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The Never – Never Land Of Socialism Update `10/28/2011

     In it’s early development, Socialism depended on parting fools from their money. With the devotion to fiat currency, that has become the easy part.

     Fiat currency changed the game. Real money requires real, physical labor to vring money into the real world. Fiat currency requires only automation in manufacturing to produce the paper representation. Advertising and marketing finishes the job. The first question in this process is always a search for the most effective lie to bring acceptance of the fabricated virtual world of investment speculation.

     “The Four Money Questions” really expose the audacity of fraud in monetary systems. Fiat currency removes one of the requirements for binding agreement. True equity no longer exists. This is why we see endless rounds of crisis and negotiation. Nothing stays resolved an no one’s word is their bond. The process depends on people pledging each other as surety against debt. This comes to a bad end in every example in history. The basic nature of the concepts of oath and affirmation guarantee inevitable destruction. The other shoe is always hanging in the air. There is always more destruction where that came from.

     The question of who is going to pay for all of this is always in play. Eventually, someone has to redeem all of this promissory paper. Debt does not exist without revealing itself as a contagious disease. We are in a debt pandemic and no one seems interested in curing the disease. The choices have been narrowed down. Either responsible parties will gon to prison and make restitution, or nations will die.

     Just as in any addiction, so it is with fiat currency. The “drug” is the lock on the prison gate. Escape becomes impossible, without help. That is the textbook definition of a snare. It is impossible to free oneself with all of the weight tightening the loop around the ankle or neck. Understanding the nature of fiat currency is essential to recognizing tyhe threat that it poses to any hope of keeping a free and just society. Just say no to fraud.


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