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War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce Update 10/05/2011

   When I see where events have brought us, in the past year, I see that people still do not learn the lessons of history. For all of the commotion that has taken place, it is still the same old thing. Human nature is a creature of habit. All of the protests we are seeing now are going around in the same old rut.

     The OccupyWallStreet phenomena is fascinating. We are seeing various factions, all struggling to gain advantage in the corporate structure. This is so reminiscent of the Viet Nam war era, and not in a good way. History says that the leaders of the factions involved will come to agreement and the new boss will be the same as the old boss. I can;t say that everyone will follow Jerry Runin’s lead and become Wall St. stockbrokers, but people will rest on their gains and call it good. People still do not know who they are, what they are, where they are and what their legal standing is. They are trapped in the closed loop of Corporatism.

     For the purposes of media spin and political gain, the financial world is portrayed in opposition to the demands of the protest. All political and financial interests are hard at work, co-opting the social unrest to support and promote their agendas. It is just fascinating to watch newsworthy people move through the landscape of the protest. One set of allied factions rejoices in their face time in the media, and the rest say, “There goes the neighborhood”. I haven’t seen Mr. Rogers anywhere in this mess. Oh. I’m sorry, it’s not his fault. I do apologize. Mr. Rogers is deceased.

     In international affairs, we have seen social unrest in the Middle East presented as a demand for “democracy”. This is mainstream media spun nonsense. We are watching the consolidation of a region under the most intolerant and genocidal ideology in the world today, Sharia Law. The world faces the choice of either paying double taxation in submission to conquest, or mass execution at the hands of the reformed Ottoman Empire. The evidence is clear. A war is in progress. As my friend Alan Stang said,

     “If you do not know that there is a war, you will lose. If you do not know where the war is, you will lose. If you do not know who the enemy is, you will lose ……..”


War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce

     What is required of mankind in this life and this world? . What has changed? Why doesn’t anything work anymore? Who decided that there isn’t room for people, anymore?

     The answers to all these questions are found in the vision of the people who decide what we are told. It is shocking to even think that people can be  controlled and manipulated this way. Yet, people believe things that will eventually end their lives. The people who are required to protect the  public trust are also the people who should be watched the closest and trusted the least in access to the public treasury. When the theft and deception in the change in the structure of society is placed in order in the timeline of historical events,we see that the world is not as it appears to be.

     How do we answer the question, what is required of mankind in this life and in this world?

     Some would say, do unto others as we would have them do unto us.    That’s good, as far as it goes. Are we not to remember our Creator and all He   has done for us? Shouldn’t we remember that all things were made by Him? Shouldn’t we remember that He speaks life into us? Shouldn’t we remember that He sustains all things, making life possible? Doesn’t our next breath and heartbeat depend upon Him? If we want to end the life of another without cause, is there any reason He should allow us to live? How could any man presume to have final authority in such matters? There is no justice in the cycle of assault, retaliation and escalation.

     Shouldn’t we seek after forgiveness and mercy instead of bringing certain judgement upon ourselves? When examining the requirements that mankind must meet, the inescapable fact is that mankind is not separate from the surrounding environment. The standards and laws are engraved in creation. Whether an individual acknowledges any authority greater than himself,  there  is no escape from the most basic laws of existence, the natural law.   Intellect  has never permanently separated mankind from his surroundings Technology has always proven to be a temporary alteration in lifestyle that never permanently changed life. This is why commerce will always carry a fatal flaw. The history of the world has always been recorded and presented as  the development and decline of commerce. Every artificial construct devised  by man has eventually devoured the source of it’s existence. Eventually, every society has  centralized itself into levels of stress that can not be met with the available supply of resources vital to it’s continuation.

     A clear understanding of commerce is vital to understanding the present condition of the world. Commerce is combat. Commerce pits people against each other in a struggle for available resources. Commerce warps morality. Empty pockets and empty stomachs make people more animal than human. The game of acquisition posesses a very addictive influence. The power of acquisition is glorified to such a degree that predatory behavior is seen in a better light than it should be. No one sees the people who are trampled in the rush to excess. At this time, the world is on the edge of the greatest consolidation of wealth ever seen. Economic depression is not a loss of wealth. It is a transfer of wealth. We are watching the cruelest game of bait and switch ever seen.

     What has changed in 100 years? The conscience of humanity has changed. A constant state of combat, produced by contract, has so numbed the regard for life that the conscience protects that it is now normal for people to seek out someone to assault. We all, as undividuals, feel the pressure of constant threat. Without any standard of conduct, we are adrift in a sea of decay. Small is the man whose understanding comes from words given under the authority of any man. To meet the requirements established in every culture, we need so much more than that. We all remember better than this. There was a time when people found contentment in the provision derived from the land they were on. When people were separated from the land, dependency became the rule rather than the exception. In the words that outlive civilisations is found wisdom.

