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Different Worlds

     People just do not understand what it is that I do. On the surface, there is nothing about me that anyone would want. The people who have taken the time and paid attention to what I told them, did very well. Other people just don’t want to hear it.  It’s a collision of two different worlds.

     What is it that I do that justifies my existence? I talk and write. Other people acquire all of the borrowed debt that they feel comfortable with. Eventually, that worthless paper is going to cause widespread pain and suffering. People don’t recognize currency collapses or even want to remember them.  Talk to people who lived through the Great Depression and WW II. There aren’t as many of them around as there used to be, but they can tell you about living, flat broke. They lost everything and learned how to waste nothing.

   I don’t want to “own” anything, under the present conditions. People are playing the debt game, as hard as they can go. Millions of them are one month’s expenses away from living in the streets.  The people who sent me down the road because they believe that they know better than I do, will get to learn the things I’ve learned. the hard way.  It’s taken my lifetime to learn the things I’ve learned. Adults today don’t have that much time, in front of them. The events that are coming will force everyone to learn, and quickly.


2 Comments on “Different Worlds”

  1. Larrene Myles says:

    Thanks for your dedication and passion George; your posts are excellent.

    • Thank you! I needed to hear something good. I have to find another place to live. It just gives me something to write about. Different Worlds is all about the conditions that are coming. Maintain your independence. The priorities are water, food and shelter, in that order. Nothing else matters. Anything you hqve t5o go out and buy mkes you vulnerable. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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