yet unformed and un-formalized, central entity. Debt is a black hole, drawing all wealth to the point of no return. The currency collapse will only be the beginning of the formation of that central entity. We should look at the news as an event horizon, evidence of activity that is not directly observable.

Friday, Dec. 16th, 2011 – As we head into the end of the week, no news isn’t any better than the bad news, last week. One question has gone unanswered for weeks. Speculation and suspicion are constants in the financial news. The question is, who do the ratings agencies work for, and what is to be gained by targeting nations, one by one, for downgrades. Since they eventually get around to everyone, it would appear that they work for the World Bank, IMF, ECB or all of the above. In the middle of all this, the UK, France and Germany are consistent with European history. Staunch allies before breakfast become bitter enemies, before sunset. It seems that the ratings agencies are pitting the political polarities against each other and taking sides in the battle. In the course of a week, they obviously change sides. It would appear that the only common thread in the process is that it is an effort to eradicate national identities. This will prove true if the dominate factors in Europe become empty shells of what they once were. That thought appears to me to be the primary demise of the Euro. Without the common currency, it becomes a mad scramble to maintain position. We see a demonstration of favoritism that alternates on all sides of the balance of power. In Corporatism, some are more privileged than others. The interesting thing is that the same factions don’t stay privileged, all the time.  It would appear that there is great and growing incentive for the demise of the  Euro. Curiosity demands an answer as to who will pick up the pieces.

The currency itself is borrowed debt. Endemic, systemic or spastic, it doesn’t matter. The economy starts out behind the debt curve. When a monetary system doesn’t have enough real money to stay out of the fraudulent paper, the debt spiral takes it to it’s inevitable crash.

That is the pattern of 2008. Very little of the bailouts reached the street level of the economy. The banks shifted “liquidity’ from one pocket, to the other. It’s the old Shell Game.

I’ve been around this block, more than a few times. My viewpoint may be a little different, because I’ve found the history to be very different than what I was taught. There has never been a Capitalist system that was not Statist. There has never been a Socialist system that was not Statist. That being said, it should understood that there has never been a pure form of either, according to the Ivory Tower think tank principle which they claim as objectives and conduct. The historical evidence is that both fit nicely into Corporatism. It is when central control departs from Natural Law that both become genocidal and imperialistic in their ambitions. I like vmy personal quote on the subject.

“Government, being a magnifier ofr human nature is, in it’s best state, a sleeping murderer.”
– Georgesblog, 2003

It doesn’t matter what U. S. citizens want. They are Federal property. Obama is the president because, for the moment, he’s the one the banks want. More importantly, he will follow instructions in the consolidation of world banking. That is, if he wants to continue as president. He is not unique. Central banks have been bringing people to power or knocking them down, for centuries.

I was keeping that IMF history in mind when I wrote “War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce”. The objective of commerce is always conquest. Throughout history we see this process played out.

We must never forget that politicians and attorneys, and the banks that they work for, are masters of the Bait-And-Switch. Changing the meaning of words and text is as natural as breathing, for them. This is one of the enabling acts that made Hitler a dictator and mass murderer.

They would do better to acknowledge the metabolic inhibiting characteristics of artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers. Metabolic suppression is just one of the side effects of these excitotoxins

They would do better to acknowledge the metabolic inhibiting characteristics of artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers. Metabolic suppression is just one of the side effects of these excitotoxins

More chaos in the markets. There’s an understatement. We’ll see chaos with investors hands tied behind their backs. i looked for the consequences of the collapse of the Euro and the resulting chaos. A cascade failure in financials is on the table, every minute of every day.

BlackListedNews Radio is on the air. Current topic, the OKC bombing.

Hide the gold. Hide the good silverware. Keep your daughter out of sight. Put your wallet in your inside coat pocket. Whatever you do, don’t sign anything. You could be the indicted scapegoat for Jon Corzine.

It’s more of the anti – human, U. N. Agenda 21 compliant, culling of the herd.

Gold stocks and gold futures contracts are not real gold. They are paper. MF Global made that abundantly clear. I just wrote an update on “The Four Money Questions”

Answers to “The Four Money Questions” will be front and center, this week.  So many defects are obvious in the conflict and nature of fiat currency. It’s more than politics. actions are followed by consequence, much more quickly, now. Finding the answers to the four money questions has to be done, before everyone is late for the party. Being late is being last in line at the homeless shelter.

Read more at:

Thursday, Dec. 15th, 2011 –  Today starts out with a PSA. You’ve all seen it before. Picture two eggs, sunny side up, sizzling in a skillet. This is your brain, on fiat currency. The currency is an excitotoxin. It stimulates the nerves. Everything looks and tastes better, but the currency itself is not food, has no nutritional value., and has debilitating side effects. Fiat currency is like MSG. It makes salad look better and gives the taste buds that “zing”. Never mind that MSG has caused brain lesions and tumors in laboratory mice. After decades of using MSG, we have the strange maladies that no official explanation seems to address. As with the side effects that government won’t talk about, so it is with fiat currency.

The world is now delirious with those side effects. The disorientation and confused perception that we read in the news is getting more extreme in it’s mood swings. The only way to survive this is to stop ingesting the fiat currency.  It demands explanation for how wrong monetary policy can be, about maintaining viable currencies. The historical explanation is that fiat currencies are a fabrication that always ends in failure. Ben Bernanke should just admit that Federal Reserve notes are not money.

Insider manipulation is a fact of life. Some people just don’t leave a paper trail. The problem is that people just have to push the edge, stretch the envelope. What happens here and now will multiply the effect, whether toward restraint or financial mayhem.

It is pointless to talk about repaying thev national debt. Before the debt was repaid, there would be no currency in circulation. Federal Reserve notes are borrowed into circulation. After the currency was paid on the national debt, the interest would still remain. The Ponzi scheme already has a cash flow problem.

I wish people understood this. I’ve tried to explain it in so many ways. This is what brought the institutional Ponzi scheme to Main St. It is the most basic betrayal of trust in the economy.

The new boss is always the same as the old boss. We knew 40 years ago, that the largest trafficker in contraband was the U. S. government. Criminal activity is harbored within the bureaucracy, and operates unhindered. When a middleman like Noriega gets too big for his britches, U. S. troops go to fetch him or kill him. We live in a time obsessed with staying on the right side of wrong.

This is another example of the 1920s and ’30s being repeated. These enabling laws eventually give rise to a dictator, a murderous tyrant.

Fiat currency makes an ineffective painkiller. From time to time, articles about national gold reserves pop up. That is the real story, hidden behind the speeches and press releases. The debt crisis is the strong arm tactic in this war of economic conquest.

The ratings agencies can’t leave anyone sitting on the sidelines, now can they? The U. S. should be up for a downgrade, any day now. Mt guess is that bank defaults in Europe will clear the deck for the U. S. to get to the front burner.

The numbers may look good, but they are always manipulated to make the circumstances look good. We are weary of statistics revised in the negative direction, a month or so, after they were released. In what Third World country is U. S. industrial production, now?

A generation of people depending on government to rob their neighbors for their benefit, has produced a world of dependency. In one generation, we have gone from independence and ingenuity, to dependency and complacent incapacitation.

Ahhhhh ….. the sights and sounds of the bustling marketplace, complete with pickpockets and street urchins. How are you going to spend your lump of coal? It may be that a lot of people don’t even get a lump of coal.

They should become farmers. The working environment is better and they get all the food they can eat.

Regardless of the parameters of Stress Tests or their scheduling, the collapse of the Euro will not be a drill. It’s the difference between playing a video game, and trying to stay alive in a live fire zone.

Real Estate Brokers and Car Salesmen are the poster children for advertising and marketing hype. Lying is a way of life for them. Their efforts to self promote market activity are shameless. They tell the public that everything is wonderful. Privately, they admit to each other that they have one foot in bankruptcy and the other on a banana peel.

Combined with the NDAA legislation, this copyright excuse would make political hit lists a fact of life, in the United States.

The Elite are Psychopaths

The police and military should know that we are reliving the events of the 1920s and ’30s. These are the actions being taken that brought the world down to chaos and destruction. After WW II, ‘just following orders” was no excuse. Go back and study the Nuremburg Trials, and listen to your conscience.

The paper contract is not the real metal, in your possession. MF Global demonstrated that fact. The manipulation of the spot price has no relationship to the physical gold market. In fact, I tell people that when they are made an offer for their physical gold, to demand double spot price. They should also add a healthy surcharge to cover future inflation. If you have physical real money in your hand, you are the bank. You should never be in the position of having to sell your gold. The fiat currency system is a beggar, and needs to be reminded of that, regularly.

The legal definitions of the terms, American” and U. S. citizen” are completely different, mutually exclusive, and carry decisively different legal standings. Yes, the Federal corporation can do as it pleases with it’s property, U. S. citizens.

The bad news is that there are at least as many people who don’t count in the labor statistics. The problem isn’t work, or the lack thereof. The problem is mainstream employment and the bureaucratic costs that go with it. The workforce shouldn’t be making the payments on lavish lifestyles of paper pushing desk jockeys.

Today, people see stories about people squirreling away currency in mattresses as an historical oddity. Those old folks knew something that we don’t. Their money was safer with them sleeping on it, than it was in a bank. After the experiences of bank holidays and frustration with trying to get their money out, mistrust of banks was well founded. Look at Greece. Do you think people enjoy waiting in long lines, to get their money out of a bank?

The shadow banking system is the smoke and mirrors illusion that we have always heard about. It began as nothing, is underwritten by nothing, and will return to nothing, taking those who believe that fiat currency is money, with it. Behind the shadows is outer darkness. Relax. i’ll save you a spot in line, at the soup kitchen.

Class is in session. We can all learn from this. We’ve seen currency collapses in Third World countries. No one really cares how many zeros are on the currency of Zimbabwe. People don’t care that their currency won’t buy enough tissue to blow your nose. Europe is different. The Euro represents a big chunk of the world economy. What happens in Europe has an effect, everywhere. Never say that it can’t happen, here.

That’s nice. The debt crisis is coming to the United States. It must be that I’m in the U. S. and was too close to see it. The solution to the world’s problem is to dump U. S. treasuries. Brilliant. (sarcasm free of charge)

Imagine 27 people playing Monopoly. One player gets angry with another, because he won’t sell him Boardwalk. The dispute degenerates into insults and character assassination. To think that they’re arguing over fake money is the depths of delusion.

Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 2011 – So much economic news is so fabricated and twisted, I wonder if people’s minds are in one place and their bodies in another. the Existing Home Sales numbers come out on the 21st. Those statistics have been skewed, for years. We have this strange view that home sales drive the economy. It actually drives the banking industry. There is so much unsold inventory that the construction industry won’t be getting in gear, anytime soon. With that as a background, we shouldn’t be swallowing any sugar – coated stories about “recovery”.

Are they going to do the English siege of the French castle scene from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”?

French Taunting – Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

Interesting to see how this Indefinite Detention thing is perceived, around the world. I just heard from Singapore. This legislation provides for the same setup as they have in Singapore. Arrest and detention without trial. Torture is part of the package

We watched the White House and Congress take turns playing “good cop/bad cop” with this legislation, all week. The stage play allows everyone involved to say that they opposed it, come election time. What a circus!

Excellent research. Just as important as Freedom of Speech is the historical and legal record of it’s defense. Too often, people open up with “the way it is”. If they knew the history, they would know better than to say ignorant things, like that. It’s not their fault that they were taught wrong. It is on their heads that they do not accept opportunities to learn the truth about history.

China never did develop into the market that Nixon and Kissinger hinted at. Over the years, promised U. S. exports to the Chinese consumer market never materialized. Now, the joke is on the U. S. After the stories about Asia leading the global recovery, China is looking at a housing market collapse. Goodbye, disposable income. We always warned of the day when prices of Chinese goods started jumping up, at Wal Mart. Here it comes. No production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market, and the U. S. is definitely declining. The Chinese have a simple problem. No jobs, no income.

Promises. promises. It’s too late for plausible deniability. There was that recent $600 Billion deal with Europe that was announced. On top of that, there is all of that debt swap activity that the Fed was in, up to Ben Bernanke’s eyeballs. But then, can you believe anything that comes out of Congress?

Prior to it’s introduction, the Euro was rumored to be 15% backed by gold. If that condition ever existed, it didn’t last long. In the end, the Euro has no more validity than the USD, both being supported with the promises of politicians, which are more worthless than fiat currency. The paper is what it is. Politicians compound the error with one lie, after another.

This is a disaster. It opens the door to political enemies lists, bureaucratic intimidation and extortion, extreme suppression of free speech, and as I’ve pointed out before, mission creep into areas that were never discussed, at the time of passage.

Before anyone gets too agitated, that’s paper gold, not the real thing. No one can tell me that the spot price is for future deliveries. MF Global fixed that. The USD drops because the fiat adrenaline doesn’t work anymore. There’s no heart, left to start.

That’s exactly what I’ve been writing for 4 years. Early on, when I wrote “Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game” as a series of daily posts, it caused quite a stir. In June of 2009, I wrote “The Real Weapon Of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”.. People came unglued that I could cast aspersions on the Banking and Real Estate industries. Now, their industries are coming unglued. A Ponzi scheme doesn’t last forever.

 ‎”Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game”

‎”The Real; Weapon Of Mass Destruction: POVERTY” 

The U. S. treasury has been operating in the murky shadows of the Federal Reserve since 1913. the history of the relationship of the Treasury with private central banks in America is very well documented. actual audits of the Treasury don’t produce hard evidence. The Fed has never seen an independent audit. Yet, we can measure the results they produce.

Send Dick Cheney and his shotgun. If any troops have to go with him, they get extra hazardous duty pay.

Of course there would have to be waivers for Federal operatives, conducting false flag events. Can’t have them arrested as terrorism suspects, now can we? (sarcasm provided, free of charge). Next week, I’m running a sale on cynical disbelief. Bulk orders and wholesalers are welcome.

Ahhhh ….. all those smiling faces. A dog doesn’t smile because he likes you and is happy to see you. If you see teeth, ease on out of there uninjured.

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In the Rothschild tradition, the Bernanke Gang runs the wealth transfer business, very well. The central bank gets title to everything, and the people get mountains of worthless paper. We just say no to fraud, but we continue using the currency of debt slavery. It ends when the currency collapses and the people are living in the street, or worse.

Education makes it easy for people to sell their birthright for a corporate bowl of soup. It’s a harder road to be a living being with the conscience that God instills in every human being. To buy into the corporate structure, one has to sear the conscience with a hot iron.

P.S, – I really appreciate the cover photo of Robert Johnson.

Even though I’m a photographic speed reader, my experience is that getting a critical word wrong in a paragraph changes the meaning of the entire text. Many times, I’ve had to go back and find the place where my mind slipped a cog. I reach the point at which what I’m reading doesn’t make sense. Time to slam on the brakes and turn around. The balance between effective filters and complete understanding is very fine and precise.

The support for such Fascist enabling legislation always contains the caveat, “with proper management and oversight”. In practice, there are no protections from bureaucratic mission creep. These things always extend into areas that were never mentioned.

Tightening of fiscal policy always lags behind targeted levels. The use of fiat currency is an addiction, exhibiting the behavior of any other substance abuse. In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms can be quite violent.

Reality insists that paper is not gold. That lesson gets hammered home at least once a day. the truth simplifies everything. As with this interview, stating the obvious works, every time.

The past 3 years has seen inventory bulldozed, turning housing developments into empty lots. Sales aren’t the only way to reduce inventory. Unfortunately, the cash flow goes negative.

Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 2011 – This morning, there are only two words for the global economy. Get real. A quick scan of the financial headlines shows that Europe already knows that. After a century of trying to create wealth out of nothing, the joyride is over. The austerity budgets that are being announced may be more well  intended than than effective. Budgets are like New Years resolutions. Unforeseen expenses always pop up to throw the budget out the window. We will see, what we will see.

All’s well that ends well. “Labored”‘s reply was greatly appreciated.

December 13, 2011 at 9:41 pm | #4 Reply | Quote
George, good for you. My apologies. Sorry to have so underestimated you and your clear line of analysis. With your POV, you are going to be bigger than Michael Savage ever thought of being! I am sure your following is huge and growing. Keep up the good work.

December 13, 2011 at 10:02 pm | #5 Reply | Quote
Thank you Labored. Popularity is never a goal to be desired. My popularity wanes when I pull out Federal Reserve notes, and ask people if they are money. It’s always an interesting discussion. They usually don’t have the endurance to hear the terms and conditions in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. I read Black’s Law Dictionary for fun. If the conversation reaches that level, I exceed human endurance. Ma my of my friends are still doing their radio programs. I’ve been asked by different people since leaving The American Freedom Network, to do internet radio. i would need a much better connection, to do that. I still keep up with Robby Noel on Republic Broadcasting, Eric Cedarstrom through their podcasts, Barry Chamish on Republic, Randy Yarbrough on AFN, etc. Thank you for taking a look at some of my posts. Most people don’t bother.

When I write about people being squeezed out of the economy, people don’t want to believe it. They believe that the plan for the future includes them. It doesn’t. They are human resources, expendable and disposable.

Embezzlement is always premeditated. Don’t think for a second that investment brokers don’t think about what they can get away with, and how to do it. This is gambling that we’re talking about, not active, personal participation in a business.

BlackListedNews Radio is on the air.

Watch Greece and the rest of the PIIGS nations closely. When the Fed antes it’s watch, cuff links and certificates of title into the pot, you’ll know what to do. You don’t want to be standing in line when the banks declare a bank holiday. I hear that currency makes good mattress padding.

All I had to see was the word “Tax”, and I said, “Don’t do it!”. You know that every tax has mission creep. Every tax turns into another bureaucratic fiefdom, with it’s very own “castle” in Washington, D. C.

Response to “Labored” on the Evil Of Indifference blog.

You obviously haven’t read a thing that I’ve written, Labored. You unjustly assumed things that I never said. If you read my blogs, you will find that I know the history, very well. I know that the collusion between the Robber Barons and Congress set up the Federal Reserve. Through working in talk radio, I’ve had a passing acquaintance with G. Edward Griffin, author of “Creature From Jekyll Island”.
You would know that labor unions set up Corporatist slavery in the workplace. You would know that the 14th Amendment made slaves of everyone. I suggest you read my “POV” before you jump to conclusions. Here are some links to a few of my blog entries that will clear up this misunderstanding. Scroll down the page past “The Daily Climb” and you’ll find them. 

 ‎”Reconstruction: The Broad Way To Destruction” 

‎”The Real Weapon Of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce 

Sounds like risky business, to me. It would be like trying to hang a noose over a tree limb, by putting the loop around your neck, and carrying the rope up a ladder. You throw the rope over the limb and tell someone on the ground to hold on to it, in case anything bad happens to you.

The world is making it easy for me. I don’t have to be witty, insightful or intelligent for more than a few minutes at a time. The rest of the day is spent stating the obvious.

When the Euro was about to be introduced, it was supposed to be 15% backed by gold. That didn’t last long. No fiat currency can be a “gold standard”. I can understand the reasoning behind even considering that the Euro could be a monetary standard. In the financial environment, access to debt is the new money. It may function as a medium of exchange, but it is not in itself, wealth. Therein lies the root of the debt crisis. There is no money in it.

There does seem to be a lot of traffic coming through the solar system, lately. Could it be that the observation capabilities are greater than in past generations? Or, could it be that there is just more to observe?

MF Global is a case of dynamite, under a lot of things. The latest news about MFG selling $2 billion in Italian bonds to JP Morgan and an unnamed hedge fund, at a 5% discount to the market, is another stick added to the pile.

From the beginning, the MF Global failure is institutionalized embezzlement. If the investigation is a whitewash, silence is consent. Congress and the regulatory agencies would be complicit in the theft, by inaction and by dereliction of duty.

The other side of the coin is that, whatever is done before mid – January, no one will be available for comment.

One thing that everyone has agreed on, is that the world is running out of room for error. We are definitely watching the consolidation of power. I see many similarities to the 1920s and ’30s.

The influences driving the market are simple. One day, the rumors of fresh milk at the Nanny State teat energizes activity. The next, after finding a dried up old cow, the market drops out, nursing on the knot in it’s gut.

This is one more example of a fork being stuck in the “global recovery” nonsense. We are seeing the inability of government to skew public opinion. For their efforts over the past century, governments will take a whipping for perpetuating the fiat currency lie. The public gets that brunt of reality, and is quick to express dissatisfaction. Banks will fail and governments topple. This madness degenerates into a corporate slave state, which the banks wanted, all along. They now have the culture of dependency that will agree to anything to keep subsidized consumerism.

Wall St. is a dream world. The emphasis has gone from financing the building of anything business related, to speculating on the direction of the market. The disconnect with the real world is complete. Wall St. is the picture of the vultures, sitting on top of the power poles, watching for the next roadkill.

The National Socialists in Congress believe that government created the American Dream. History calls them liars. Government is an abusive and invasive parasite on the American Dream. This nonsense is just a retread of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” The difference is that we have more Viet Nams than we can shake a stick at. Be prepared when the Pelosi hits the fan.

When trust is fulfilled, it’s a wonderful thing. When trust is misplaced, it is catastrophic. The European debt crisis is one jaw of a leg hold trap. The coming U. S. debt crisis is the other. We see the European situation moving and closing in on us. The USD is just waiting there, ready to pin us down.

This must be the theme for today. Austerity budgets are an admission of reality. The intention is good, but the flesh is week. When government announces these things, it’s like a drug addict promising to turn over a new leaf and start clean. It doesn’t last long. When the chills and shakes set in, the vomiting and delirium follow, shortly after.

No disagreement here. The can has been kicked down the road, for decades, and the “much worse” is here. Compounding the slowing economy is the inevitable decline in tax revenues. From the government viewpoint, the debt crisis clearly parks itself on the government doorstep. The debt load won’t take IOUs.

Monday, Dec. 12th, 2011 – You can feel and hear the world shifting gears. The move toward pulling back and getting ready for a rough ride is picking up speed. The stories about long term crisis preparedness have always been there. Most of the time, people aren’t that concerned, especially in urban environments. People are so conditioned in dependency that they never think about living with what they consider to be “necessities”. Believe it or not, you won’t die without a car or cable TV. Availability of water, food and shelter may not always be facts of life. I repeatedly ask what people will do if the banks don’t open, the ATMs and cash registers don’t work, and the immediate area becomes unstable. In that circumstance, open exposure to the immediate surroundings may be hazardous to your health and safety.

Years ago, I observed that the best circumstance one can hope for, is that the government does not know that he exists. My thinking was, that since corporations identify people only as property, they are looking for commercial application of human resources. It follows that the best course of action involves acquiring water, food and shelter, without resorting to open commerce. Of course, that may be impractical in some cases, but stepping out into open commerce is foraging in a war zone. 

I’m amazed that economists still pursue the mythical notion of a “global recovery”. They either have their heads in the sand, or they were taught wrong. The global economy is now in a closed loop of producers selling into declining markets. Because of this, Asian economies are in no position to drive any “recovery”. The central banks will eventually seal the hyperinflation spiral with the printing presses. I’m just waiting for the EU and US to be told that their money is no good.

This is getting interesting. Not that I’m all that interested in politics or diplomacy, but it is interesting to watch the Wars of Corporate Conquest. In 1867, they began the Reconstruction of the United States. Now, they’re reconstructing the rest of the world.

Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s “Mini Me”, reminds of the former appliance salesman, turned warlord, in the film, “The Postman”. Let us not forget that as Secretary of Labor, he said:

“Those who work with their hands and make things have no future”.

When he talks about sociopaths and psychopaths, he must know a few. 

Hindsight may be 20/20, but it never keeps the horse in the barn. A little foresight would have helped avoid this mess. A wise man knows the end of all things. We can conclude that there is no wisdom in the decision makers on Wall St. or in Washington, D. C. If there was, they couldn’t claim ignorance of the consequences of their actions.

After wholesaling manufacturing jobs to Third World countries, there can’t be much left to do, for that office. I’m sure it will be equipped with it’s own SWAT team.

It must have looked good to them, on paper. They failed to take into account that collapsing the economy through default and foreclosure fraud is a crime.

The BIS has a vested interest in the printing presses. They don’t care if the paper is toilet tissue, as long as it’s accepted. Currency transfers keep their jobs and incomes going. This is the “butter your own toast” generation.

That’s a good description of Corporatism. We are living in the film, “Rollerball”.  Corporate domination in the film, “Rollerball”..

The pattern of the last 20 years is that, if the news stories over the months point in a direction, that is the way it will go. Iraq, Afganistan, and now the news has been aimed at Syria and Iran. The other shoe has been hanging in the air, for a long time.

Reg T is legalized embezzlement. If it is not lawful for and individual to aid anyone in the commission of a crime, So too does this apply to public officials. According to the Supreme Court decision in Screws vs. United States, the majority opinion stated that public officials are held to a higher standard, being presumed to know the law. This regulation makes public officials accessories before, to and after the fact, in the crime of embezzlement.

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Rumors or not, the banking industry, and investment markets for that matter, run on rumor. Whether grounded in fact or not, news makes the economy. An encouraging lie is just as damaging as a malicious rumor. Big things start with little things, in little places.

Will backsides survive long enough to see an upside? The way it’s going, no one can hold their breath that long. I can’t emphasize it enough. Water, food and shelter are the priorities that matter. Go long on breadlines, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries. Take physical delivery on everything.

Since the the system depends on the promises of politicians, bureaucrats and bankers, don’t expect too much. The withdrawal symptoms of debt dependency will be greater than the printing presses can cope with. Which will come first, default or double – digit bond yields? “It can’t happen heeere…” Never say never.

Sunday, Dec. 11th, 2011 – Jobs, jobs, jobs. With a collapse in currency availability looming, a marketplace that purportedly depends on consumer confidence, the only real discussion is about jobs. Forget “liquidity” and “credit”. No jobs, no income, it’s just that simple. Perhaps I should rephrase that. I’m sure that the central banks will eventually print their brains out. They have no choice. Bailing out the “boat” hasn’t worked. They will either have to print to keep going, or figure out a way to make a boat out of the bucket they’ve been bailing with.

The financial news will be wild this week. With governments and banks rushing to save their own hides, the collapse of the Euro will be a compelling made-for-TV drama. If that hints that currency collapses are planned and executed, it should draw attention to the fact that they are deliberate. We have been watching record-breaking wealth transfers, all along. The only satisfied people are the con artists in the banking industry. They’re not really happy, because they haven’t stolen it all, yet.

Inspiration and leadership only carries just so far. the difference in this game was that Matt Prater outscored Robbie Gould, 7 – 4. Getting in position to put points on the board is important. It would still be wasted without the leg to kick a 59 Yd. FG. The lesson for the U. S. economy is that no one pays for unfinished business.

Innovation is nice. It keeps an economy vibrant. However, there are other categories to consider. Innovation doesn’t get to the marketplace without production. The regulatory hindrances to production stifle the delivery of innovation. Until that changes, the best of innovation has no sure access to markets. A growing hurdle is access to investment capital. The speculation environment contributes to the uncertainty of commercial viability. The vicious circles go around and around.

Some facts of life just jump up and bite people, when they get going good. No production economy can prosper by selling into declining markets. As the debt crisis in Europe spreads, the global economy declines. China has ridden the wave of export income. The wave is about to crash on the beach. They’ll have to figure out how many burgers somebody has to flip, to buy housing. Unless they can find an alternative, don’t ask the U. S. We still don’t have an answer for that one.

The fact remains that the chasm between revenue and debt service demand is widening. This leaves less available for future expansion of employment and production. At the very least, none of the FOMC goals are attainable. At worst, something has to snap.

Nothing can feel “right”. When the foundation is defective, the house will settle, or worse. If the ground turns into a mudslide, the house can be turned into kindling. The foundation of the markets is the fiat currencies, and the relationships among them. Today’s markets are built on shifting sands and imaginary framework.

Did they just figure this out? News stories for weeks have been filled with statements the the debt is a pit deep enough to swallow anything that falls into it.

I’ve seen the murals and symbols at DIA, with my own eyes. These videos on this page are what I have seen.

There are many suppressed studies and clinical trials that link artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers to autoimmune dysfunction. One of the best books on the subject is “Exitotoxins: The Taste That Kills” by Dr. Russell Blaylock.

The banking scam runs all the way through the history of Corporatism. It takes some strange twists. Intertwined with the rumors and evidence of secret societies is a web of occult associations and participation. Throw into the mix the League of Nations, the United Nations, and a host of NGOs, and you have a bubbling cauldron of abominations.

Nazi Occult Secrets

There is a financial Law of Gravity. All fiat currencies go to zero. The average service term for fake paper money is about 40 years. It takes that long for ignorant and deceived people to die off. The generation that follows is born into reality and has not known artificial affluence. They really do know the value and legal definition of a “Dollar”.

The nature of financial markets will not allow any single fiat currency to exist in a political vacuum. As confidence and trust change, all currencies are forced into a new equilibrium. The problem is that they all began as legal fictions, and will return to nothing.

This week, I expect to see this situation change by the minute. At some point, we will see a paraphrase from the bar scene in the film, “Goodfellas”. If anyone doesn’t remember the poor sucker who thought he hit the daily number, he was told “We don’t pay off to mooks”. This promptly escalated into a bar fight. I don’t think a beat cop is going to walk in and break this one up.

This link is a keeper. I’ll make sure it gets posted in “The Daily Climb” when it updates.

It’s more like speculation intensifying in 6 or 7 hours. Monday is coming a lot sooner to Europe, than the U. S. We have become accustomed to all Hell breaking loose, when the European markets open. Sometimes, the Asian markets give us some advance warning. Whatever happens, Mondays have not been good news, for a long time.

I have long said that the Privileged Few all go to the same parties, drink booze out of the same bottles, and ride around in the same golf carts. I doubt that very many of them are going hunting with Dick Cheney, anytime soon.

We can be assured that sound financial practices will not support the present economic lunacy. The doctor is in, and George Carlin was right. The world is all diseased.

Unemployment statistics are becoming non-statistics. I’ve known many people over the years who went for long periods of time, without being employed or filing a claim for benefits. The longest was 17 years. The day is coming when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, who has a traditional “job”. The days of 40 hour work weeks, benefits and pensions are behind us.

Slavery has always been the preferred business model of private central banks. When government enters the equation, the combination of force and favor seal the servitude of the population. As Baron Rothschild said, “Our scheme is so ingenious, that those who profit by it will say nothing, and those that are beholden to it, will be silenced.” The renegotiation of Feudalism that is the Magna Carta is no document of freedom. It only codified the terms of slavery.
All subsequent agreements are just more nails in the coffins of just societies.

Whatever “ism” is on the rise, it’s all Corporatism. By treaty or indentured servitude, the debtor will always be servant to the lender. Whatever is in the news on a given day, it boils down to factions trying to gain position in the corporate structure. There is only one pie, and everyone wants the whole pie badly enough to go to war to get it.

This is the Achilles Heel of government. Government doesn’t produce anything. It only takes by threat of force, and redistributes wealth. the words “government” and “balance” can not be used in the same sentence, without marking the speaker as a liar and thief.