     Why doesn’t anything work, anymore?

     It all traces back to rebellion. All through recorded history are efforts to establish a “New Order”. This always follows the same   pattern. By whatever means and motivation, people are moved off the land and into an artificial environment. Very simply, people walk away from personal relationship with the Creator and form alliances at war with the Creator. This is why every social movement in history has been doomed to failure. When people abandon the source of  their life and security, they are at the mercy of the way of the world. It is this upside down system of commerce that changes perception and brings people to call conflict a good thing. Regardless of commitment to cause and honor, the fatal flaw is in a fruitless effort to create a way of life that is living death. Once this line is crossed, centers of power lock together in a downward spiral that ends in death.

     Why doesn’t anything work, anymore?

     When there is a task to be completed, there are four possibilities.   First, there might be someone with the knowledge, skill and experience to complete the task. Second, there might be someone with the common sense to ask how it’s done. Third, there might be someone to teach the proper method to complete the task. Fourth, there might be someone who refuses to learn and fails, miserably.

    Hopefully, anything involving the last option does not occur. At one time or another we all have refused instruction. Being someone that no one could give good advice to is not a pleasant memory. Then, why is it that we see the events we see, today? The answer is that people exalt themselves in their own eyes.  Refusal to receive instruction is the most common act of war.  Why doesn’t anything work anymore? Just being told that one thing is the same as another, doesn’t make it so. The claim that a change in circumstances requires a change  in actions is not reason enough to depart from known truth. The inference that loss is pending or that gain is available for the price of group consent is such a compelling temptation. Today, we see so many “emergencies”. Every day we hear the panic attacks in every area of activity. We hear appeals for someone to do something. Is doing something that never worked the answer to the question? Every emergency response in human history changed the future into unforeseen  new complexities. The evidence against man is that of incompetence in the face of a task that is beyond the ability of man. Man was never his own creator. Why would anyone doom himself to failure?

     Why doesn’t anything work, anymore?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Two powerful influences combine to produce an impossible condition. First, expectations are changed from production of real wealth from the land to an arbitrary and historically discredited system of sustainable fraud. The public perception has changed to accept the belief that wealth and liquidity are interchangeable. Despite history changing currency collapses, people still hold the false hope that economies can be regulated successfully. Confusing the understanding of this change is the gradual alteration of the meaning of words. The point has been reached at which the legal definition of a word is rarely the commonly understood definition.

     The question becomes, “Who does anything work for?”

     If life and success are measured by the ability to benefit from fraud, a criminal and amoral social structure is established. Recent events clearly demand a restatement of definitions. As current events are presented, the spin has produced a twist that can only be untangled by the truth. The original lie has been repackaged and released as though it was something that no one has seen, before.

     Again, I emphasize the difference. 

     Business is a handshake between two living, breathing, flesh and blood beings. Business is a connection on moral grounds.

     Commerce, on the other hand, is without life or conscience.

     Commerce is predatory, cannibalistic, imperialistic, and despotic. People believe that the corporate structure represents their interests and is accountable to them. The lie marches on. By contract, third party agendas and the love of money rule over men.

     It is very difficult to separate reality from illusion in the present day world. When image is held to be more important than substance, standards no longer exist. No one would believe that winning the board game Monopoly would give someone a seat on the NYSE, but people believe things just as ridiculous. This is the current state of commerce. An entity is created. Suddenly, survival of that entity is the highest priority.

     People are now interchangeable, expendable and disposable.   Everything and everyone is for sale. Damage to populations is now secondary to creating a market for a product. Once, people feared technology dominating humanity.

     Now, it isn’t that simple. All areas of technology are used by men to dominate and enslave other men. Until and unless people embrace reality and reject the constructed fantasy, everything they thought they knew will cease to exist. In the effort to define the nature and apparent objectives of commerce, so many of the results seem to be oblivious to human concerns. Through virtually instantaneous media transmission of events, we have seen the actions taken by commercial interests and their private armies to remove populations from land areas. We have seen military operations conducted against civilians, by their own countries. The history of commerce has always eliminated people in favor of centralized control of resources. When will people understand that the next great champion of the people is always their worst enemy? Setting people on a pedestal always invites destruction.

      Having just described the ways that people are collected and contained, the question as to how they will be harvested demands an answer. Sadly, the rich men of the Earth have decided that no more than 500 million people should live. At last check, there are substantially more people in the world. Under this intent, wars, famines and plagues are money to some people. To build their personal paradise, people are exterminated. The world has always been this way. It remains to be seen, who will organize and oversee the slaughter, and who will do the dirty work. Do we protect ourselves by giving our consent to those who do evil? Is our lifestyle worth more than a life? Is peace achieved by conquest? Beware of people who insist that there can only be peace when you are dead.

