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My Personal Facebook Changes

     In the interest of clearing up confusion, I’ll list my criteria for editing my friends list. I see from the comments that people have completely missed that list that I posted, back in July.

1. Family members

2. Personal contacts from email address books.

3. Active contacts from other social and professional networks.

4. “Likes” on my group page.

5. People who have posted and commented enough on

my page for their names to ring a bell.

  •     Ok. You’ve all misunderstood. The first reason that I’m so insistent about my group page is that I have thousands of people in my friends list that never interact with me. After I added them, I never got a message from them, they never commented on anything, and I never saw them post anything. 
  •    The second reason is that there were people selling cruises, TVs, cell phones, laptop computers, shoes, T -shirts and more crap than I can list, here. At the time, I was sleeping outdoors in all kinds of weather. I stuck a fork in them, quickly. A big reason for my group page is that solicitors can’t post anything, there. Only the content that I post and the pages I like appear there.


  •    The third reason is that my personal page gets bombarded by scammers. It seems that everyone in Pakistan is running an orphanage. I’ve made the mistake of recommending them to my friends, only to learn that they’re hustling my friends for funds. My group page puts an end to that. The feed on the page is slower and I don’t have to take all day chasing old posts to weed out commercial activity. I do not advertise, sell or solicit donations on my

    pages. No one else will be permitted to do that, either. I try to protect my friends list from being scammed.  I’m a writer. I work at that from the time I get up until my head hits the pillow, at night. I get 4,000 email notifications a week on the 70 + blogs that I follow. Those activities demand my time. 


  •    The fourth reason is that I am almost never on my personal page. Chat and messages are disabled for anyone who has not “Like” – ed my page. As it is, I have to appear offline on all of my message services, if I’m going to get any work done. It’s impossible to get anything done while while I have to answer “how r u?” from dozens of people. I’ve found that the experience makes me irritable. After about the 10th time, my answer is “Busy!”

    Thank you for understanding.  My family, personal contacts and “Likes” total less than 1,000 people. When I complete this editing process, that total will be about twice that number. At that time, the privacy setting on my personal page will change from “Friends of Friends” to “Just Friends”. The only access to my friends list will be through my group page. 

    Since all of my time will be occupied by my group page, I would still like to maintain contact with the people in my friends list. The only way I can do that is if they “Like” my page. I’m sorry if there are people that have reached the limit and can’t do that. Another way would be to subscribe to my blog. Those people stay in my friends list.   


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