This is the latest pig in a poke that the Federal corporation is selling. They have never given anything to the people who work with there hands and talents, producing real things. Throughout history, taxation has enriched the privileged few, at the expense of the industrious. the United States has become a corporate slave state. People depend on government to rob their neighbors, for their gain. In the end, they are all beholden to the mercy of a tyrant.

Because silver has such a wide variety of uses, production has never outpaced demand. There is demand for everything the silver mines can turn out and the price will still go up. The fiat exchange rate will always be over-matched by real things, especially precious metals. Don’t believe me? Watch how many banks fail and currencies devalue, in 2012. Gold and silver are money. Paper is not money.

On this issue, I must disagree. We already have laws that deal with anyone acting as an agent of a foreign power. It is selective enforcement that I take exception to. Under existing law, every member of the Federal corporation should be in prison. Over the past 100 years, they have clearly imposed the will of foreign entities upon us. Compounding the severity of this present legislation is that it’s provisions are also found in the Enabling Acts that gave Hitler absolute power. It is interesting to note that a verbatim translation from the Nazi Law on Weapons is contained in the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1968. To understand why we see this movement toward Draconian central government, we must know the stated position of central government, in the United States. In an earlier comment, I cited the passages from the Preamble to the Congressional Record. These statements identify Congress as a domestic enemy. Congress clearly identifies itself as an agent of a foreign power.

The quotes from the Preamble to the Congressional Record that I cited in another comment, on another site, are most interesting. They shed light on the current efforts toward world government.

Most people are unfamiliar with the Preamble to the Congressional Record. Each new Congress is required to record it’s own statement on the State of the Union. That is where it is found. It is important to know the background of a crisis to understand the response to it. Following are quotes from the record.

“Congress acknowledges that the State of Emergency in Agriculture, declared in 1934, did abrogate certain civil liberties. The emergency has continued through WW II, to the recent Korean Conflict. However, certain provisions of the State of Emergency must be maintained, in order to support the United Nations in it’s efforts to establish and maintain world peace”

– P. to the C. R. 1953

“We recognize that most people in the United States, having lived under a State of Emergency all of their lives, have known no other circumstance. We see no distinction between a State of Emergency, and a State of War.”

– P. to the C. R. 1973

From these two official statements, we see that the present circumstances are no accident. Congress committed our lives and property to service to a foreign power. This mercenary relationship is one of the foreign entanglements that we were warned about. As long as Congress remains complicit in these efforts of world conquest, the people of the United States have a stone tied around their necks. The United States will be dragged down with the rest of the world, because national sovereignty was abandoned, before most of us were born. Now, I know why I first heard my grandfather say that the country was going to Hell in a hand basket. I was a very little boy, at the time.

Poking a hornet’s nest with a stick is always a dangerous thing to do. You can’t fly as fast as they can.

A shock wave in the air, that rattles that wide an area, would have to be huge. At the very least, the auditory reaction would be mentioned, before any sensation of shaking. To cause floors to shake, the sound would have to be deafening.

“Slower growth” would be a stay of execution. The markets will measure the severity of the contraction. Stock up on water, food and shelter.

I’m glad it wasn’t 6 miles deep. We had better watch out, now. This recent pattern points to bigger events, around the world.


That’s what we try to do. The next one we reach, could be more important than we know.

This will be a week of downgrades. The official statements out of Europe are indicating that the Euro has become much more toxic, in the last 48 hours.

I tried to warn people about this possibility, especially when I wrote “Wage Slave: 2012”. People have no idea what is coming, and it all will be “legal”. We are reliving 1930s Germany  

The nagging thought that refuses to go away is that the consequences of failing to recover full restitution of damages will be disastrous. The possibility of a prolonged and deep collapse in the housing market could have lasting negative effects for a very long time.

That is an understatement. If the market hasn’t priced in the end of the Euro, many will find themselves running around in a blizzard, in their underwear. The official statements of the past 48 hours have national banks preparing for the end of the Euro. The news this week should have enough twists and turns to keep the markets hopping.

It’s a fact of life. Those that agree to be regulated, will be regulated. Accepting benefits from a tyrant makes one the property of the tyrant.

If we define material wealth by what we physically possess, the decline in the past 30 years is shocking and dramatic. In the past few years, the largest purchaser of water rights in the Western U. S. is China. When jobs were outsourced to other countries, a lot of industrial tooling went with them. The tooling to fabricate the bodies of 1969 Chevrolet Camaros is owned by a company in Taiwan. The fastest growing “industry” in the U. S. is the private prison labor system, lead by Swedish corporation, Wackenhut. The power distribution grid in Ohio is owned by a German company. Does all of this point to a bad end?

That’s human nature. One man sticks his neck out, and another steps up to hang him. As I recall, the UK had to be browbeaten for years to enter the EU. As was described then, and has proven to be now, the concept of a united Europe is a financial vampire.

The connection between recruitment services and actual production of goods and services is very thin. The underlying foundation of the job market is an environment of selling into declining markets. For any efforts to increase the labor pool, there must be an increased demand for what the labor pool does. These recruiting efforts are trying to create a market, without support for it.,%20the%20survival%20rate%20for%20everyone%20drops%20to%20zero)

Friday, Dec. 9th, 2011 – Today, my question is: “What’s next?”. There’s a strange brew cooking, in the fiat currency cauldron. To this point, the standard of viability has been measured in what they call liquidity. I call it what it really is, access to debt.I can see it now. A creditor comes around for his payment. You paid the last installment by getting a loan. This time, you just don’t have the “money”. You didn’t tell the creditor that you had to borrow to make the last payment. So, what do you say when the creditor asks, “Well, can you borrow the money from somebody?”  The well has run dry.

The tyranny of ignorance is supported by the depth and reach of the lie that is fiat currency and it’s process of fractional banking. It creates a mentality that accepts that the financial system is morally and contractually committed to support for this system of false weights and measures. That belief assumes that the system will never fail. The entire history of Economics says that the system will fail.

The contents in official statements are always deceptive by omission. These statements that everything was open and complete are perjury. Of course, we know that changing the meaning of words to fit the current situation is standard procedure for a liar.

Those loan guarantees would be an awfully thin tightrope to walk out on. I see a growing aversion to bailouts. Your scenario looks more like volunteering to be a scapegoat.

This is why I wrote “Fiat Addiction”. Fiat currency exhibits the same pattern as drug addiction. 

There is historical precedent of people targeted for preparedness. I’ve read accounts of people in Germany, toward the end of WW II, dragged from their homes and shot, for hoarding food. Developments in the modern day seem to point toward targeting prepared people.

Over the past 4 years or so, there have been periods of time when no bulk containers of long term storage food were available from Mountain House, because FEMA was buying up their production.

After the example set by MF Global, we shouldn’t have to be reminded that there is no substitute for having the metal in your physical possession.

For at least the past 60 years, many instances of legislation have been passed and signed into law, codifying ang legalizing what government was doing, illegally. In Corporatism, the end of that process is dehumanization and genocide. Government waits for the right tyrant to come along.

“Government, being a magnifier of human nature is, in it’s best state, a sleeping murderer.”

– Georgesblog , 2003

In a process that began in 1860, initiated by act of war and subsequent conquest, the words “representation” and “management” became interchangeable. The standing of property for U. S. citizens was codified with the 14th Amendment. The practical meaning of that action is that “representatives” are proxies, designated to be overseers on the Federal Debt Plantation. Only the Federal corporation, it’s agents and designees, can legally own slaves. U. S. citizens are imported statutory persons, legal trusts, and aliens in the states that they legally reside in. U. S. citizens are not Americans. Their connection to the land is severed when they enter into agreement by opening a bank account, signing documents claiming U. S. citizenship, etc. All people born in the United States jurisdiction are presumed to be U. S. citizens, by Supreme Court decision, in 1873.

More form without substance. This is the offspring of fiat currency.

If you see a horse walking backwards toward you, and it speaks, those aren’t words bouncing on the ground. Whatever you do, don’t take them as pearls of wisdom. Those things are nuggets, but not gold.

The proper term would be “fast fiat currency”. If it were gold and silver coin, Warren Buffett probably wouldn’t be so generous. Since the currency is not money, he is providing borrowed debt. Back when this was a nation of laws, that was called Felony Fraud.

They must have stuck their heads in the commode, thinking it was a sandbox. The fabrications and plausible deniability are like kicking over a kerosene lantern, and saying the cow did it. In the process, the Golden Goose gets cooked.

It all depends on personal bias. If someone is playing the debt game as hard as they can go, they are at the mercy of the ratings agencies. The simple fact that they can move borrowing costs changes the playing field. That it their form of veto power. We know that corporations, including private central banks, respect no national boundaries or sovereignty. I would hope that everyone understands that, so they don’t get fooled, again.

What else can you do, when the proposed solutions come up short, over and over again? It looks like the only choices being made are to either manipulate the markets, or start a new war. The results of either are questionable.

Oops! Looks like somebody landed on Boardwalk and Park Place, in the same turn, again. Now, let’s see if they roll their third double in a row, and go straight to jail.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot to dislike in the world. I write about it. I suppose that would be guilt by association. The world is becoming so polarized that you can’t get a word in edgewise, without offending someone. That being said, we should only offend those who deserve it.

Apparently, no one wants a role in the Euro, badly enough to pay for it. Certainly, no one wants to give up their national identity for it. Nothing has changed since the introduction of the Euro. The easy money has run out, and the free lunch tab won’t be picked up.

Money talks and everything else walks. That’s why you see talk of national gold reserves pop up in this continuing saga. Italy wouldn’t give up their holdings. I’m sure that the UK would rather not do that, either. Everybody wants to talk in terms of the fake Monopoly money. The Euro has run out of hype and the game has degenerated into a political wrestling match.

This is looking like a pickup sandlot game. One kid gets mad because he doesn’t like the rules, takes his bat and ball, and goes home. Another doesn’t want to give up the change in his pocket to buy soda pop. Others leave because they were ruled out. the game ends for lack of players. in this, any possibility could open events that would run their course. The red flag at the top of my list would be the possibility of these bonds being leveraged into oblivion in subsequent trading. China would not appreciate an MF Global crisis dropped in their laps. Wars have started for less than that. Pearl Harbor would look like a local turkey shoot. Everything will be decided when China decides to get on the brakes. Perhaps they will see room to squeeze out a better deal. From the European point of view, the Yuan might be their best chance for a step sideways that limits their losses. I see this as a no confidence vote against the USD. 

Thursday, Dec. 8th, 2011 – Any game is defined by it’s rules. The environment of competition demands resolution and conclusion. The size and shape of the playing dield, the equipment and the required conduct make decision possible. In the game of Finance, the game behaves more like one of the players in the bigger game, The Economy. This is what happens when private central banks achieve size and power that deludes them into believing that they are bigger than the game, itself. They exalt themselves above any law or accountability.

That pretty well sums it up, Joshua. It’s a real recipe for disaster. You can’t squeeze everything into on end of the debt balloon. When this pops, it will be a wild ride.

I especially like Thomas Jefferson quotes. Jefferson knew more about human nature, than most.

This sounds like, “Beat me, beat me! Make me write bad checks!” You have 27 countries with not so bright ideas to do, with money that doesn’t exist. Quick, run to Wal Mart and buy another Monopoly game. They need the extra currency.

If this were about sources, it wouldn’t have been about compensation. This is retaliatory action by the corporate structure. Obsidian should get no more compensation than a turnip found by the side of the road, or be buried, wearing ice skates.

It’s every nation for itself, now. All that remains to be seen is who picks up the pieces. Will it be Germany? Or, France? Will it be a consortium of banks that buy Europe for a pittance? Stay tuned.

The NRA has it’s own skeletons in the closet. Without their support and participation, there would be no National Firearms Act of 1934. Their record is one of appeasement.

What goes around, comes around, eventually. The road to Hell is now paved with fiat currency.

This can of worms that is foreclosure fraud has been ready to spill on the table, for a long time. The banks want it swept under the rug. The mortgage holders want to escape for pennies on the dollar. The state AGs don’t seem to be of any effect, political hacks that they are. Eventually, this festering sore will crash the housing market a bring a rash of bank failures.

Back at the beginning of the ‘Occupy’ movement, I pointed out that the protesters had voluntarily rounded themselves up in internment camps, of their own making. Perhaps I was too subtle at the time. I put in the form of a question. “Redress Of Grievances Or Voluntary Internment?” I was hoping to get the point across that civil disorder has no legal defense. I should have plainly stated that such activity makes people sitting pigeons. 

Government eventually reaches the “Us vs. Them” stage. This is the character flaw in human nature that our laws are supposed to protect us from. This raises the Fascism question. Who is guarding the guards?

The night sky could be very interesting, for the next week or so.

Very unusual. With the recent solar activity, perhaps weather models need to be revised to consider the effects of solar flares and magnetic storms.

It may become forget Germany, the U. S. has it’s own problems. This debt addiction is referred to as “contagion”, for good reason. Everyone can play the debt game, as hard as they can go. The banks are ahead of the debt curve. Nations are behind it. It’s a losing end game.

If Washington, D. C. seems to be a different planet, it’s because it’s legal reality is a different planet. The private law system of Corporatism is skewed by the dictates of corporate hierarchy. You can read ’em and weep in Black’s Law Dictionary. Selective enforcement is the rule of their private law.

Sure, they are. Everybody is in good shape, and well – positioned for the recovery. People lose credibility, when they lie. This is most obvious in financial transactions because every conflict has a commercial root. A bank’s greatest fear is a run on the deposits. The banks in Germany don’t want to see depositors lined up for blocks, waiting to withdraw their funds.

It’s only paper. It’s a pity that the banks, not the populations, don’t get stuck with it. A real stress test is how fast you can run, when you see a tornado coming your way. The paper tornado is going to circle the globe.

Makes sense to me. I’ve been saying for 30 years, get away from the cities, grow your own food, get as independent as possible.

No place in the world is homogeneously good and evil, positive and negative. No place stays in either condition, continuously. All things being equal, life depends on the flexibility to change location and circumstances, without wasting time about planning and forcing conditions.

This sounds like the Federal Reserve note, itself. I womder if Ben Bernanke doodles scams like this on his napkin, at lunch.

Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 2011 – As the weeks plod along, there are more and more articles on dealing with economic collapse. Before engaging in discussion about scenarios, we must have our priorities right. They are water, food and shelter, in that order. This isn’t about comfort. It’s about staying free and alive. And, lest I forget and do WW II veterans a disservice, it’s not my fault that they and the rest of the country were lied to, about Pearl Harbor. The facts contradict the official account. American pilots in American built planes were flying combat missions out of China, against Japan, since 1939. At the time of Pearl Harbor, Japan was under a U. S. imposed embargo. No petroleum products were permitted to enter Japanese territorial waters.  Will the next war have to be so complicated a lie as the sinkings of the Maine, the Lusitania or any of the other fabrications that roused U’ S. public support for war? The world is worn out from war. I’m sure that U. S. citizens are worn out from paying for war.

The common thread through all of this is that this is an anti – human agenda. People are legally reduced to the status of livestock, “human resources”. People are herded and harvested, like cattle. In the 20th century, 140 million people were murdered by their own governments.

I don’t write much fiction. Perhaps I should. I need to write a futuristic novel in which possession of paper currency is a felony. I’ll have to let that thought germinate, overnight. I may wake up with a title for it, who knows?

I know the legal reasons that voting is a dead end. But, as long as people want to play that game, they should do something constructive. Gingrich reminds us of why it would be a step in the right direction to vote to leave Federal offices vacant, and turn government over to state legislatures.

It takes a rude awakening to understand that gold and silver aren’t measured by the currency, but the other way around. I know of several people who’ve known that for at least 20 years.