     Embargo and blockade, financing both sides in conflicts, inciting civil disorder, invasion, conquest and subjugation. It’s the same pattern, over and over again. People should slap themselves for being so ignorant. Countries get buried in debt, shameless thieves line their pockets while their people starve, countries are bombed into homelessness, people turned into panicked livestock, herded into holding pens. People are pitted against each other and everyone loses. The world is in a downward spiral, countries seeming to profit from circumstances only to be left in poverty when the boom goes bust. Commerce moves on after it has bled people dry. Yet, people continue to bow to worship at the feet of those who are killing them.

     Two conditions are consistent in the world; war and poverty.

     They are related. Throughout history, cultures are destroyed as the” peace keepers” of the “New Order” supervise the destruction. If you live in a place where you are relatively untouched by the trouble in the world, you are truly blessed. If you live in a place where no one suffered an unnatural death, you have had a very good day. If you live in a place that was not robbed of it’s wealth by the corporate structure today, you live in a dream world. The truth is, that everything that previous generations knew to be true, is disappearing The sad reality is that no one will believe it until it happens to them, personally. At that time, the loss will be vitally important to that  individual.

       As for the rest of the world, most people will not notice. It never takes very long before no one remembers. All of public debate is a facilitated discussion. Any concept not expressed in political, economic or military terms is ignored or dismissed as irrelevant. People, nations and cultures are compromised by being coerced into an entrenched system of conspiracy fraud. Transactions in currencies without foundation in real wealth compromise the integrity of every society that is a party to those transactions. It is when the fraud is exposed that those who hid the lie escape by resignation and hope to resurface in another place in the corporate structure. Only those who embezzle from their superiors in the corporate structure are ever brought to justice. As long as the corporate structure is satisfied, people are given unhindered license to lie, cheat and steal.

     There will be a final audit and accounting.

     The world’s inventory will be required of men.

     What are the warning signs of corruption? In it’s most basic form, demands are met and the obligations of the contract are met. The warnings signs are at the point of initiation of fraud. People waive rights without any concern for the consequences of their actions. In practice, identifying the party responsible for initiating the fraud is a moot point. Property or services were agreed to be sufficient compensation for surrendered status. There is always a surrender. Commerce is economic war. As this basic form of corruption expands into created entities the situation becomes increasingly complex.

     As commerce expands into created entities, it becomes one step removed from humanity. Commerce no longer is the conduct of monetary transaction. Unleashed from conscience, commerce goes on the hunt. It becomes the classic story of exploration and conquest. No proper defense of social cannibalism can be made. Painting commerce as progress is a cruel hoax. One society devours another and material prosperity is the illusion that deceives society with false hope in a better future. It is when commerce cuts expedient corners that disaster takes root. What is prosperity and economic security built on, now? In 1929, money was gold and silver coin. Today, “money” is the promise of a politician.

     Compounding the problem is that the promise comes from those who gain with or without any particular individual human being, nation or culture.  Whatever you call it, testing G-d, tempting fate, rolling the dice, taking your chances, it’s all the same. Human nature cannot resist the thrill of the edge. Political elections, financial speculation and investment, games of chance and the craving for power are all gambling. The romantic notion that fame and fortune are within reach has lead to downfall and shame. Stepping out of what is known in search of undiscovered treasure may be the seed of heroic tales and legendary historical figures, but the end is always disappointment. The world today may have gone past the point of no return.

     Men flatter themselves and each other with false deification in the hope of never being challenged by any authority. No army has ever protected anyone from the consequences of their actions.

     There is a quote by Mark Twain that describes commerce very well.

     ”Those who understand compound interest shall collect it; those who do not, shall pay it.”

     In the broader sense, those who understand the terms of contracts shall impose them; those who do not, shall comply with them. As the world has progressed in another attempt to build what can never be, humanity has been blinded by contracts that have, step by small step, led to the numbing of conscience. Has the world gone beyond the limits protected by the proper respect for life? In many aspects, life is seen as a commodity, to be packaged and marketed. More importantly, life is seen as a resource to be manipulated and disposed of, without consequence. How shall mankind escape destruction by the amoral demands of commerce? Life is not numbers on a corporate balance sheet.

     The insidious influence from impersonal, indirect and uncaring commerce teaches all the wrong things. It is so destructive in any interaction to believe that for one to win, another must lose. Who wrote that rule? Why does the world teach that in every form of media and public policy? Is it because opportunistic people use that teaching to create an opening to gain access to private property? We see so many examples of organizations that step in to “help” someone and leave that individual buried in circumstances that they are unable to recover from. In many cases, people are deprived of the means to rebuild their lives. People become hopeless property of the new slave master. As simple as that sounds, nations go into debt to reinforce this system of indentured servitude. Every kingdom of man is brought down in the consequences of these denials of human dignity.

