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REPOST Colonel6 Post

This confirms what I wrote, almost 20 years

ago.The only law enforcement official with

Constitutionally delegated powers is a

lawfully elected Sheriff.



2 Comments on “REPOST Colonel6 Post”

  1. SIXX says:

    that is absolutely right. i am so glad to see another person that knows THE CONSTITUTION.

    • I also know Harmon Taylor, L. B. Bork, John Jennings, John Ainsworth and George Gordon.
      They’re real lawyers, not ABA attorneys. They got me reading Black’s Law Dictionary and I’ve always
      been able to ask questions. Harmon’s email newsletter is priceless. I have about 300 of them in a folder
      in my email. Those 5 years in a talk radio station did me good. I still have hours of Randy Yarbrough on
      his program, “To Free America” on my desktop computer. I was his Board Op. Thanks for the message.
      I’ve been putting links to your blog posts on my Facebook group page.

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