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Fiat Addiction Update 11/09/2011

     As Firesign Theatre pointed out, you can’t get to the Old Same Place, from here. So it is for the  global paper markets. The sales pitch on the Grand Ponzi Scheme doesn’t work, anymore. The central banks have taken a page from the French Revolution and started a regularly scheduled riot. Italy’s downfall will be the Eurozone’s gain. They’re not finished with Greece, either. The objective of Commerce is always conquest. The civil disturbances tell us that agents have been sent forth to devour all of the people’s substance.

     I hope everyone has noticed the increasingly addictive behavior of the past few weeks. The Occupy Wall Street activity is a case in point. One demand was for a $20/hour wage, whether people work, or not. Before considering that this would just subsidize inflation, I have just one question: Do they want fries with that?

Before rushing to judgment and being too harsh on the useful idiots, we must remember that state and local governments have been making the same demands, for decades. No one notices because they’re a little higher up in the corporate structure than the peons living in the streets. A panhandler on the sidewalk is looked down upon, and the worst is assumed. Yet, government can do the same and it’s called “managing”.  Any excuse will do. We hear, “It’s for the greater good.” They say. “It’s for the children.”  Legislation is accompanied with good words and fair speeches about “securing the future for our posterity.”  No one has ever given a satisfactory explanation for how stealing from generations yet unborn and saddling them with debt that can’t possibly be repaid, is going to secure the future. People are addicted to the borrowed debt from the Federal Reserve as strongly as the alcoholic is to his bottle, or the junkie to his needle.

     This is what is coming. While everyone is waiting for the “recovery” that was never coming, the tensions will rise and boil over. The public will clamor  for government to do a better job of begging for them.  The result will be that government redoubles it’s efforts to rob their neighbors, for their gain. We are already seeing this in the government efforts to sweep the foreclosure fraud scandal under the rug. Isn’t that convenient? Government can give the banks another bailout, without being troubled by debate, in Congress. If the members of Congress feel useless. they should. When the Preservation of Government meeting was held, they didn’t even know that it was scheduled, until after it was over. They weren’t invited. Two Mafia hoods walk into your business, offering to sell you “protection”. You decline and tell them that you’re going to report them. They respond with, “Call your Congressman”. They then proceed to beat the Hell out of you and trash your establishment. That’s how Corporatism works. It worked just like that for Hitler.


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