     Since the world is at least 100 years past the point of no return, the expressed threats of each new day take on a greater meaning. Agreements between groups who’s stated intentions are each other’s destruction are called diplomacy and partnership. The end of mutually assured corruption is still corruption. There is no honor among thieves. We have yet to see the betrayals and conflicts that are coming. To see media coverage slanted to solicit support for actions against nations that were previously supported and enabled exposes the festering infection of commerce. If politics creates strange bedfellows, then diplomacy provides cover for thieves and liars. What has gone around is coming around. Billions of people are being abandoned in favor of the false promise of unprincipled unity.

     What have we become? 100 years ago, very little of what we know as “life” existed. How can we be so self assured that all we see is desireable? Commerce has no regard for quality of life, and certainly not for the individual. Anyone who can not be manipulated or harnessed for profit is seen as a “problem”, an embarassing burden, or just in the way. How can we claim to have progressed and grown? If there is no compassion and caring for the well being of others, what are we? It is impossible to be free with a totalitarian heart. For all of the high minded lip service paid to charity and hope for the future, all programs created to promote good will in commerce actually do not include everyone and work to eliminate people. How can one man see another as useless and worthless?

     The unavoidable, yet unspoken fatal flaw in commerce is the “D” word.  Everyone knows it’s there. Everyone is scared to death of it. The standard of living that people trust in is built on a criminal system of loaned debt. The fatal flaw that keeps everyone in line is the word “Default”. As we have seen in the recent past, bank scandals and wars follow default. Any departure and rejection of the world debt system results in armed conflict and destruction of nations. It is now quite natural today for people to depend on the crimes committed with their consent and patriotic support. People enthusiastically support actions that would be condemned if committed against themselves. Like it or not, there is only one rule for everyone. The world is on the brink of being told that it’s money is no good. Unless people produce and build for themselves, they will have nothing.

     It is a bizarre and notable moment when the extremes of the damage done by the demands of commerce are exposed. Material success and public acclaim are no measure of good judgement and wisdom. The insanity of celebrity worship is evident in all forms of media. Celebrities are publicly adored and defended after getting caught cold in activities that common people go to prison for. Instead of being publicly shamed, celebrities get their egos stroked by their adoring fans. We see people exalted for everything from promoting pimp culture to official malfeasance in betrayal of the public trust. This speaks directly to the real desires hidden underneath the shell of civility in every public activity. The pain and suffering that misplaced trust deserves is being felt with increasing intensity with each passing day. Constructing a new moral platform will be no comfort in the new vision of the future. Good words and fair speeches will never resolve anything. Keeping people enthralled with nonsense buys time for the evil in the hearts of men.

     The history of the uneasy mistrust between free will and commerce is a fascinating study. Any expression of free wil that does not produce advantage for commercial exploitation makes people targets. Originally, the natural law maintained a balance that no agenda of sustainability has ever matched. Commerce centralizes and dominates. Throughout history, the rise and fall of cultures of death are very well documented. At some point, an agenda contrary to natural law rises to make it’s mark on the world. Today, we see a march to enslave the whole world. We are told that no culture will be left behind.

     Left unchecked, such inhuman motivation would infest and kill every culture as they have functioned. Every new order of existence is a step down from the original. Everything traces back to the original lie. Rebellion against the natural law is not the right choice. Today, there is mass transportation on the road to destruction.

     Domestically, throwing fake money around is called Economic Stimulus. Internationally, it’s called Foreign Aid. Whatever it’s called, it’s a lie. No nation has ever borrowed it’s way to prosperity and independence. This deliberately evil practice of indentured servitude has been played out repeatedly, all over the world. People fail to understand that war is used as a tool to implement corporate invasion and conquest. Regardless of the proud and pompous proclamations of politicians, the truth is that they are paid to do as they are told. They owe a debt. To save their position and lifestyle, they betray the public trust. They never had any loyalty to anyone they made promises to. If and when people ever wake up, it will most likely be when there is nothing in their society that will help them.

     Any discussion on commerce eventually gets around to the rich men of the Earth. Snobbish, elitist behavior becomes tabloid legend. It’s always some celebrity in the media. Here are a few sobering facts. If someone’s income provides more than food and shelter, free of debt, they are among the 2% wealthiest people in the world. If they own gold, silver or diamonds, they are among the top small fraction of a percent. If someone sleeps indoors, protected from the elements, they are in the top 4%. Before someone sees a homeless person as trash to be disposed of, they should know these things. If people are supported by debt and avoid disaster by refinancing insolvency, they are in the same situation. They are homeless and won’t admit it until they are forced into a tent city. They are among the poorest people in the world, and don’t know it.