Sugar coating incidents and refusing to describe the cause and enemy is social and national suicide. At least we are much more truthful when we describe Federal activity as malfeasance and dereliction of duty.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Over the decades, I’ve read everything I could get my hands on, about the motives, politics and circumstances of WW II. This confirms everything I’ve seen, over the past 35 years.

There is no difference between money that people don’t have, and currency that is a facade for money that never existed. It comes out the same way.

To say that the Euro hit an iceberg is an understatement. Fittingly, there is a documentary on the Titanic, on the History Channel, right now. Interesting timeline. At 2:10 AM, the stern rose in the air. Within the half hour, 1500 people were dying or dead, in the water. The eurozone collapse could be just as sudden.

It could be just gamesmanship and play acting. While the ECB and the national banks take turns playing “good cop/bad cop”, the Euro burns and populations are caught in the middle.

Corporatism sees populations as livestock, “human resources”. Cradle – to – grave management of such resources has no human priorities. The bottom line profit is the only goal that Corporatism pursues.

As I describe it, the paradigm shift is a step down in the currency collapse. Of course, no central bank would admit that a currency collapse is in progress. Wealth transfer through devaluation makes people very angry. No Ponzi scheme is going to admit that it has a cash flow problem. When in Zimbabwe, just knock 19 zeros off the currency, and call it good.

We’ve had rumblings and warnings, all year. The security forecast released by DHS in the Spring contained mention of contingency plans for dealing with cannibalism in the major cities. It’s looking more and more like what I described in “Wage Slave 2012”.

The continental United States has been divided into 80 “free trade” zones, each with a Port of Entry. Any place designated “Port of …..” is in international jurisdiction.

Treading on thin ice, in the dark, is always unnerving. I have always seen market sentiment as being more ignorant than brave. There is no more insecure footing than borrowed debt. That fear surfaces every day, in the markets.

Again and again, the statements affirm the fact. The objective of commerce is always conquest. Just as one man tries to make another the extension of his will, so does political agenda, through commercial action. It has always been so.

The historical record is that real things beat fiat currencies and all of their debt representations, every time. The lie is always exposed. A currency war, a battle among fabricated alternate legal realities is just a race to get to the train wreck.

It is interesting to see the ways and means of denying claims. The example is Hurricane Katrina. Insurance companies refused to pay legitimate claims, and did so with the most convoluted excuses they could imagine. I call the insurance industry what it is. It’s a protection racket, preying on vulnerable people, using fear as a tool of coercion. In the present stage of the currency collapse, the insurance companies will find new ways to tap into public treasuries. Heads they win, tails you lose.

This will do for Europe what the New Deal did for the United States. That was the agreement that locked the people into a debt game that they could not win. Now, the Federal Reserve joins hands with the ECB to go forth and conquer.

The objective of commerce is always conquest. The battlefields are commerce and politics. Government and business enter into agreements that bring restraint of trade against free people. Taxation is a weapon in that war. In a Supreme Court ruling in the 1870s, the majority opinion stated that the power to tax is the power to destroy. Since then, government has developed more methods and infrastructure for the purpose of enslaving people.

Most of the time, I read stories like this and think, “Ho Hum. The fox is in charge of the hen house”. In the case of Goldman Sachs, it would be more accurate to say that the pimps are running the brothel. Yet, as long as people insist on playing the Federal Reserve debt game, it’s their sporting house, their rules, their games of chance, poker chips and playing cards. This is how people end up inthe gutter, tapped out and broke.

Rule # 1 is avoid detection. The less you have to interact with strangers and expose your location, the better. Whatever you have when a crisis flares, is all you’ve got. It might be too late to go shopping.

Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 2011 – Starting the week late, without skipping a beat. The Federal Reserve is going ro talk straight, or so they say. That’s going to be tough to do, considering that they still will be hiding the lie that is the currency. It’s a lot more serious than coin of the realm, legal tender, and the rest of private law double – speak. This is why we can take comfort in knowing that there is a higher court than any institution of man.

The corporate conquest of Europe is almost complete. A Socialized pot and window means living in tent cities. The survival rate for refugees is not good.

This will be interesting to watch. If anyone didn’t know, the outcome will be obvious. The DOJ exists to protect the corporate structure. A few scapegoats will be made. There will be “slap on the wrist” fines. By the time the dust settles, millions of counts of fraud and theft will go unpunished.

I remember the prediction that the United States and Soviet Union would pass each other, going in opposite directions. That becomes true in more areas, every day. It’s actually worse than this. Churches and social organizations that are recipients of Federal funds have been co – opted into the data mining and surveillance network.

This is not a new thing in Gulf Coast states. As I described in “Wage Slave 2012”, such measures will become the norm, everywhere. As long as people choose to remain U. S. citizens, property of the Federal corporation, they are under sentence to perform mandatory community service. Whether through Presidential Directive or future legislation, the preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery.

Clinton and his ilk never leave Corporate Fascism. I remember a press conference in which Bill Clinton said his trip to Africa was for the purpose of “building constituencies”. Knowing the legal definition of the word, constituent”, he really said that he was going there to conquer those people. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

I can speak from experience, having lived outdoors a lot, in the past 30 years. In such a crisis situation as described in your description, urban envieonments have their own special requirements. The important mindset is to assume nothing and forget everything that civilization taught you to believe.

There is historical precedent for using troops to put down civil unrest, in the U. S. The military is the standing army of Corporatism. There is nothing about defending civil liberties in military service. 

After the collapse of 1929, government said with the New Deal, “Move off the land, and into the cities. Go to work in the factories. We’ll take care of you”. We are now seeing the result of that siren song. There is nothing we’ve last, that we first did not abandon.

This is what is coming to dampen the protest against the “too big to fail” banks. They start a framework of employment agencies. Behind the scenes, they make it clear to their corporate borrowers that their depositors receive preference in hiring. The unspoken message is that opening an account with them can get you a better paying job. It’s not rocket science. It’s simple logic, and knowing how Corporatism works. 

It’s the same, everywhere you go. People want the candidate that promises the most candy. Unfortunately, such fantasy world expectations produce promises that are impossible to deliver. The world has a problem without a solution, not just Japan. As long as the context of perception is within the confines of fiat currency, destruction is inevitable.

Now that’s an interesting statement. It’s one of the few pearls from the Corporatist international banker that I agree with. Yes, disintegration, and self – reinforcing, at that. Just as a train in a wreck destroys itself by the sheer force of it’s own momentum, so too does the mass of borrowed debt destroy itself, and take nations with it. What he didn’t say is that the currency collapse is deliberately planned and executed by people just like him.

Protest is only half the process. If no legal action is taken, which government is demonstrably slow and reluctant to take, it is like trying to find a pair of shoes that fit, when all that is available are Size 8 left shoes. It doesn’t work. Moving accounts out of the big banks is a positive action. It is taking commercial action, in response to a commercial problem.

There are 2 types of aliens in the United States. There are legal aliens, U, S, citizens, subject to the laws and statutes of the United States (Title 18 ), aliens in the state in which they legally resde in. Then, there are illegal aliens, those who have entered the country and reside in a state, without volunteering to enter into agreement with,and comply with the laws and statutes of the United States. Corporations do not respect national boundaries. The United States is a corporation, not a country. A corporation can only contain property, and can not have citizens.

It’s the old Soviet party line, plain and simple. There is the party in power, and the controlled opposition. Politics is someone dragging you into an argument in the street, while everything is being stolen, out of your house.

The global economy is a lie. The currencies of the world are mot money. If Mt. Everest rested on such a foundation, it would implode into the center of the earth.

That is a question that I never considered. In fact, it opens many questions. Would the stress of subduction open fissures in the sea floor, allowing lava to escape? If so, would that create fragmentation of surface geology, mixing with new material? Would such blending result in weakening or strengthening of the surface material? Infra red mapping of the area could answer these questions, if enough observation, over a long enough period of time, took place.

For the past few years, pre – 1982 pennies have been worth 2 to 3 times face value, as scrap. A few years ago, I lost my Internet connection when the telephone company box was torn out of the ground by thieves. Around the same time period, several miles of copper cable was stolen from a remote area of Wyoming. The cable was to be used for lightning protection on roadside power poles. These days, metal is stolen, even if it is nailed down.

Another factor is that real unemployment, including underemployment and deficits incurred in subsidy programs force both a decline in available income and increased taxation. All of the air can’t be squeezed into one end of a balloon. Something is going to pop.

We shouldn’t be surprised when people do whatever they have to do, to maintain their position in the corporate structure. The objective of commerce is always conquest. When people have sold their souls to commerce, there isn’t anything they won’t do to fulfill their goals.

Insider trading by public officials has always been illegal. All forms of graft, bribery, collusion that compromises regulatory integrity are covered under existing law. The laws would be enforced, back in the days when the United States of America was a nation nof laws. Now, we have Corporatism in a new flavor. Anything goes, as long as the fix is in, with the pol8itically favored people.

Corruption is sleazy work for those who crave power enough to do those things. Of course, the powerful believe that they are going to escape the consequences of their actions. In the short term, they have managed to forestall what they deserve. In the long run, they don’t have a chance.

As I’ve pointed out, many times, bureaucracy harbors criminal elements within it’s ranks. At one end are operatives connected to the command structure. At the top is a directorship maintaining plausible deniability.

U. S. citizens are  legal trusts, creations of the State. As such, they are property of the State. They do not have standing to exercise free will. The State has no commercial interest in free will. As I hears a cop telling a customer in a fast food restaurant: “You have the right to do as you’re told!” He was joking with the man, but in practice, that is the way it comes out.

Conflict of interest is standard procedure, in the corporate structure. The revolving door of bureaucracy is institutionalized insider activity.

Against the background of the total debt, the ECB needs about 100 more bond sales, like that. 100 slugs in the vending machine, you take one out, pass it atound, 99 slugs in the vending machine ……

The U. S. economy functions, ot fails to function in an environment of indentured privilege. In keeping with the fantasy of fiat currency, every commercial activity depends on the government dole. The system fails in international activity. The world isn’t buying what the U. S. is selling, specifically debt. Exported goods and services, excluding war, have been eliminated from the equation.

The Fed has to change something. They’re finding that people aren’t brain – damaged mushrooms, thriving in the dark, on a diet of manure.

Conditions have reached a crisis point. Decisions made now, and actions taken, will decide what is to become of  us.

  The United States of America was once a nation of laws, consistent with Biblical standards. Where we departed from that path is very clear in history. The requirements and consequences are as certain and immutable as the Law of Gravity. It is obvious that America has been suffering the Biblical curses of War, Famine, Pestilence  and Plague, for the past 150 years.

What are the rules? No one seems to know, anymore. The chaos in the investment environment, resulting from brazen lawlessness, has literally turned the financial world upside down. The consequences of the next actions taken will last for decades. 

Friday, Dec. 2nd, 2011 – This week, so many details about previous bailouts are coming to light. It could be that the news is supposed to ease the shock of the enormity of the recent global central bank intervention. Whatever the numbers are, it;s only paper. That’s the cause of the problem, to begin with. Pursuing this fake money game is choosing destruction. The central banks don’t care. They’re destroying populations, not themselves. Little do they know, but their actions will be their own undoing.

If someone is convicted of insider trading, it just means that they weren’t really an insider. The insiders at the Ponzi scheme will continue fixing it, until it stays broken.

Once this course of action was set in motion, it took on a life of it’s own. It demands to be fed. Debt feeds on wealth. Eventually, the increasing debt will feed until there is nothing left.

Infusing more debt doesn’t deleverage anything. All that is accomplished is that the illusion of money is maintained. Compared to admitting that their “money” is no good, the explosion in liquidity looks like a good deal, from the central banks’ perspective.

With the recent announcement of a paper blizzard among the central banks, these numbers could increase exponentially, in the coming months. If we see that happen, inflation will be a runaway train wreck. So far, they’ve kept all of this borrowed debt, in – house. Eventually, the end result is that they’re subsidizing bad monetary policy.

Thursday, Dec. 1st, 2011 – The best that I can say this morning is that the immediate future became a little more clear. The world is depending on rising unemployment, reduced production of goods and  breakdowns in distribution systems to offset the inflation created by the recent collusion by the central banks. What that really means is that populations are being immobilized and their choices limited. As I wrote in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”, fiat currency is a weapon of war. War is a commercial action.

Overall, the house wins. People like to think they’re lucky, but luck doesn’t make a lifetime living. A lot of the homeless in Las Vegas are gamblers who used to have money.

We used to call that a lot of running around, for nothing. It still is. It’s the reason that gamblers never get out of the hole.

This is reality contradicting the actions of the central banks. Since the currencies aren’t real money and the liquidity is just more borrowed debt. the world is becoming the old Soviet joke. People pretend to work and the government pretends to pay.

A lot of claims are made for the “help” that private banks provide. The actual result is that they bury nations in debt that they will never get out of. Slavery has always been the prederred business model of the private, central banks. We have the record of the enslavement of Africa and South America. The same debt slavery is coming to the United States and Europe.

More importantly, the banks are going to have huge losses that are going to go on the books. There are defaults coming that will change the financial axis of the world.

The original form of the legislation telegraphed the intent. As we learned with the Patriot Act, amendments mean nothing toward the application and enforcement of statutes. Who is guarding the guards?

We had industrial production and low taxes to allow us to produce enough to get out of the hole, after WW II. Now, we have never had more debt, and less ability to pay it. The fantasy world is going to meet reality.

Having spent a few nights in weather and extreme cold, I know that it is imperative to stay dry. There is nothing to rescue, if you are dead.

So, it’s official. We’re living in the film, “Enemy Of The State”. What’s Will Smith doing, these days?

Measuring the economy by GM’s report is like judging the economy by Warren Buffet’s gross income. We’ve all seen what happens with all of that dealer inventory is still sitting in dealer lots, after the end of the model year. The numbers are not nearly as good, then.

When I wrote that “Corporatism is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic”, I wasn’t joking. People are beginning to learn that it’s true.

The fact that people continue to trust brokers with their money while these legal issues are still unresolved is a testimony to gullibility. But then, gamblers still gamble, after the game goes crooked.

Life on the Federal Debt Plantation doesn’t have an optimistic future. As long as we are addicted to that fake money. there is nowhere to go, but down.

The foreclosure fraud issue will have more to say about the United States economy, than any other single issue. Prosecution of fraud and recovery of restitution are vital to restoring rule of law.

I remember a study that showed, that if you have change in your pocket, less than a dollar, you are in the top 5%. If you have more than a dollar, you are in the top 2%. You are still poor.

The objective of commerce is always conquest. The borrower is servant to the lender. We are watching the world being consolidated into one corporation. The goal is one government, one currency and one master.

As we learned playing Monopoly, everything returnsto the bank, at the end of the bank. That’s why we have attorneys and no one owns anything. It all becomes property of the bank. From Black’s Law Dictionart, 6th Edirion:

attorn : to deliver tirle and/or possession of property into the hand of a third partu. As long as we have fiat currencies and fractional banking, there is no solution to the debt crisis. When man throws the rules out the window, we end up in exactly t5he same situation we are in, now.

This could be just the beginning. If no one remembers the early ’80s, the commercial conflicts created breakdowns in delivery systems. Double – digit inflation and high interest rates cut into the economy and people suffered.

Now that the central banks have chosen to ante up everything into the pot, it’s go for broke time. After this run is over, it will be a long time before anyone sees any upside, outside of commodities. Declining purchasing power may finish that off, as well. Whatever people are going to do, they had better take care of it, now.

Once we understand that central banks are in the wealth transfer business. these actions are easy tro understand. The banks get real things. You get worthless paper. If you bought a car and paid for it in marbles, that would be more real than the currency.

