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Wage Slave 2012 Update 12/26/2011

      With the passage and signing into law of the National Defense Appropriations Act 2012,, everything we thought we knew or believed about America is changed. By the process of incremental gradualism, we have been brought to this point in history. The process of Reconstruction that began in 1860 with the War of Corporate Conquest change our country, before we were ever born. We never had the opportunity to live in the real America.

     We now live in a corporate oligarchy, the system of tyranny that our Founding Fathers warned us about. We have had many warnings since then, but generations have ignored them. We now are held captive by laws that gave place to the genocidal tyrants of history. History records that these laws are used by present and / or future dictators to enslave, persecute and murder segments of the population.

     A chilling aspect of the NDAA legislation is the encroachment of Islamic Sharia law into the U. S. legal system. The historical fact of Islamic invasion and conquest is very well documented. Slavery is an accepted practice in Islam.  It was an integral part of the slave trade that displaced African populations, throughout history. The days are coming when the NDAA law will be used against the non – Muslim population of the United States. This sets the stage for everything I wrote in “Wage Slave 2012”. The Corporatist agenda that dragged us into two World Wars and numerous invasions and police actions has turned it’s attention back to the United States. For a time, it has been busy reconstructing the world. Now, we see the Draconian invasion of America,  complete with checkpoints and the presumption of guilt. No formal charge, no  right to trial by jury, no right to be informed of the nature of the charges and imprisonment without due process of law, are all in play now. We are definitely not in America, now. 

You don’t have to know a whole lot about political systems, anywhere. All you have to do is recognize a thief, when you see one. People seemed to go on with life, after the European disaster, yesterday. They talk like it doesn’t mean anything to them. Well, in the short term, maybe not. After they lose their jobs or can’t get a loan, then they might notice. It’s time I wrote an update on “Wage Slave 2012”. I see a few surprises in the coming year.

     That article by Mike Krieger really put recent events in perspective. Most people didn’t notice events in Europe. The only evidence of  reaction was a sense of impending doom in the air. That feeling that people can’t seem to put a finger on is important. While most people don’t believe that the European crisis touches them, the fact is that it does and will touch their lives. The fact is that it will affect business activity everywhere in the world. Whether it is local municipal budgets and services, or the prices at the fast food human feedlot, the pinch will be felt.

     We have to pay closer attention. We are watching public figures stealing everything that isn’t nailed down. They would steal your socks out of your shoes, while you are wearing them. The basic lesson of history is that, he who purposes to take your property, eventually will take your life. The modern expression of genocide is government managed poverty. There are steps to be taken to protect life and property. The laws are in place to get that done. It remains to be seen if people have the will and self respect to make the effort. Prosecution of thieves and liars is just the beginning.  Voting won’t get it done. Unless people want to end up in a cage of their own making, they had better defend themselves and the rights of their neighbors. In a crisis, we’re the help that God sends. We have to be the kind of people that we want to know.

     People are so indoctrinated into accepting being monetized and harvested on the Federal Debt Plantation, that they don’t even feel the tug on their legal choke collars, anymore.

The many examples of people being collectively packaged and traded illustrate  the obvious differences between common understanding and legal definitions of terms. The list of commercial terms that apply is very long. There is enough wiggle room in public perception to keep the perpetrators out of court and prison. Without getting into specifics, the process is easily identifiable. Political parties, labor unions, municipal governments, Federal agencies, tax exempt organizations, all practice conquest of the workplace and marketplace.

     It is an easily demonstrated example that the   U. S. economy is a Federally managed benefit program. We are seeing this applied and institutionalized in all of the proposed financial assistance programs. In all of the bailout plans to assist banking and real estate interests, it is quite obvious that the recipients of “benefits” are property. We will see endless repetition of the principle that, those who consent to be regulated, will be regulated.  Independence is inseparable from private property ownership rights. The only change that we have seen is restriction on individual autonomy. But then, the preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery.


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