      Describing commerce is only possible by including contrast. Avoiding the trap that commerce sets requires the recognition that there is no room in commerce for humanity and emotional considerations. Compassion and empathy find no response from commerce. Any lapse in good judgement results in capture and commercial harvest. This is seen in the many examples of sudden changes in monetary and distribution policies. Nations lose their identities in these events. They continue in name, only. Throughout history, invasions masquerade as help, entrapment hides behind a facade of charity, and domination impersonates leadership. Every tyrant in the history of the world replaced personal relationship with commerce. Every time that has happened, humanity has lost.

      “Creating markets”. What does that mean? If history as it is presented and studied is to be believed, it means exploration, discovery and new commercial activity. It is a very interesting exposure of human nature that the traffic in commodities and manufactured goods is disconnected from war. When it is understood that the purpose of commerce is to subdue, dominate and subjugate regions and cultures for commercial industrialization and marketing, every conflict and social dislocation makes sense. People are expendable and disposable. Simply stated, when people get in the way of the demands of corporate self preservation, they disappear. The illusion is that personal labor assures a comfort zone. When the point of diminishing returns is reached, that comfort zone is not sustainable.

     What is a “level playing field”? The concept of fairness and equity in kind is obviously a desireable objective. Unfortunately, no such concept or motivation exists in commerce. Negotiation is combat. The objective of commerce is always conquest. When the topic of discussion is negotiating a level playing field, it simply means that one party is dissatisfied with the effort required to subdue the other. In the world of commerce, combat is the norm. In warfare, there is no right or wrong in the minds of the combatants. There are only winners and losers. The winners enforce the right of conquest. Losers only continue to exist as property. In this regard, man is his own worst enemy. Commerce abdicates any moral standing and refuses restraint of conscience. If the corporate structure requires that an individual betray himself and life itself, that demand will be collected. This is the heart of genocide. When people understand that they have been collected and are held in inventory, they will see the boundaries of their confinement.

      The term “equity in kind” demands defintion. It’s meaning is critical to understanding the events of the day. Throughout human history, the basis of business transactions was the exchange of hard goods for hard goods. That was until open commerce changed that to an exchange of debt for debt. In kind, that exchange was merely all participants wallowing in the same corruption. It required that all parties believe and practice the same lie. When the exchange became one of trade of unlike quantities that deceit and fraud conquered the world. It is vitally important that the understanding that equity in kind always wins out is established. The evidence of history is that corruption always returns to it’s birthplace.

     How shall the world escape drowning in it’s lies? There is no rescue from the consequences of actions. The only option is to walk away from what we know is wrong.

     ”Balance of trade”. Nothing has changed in 400 years. Only the meaning of words has changed to protect the guilty. Otherwise the pattern has never changed. A consistent, predictable pattern of moving “manufacturing capacity” to “emerging markets” has moved threough history like a well oiled machine. After corporations and their private armies have subdued and harvested a region, the debt and infrastructure failure begins. Everything that was once hope for the future becomes a premeditated and carefully scripted ethnic cleansing. No country or continent has escaped this pattern. It would seem that simple greed would explain the destruction of people and their cultures. The great deception is in the process of systematically bleeding economies dry by a cruel masquerade in the cloak of “help”. Where “help” goes, poverty. new diseases and civil disruption follows.

     Life was simple, once. All of a man’s needs came from the land he worked. How complicated can life become when wealth is extracted from the land by people who don’t live on it? It begins with something that someone wants. Suddenly, people aren’t satisfied with what they have. If they don’t produce anything from the land, themselves, this compunds the problem. What once gave men consistency and contentment became uncertainty and resentment. Where did the concept of one man claiming power over another take root? When did respect for life and boundaries end? No organization, no government, no social movement has ever protected the sanctity of life. To think that any proposal coming out of any think tank, any focus group or any legislation will restore the tranquility of pure and natural life is the ultimate absurdity. How will the world escape destruction? There is no where to run to.

     A discussion of what happens when people get in the way only hints at what it is to be the target of conquest. Most people have no experience with being an object of commercial exploitation. For obvious reasons, people only exist as a resource until they outlive their usefulness. People are seen as no different than a crop or a mineral resource. Commerce knows and shows no mercy. People and landscape are just in the way. The programs we see today that destroy cultures and exterminate people are right in front of our eyes, yet people refuse to see. They repeatedly go back to their masters for another beating. When will people see what they had before a corporate institution came to “help” them? How many prosperous nations will become beggars in bombed out streets before people turn their backs on the forces that seek their cooperation in the enslavement of the world?

     A deeply ingrained belief is that people can commute between the peace of home and the conflict of commerce. If payment for peace is required, people have no peace. True peace is not subject to any institution of man. Being victimized by extortion and racketeering institutions betrays every moral standard in every culture. That governments do these things does nothing to legitimize such practices. This pattern, repeated throughout history, is the ruin of every nation. What once was security becomes urgent panic. What once was prosperity becomes desolation and poverty. Robbers have no compassion for the robbed. No society has ever survived the burdens inflicted upon it. As layer upon layer of debt and demand drive people into despair, societies collapse. The downward spiral the world is in will continue until people recognize the meaning of true peace and act accordingly.