Regardless of what the financial news tells us, the Ponzi scheme must be disintegrating. This perverse mania to put the world under their thumb has painted the central banks into a corner. They counter with the only weapon they have, fiat cuttrncy and fractional banking. Hopefully, they will awaken to the fact that they’re not the only game in town. Of course, we will see the resultant wars of corporate conquest. Percepyion is now so skewed that war is now called a humanitarian action.

Wednesday, Nov. 30th, 2011 – The funny money game continues. The opening article this morning, details China’s move to free up it’s currency and get it’s factories back to full speed. Their housing market stinks, but it’s hard to buy a house, without a job and income.

Now, this is a very interesting story. I’ll have to think about where all of the possibilities in this story come out. I would think that people couldn’t just go exploring these tunnels, without drawing official attention.

I got out of it that, a situation stays stable, as long as no one panics. There’s a lot to be said for remaining cool under fire. Yet, there are limits. We can say that nothing is a crisis. If the ground splits open and fire comes out of the rift, that’s a crisis. This current debt boil will burst, if it doesn’t get lanced and drained, soon.

People used to be able to say that, as it was in the days of their fathers, so nit is, even today. They can’t say that, anymore. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

There’s a novel thought. China’s production economy has to take desperate measures to crank the factories back up. They have to do that by competing with their currency. It wasn’t so long ago that they wouldn’t float their currency against other currencies. Now, they have to bend to keep civil unrest at bay. People without paychecks can’t buy things.

There are other factors to consider. With both declining purchasing power and rising unemployment, deflation can still occur. Even with an increasing fiat paper supply, an increasing number of people have to cope with zero dollars. They can’t buy houses, cars, some won’t be able to buy even food. The chain reaction decline in demand would produce deflation. Unless Helicopter Ben does drop bales of currency out of the sky, we could see deflation.

They don’t want to stampede the livestock. They impose martial law, without calling it, martial law. They tell us that it’s to protect us from the terrorists. They tell us it’s for the children. They tell us that only the experts can understand it. They tell us anything to keep us frozen in fear.

I recently wrote that we are reliving the Great Depression, leading up to WW II. These measures are every bit as Draconian as anything that happened, back then. The threat is magnified by the application of technology that is available, today.

“Government, being a magnifier of human nature is, in it’s best state, a sleeping murderer.” – Georgesblog, 2003

I’m going to start calling the Fed the Paper Mill. Banking is the only industry in which increased production is bad for the economy,

I’ve been saying all day that this market response to Fed policy is not a good thing. It will go bust, on the first bad news.

Oh, joy ! More funny money to play with. As I’ve been saying all day, the market response is not a good thing. Pumping debt will collapse the currency. It always has, always will.

While European bonds are gagging maggots, I’m watching for a U.S. Treasury auction that digs up a turd, instead of a turnip. The movers and shakers earned all the trouble they get.

Looks good, on paper. The problem is that there are politicians, tax collectors, attorneys, bankers and other thieves out there.

Yes, the Fed is predictable. To borrow a quote, “the Fed is no more Federal than Federal Express, and they have no reserves.” When they stop calling debt assets, then the conversation becomes much more realistic.

The market response to the growing urgency to print currency is not a good thing. This rally will be short – lived. The bow of the Titanic rose, when the ship hit the iceberg. In economic context, the debt load will rip a hole in the economy. Got a seat in the lifeboat?

That horse left the barn at Jekyll Island, back in 1913. It’s been a stampede, ever since. By the process of gradualism, the country has goner to Hell in a hand basket. My grandfather was right, 50 years ago.

Better yet, every time you hear the word, “tax”, buy more physical gold and silver. That way, you can sit back and watch your garden grow, while everyone else is trying to figure out what a job is.

That was a quick ice – breaker. Now, we can watch the fur fly, when S & P, Noody’s jump on the train wreck. The week was starting to quiet down. Watch for what the UK and the Fed respond with. This could turn into crack whores on parade.

The Mafia should be taking notes. This is how loan – sharking is done.

Of course, the Constitution is Corporate. The Federal corporation was formed by agreement, among the States, for the purpose of managing their mutual commercial affairs. 

Economic data has been a manipulated fabrication for at least a decade. The agenda driven pace has accelerated to the point where it is difficult to tell wgere one lie ends, and the next begins.

Thank you for liking my blog, “The Daily Climb”. I’m always looking for new blogs to follow, and you have a great one. It’s going to take all of us to get through this mess.

The ratings agencies work muscle in the central bank protection racket. The banks want countries in financial trouble. The central banks gain power over national govetnments and exact tribute from popularions. That is the end game and the end goal.

This doesn’t just drive a nail in the coffin. It starts to fill the hole in. The die is cast. Now, the central banks have no choice, Print, print, print.

There’s a limit on how much adrenaline can be administered, after which the patient ceases to respond. The global economy is the patient. Fiat currency is adrenaline. They can’t jump start a corpse. They’ll just have to find out, the hard way.

This goes way back. A verbatim translation of a passage from the Nazi Law on Weapons of 1938 is contained in the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1968. We have Senators Kennedy and Dodd to thank for that. Nazi roots run deep in the ruling families of the United States. Prescott Bush was convicted of trading with the enemy, for his business activity with Germany, during the war.

This is the artificial stimulation that I wrote about in “Fiat Addiction”. Every time you see money mentioned, substitute the word, “cocaine”

Fiat Addiction Update 11/09/2011

This illustrates the point that war is a commercial action. With increasing U. S, activity in Asia, China steps up to improve it’s export position, competing with India. The housing market is only one of China’s internal issues. Lowered production demand idled factories and contributed to civil unrest. Chinese people want a paycheck, just like everybody else. 

Tuesday, Nov. 29th, 2011 – The good news about the financial crisis is that the players are in too deep, to back out now. They don’t have the luxury of revisionist history on previous bank panics. This is their deal. They made it, and they will do and say things that will pin them to it. They’ve been told repeatedly, for decades, that the paper fiat currency would eventually run it’s course and fail. They can pretend that it’s life cycle is a matter of legislation. They can pretend that it can be properly managed and controlled.  The fact remains that physical resources, real things, will bounce fiat currency around, like a ping-pong ball. The lie that paper currency is money is coming to an end.

I’ve been homeless 7 times in 30 years. I’ve lived in vehicles. I once lived in a shack, in a salvage yard. The pipe for the wood stove went out the window. I’ve woken up in rain and snow, on the ground, in a sleeping bag. In vehicles, I’ve seen temps as low as -23 F. The best thing about a vehicle is that the doors seal better than any house. It’s good to be indoors, in a warm place. I also know the economic realities that most people don’t want to think about.

U’S. citizenship is indentured servitude, slavery. I’ll post the link to “Country, Nation or Corporation?” along with the link to your post, in “The Daily Climb”. People need to understand this.

The foreclosure fraud issue makes the S & L scandal of the ’80s and “90s look like amateur night at the local theater. The stakes are so high that a settlement is nowhere near to being finalized. Clear title on a shocking number of properties has been broken. This could cripple the housing industry.

One of the blogs that I follow is the 4ClosureFraud blog. They constantly upgate foreclusure fraud news. 

I’ve been homeless 7 times in 30 years. The times that I lived in a vehicle I don’t count in that number. Until recently, a lot of the past 3 years was lived outdoors. If it weren’t for places like the O,U, R. Center and the ministries in the area, I would have suffered a lot worse than I saw. I still have friends there, who live outdoors. There are 10 million people in the United States, who are one month’s expenses awt from living in the street. There are more than 1 million homeless children. 

This news sets up tomorrow’s events. I’m sure that there are people who will be asked how long they’ve been in their present position, not counting today.

Private banks have always been the bane of any just society. Their influence perverts justice, corrupts leadership and robs the people of their wealth. History teaches that allowing wealth to stray too far from one’s own hand invites thievery.

I’ve done that, several times, in the last 30 years. Having always been a member of the working poor, I never got so affluent and complacent that I could afford to be ignorant. The lessons have served me well, being critical in the events that preserved my life. We must take hope in the history that a generation of suffering produces a generation of realists.

If any country looks good in this chain of events, it’s smoke and mirrors. Which end of the Titanic lands on the bottom, first?

The sobering thought is that the lower categories of bonds in the Rurozone get completely wiped out. I read an article yesterday that said that the Elite category bonds would have to recover at least 42% of their value, or the lower bonds get nothing. That’s a lot of toxic assets.

Yes, it seemed like a good idea, at the time. One bad decision, compounded by the next, led to destruction. It is the exact same reasoning process that led to the sinking of the Titanic. Errors in construction, beliefs about performance and seaworthiness, miscalculation on structural survivability, and emergency procedures put the ship on the bottom, in less time than ut takes to talk about it.

All fiat currencies eventually go to zero. In 1929, people jumped out of windows. The understanding of zero dollars is a rude awakening.

We knew this was coming. This should be a lesson to the Fed. This won’t come out ant better than 2008. It may not come our better than 1930. Know your local farmer. You need to eat.

With the Fed making noise about jumping into the European debt crisis, the 2012 election may be just a footnote in history.

I’m sure it makes perfect sense, to Frank & Earnest. They must have gotten off the park bench and gotten union jobs.

The corporate consolidation of the world is enslaving everyone. In 1867, the central banks reconstructed the United States on new terms. Now, they’re reconstructing the rest of the world. they can mine the other planets, later.

This new deal won’t be any better than the last deal.

The Federal Reserve note began as a half – truth. As long as it was redeemable in gold and silver coin, it gained enough credibility to be seen as money, itself. Gradually, it became separated from real money. After successfully working the Bait-And-Switch for 98 years, the Federal Reserve note is a pure lie. It is no wonder that financial instruments, even farther removed from real money, don’t behave the way we expect money to function.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. The world has been a war zone, for 6,000 years.

Back in the ’70s, a reputed Mafia figure won the Mass Millions drawing, twice in the same year. Of course, lotteries are rigged. Lotteries are a tav on stupid people.

When investment firms talk about the effect of invasion on oil prices, the reality is just around the corner. With what is going on in Iran, right now, the day is young. Corporatism marches on and the central banks are having their way with nations.

This looks like a repeat of the early ’80s. With this global unrest, inflation, stagflation and 21% Prime Rates may seem like the good old days.

If I don’t find the news, the guys at Patriot Trading Group, will

I’ll pardon the language in the headline. There just is no polite way to describe this. It’s getting nasty, out there. People are reacting when the check isn’t in the mail. 

The life expectation of fiat currencies averages about 40 years> Next year will be the 40th anniversary of the USD becoming a purely fiat currency. Once disconnected from real money, paper is doomed to failure, default and bankruptcy. These inter- bank liquidity problems can not be solved with more debt.

There are 10 million people in the United States, who are one month’s expenses away from living in the street. In 2008, there were 1 million homeless children. I’m sure their expectations aren’t as optimistic as the housing market. Add to that the number of people who are underemployed, and you have a recipe for disaster. As I wrote in “Wage Slave 2012”, this is an ugly situation, and the government has a plan to “help” everyone. It was very efficient in Europe, in the Great Depression and WW II

That got them Mussolini’s “Corporatism” ( his word for Fascism) back then. Will Italy fall for the same line, now?

The other choice is to raise Hell and bang your shoe on the table. Seriously, there will be issues in 2012 that didn’t get into full swing in 2011. I don’t think the world is ready for the currency collapses of the coming year. It might be better to put away at least a year’s supply of food and water, just in case.

State Sovereignty rests on State Nationality. The issue is very well documented. I suggest the following websites.

Read the article at

It’s a nice thought. There are glitches that didn’t exist, from 1867 to 1933. During that period, gold and silver were both in circulation. We had currency redeemable in gold and silver coin, gold and silver certificates. It is important to note the legal definition of the term, “certificate”. That is, a note issued in lieu of the real thing, in this case, money. The certificate itself has no intrinsic value, and is not money. If we are to retrace our steps, issue certificates redeemable in gold and silver, that could be phased in. A parallel real money system would eventually eat the fiat system, alive. The big fly in the ointment is that we must put an end to fractional banking. We would have to put an end to private banks. On those points, private banks have demonsrated that they will start wars and kill people to maintain their power. 

Monday, Nov. 28th, 2011 –  Yesterday’s news was bad, but today won’t be as good as the mainstream media presents it.  History records the decay spiral of fiat currencies. Both the Euro and the USD are following that pattern. Debt demands to be fed. A diet of more debt is currency cannibalism. At some point, the debt monster is going hunting for real meat. The next news story could be a scream or a whimper.

Yes, now would be a good time to beat the rush. For the United States, 1913 would have been a better time. The Fed is going to drag the U. S. into this mess.

This is where the United States lets one man paint the whole country into a corner. Obama’s mouth will write checks that U. S. taxpayers can’t cover.

Yes, it’s hard to get your mind around a train wreck this big, going that fast. The impact will leave breadlines and soup kitchens that span continents, in it’s wake.

I’ve said for 2 weeks that the real target was national gold reserves. Italy is a sitting pigeon, and Venezuela is bringing theirs home. Batten down the hatches. Looks like we’re in for stormy weather.

There are crooked people involved in printing currency? Now, isn’t that a surprise! I wonder what bribes it will take to keep the global Ponzi scheme going.

The best case scenario that is being presented is that the Fed jumps in to the European bailout. That won’t solve the problem, because it still isn’t money, that they’re talking about. It’s borrowed debt. this is a Fiat Addiction. Fiat currency is the drug that keeps the euphoria in believing the lie, that the currency is money. As I said last week, the real target is national gold reserves. I’m seeing stories about Italy’s 2451 tons of gold. The banks get real things. People get worthless paper.

Fiat Addiction Update 08/09/2011

Some debt is less equal than other debt. There’s another monkey wrench in the gears. Perhaps the news of the past few weeks wasn’t even that good.

Finding out that I was right for the last 30 years is small consolation. The only satisfaction would be in seeing people get away from the cities, while they still can.

Japan never really recovered from the ’90s. It was Japan that showed the United States how to do near-zero interest. This is one of the other shoes, hanging in the air.

It was an obvious theft then, and the thieves are still loose. The next scam is the European bailout. This may dwarf the 2008 bailouts and drag U. S. taxpayers into it. There are a lot of rumors about the Fed getting directly involved. One story quotes Obama as pushing for it.

We must remember how recent history followed the pattern of previous currency collapses. Time is wasting. We need a Crash Course.

I’ve seen a lot of hints that the Fed would jump into this European bailout plan. This is one more push toward the edge.

The good news is that there are fewer “other shoes” hanging in the air. The bad news is that there are still, other shoes hanging in the air. December is going to be a wild month.

This is reminiscent of the summer of 2007. I smell a trap. It wouldn’t be the first time that a narrow focus volume surge drew the unwary into losing their shirts.

I remember the story in December, 2007, about $1.7 Trillion leaving the United States, over a period of 3 weeks. It’s doubtful how much of the $8 Trillion can be accounted for, today. The financial system is leaking like a sieve. We have yet to see what will become of the MF Global and Solyndra scandals. Then, we have to watch for resolution of the foreclosure fraud issue.

‎It does look like the Fed is going to buy foreign debt. It could be hidden behind the scenes in the headlines. Continuing the debt for debt theme, I look for deals involving swaps of U. S. Treasury bonds. Creating an artificial market for debt is what banks do.

I’ve watched this developing for at least 25 years, It started with the appearance. Seeing officers in riding breeches, military haircuts, etc. It has moved on to SWAT teams armed to the teeth, with select-fire weapons.

