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Wage Slave 2012

     For generations, people have filled out all of the forms and complied with the regulations of U. S. citizenship.  Going along, to get along, is coming to an end. People are going to find out what they volunteered for. On the Federal Debt Plantation, the masters and overseers have the power of life and death over legal trusts in their possession.

    Let’s start at the beginning. United States citizens are not AMERICANS ! Read that, 2 or 3 times. When you understand that the most effective form of slavery is that system under which the slaves believe that they are free. This is the system established by the 14th Amendment and the result of the War of Corporate Conquest, concluded in 1867. There are very important points that were changed by these developments. It is important to understand the legal definitions involved in the consequences of these historically significant events.

Black’s Law Dictionary Online

     There are very important definitions to be understood, if you are at all interested in protecting yourself, your family and your home from invasion and conquest.

1. A country is defined as land with people on it, defined by metes and bounds, with the people in common political agreement. The example is that, you and the people around you live in the same geographic location, and are subject to mutually agreed authority. People in anothrer place may be subject to a different authority. Only a country can have citizens.

2. A corporation is an institution created by man. Man can not create life. A corporation is a dead thing. Corporations do not meet the legal requirements of a country and can not have citizens. Corporations can only own and possess property, in the form of real assets and legal trusts. A legal trust is also a creation of man, a dead thing. U. S. citizenship is a legal trust. a dead thing and the property of a dead thing, the corporation, United States. United States citizens are a fictional image created by civil agreement with the corporation,of a living, breathing human being,  created by God. This distinction is very important.  The corporation presents itself as God and demands worship and obedience. This usurpation of Divine Final Authority is at the heart of all social and political injury.

3. The legal definition of the term, “wages” is very revealing. If people knew what they were agreeing to, they would never sign job applications, W-forms, rental agreements, or any commercial legal document that makes mention of the term, “wages”. The old expression, “sign your life away”, is literally and legally, true. The legal definition is shocking to anyone that believes that they have fundamental rights. The legal definition is:

wages : Corporate peofits, received as a Federal employee. 

The capitalization in the term “Federal” is important. It denotes a Sovereign entity having authority and jurisdiction over all who receive “wages”.  The agreement is very specific. Those who receive “wages” are:

1. Shareholders in the Federal corporation.

2. Beneficiaries of Federal benefit programs.

3. Fiduciary agents of the Federal corporation, charged with the duty of managing the property of the corporation to the maximum benefit of the corporation, and the collection of tax revenues resulting from such commercial activity.

     These definitions will become obvious in the scenarios that I am about to describe.

      Scenario 1 : A man receives a registered letter in the mail. Since Federal “citizens” have been charged with mandatory community service in compliance with the formation of a civilian force, equal in size to the standing U. S. military, this man has no choice to opt out of the obligation. He receives wages. His family may live in subsidized housing, receive Food Stamps, medical care, public education ….. most families in the United States fit that description. This man has to obey the instructions. He accepted the ”
benefits”. He has to comply. The registered letter instructs him to report for mandatory community service. The letter contains a voucher for a bus ticket to Aliceville, AL. What is in Aliceville?    There is a renovated WW II prisoner of war camp, there. After a tearful goodbye with his family, he boards the bus and leaves. After he’s been in this federal work camp for about a month, word of his family reaches him, through the camp “grapevine”. His wife is in jail, charged with obstructing a police officer, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, unlawful flight, etc.  His teenage daughter has been “adopted” by a Saudi Arabian businessman. Yes, all of the assets of the corporation are for sale, including himself, his wife and family.

     Scenario 2 : The CEO of a LLC is notified of changes in Labor Law. His company, being a licensed designee and agent of the Federal corporation in compliance with the corporate charter, must comply with the changes. The first change is that take place is that the Personnel Manager is now a government employee.  The duties of the Personnel Dept. are to keep and maintain records of who was there and the production quantities. There is no pension plan, no hourly wages to pay and withhold, no company medical insurance plan, etc. Paperwork is reduced and the company’s profits are guaranteed to triple under the new corporate relationship. An independent business has become a forced labor facility for the federal corporation. This vis another end result of the Public/Private partnership, Fascism.

     Scenario 3 :    We;ve already seen this scenario in Wisconsin. Under the State of Emergency in Agriculture, declared in 1934, still in effect today, all agricultural activity is subject to government inspection and approval. The labor details follow the edicts described in Scenario 2. Again, a private farm becomes a Federal labor camp.


     Scenario 4 : In keeping with the trend in law enforcement, promoting “partnering with the community”, all homeowners are required to install surveillance cameras on the exterior of their homes. The Neighborhood Watch becomes automated, with control and camera feeds going through the local police dept. This is the end of privacy in a Fascist Police State.

     These changes aren’t something new and sudden. They began at least 5 generations before most people were born.  We were all d

nied the requirements of binding agreement. In fact, the corporate structure commits Corruption of the Blood. When one generation says to the next, “This is the way it is, and you’re stuck with it.”. that is the legal term for the offense that is committed. 

     There are basic principles of Law that defends us against these injuries.

1. No individual can be obligated to the terms of an agreement by the actions of a third party. Robert E. Lee did not surrender for me.

3. An agreement in which one or both parties have been denied the requirements of binding agreement, is fraud, and is null and void.

     To exercise these protections, we must know who we are, where we are, and what our legal standing is.  I strongly recommend searching and studying the resources available to us.



6 Comments on “Wage Slave 2012”

  1. Mel says:

    As Mel Brooks more than once said in his film,’The History of the World,’ “It’s good to be the king.” See:,_Part_I But, what wasn’t said, yet was clearly shown in the film, as well as in real life, it’s seldom good to be the subject of any king, unless the king just happens to like or love you! As most of us now have come to realize the ‘King’ of this world most assuredly doesn’t like us & would have as many of us eliminated as possible and dragged down to the pit of hell along with him.
    With power comes responsibility. If this responsibility is not subject to almighty God, then those who serve the ‘earthly king’ have no rights to life, liberty or property. It also appears, at least to this commentator, that the united States never actually did fully wrest itself of the chains of an evil Monarchy, or Oligarchy even after (supposedly) winning the American Revolutionary War against England. Only the appearance of freedom has ever existed in the U.S. A closer examination of this subject will surely prove this to be so. Just as there is a responsibility on the part of ‘leadership,’ or government to lead righteously and justly, there is a responsibility upon those led to not merely ask for, but demand those unalienable rights, which are God-given & not man bestowed. Whenever any nation, culture or group of people becomes so disenfranchised and sees no real justice coming from its ‘leadership,’ such a group of people is not only just in doing whatever it takes to overthrow and replace the current government with a righteous and just one, but are duty bound to do so. The Bible says, “Justice, justice, thou shalt pursue!” See:
    Justice is not vengeance! I don’t know about you, but I’ve not seen much in the way of justice in America for quite a long time.

    • You covered all of the bases. U. S. citizens “volunteer” to be indentured servants. The Biblical example is the deal that the Children of Israel made with Pharoah when they went to Egypt. Voluntary ceased to mean voluntary. So it is with U. S. citizenship. Such imported statutory persons are legally incompetent to make their own decisions, so a proxy representative “volunteers” for them.

  2. cingaraj says:

    Really surprising news. time to tax the ultrarich so the fiscal deficit comes down for US.

    • It actually has nothing to do with taxation. Since the currency isn’t money, the whole budget and deficit charade just keeps people divided and confused. The banks don’t want that worthless pap[er.. They want land, mineral resources and slave labor.

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