     One concept that has been lost on recent generations is the understanding of the term, “dirty money”. It isn’t just blatantly criminal behavior that determines the ethics of a situation. When incentives cause people to betray trusts and abandon people, heartbreaking circumstances result. It is in these times that people trade their integrity for filthy rags. The aftermath in shame brings people to the lowest point of despair. In so many instances, it seems that great success and public admiration is only a thin veneer over the self destructive behavior hidden underneath. In a seemingly closed loop of self condemnation and strange forms of punishment, people spiral down into loss of wealth, friends and family. Courts don’t always convict an individual, but no one escapes the evidence held in the heart. The only hope is in a new heart and a clean conscience. May we search within ourselves, daily.

     Level playing field. Fair trade. Balanced currencies. In good faith. All of these are synonyms and pseudonyms for NONSENSE!

     Commerce is always about conquest. Commerce is always about eliminating competitition. As long as people and nations comply with the powers that be, they continue to be the host for a relentless parasite. When they resist, a systematic and timeless process is set in motion; blockade and embargo, assault and invasion, conquest, subjugation, in that order.

     The legendary figures of commerce have always burned, sabotaged,bombed and legislated their competitors out of existence. To think that people depend on the security of their retirement plans is such delusion. Accepting worthless paper in retirement is just a polite way of being fired. Those whose industries have been under siege for three decades know the truth of this. Many have been left with nothing. They are out in the cold with no help in sight. This is the end for those who believed that they would be delivered out of the things they signed up for. For too long, people trusted in everything that was false. Now, they recede into the fog with the rest of the people who were forgotten in time. The sound of people appealing to the very people who cheated them out of their future is thunderous.

     Looking at the overview of commerce can be very impersonal. What does it mean to the individual? What does it look like at street level? One constant is a perceived atmosphere of panic. Under stress, people make bad decisions in favor of conditions detrimental to their future. All people want conditions of consistent daily life and reliable provision. When commerce invades, the unknown prevails. Contradictory policies and bizarre public behavior by civil authority become the norm. If not for shamelless behavior by public officials, people would have more time to examine obvious criminal behavior by public officials. At no time in previous recorded history has there been such obsession with staying on the right side of wrong. Chemical and genetic manipulation destroy health. Economic and labor policies destroy cultural expression. The old neighborhood just isn’t the same. To experience dislocation in every aspect of life is the most coercive and fraudulent tactic applied by commerce. If the individual survives it, he is not what he was. He has betrayed himself by accepting slavery.

     Progress is most often,  financial suicide.

     War and propaganda. Commerce and marketing. As form follows function, so combat conforms to it’s environment. In conventional warfare, persuading an enemy to believe false information could decide a battle. The explosive growth of mass media changed everything about conflict. The ability to reach virtually every mind with ideas in sight and sound brought into practical application the ability to corrupt and disable a culture without physical destruction. Tyrants throughout history have dreamed of conquest without opposition. As Henry Kissinger ambitiously predicted that Americans would welcome U. N. troops with open arms, he voiced that dream. When a culture is separated from it’s history and abandons it’s principles, conquest is complete and people trust government to steal from their neighbors at gunpoint. By the time people discover the robbery, they have nothing left to defend their individuality. Over the past century, we have watched the world taken into a vortex to the depths of darkness.

     Politics and manipulation. Marketing and propaganda. Ambition and cannibalism. There are so many parallels and intersections in life. To human nature, metaphorically and figuratively speaking, people of different appearance, language and culture must taste like chicken. So many times in history, a nation is left a field of dead men’s bones. The world can’t just leave them laying around. The world buries them in the same grave with it’s guilt. The powers that be whistle past the graveyard while dreading the day they leave the land of the living. When men recognize their mortality, whether by conscience or by their last breath, the bones of the dead testify against them. By ignoring the barely whispered truth, men stare down at their own hands and see the blood of the innocent on them. Cooperation is complicity. Knowing what the world deserves commands that we seek forgiveness for our part in it. Separate from the way of the world.

     If everyone’s intentions are so good, why do situations come out wrong? There is something that sounds right, and isn’t. Values without standards produce hypocrisy. Values may define a culture, but standards maintain the integrity of those values. Every culture in history is measured by what it produced. In the general overview of history, there are only two cultures. One is a culture of life, the other a culture of death. One culture brings peace, security and prosperity to all, regardless of boundaries. The other devours material wealth and sends millions of innocent people to unmarked mass graves. One culture consistently displays the way life should be and the other seeks hollow justifications for war, destruction and conquest. At some point, conscience challenges the calls for armed conflict. At the point that anger pits people against each other, one culture dies and the other lives under a curse. Once self justification murders conscience, repeated lies only hope to hide the transgression. The course the world is on appears to be irreversible. The only remaining question is being asked, and decisions made by each individual, one at a time.