“Potentially, the RCB has unlimited financial firepower due to it’s ability to print money to get out of debt”. The quote defeats the purpose of money. It also deceives the public about the nature of debt. Debt can not be repaid with more debt. The problem only gets worse.;_ylt=Al21281_5ViUjccLfxCjNoWs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNscmVnOWpiBG1pdANUb3BTdG9yeSBGUARwa2cDMTRhMTU5YTMtOWU5MS0zNjRmLWE4OTYtODA3NzFhMmQwNTA5BHBvcwMxBHNlYwN0b3Bfc3RvcnkEdmVyAzgzZT

It’s worse than I said it was in “Wage Slave 2012”. The corporate structure seeks to monetize and harvest every atom in creation. That includes everything we are made of.

Wage Slave 2012 Update 10/28/2011

I depend on good news sites like Reality Zone

If this investigation follows his past performance of selective targeting that “Screwy Looie” is remembered for, this will drag out until it’s off the public radar.

I recall that secondary recipients of bailout funds could not be traced. There may be a lot more, secretly unaccounted for.

The ECB won’t go wandering around in the dark, all by it’s lonesome. Europe is waiting for the Fed to ante up. It will look like it comes from the IMF, but the debtor nations will be supplying cannon fodder for the wars of conquest, in repayment.

They haven’t figured out how to bail out countries, without increasing the debt load. Could it be that the banks are conquering nations with a stroke of a pen?

A bailout by any other name still smells like debt. There are bad things shaping up in the collusion among the central banks.

State Sovereignty rests on State Nationality. There are links on the issue in my links list, down the right side of my blog site. If needed, I can post them in a comment, here.

With what the housing market is up against, these figures won’t improve. Until the foreclosure fraud mess unwinds, the banks are going to get skinned in the haircut.

The Farm Wars website is very important. If you want to know what’s really going on with the economy, ask farmers and truckers. Never forget that farmers feed us, three times a day.

Since the story broke yesterday that the Fed would kick in 600B to prop up Italy, I wonder how much U. S. taxpayers are going to get stuck with.

This looks like a perverse game of Tetris. The next block to drop may not fit anywhere. There is no “Continue” option in this game.

The objective of Commerce is always conquest. We are watching the corporate consolidation of the world. The same military supervised slavery is coming to the United States.

This will continue long enough for a patsie to get caught with the hand in the cookie jar. Some lower management type or sales rep will leave a paper trail. The public will have their scapegoat. Where all that money went, is another issue. I hope it comes out better than AIG.

It is very clear that the AAA- nations are establishing a dictatorial position, ahead of the Dec. 9th meeting. They are literally buying up the rest of Europe and turning nations into vassal states. These bonds will have strings tied to them. This plan will enslave Europe. It remains to be seen if the IMF will tolerate being cut out of the loop.

We knew this in 2008. In fact, I wondered in the ’70s how politicians managed to find time to line their own pockets, because they were so busy, lining their friends pockets. Every bailout continues the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world. 

Sunday, Nov. 27th, 2011 – This week begins with so many examples of frustration. The biggest frustration is the European situation. This game of financial musical chairs will have an end. Right now, we see nations like Germany, France and the UK making sure that they have a seat, when the music stops. That won’t solve their problem. Watching the European debt tumor grow is a deathwatch. As I wrote in “Cancer Of The Wallet”. debt caused the disease, to begin with. Now, debt encourages the spread of the disease.

Read more at this link.

Printing more debt is not the chemotherapy that Europe needs. Leaving the ECB and it’s phony currency high and dry, is. Surgery is the answer. Cut the source of the tumor, out. Cut it all the way out. Index goods and services to each other and move on in equity. Stabilizing the exchange of goods and services will do what a common currency could never do. Lrt the common market set the standards. The marketplace responds very quickly to production and demand, without a central bank.

Having just read a story about the IMF turning down Italy, it doesn’t seem that their are any straws left to grab. Tomorrow could be fa free fall day. I expect this week to be one of crisis meetings.

This was not news that anyone wanted to hear. The question of how much there is left to salvage of the Euro remains to be seen. This sets up as a week of digging firebreaks and preparing for the worst.

It still looks like financial storm clouds building in Europe. The possibility of the Fed getting involved in tossing in a 600B life preserver should make everyone in the U. S., very uncomfortable. It’s a wait and watch week.

From the stories I’m seeing, Germany and France have their own plan. it looks like the swashbuckling of the old pirate days. Better yet, just before WW II. Who’s turn is it to be Neville Chamberlain?

With the recent collusive behavior of Germany and France, it’s more like the latest possible ultimatum date. Everybody else looks like they’re being dragged to the edge.

Let’s not mistake “guidelines” for “rules”. I’m sure nothing in the document is carved in stone. This is the financial version of “Thunderdome”.

It’s a time – honored strategy. With relations between the United States and China taking on a more adversarial tone, the obvious move is to strengthen a competitor in the Asian market.

the engine of the train derails, it’s a problem. When the car you’re on derails, it’s a crisis. France must be about ready to jump the tracks.

It is encouraging to see discussion of reality, here. The conflict is in the fact that reality and fantasy don’t mix. Either fantasy pollutes reality, or reality destroys fantasy. The emotion in the debates is understandable. When people are pitted against each other, combat is inevitable.

Nothing like a little irrational exuberance, going into Monday. This is like running a pool on which end of the Titanic gets to the bottom, first.

While we were watching other shoes drop, somebody found another shoe. The rumors of Germany printing currency were enough to shake things up. Greece does what it can to counter. This can’t be setting up a good commercial environment in Europe.They’re choosing not to hang together. Debt may yet hang them all.

I wondered when they’d get around to shooting the messenger. This proves my point. In Corporatism, loyalty is measured by who an individual will lie, cheat, steal and commit murder for. Apparently, this guy got in with some bad people. But then, we know what banks are.

Sure, it won’t leave the lab. Biological warfare is Science’s dirty little secret.

Nobody in Europe has been able to sell their own pork. This PIIGS in a blanket won’t sell, either. It’s more packaged toxic debt.

The story earlier today, that the Fed is going to kick in 600B in seed money for Italy may keep the Ponzi scheme going. It’s more likely that U. S. banks start turning turtle.

The stock market is a cliche. The moaning we hear is the reaction to the track going crooked. There is no “chalk”, anymore. It is now pure gambling. A degree in Human Nature would be far more useful than a degree in Economics. Smart people don’t gamble. Is there an Addiction Hotline for traders?

Adulterating and polluting the environment with toxic chemicals is a crime. Chemtrails must be stopped.

That’s how Corporatism thinks. The remedy for the product of central control is more control. The preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery. They won’t stop until they get it.

That will last until the banks don’t open, and the ATMs and cash registers don’t work. The food stamps will not be in the mail.

People believe that everything is good and right, as long as they can go places and guy things. Their mouths say one thing, and their commercial actions say the exact opposite. This is why it is impossible to force a slave to be free. The foundation of the economic system is hypocrisy.

This could be the beginning of the Fed’s Waterloo. This is a good example of the foreign entanglements that we were warned about. It will bring the European debt contagion to the United States.

Having worked in talk radio, I was on the board for Mr. Griffin’s interviews. Then, I read “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. The light bulb came on. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They get real things, and the population gets worthless paper, borrowed debt. It became so easy to understand.

Most people don’t know what they believe until someone tells them what to believe.

That is a very thorough statement of the problem. I would also point out the role of artificial sweeteners, like Aspartame and Sucralose.

I remember a poll that showed that most people form their opinions from headlines and sound bytes, but can’t accurately recall the details of a story. That is why the public is so easily deceived and manipulated. Details are important.

I read Black’s Law Dictionary for fun. I know the legal meaning of the term, “constituent”. Why would anyone want to be property of Newt Gingrich?

While I’m thinking about it, I should list my favorite Sci-Fi/Futuristic movies.

“1984”’s Run

Forbidden Planet

THX – 1138 

Logan’s Run 


The misdiagnosis is what I was writing about in ?Cancer Of The Wallet”. They had better come up with a treatment plan, that works. The disease is spreading, faster than they can contain it.

When the wagons are circled around the gold, it means that trouble is coming. This can’t be good news for Europe.

This must mean that a sequel to “The Fifth Element” is in the works. 

As I’ve been pointing out, there is no ducking this. The longer this drags out, the deeper the decline in employment, production and gross revenue. This is just a sale on junk that nobody needs and everybody doesn’t want/ There is no market for institutionalized failure.

With Europe begging to drag other currencies into the Black Hole, I don’t see confidence. The debt situation is a pressure cooker for anyone in it. To be confident, there would have to be resolution and a clear direction of the markets. Anything less is just whistling past the graveyard at midnight.

I needed an entertainment break. This is my boyhood home track, Lebanon Valley Speedway, in West Lebanon, NY

Friday, Nov. 25th, 2011 – Now that I’ve revived from my Thanksgiving nap, I have questions. How many people will lose their jobs between nowand the end of the year? How many families with children will be living in homeless shelters? Now that I think of it, living in tents might be good practice for the OWS protesters. They may have to get used to it. What will this Black Friday bring? I see no reason why it should be different than recent years. The media hype is there. The sales prices are there. The payment terms are there. The money just is not there. People have reached rhe end of the debt string. Something has to give, and the economy doesn’thave any slack for it

Printing currency to cover debt is just wrong. Germany knows that. When a wheelbarrow filled with currency won’t buy you a day’s food, you learn your lesson, the hard way. Lessons learned the hard way, stay learned.

That’s the way it comes out on the street. We can see it in the way the Occupy movement has been co – opted, calling for demands of more and bigger government services.

The bottom line never changes. Whatever the fuel is, how much work can you get out of it? If thermal efficiency had been pursued with that intensity that raw power was coveted, the world would be a very different place.

The Fed has only delayed the day of judgment with massive infusions of borrowed debt. It’s the same fiat currency system, the difference being that the U. S. still buys into the lie. Europe is just beginning to admit reality.

Congress has been sucking funds out of the Social Security trust fund for 4 decades. The U’ S. Treasury doesn’t have anything but the bonds that it prints. The fraud is coming undone. The Federal Reserve has pumped us full of borrowed debt.

That leaves a whole year to work the Bait-And-Switch. The bondholders are still going to eat these losses. Any compensation that they get, between now and then, they should take and go, not looking back.

That sums it up. Two men enter, one man leaves. On the way over, buy a chainsaw at Home Depot. Put some gas in it, this time.

This is one of my favorite analogies. We must remember that the grasshopper had no food in winter, when there was no food available, at any price. That is harsh cost analysis. The lesson is clear. In a crisis, the supermarket shelves can be empty in 4 days. No food, at any price.

While everybody is searching the furniture cushions for enoughto pay for this, they’re all showing empty pockets. This can’t continue, much longer.

Either Newt didn’t get the memo, or he’s an anti-American Global Socialist, like Jimmy Carter.

This is something that I come back to. We watch the news every day, and it’s bad, without any natural disasters. Things could be lot worse

In the end, there is nowhere to run to. Might as well go home. The currency collapse will run across all fiat currencies. That is why we see stories distancing banks and governments from exposure to the toxic debt.

Taking into account the natural spread of error over time, the Fed should just take up darts. These forecasts take on the reputation of touts at the horse track. The Fed reports should be published in The Daily Racing Form.

This is an illustration of what happens during a bank holiday. When the banks didn’t open in 1929, the riots were very violent.

From it’s beginning, the Occupy movement was a good thing to stay away from. It’s a hodgepodge of factions, struggling to gain advantage in the corporate structure. It’s an outlet for people to riot to excess. There has never been a coherent statement out of this mess. It’s an example of why I say we are reliving the 1920s.

The handwriting is on the wall. The United States is weighed in the balance, and comes up short

You have a point, only if you can avoid being robbed, shot, beaten, trampled or pepper sprayed. The news on Black Friday is horrendous. I asked the question, what will people do on the first day that the banks don’t open, the ATMs  and the cash registers don’t work. Ut will be Devil take the hindmost.

Stories like this are popping up, all over the country. When shopping turns to combat, it’s a good time to stay home.

The big picture is worse than that. U. S. citizens depend on government to rob their neighbors for their gain. They call their participation their “civic duty”. They a very quick to applaud the “other guy” paying his fair share, while millions of people cheat at every turn. They call that, “working the system”.

Newt Gingrich is as Corporatist as they come. His statement makes it very clear that he is comfortable with forced labor and internment camps. Even considering the possibility of such legislation is anathema to all things American. The preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery. They depend on shills and pultroons like Gingrich to run it for them.

We are a captive audience. We just have to hope that the Federal Reserve doesn’t buy us a ticket on the European train wreck. Even so, the warning is clear for us. If 50 million people have to be told that the food stamps are not in the mail, it could be very unpleasant.

Everyone should see this. If people knew what government was supposed to be, how it’s supposed to work, and what their role is supposed to be, things would be a lot different.

About the money …..

The debtor is servant to the lender. That’s just the way it is.

The stories this morning are more of what I expected. Europe is finding that the check is not in the mail.

Thursday, Nov. 24th, 2011 – What do you think about in Thanksgiving week? I think about the lessons of history. Just in the last century, hundreds of millions of people have been reduced to possessing nothing more than what they could carry. Displaced by natural disaster and war, they were thrown out in the world, with nowhere to go. Still billions more people have never known any other life.  This is why I say that the priorities are water, food and shelter, in that order. If we have those priorities secured, we should thank our Creator for them.

On this day when people take time to count their blessings, we are reminded that the world is a bad place, but it doesn’t have to be, where we are. We can choose to avoid the trouble. May we all receive instruction in the way we should go and do all that we know is good and right.

At least somebody bumped into reality in the dark. There is no way that lining up more debt to throw at this problem is going to work. The EFSF was dead on launch. Better late than never on pushing the abort button. Pushing this bailout would just dig a deeper hole. You’ll thank them, later.

This could be a bad poker hand. After painting themselves into a corner on Eurobonds, Germany could suffer a credibility crisis in any bond issue, on any terms. A change in policy would be like only being a little bit pregnant.

There are so many factors that are bigger than politicians. They are the tail in a game of crack the whip. As has been demonstrated in Greece and Italy, politicicians are expendable and disposable. It is the banks that control the issuance of currency. The conditions are structured for their benefit. Time would best be spent on figuring out their next move.

Another question comes up, over and over again. Who is going to pay for all of this? Shopping is fun, until you get to the check out. The world has been running on revolving debt. We are now seeing the inevitability of default. Repossession of assets will become a common occurrence in 2012.

The debt monster is on the rampage. Germany doesn’t want to get devoured. It’s every nation for themselves, now.

It always takes a bigger lie and more paper representations of the lie, to cover up the original lie. The original lie is that fiat currency is a viable monetary system. In the end, trouble comes because fiat currency depends on monetizing everything and everyone. Yes, even people are for sale. The largest human trafficker is the labor system. People are now human resources to be harvested, processed and packaged for resale. Nations have earned this trouble. Hanging on to the paper lie will drag them down with it.

Funny money makes people do funny things.

Somebody better come up with a plan. Otherwise, it reminds me of Slim Pickens in “Blazing Saddles”

That has been my experience. People just don’t want to know the truth.

G. Edward Griffin does superior work. His efforts as a researcher and writer are without equal. Get his FREE E-mail Newsletter.

Along with the evidence against flouridation, comes the question of how the ADA could fail chemistry so badly, and still have any credibility in the health industry. They should be prosecuted for endangering the public.

Gold and silver judge paper. Paper is found guilty of fraud.

Bottom line: When the dust settles, real income never keeps pace with inflation. To have real income, you have to have real money in circulation. Inflating the fiat currency supply is the definition of inflation. The purchasing power of the currency declines. In some cases, purchasing power goes to zero.

This should be called the “Titanic Test”. Banks have to think about surviving until help arrives. Start building lifeboats.

