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The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY Update 10/13/2011

     Everything I wrote in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY” is taking place, right now. The borrowed debt to keep the system running, just isn’t available. Populations are being lined up to be fleeced, harvested by their own governments.

     No nation is insulated from the process. The salvage operations of the wealth transfer mechanism are powering up to lay waste to Europe, as I write this. The “economy” exists for the sole purpose of enriching the masters on the Debt Plantation”. Here in the United States, we were taught to be “useful and productive citizens”. We were never taught that U. S. citizens were indentured servants, owing a debt that we could never repay. The interest charged on debt that was never real money that you could hold in your hand, placed us behind on a curve that we would never have the wealth to redeem. The Federal Reserve is the worst casino in the world. What does it matter if the Fed loosens or tightens the payout on the slot machines? There are more homeless gamblers than rich, flashy players.




 Resourcefulness overcomes adversity. Dignity is a polite word for pride. There are no polite words for homelessness. Many of us wouldn’t survive to tell about it, without places like this.



 The IRS is the extortion and racketeering arm of the U.  S. Treasury.  The Treasury is a prostitute for the Federal Reserve. The Fed is the Pimp. Two eggs  over easy in the frying pan: your brain, on fiat currency.



 Economic collapse is the United States Way. It’s all about eliminating competition and opposition. Civil disorder identifies who gets eliminated.

 The corporate structure is amoral, carnivorous, predatory and cannibalistic. They are combining as a pack of killing machines.

 Anxiety and panic is the exhaust from the wealth transfer engine. Real wealth is the fuel that it runs on.


This won’t come to an end until we don’t know anyone, who knows anyone, that has a job that pays a living wage.



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