     What have you chosen?

     The basic platform in commerce is the double standard. Words with multiple meanings are used to confuse the target of conquest and gain advantage for the initiator. This process is evidenced in every commercial transaction in the news. Media is a willing accomplice in the deception. As we are seeing in the current banking collapse, the lie is coming unravelled. For a decade, people have been sold “value”. The lie is that value is intrinsic. The operative component of credit is debt. At this time, the debate is restricted to who a commercial entity can borrow from, and how much. The fact remains that this process survives on revolving debt. The trap is sprung. For any nation, bank or business to escape liquidation, the debt must be retired. Since the standard procedure is to delay the outcome, we are seeing old debt being covered with new debt. This downward spiral becomes more destructive with each cyclic collapse. Bank failures and economic decline are just the tip of the iceberg. We are hearing that this crisis will end in a few months. Expect to see that optimistic forecast revised as new factors are revealed, this week.

     What is the measure of a man? The world measures a man by his ability to function in commerce. The material bottom line becomes the barometer of conscience. Dead things are elevated above the living. The world makes no distinction between life and death. If a war is required to protect the balance sheet, war happens. If the removal of people from the land advances the corporate material agenda, we see famine, disease and civil war. Media tells the people that a new order requires the sacrifice of the many for the common good, people gladly consent to participate in murder. The rationalization is always that world events are too big for them to seriously consider. After all, to object could jeopardize the standard of living. If a few million people on another continent disappear as the interests of developing the world are served, does the developed world really care? Perhaps such atrocities would get more media attention if they happened in the financial centers of the world. That is an observation of historical events, going back hundreds of years. The world isn’t as civilized as it pretends to be.

     Commerce is a very strange and unnatural environment. Such conflict in every little detail places the mind in a state of continuous mistrust. Repeated betrayal by those in authority creates a disconnected and disoriented perception. Nothing is as it appears. Corrupt authority figures combine with an administrative structure to create an evermore and increasing state of immorality and amorality. The cultures of the world are being homogenized by this process of dehumanization.

     In a system of floating objectives and agendas, no one is permitted to know what to believe about life and social structure. The education industry produces programmed robots, devoid of independent thought or knowledge of history. History has always been revised to suit the purpose of the present power structure. This is the reason for the institutionalized aversion to absolute standards of conduct. For humanity to be manipulated into the unified path to destruction, all that is required is for people to believe that they are accountable to no higher authority than themselves.

     How does the individual fit into the environment of Commerce?

     The only allowed means of access into commerce is by legal trust, a ficticious entity created by private contract, in private law. Since a legal trust is not a flesh and blood, living being, it does not have the same rights. A legal trust can be liquidated and terminated without incurring the penalties of the natural law, i.e., standing trial for murder. Such actions are common practice in private law. An individual can be destroyed through any number of legal means. This activity inspired the truism that all that is lawful is not legal, and all that is legal is not lawful. It is in the great grey area between the two that every atrocity in history is committed. The justification for every conflict is that some people are worth less than others. This product of private law is so contrary to natural law that people do not recognize the boundaries any longer. People instantly play the role of corporate agent. They instinctively go forth to conquer everyone and everything in front of them. People who are ordinarily people of conscience see uncontracted people as outsiders and criminals.

     Quick Observation

 The only answer that makes sense in today’s news is that private interests are about to finance bailouts and everyone’s homes are being pledged as collateral against the debt. The planned collapse of the U. S. Dollar will result in the seizure of property by the rich men of the earth. This is where people find out that they never really owned their property, They have literally traded their land and wealth for debt and promises. Caught in the grip of corporate Fascism, they now think like beggars. They wait in line for the mercy of their masters. By covering old debt with new debt, people become consenting conspirators in fraud. Instead of finding peace and safety, they will find themselves homeless on the land their fathers settled. Their calamity shall come upon them. Today was proof that everything is right on schedule. The vote on the bailout plan falls through. Private capital will be raised to push it through. Then, watch the bank foreclosures and tax seizures escalate. The wealth of the U. S. will be transferred to foreign interests and the tent cities and soup kitchens will multiply. People today are no more intelligent than they were in 1929. It actually seems that people are more gullible than they were, then. To think that people would stake their security on the promises of men is hard to fathom. It is no wonder that people are ruled by tyrants. They abdicate their responsibilties and get robbed blind. Dereliction of duty does not get anyone a commuted sentence. To ignore circumstances is to invite disaster.