The rumors of impending doom have been flying for some time, now. It appears to be every man for himself in the Eurozone. None of the proposals floated in the past two weeks have actually had the resources to keep the Euro viable. At this point, something will be done, even if it’s wrong.

The news reports during the debt crisis made it clear that Europe was a very negative environment for bond sales. Their is no investor confidence in the Eurozone and the common currency, until these conflicts are resolved.

This is a very dangerous time. I’ve said that no production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. Exports funded rhat real estate bubble. As a bottleneck develops in export cash flow, all sectors feel the pinch. There is no room for complacency. All of Asia is vulnerable, not just China.

All things obey the Law of Entropy. Government made promises it couldn’t keep. U. S. citizens are complicit in inflicting poverty on future generations. Those future generations are paying for it, now.

  Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, 2011 – Today, we have to keep our heads up and look for the way out of this mess. The circumstances that we were taught to believe in are disappearing. It is very obvious that what we were told is “money”, is not money. In increasing frequency, government assaults and robs us, instead of protecting us. The military works muscle for the corporate structure, eliminating competition and consolidating control. The question we all must ask ourselves is, “Do we want to participate in that activity?” The rewards are imaginary and the spoils are evidence of guilt and complicity. Do we want to go into Eternity with innocent blood on our hands?

The lesson of history is that social unrest brings a military response. I hope people have enough sense to get out of the line of fire. These protests look like people who want to get beat up.

Liquidity getting a little tight? It seems that nobody wants to catch a bad hand on this deal. It looks like the bondholders are the patsies in this poker game.

By legal definition, it’s oceans of borrowed debt. Jt will come back to bite them. I just hope that millions of people don’t get caught in the collapse

Now, we get to watch everyone from the White House, to Congress, to the Fed, to the U. S. Treasury play “I got it, you take it”. We’ll see things that nobody could make up. Fiction couldn’t be any less believable.

I’ve talked with many people, in many countries, over the years. A lot of them believe that everything should be free, and government should provide it. Here in the United States, it’s a little more intricate. People depend on government to rob their neighbors for their gain, calling their participation “their civic duty”. Hypocrisy gets very complicated, very quickly.

Better late, than never. The future of the public trust hangs on this matter. If this goes under the bridge without demand for accountability and restitution, there are no safe investments. There would be no integrity in government or finance.

That’s the rule of deception. If you can’t persuade with rational presentation, baffle them with double talk and confusion. keep them guessing.

As we see every day in the news, economic activity is disconnected from moral or ideological restraint. In fact, economies are very productive under the dictatorship of Corporate Oligarchy.

Because of the exponential nature of compound interest, debt service demands that increases in debt limits also must be exponential. The total debt has hit a wall that economies can’t climb over. 

Budget deficits are always a circular discussion. The currency is borrowed into circulation. In exchange, they are underwritten by another debt instrument, a U. S. Treasury bond. U. S. citizens have volunteered to repay both, at interest. This is a physical and mathematically impossible task. Since the real money to underwrite both instruments never existed, before the debt could be retired, there would be no currency in circulation.

Bureaucracy is defined by what it produces. It is a maze through which people are herded like laboratory rats, with dead ends and confusing instructions. It expends resources without profit, existing only as an outlet fror excess currency, regulating the fiat economy. To say that the economy is a Federally managed benefit program, is an understatement. By definition, bureaucracy is an arbitrary control mechanism.

The Child Labor Laws are proof that the issue in the War of Corporate Conquest was not slavery. Some 20 years after the end of t5he conflict, there were 10 year olds working 16 hour shifts in the factories of the North. The real issue was the 14th Amendment, which made Federal property of everyone. the Supreme Court affirmed that in 1873. The decision stated that Federal “citizenship” was above all other forms of citizenship. Only a country can have citizens. The Federal is a corporation, and can only own property.

We are reliving the 1920s. We see the same political and social turmoil. The end of this uphe3aval is corporate consolidation by war. We see the conflict being fought financially as well as militarily.

Radioactive material doesn’t go away, overnight Straight answers about the severity of the disaster took months to come out. There is no reason to accept official statements. As for what is being done about it, there is silence.

The evasive and conflicting statements coming out of financial institutions tell us that there are circumstances beyond management control. We just have to prepare for the banks to call time out. They will declare bank holidays and try to make up a reset button.

Where’s the percentage? The only prize that makes sense in going after would be commercial control of Europe. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

Our culture is now given completely over to a gambling mentality. Investors don’t care if the track is crooked. They just want to know where the fix is in, so they can get in on it. The corporate leadership is the crooked management of the track.

The bad news is the uncertaianty of what consumers will have available to spend. The global financial climate indicates widespread failures in production and delivery systems, with resulting job and income losses. The contraction that is coming will leave millions of people, literally living out in the cold.

Now, they’re playing “Simon Says”. Simon says, get down on your knees and say, “May I?” Did Italy say “May I?” How will France respond? The schism between the leadership of nations and their people is widening.

The financial markets are finding out that you can’t squeeze all of the air into one end of a balloon. Something is going to pop out, somewhere. The central banks have always wanted currency failure. In the collapse, they acquire real wealth at a small fraction of it’s original value.

That’s how Corporatism works. Loyalty is measured by who an individual will lie, cheat, steal and commit murder for.Allegiance to the “party” replaces the conscience. Failure to “just follow orders” results in ending up on the wrong side of the fence, or dead.

We can’t allow ourselves to be distracted. Asking the right questions keeps us on point in developing the right decisions. 

                   Cancer Of The Wallet

     The world has cancer of the wallet. It is now spreading to the body.  There once were protections that stopped it from touching us, but the malignancy has gotten past the world’s immune system. The central banks have determined that the treatment should be more of the same poison that turned the cancer loose, in the first place.

Read more at this link.

I was beginning to wonder where the backlash from nuclear disaster had disappeared to. The greater impact of the event is the public response to damage that will last for generations. The lingering effects have been covered up and denied.

We must be mushrooms. We’re kept in the dark, and fed manure. This problem won’t go away, and it can’t be hidden.

Now, we have a debt crisis, just like Europe. Watch for an emergency meeting among the Fed, U. S. Treasury, and a few select members of Congress They have to get their stories straight, before anyone makes public statements..

The priorities are water, food and shelter. If those are not secured, nothing else matters.

The mainstream press hasn’t been free and independent in at least 100 years. We see more free expression in the blogs we follow.

Underlying the fraud and theft is the suspicion that the next news break could announce the collapse of the currency, itself. People have to think about what happens if the bank branches don’t open and ATMs don’t work.

This is the hot potato. Having a problem without a solution is an unenviable position to be in. Based on past performance, Congress has earned every bit of this trouble.

Since I write so much about the history of private banks, Andrew Jackson is a fascinating study for me. he was the only President that would have the guts to take on the Federal Reserve, today.

I’ve been homeless 7 times in the last 30 years. I slept outdoors a lot, over the past 3 years. If it weren’t for the homeless shelters, day centers and the kindness of others, it would have been a truly miserable experience. I know so many people who are one month’s expenses away from living in the streets. That’s why I write about the things that affect them.

When people are in a position to make these things happen, it stops being coincidence.

The banks are in too deep to back out. They have to keep pushing paper, or be devoured. The ground is crumbling behind them.

There is only one pie, and the next 1.5 trillion slices are spoken for. this is a problem without a solution. The result is bankruptcy and poverty

It is amazing that 2 governments collapsed, and no one blinked. People just choose to be blissfully ignorant. They will have to notice, eventually.

In September of 2007, I said that, when this mess blows, it will be spectacular. There is a lot less margin for error, than there was, then. debt expansion is running it’s course. The load is becoming more than the economy can bear

Millions of people are close to living in the streets. They are really living on the edge.

How many times do people have to get kicked in the teeth, before they run out of teeth?

As I’ve heard for years, California is a financial and social nightmare. I know many Californians who wouldn’t take California. They escaped.

It is difficult, watching the world repeat the dysfunction of the c1920s. Expecting a different outcome is insanity. The world is turning against itself.

The MF Global theft of investor funds is a disconnect in the financial structure. It can only be repaired, one way. Prosecution, conviction and restitution is the only process that works. The longer this drags out, the worse it will become.

The behavior of Goldman Sachs is a train wreck. The economy is being deliberately run off the tracks. There is no question that Goldman Sachs profits greatly from currency collapse. They are at the forefront of wealth transfer.

That is an observation that I’ve made, many times. The commercial world is infested with instinct driven predators. They are incapable of behaving differently than what they are.

It is the nature of incompetency to never admit incompetence. Management always fires subordinates for failure. In this case, the taxpayers will be the scapegoat, again.

Corporate consolidation always involves an implosion. Predators cripple the legs, before they go for the throat.

This is an ongoing problem. The cure is one that nobody seems to want. Figuratively speaking, fiat currency is blood poisoning. Slavery to debt service is killing us.

Debt is a toxin that causes financial disease. there is no other way to see it.

Friday, Nov. 18th, 2011 – You don’t have to know a whole lot about political systems, anywhere. All you have to do is recognize a thief, when you see one. People seemed to go on with life, after the European disaster, yesterday. They talk like it doesn’t mean anything to them. Well, in the short term, maybe not. After they lose their jobs or can’t get a loan, then they might notice. It’s time I wrote an update on “Wage Slave 2012”. I see a few surprises in the coming year.

At least China had enough sense to refuse to float it’s currency against other currencies. That, and buying up all the gold they can get their hands on, makes sense, The population of China may be on the verge of bankruptcy. I’m sure the powers that be have positioned themselves, very well.

Sure, we are. The only thing deflating is the purchasing power of the USD. Right now, it’s somewhere between wallpaper and toilet tissue. The USD has lost 98% of the purchasing power it had, then. Of course, we had gold and silver coinage in circulation, then.

That’s exactly how I said it works in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

Lincoln was also the first Marxist President of the United States. He and Karl Marx were penpals and mutual admirers. Their correspondence is archived in the Lincoln Library. The legacy he left is the 14th Amendment, making Federal property of everyone. With the stroke of a pen, universal slavery was institutionalized

The financial crisis isn’t done, yet. It will sweep political and entertainment news off the radar. This is real nuts and bolts news.

The livestock are being harvested. This whole week has been a margin call on fiat currencies. The squeeze is on.

Corporatism marches on This war is being fought with strokes of government pens.

The fatal flaw in any form of Real Estate holdings is taxation. Millions of people lost their land, farms and homes to the tax collector. Those vultures in government will get their pound of flesh. Another serious consideration is the power struggles that follow currency collapse. The Great Depression was followed by WW II. The bigger the financial crisis, the bigger the war. the bigger the war.

So, Goldman Sachs wants to be thrown in the inflation brier patch. This is what keeps their swindle going. Inflate the currency and then collapse the economy. What a deal!

Whether it was a “hit” or not, history will decide. The evidence is that it was a straight “take the money and run” swindle. The level of deceit certainly says that it couldn’t have been done without regulatory help. We can be certain that no one is guarding the guards,

There is an economic war being fought. Most people don’t notice. This war doesn’t look like an action/adventure movie. It’s not a combat video game. There is no reset button. History is repeating itself. The wealth transfer is following the same old pattern because it consistently works. Nations enslaved by debt are managed to the maximum benefit of their masters.

There are many events taking place that are telling us that class is in session. We are being tested on the lessons of history. The content of “Crash Course” speaks specifically to these current events.

When pipeline companies go into a boom cycle, they have to get things built, yesterday. That means a lot of up-front cash. Whether or not economic conditions produce enough demand to justify the risk, is another matter. There are more riches to rags stories in the pipeline industry, than the other way around.

As I’ve heard for years, the curve is threatening to go vertical. The road to hyperinflation is paved with paper.

Yes, don’t click on US. It can’t happen here ……” and the rest of that happy horse hockey. Since the currency itself is borrowed debt, before consumers get there hands on it, people really don’t have a pot or a window. Look out, below.

You can’t stucco over this financial mess with more paper mache debt. The currency bubble is going to burst. Those deepest into the debt game will be swallowed up first, taking their financial constituencies with them.

Unfortunately, fiat currency puts the financial immune system to sleep. Economic cancer is spreading unimpeded, without opposition. Will we have to wait for the currencies to go to zero, before the immune system wakes up and gets to work?

There was a time when prosecution was as inevitable as death and taxes. We will watch with great interest, what happens with MF Global and Jon Corzine. People think they get away with thievery. Nobody lives forever.

The split was always there. All it took was stress to bring it bubbling to the surface. The factions in the dispute don’t believe they break the rules. By unspoken agreement, rules are just window dressing and don’t apply to them. They are finding out that the Piper gets paid.

     Now is the time, and today is a day that will decide the future of millions of people. We have to know what we are seeing and take real legal action to protect ourselves. To this point in time, people have been oblivious to the ways that they are threatened. Forget the news reports about places being blown up. Thieves are ransacking the country by the stroke of a pen. That is what happens when people depend on government to rob their neighbors, for their gain.

Thursday, Nov. 17th, 2011 – Everything in the news says that this is going to be a rough day for stock markets, especially in Europe. Spain had a miserable bond auction. The lack of confidence is to be expected. The promises of politicians, bankers and other thieves don’t inspire confidence.

That is an interesting development, combined with the fact that there already is a database in Australia, capable of storing information on every human being on earth.

I’ve been angry about this for the last 40 years. These details were common knowledge in the talk radio station I worked in, for 6 years. Since 1970, the Steel Belt became the Rust Belt, the High Tech industry moved to foreign countries, and the United States mopes along, flipping each other’s burgers.

There are many points raised by this question. First, since Corporatism respects no national boundaries, anyone with small change in their pocket looks like food to the central bank predators. Second, if you have change in your pocket, less than a dollar, you are among the top 5% wealthiest people in the world. If you have more than a dollar, you’re in the top 2%. The point is, people had better learn how to stay out of the line of commercial fire.

When big people poke around in each other’s business, little people get stepped on.

Thieves of a feather flock together. The way the United States has been parted out, the more desperate politicians and bankers get in their hunt for anything that isn’t nailed down.

The foreclosure notice is in the mail. After this morning’s bad news, the story just broke on Zero Hedge that the European Market has collapsed. No further news has been forthcoming. Hell is coming to breakfast.

It’s a dismal day, unless you’re a central bank opposed to the ECB. The European tradition of backstabbing and intrigue continues. For the rest of us, there is always hope that the windows of Heaven would open up. So far, the septic tank of Hell has backed up into everyone’s kitchen sink.

If the economists had their way, everyone would be required by law to get every last penny they can get their hands on, into a cash register, ASAP. That’s how the Company Store business model works. People are set up for a fall, behind on the debt curve.

Print, rally and then another step down in the currency collapse. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They persuade people to sell their property and their souls for worthless paper. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

Here it comes. The speculation about “what if …..” is over. These bond auctions are starting badly. There is no reason to expect that they will finish better. Governments are in no position to work the Shell Game, buying up their own bonds and putting them in the other pocket. We can watch the markets react, but we can’t expect too much.

Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 2011 – A quick look at the headlines and my email notifications tells me that the playing field may be changing a little bit. China’a announcement that 2012 silver exports will be 5% lower is interesting. My question is, does that include silver content in manufactured goods? If not, and the decrease is all in bullion, That could put a dent in an already tight supply. Outside of that little detail, we have the usual saber rattling and political posturing. There’s enough there to keep us from getting bored.

It’s like living in the movie, “Robocop”

While all of this debate is going on, just remember that paper speculation makes your brain over easy in the skillet. Do you want beans or fries with that?

A central bank’s greatest fear is that the general population would cease to transact in it’s currency. Their influence and control would go to zero. The central banks work very hard to keep nations addicted.

The most effective form of slavery is that in which the slaves believe themselves to be free. So it is, in the United States.

When E-470 was completed around Denver, I asked one of my friends what it meant in the Bible when a city was encircled. Simple answer. It’s under siege. The original purpose of the Interstate highway system was to move troops around the country and deploy them. That is still the purpose.

If Europe follows the Fed’s bad example and prints a blizzard of currency, Hell is coming to breakfast. For months, there have been questions about where the tipping point in global hyperinflation is going to be. It could be that Europe pushes the economy over the edge and past the point of no return. Perhaps the Fed will see an opening to expand the debt business and join in. Regardless, increasing the currency supply is playing with fire, and paper burns.

A banking crisis is like watching pro wrestling. Adversaries may actually be friends, play-acting to deceive the simple. A good guy this week may be the bad guy, next week. Watch out for the foreign object, hidden in the waistband of the tights.

When I first heard about Occupy Wall Street, I said that civil disorder would result in a military response. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the statement that the movement needed a “Kent State” incident. The descent into madness continues. I see common behavior in today’s civil disturbances and events in 1920’s Germany.

The Mexican drug cartels had a lot of help. The CIA has been up to it’s eyeballs in the drug trade, since the agency’s inception. Occasionally, we get glimpses of the dark side of U. S. foreign policy. When Noriega got too big for his britches and stepped on the wrong toes, U. S. troops were sent to fetch him. Immediately aster U. S. troops were settled in Afganistan, opium production resumed, under the guard of said troops. Bill Clinton’s relationship with the CIA in Mena, AR was quite profitable.

You’re on one of my favorite subjects. I couldn’t have written it better, myself. I’m re-posting this one. I know that my friend, Michael Corbin ( A Closer Look radio program) would have liked this, a lot.

It has always been so. In 1929, on the night of the stock market crash, Winston Churchill held a party for his elite friends, to celebrate the event. At the time, it was the largest wealth transfer in the history of the world.

This will be another under-funded and over-mandated fiasco. Socialized medicine is about consolidation of power and has nothing to do with better healthcare. Washington is addicted to the power of Ponzi.

There is one sure way to beat the scam. Pull your money out of the game for a week. That would just make my day, seeing no demand for oil at it’s present price levels. Let’s see how the PPT handles being told to bite the wall.

We’ll get to see how “market monetarism” works for everybody. If you remember Nikita Krushchev, “monetizing” the debt should give everyone a shoe-banging good time. I particularly enjoyed the revisionist history in this post. The production boom in supplying WW II ended the Great Depression, not any action by the Fed.  Monetary policy prolonged the Great Depression. Banks did what they do to cover their tracks. They instigate wars. They follow up wars with insane inflation. Remember the failure of wage and price controls. Remember what Christina Romer said, when you can’t get a fast food meal deal for less than $12.

Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 2011 – I am just amazed at how people can just whistle through the truth in pursuit of the easy lie. They throw caution and common sense to the winds. Their minds land where gravity takes them. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, that direction is always down.

We’re seeing that governments do not survive this level of debt load. The Euro is a political fabrication, just like the USD. The question of currency survival begs an answer.

That’s how the scam works. The Bait – And – Switch and The Shell Game have been honed to a fine edge.

This financial mess looks like a loaded oxcart being pushed uphill, in a foot of snow, by the Jamaican bobsled team.  They won’t make it.

People are disconnected and insulated from the real world. They depend on mainstream media to keep it that way. Reality is that the world won’t stay in orderly compartments, like products on supermarket shelves. Yet, people go shopping for what they want to see and hear.

Albert Pike in his handbook of Freemasonry, “Morals and Dogma” stated that a New World Order would be established by three world wars. He named where they would begin. The first in the Balkans. The second in Western Europe. The third in the Middle East. He’s two for two so far, with a foot in the third in a row.

Whether Germany voted itself a backdoor way out of the Euro remains to be seen. Rats can educate about the protocols. If the ship is sinking, jump.

The DOJ has a long-standing reputation for selective enforcement and political manipulation. The department is humorously known as “The Just Us Dept.”. When they go after the politically well-connected, they can drop the rest of us a memo.

If this round of bond auctions does a faceplant, it could finally stick a fork in the Euro. Those bond yields could turn out to be toilet tissue.

The combination of runaway debt expansion, austerity plans and civil unrest is a very dangerous witches brew. The cauldron bubbles, and none dare stare into it, too long. The danger of being splattered and scalded is too great a risk.

This is a direct assault against independence and autonomy by corporate invaders. After what happened in Wisconsin at the hands of a Monsanto shill, even private contract is under assault. Growing food is a basic inalienable an unalienable right.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “No man’s purse or person is safe when Congress is in session.” The more things change, the more they remain the same.

The deck is stacked in favor of graft and embezzlement. What once was prosecuted as felony offense is now called regulation. Any legislation only finds a new depth of lawlessness. This is like putting Bill Clinton’s fly on the honor system.

The global economy had better get a good grip on it’s shorts. This will be a sudden drop and a quicker awakening. There is no recovery for the debt plagued currencies.

Historically, silver has always been a more flexible and liquid asset than gold. On a percentage basis, silver will certainly have it’s day, over gold. In fact, the history of the interaction between monetized silver and gold is most fascinating. National speculation and banking speculation has always made and broken economies.

They might as well be selling rotten produce. This smells as bad as the settling ponds at a sewage treatment plant. It wasn’t very long ago that these were called “toxic assets” and condemned as the product of the global economic collapse. Financial institutions tried to pass them off on the unwary, back then.

8 years ago, I said that when this mess blows, it will be spectacular. People must have forgotten the parable of the grasshopper and the ant. The ant prepared for winter while the grasshopper frittered away the carefree summer days. The grasshopper starved and froze.

On the surface, it appears to be good news. I would still keep an eye on them. They may just be laying low, until the dust settles.

 This sounds more like addicts hoping to score more drugs. The Fiat Addiction is taking it’s toll. The withdrawal symptoms have been desperate, lately.

Congress couldn’t be trusted in 1913 to protect us from the private bankers. The fox is still in charge of the hen house, today. It’s more of the same scam, just a new set of thieves.

An elected Sheriff is the only With that position law enforcement official with Constitutionally enumerated powers. With that position comes the obligation to take a stand protecting the people

Let this be a lesson to us. Anything that we do not hold physically in our own hands, can disappear. That is reality. Currency collapses are deliberately planned and executed. From studying the examples in history, the process should be easily understood. I wrote about it, in “The Real Weapon of Mass destruction: POVERTY” The problem is obvious. Debt can not be repaid with debt. The debt won’t go away on future promises. History says that the end of debt is slavery and misery. Debt will always seek it’s pound of flesh and river of blood. We are caught in a trap. It’s like trying to fly an airplane with the controls working upside down and backwards. The reason is that a viable economy runs on the exchange of real things. The Fed tries to fool the economy with fake money. The only reason that you can’t get real things with Monopoly money is that you’re not as persuasive a liar as the Fed. Debt is poison. Once ingested, only real things can flush it out of the system. Either detoxification will be done, or the global economy will go into shock. Housing prices won’t find a bottom until the market finds real money. It’s like drilling for oil. After drilling one dry hole after another, it’s time to come up with a plan that works. Refinancing over and over doesn’t work. The economy knows when it’s drilled into the septic tank. The central banks would be very quick to say that they’re not running a charity. This is like trying to get freebies from the Mafia. The central banks won’t settle for getting slopped, shoulder to shoulder with the hogs. I have to ask where common sense disappeared to. 5 generations ago, people were far more independent. They didn’t feel any need to live, packed together in cities, like a can of sardines. Today, they have traded their independence for an illusion of security. they live in fear of their surroundings. Human nature is a fascinating study. When someone with the appearance of authority changes the meaning of words, people just lose their brains. We have to keep the record straight. Debt is not money. Debt can never be money. The promise in debt is the someday that never comes. Debt is not opportunity. Debt is indentured servitude. Just say “no” to debt. Picture two sunny side up eggs, sizzling in a skillet. This is your brain on fiat currency ….. Monday, Nov. 14th, 2011 – The world is becoming a very nasty place. With the debt crisis comes government, making promises that it can’t keep. You can’t be sure if you’ll be confronted by a predator at any given moment. The depths of lawlessness is worse than I thought. Praying people should pray for the place that they live. The sword is coming upon the land. We must be faithful watchmen. If there was any good news today, I missed it. If there is any hope out of this mess, it’s that the masks are coming off. Politicians embarrass each other, more than their countries. Bankers come up short with the funny money. Media financial gurus talk like horseplayers with a hot tip on a Superfecta. Then, for entertainment purposes only, we have Lil’ Abner’s Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything (S.W.I.N.E.), aka Occupy Wall Street. There are a lot of places in the world that you won’t see in a travel brochure. While everyone seems to have something to run amuck about, some of us can gladly let it pass us by. People come and go, and if it’s done properly, there isn’t too much commotion. I see this as people hoping they have time to grab their stocks and bonds, on the way out of a burning building. As time goes on, it may not be worth the effort. The financial landscape is getting swept by a wildfire. Europe is the match, paper is the fuel. Smart people. Beyond water, food and shelter, no one should risk anything beyond securing the priorities. That’s what I see, but I wouldn’t risk even that much. Water, food and shelter, in that order. If anyone wants to take greater risk than that, they should bump their head and give themselves amnesia.  As George Washington said, “Government is force. It is not eloquence. It is not reason. It is a useful servant and a fearsome master.” Regardless of the poll results, the Wars of Corporate Conquest continue. Future discrepancies in the details of the EU bailout plan could precipitate a cascade failure in the bond market. Let’s see how far the politicians and bankers will go, to save their own hides. The doctor is either an idiot or a liar. That widespread an area of contamination can only come from a nuclear disaster. Unless the doctor can show proof that radioactive iodine is exclusively used in treatment, and of such widespread distribution, he should retract his statement. The financial news this morning screams at people to batten down the hatches and circle the wagons. There isn’t anything safe from risk, anymore. Governments make promises they can’t keep. Banks try to persuade people to hold still for the fleecing. Instability is the order of the day. This smells like the beginning of a cascade failure in the bond market. Future discrepancies in the details of the European bailout would only make the situation worse. The preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery. They peddle dependency and deprive people of their independence. The travesty is in that people have voluntarily taken on the yoke of bondage. The bailouts certainly aren’t Rule of Law. This system of unjust weights and measures will come to a bitter end. Unfortunately, populations will suffer for it. When people are complicit in receiving “benefits”, they also suffer the punishment. People can argue about whether ot not there is a Savior of last resort. The system of unjust weights and measures is an abomination, willful rebellion for which there is no forgiveness. Central banks can restore that which they stole by fraud, or take their just reward. Debt brings poverty. The currency is the lock on the prison gate. I saw this coming, 30 years ago. I began telling people to get away from the cities, way back then. After the past 3 years of homelessness, I know that it’s worse than I thought. The police hunt homeless people like animals. I’ve heard accounts of homeless people used for Taser practice, or worse. I’m very happy to be indoors, now. Sunday, Nov. 13th, 2011 – This should be a week of clearing up misconceptions. In the process, I hope that people dig in their heels and refuse to accept the lies that are presented as fact by the government and the private Federal Reserve bank. It was inevitable that the expertise in producing designer label knock offs would get around to the most valuable things, like real money. The timeline is now dictated by the debt service schedule. Think of it as a margin call on the GNP of Europe. The problem is that voters let other bums in. Vote to leave all Federal offices vacant. Change the locks on the doors. Put your representation in your state legislatures. You can keep a closer eye on things and maybe they won’t be so irresponsible as they get in the Beltway. Not surprising. The insiders keep everything inside. It is government of the corporations, by the attorneys and for the banks. It’s hard work, keeping the Ponzi scheme going. All of the spin doctors and economists in the world can’t put this debt pyramid back together. The increasing debt load limits options, even as time compresses into crisis, As we have seen, deferring the debt only makes the problem worse. The value of fiat currencies is in perception, not in reality. As an accepted medium of exchange, we were told whatever we wanted to hear, for long enough to gradualize currencies into promise without backing. The foundation of real money removed, the paper house will fall. When I got the first inkling that my entire working life had been a lie, it changed my life, forever. Since then, I’ve slept outdoors and eaten from places I’d rather not think about, rather than continue in the lie. I can not be complicit in the way of the world. Escaping the confinement of the currency is a great challenge. I understand that I am on a journey. It isn’t surprising. This is how a train wreck works. Momentum meets stationary, or relatively slower inertia. The compression between the two creates destruction. A complete derailment is to be avoided. Failure to avoid disaster makes the right decision to not be on the debt train, at all. This is one of my favorite topics. In conflict, we get the most education, studying Human Nature. In this passage, we find the reasons why restoration and reconciliation is the hardest work in the world. To accomplish anything worthwhile, we find ourselves in the middle of battles we didn’t personally start. It’s difficult avoiding anger from all sides. I will be most interested in reading that repost. I know that the priorities are water, food and shelter, in that order. Independence and anonymity are life nd death issues. I want to see how these factors are addressed. This is what is coming. Since markets are so sensitive to perception, these days, it remains to be seen how they react to the shine wearing off new governments in Greece and Italy. The monkey wrench in the machine is the emerging holes in the Euro bailout plan. That could open the still festering debt sore. It’s gone way beyond anything in Nazi Germany. Technology has opened cans of worms that used to be Science Fiction. Orwell didn’t describe anything like this in “1984”. Even appliances can collect information on private activity. As Thomas Jefferson said, ” The success of our experiment rest solely upon the ability of men to live according to the Ten Commandments of God.” Humanity hasn’t done such a hot job of obedience. This letter came from Ghana, right? It reads like my junk mail folder. Considering the prostitution racket that the central banks run with everyone’s labor, this letter looks to be in character with past performance. That is something that people should pay attention to, this time. A year ago, this past October, the same ratings agency downgraded U. S. sovereign debt. China began dumping U. S. Treasury bonds. This time, the U. S. could find itself in the same sinking boat with Greece and Italy. It’s rough when the world says your “money” is no good. Congress is certainly against progress. But then, so is U. S. citizenship. Why would any sane individual volunteer to be property of the State? Yet, that is what people do, becoming prostitutes for the Federal pimp. Everyone is angry about something. The one thing everyone has in common is debt.  The currency itself, is borrowed debt. Because U. S. citizens re required to repay the debt twice, they are two steps behind the curve, and can’t possibly win the debt game. Any Plan B requires the highest degree of independence possible. Only a position of strength can protect any nation against predation by the central banks. Any weakness in any area of commerce would be used to draw the unwary into debt slavery. The currency collapse is right on schedule. Greece and Italy have been made examples, brought to their knees as beggars. The rest will fall in line with the World Bank and IMF. All of this posturing over bailout plans is just window dressing. The objective is conquest and subjugation, not economic recovery. When I see statements from ratings agencies, my first thought ism “They sent in the clowns”. In reality, it’s more serious than that. I see that central banks and ratings agencies work in tandem to bring nations to their knees, as beggars. The national response is the threat of increased regulation. The product is more of the same corruption that created the situation, to begin with. Without looking at the Fed’s efforts to maintain plausible deniability, we can say that the Fed is the author of misconception, not the target. The biggest misconception is that the Federal Reserve note is money. That is a bald-faced lie. It is a debt instrument, tracing it’s roots to another debt instrument, the U. S. Treasury bond. U. S. citizens have volunteered to repay the debt, at interest, TWICE. Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011 – When thieves steal from each other, it often goes unreported. When the movers and shakers in the news do it, it’s called “the art of the deal”. It’s strange how perception can be twisted. That’s how the Shell Game works. Out of one pocket, into the other. By the time that anyone suspects that they should be looking for what happened to it, the money is gone. When countries go broke, the banks say, “Gotcha now, sucker!”