     Watching people reap what they’ve sown is never pleasant. To do nothing and get carried away in the calamity is worse. Obviously, taking steps to get clear of the economic collapse is the right course of action. Food and water storage, the ability to grow your own food, and a barter system independent of the currency systems are all vital to survival. The world as we have known it, is gone.

     Commerce never ceases to amaze me. The corporate structure sets out to lie, cheat and steal to float the bailout plan. Failure was marked by coming up a week late and $700 Billion Federal Reserve Notes short. The failure of the central banks to even come up with fake money is a vivid illustration of the inevitability of corrupted and dishonest people being caught in their own iniquity. The corporate structure has been caught out in broad daylight, naked with nothing to cover it’s shame. At this moment, extreme pressure is being applied to coerce the world into believing that a currency system flawed in it’s foundation, can be repaired. A house built in quicksand will certainly sink beneath the surface, to be quickly forgotten. All that floats it is the lie that the currency has value in itself. Every paper currency is a representation of something else. In this case, Federal Reserve Notes represent the property and resources pledged as collateral against the debt. The Federal Reserve System has never allowed itself to be audited. Trust without accountability to independent audit is by definition, blind faith. The result is a series of economic collapses, each followed by armed conflict. Participation in the false system of weights and measures is, in itself, complicity in the destruction of the world.

     As the world waited for the vote in the House of Representatives, no clearer evidence of fraud exists than the bailout plan. It is a clear statement to those who chose to be U.S. citizens that they are to shut up, pay their taxes, mind their places in the chain gang and pay the debt they volunteered to pay. All of the sorry, ignorant people who were duped into slavery by a corrupt corporation have no one to blame than themselves. U.S. citizens have betrayed their neighbors, stolen from each other at Federal gunpoint and trespassed by legislation. U.S. citizens will feel the cold steel of their shackles on their wrists and ankles. They have traded their independence for Socialist servitude. Cities are the new internment camps. U.S. citizens will do as they are told or starve to death in the cold darkness. They will either submit to the plan and be team players, or be liquidated. That is always the end result of a deal with organized evil. We will see in the coming days, evil take posession of it’s property. If anyone has the slightest twinge of conscience, they are obligated to withdraw their consent and never again participate in the crimes of the corporate structure.

     With the bailout plan signed into law, there seems to be no sigh of relief. At best, people seem to be relieved that the supermarket shelves won’t be empty and they will still be able to find fuel for their vehicles, next week. The most interesting aspect of this process is that there seems to be more incentive for people to take on a greater debt load. This is the aspect of human nature that draws people into substance abuse. At best, people postpone discomfort in favor transitory comfort. This abdication of personal responsibility is a very real act of fraud and embezzlement. The only reason that exposure and conviction doesn’t take place is because the corporate structure is made up entirely of co-conspirators. No one is going to jeopardize their position in the food chain. It is interesting to see the predatory and cannibalistic behavior in the financial markets, today. The musical chairs analogy is quite appropriate. The one without a chair when the music stops is abandoned without remorse. That one could be your employer, your bank or the distribution structure that supplies your lifestyle. Everyone is whistling past the graveyard at midnight.

The news confirms everything written in this series. A basic principle of commerce is the application of intimidation and extortion. Wars are fought financially, long before they are fought militarily. The results are the same, in practice. Surrender and submission are always the end condition. Reports are that Congress was threatened with a depression, the DJA dropping 2 to 3,000 points immediately, and martial law, if the bailout plan was not passed. It is evidence of the corporate practices of extortion, blackmail and racketeering being institutionalized in the operations of government. What began with the criminal establishment of a private banking structure in 1913 has expanded in a global implementation of the plan for world conquest. Corruption recognizes no national boundaries. Wherever you live, your country is being conquered. Individual conscience must now direct individuals to escape the coming destruction. Only by recognizing the things that are real can escape from false authority be accomplished. Participation in the world financial system will result in the end of peace in a rational, moral world.

     On the surface, an economic crisis appears to be a comedy of errors, played out with incredible incompetence. In truth, history teaches us that it is really a carefully planned transfer of wealth. It always begins with the lie that is paper currency and ends with people separated from wealth, produced from the land. It is a most glaring example of dysfunctional expectations that people are reassured by an increase in the cause of the problem, worthless paper. Today, the admission that printing trillions of dollars in paper would not solve this problem came as a prophetic warning of the trouble ahead. No economy has ever inflated it’s way out of financial insolvency. At some point, only real assets can retire debt. Countries lose their land, mineral resources and the ability to produce manufactured goods. It is a sad time in history when an economic structure has nothing that anyone would want. To approach a problem from a severely weakened position is to ensure failure. It is obvious that the world has not retained the understanding of he lessons of the Great Depression. The actions of the recent past did nothing to undo the damage that has been done. People have been monetized and sold n the marketplace.


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