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Legal Reality Newsletter 24 September A. D. 2011

24 September A.D. 2011

In the area of a factual problem with the case, what could they possibly learn two weeks into the suit that they didn’t know before filing?  For context, the Supreme Court of the United States knows everything about everything.  They have to.  At that level of access to competent information, we also find Lloyd’s of London.  So, there was no misunderstanding of the facts at any time.

Why Pennsylvania, since there was so self-evidently no plane crash there?  (One reason might be that the case wouldn’t be caught up in the gauntlet of cases that are re-routed to New York.)

Will there be another filing, whether in this location or some other?

Was the point/purpose of the lawsuit satisfied by an undisclosed settlement?

Were they making a political statement by filing and then voluntarily dismissing that claim in that forum?  (If so, is Lloyd’s “of Record” now suggesting that the case against Saudi Arabia is a concocted cover story masking what really happened and who financed what and how?)

It’ll be interesting to see what else happens with this, and when.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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Insurance giant withdraws 9/11  lawsuit against Saudi Arabia

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 8:37 PM on 21st September 2011

An insurance firm has withdrawn its lawsuit against Saudi Arabia, which had claimed the country funded the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

A division of Lloyd’s of London had filed documents in a U.S. court on September 8 demanding the return of $215million compensation it paid victims.

But the lawsuit has now been dropped.

          The headquarters of Lloyd's of London

Lawsuit: The headquarters of Lloyd’s of London

Attorney Stephen Cozen of law firm Cozen O’Connor, which represents Lloyd’s, told Insurance Journal that he cannot comment on why Lloyd’s decided to drop the case less than two weeks after filing the complaint.

Mr Cozen told the journal: ‘We were instructed to voluntarily dismiss without prejudice. That of course means that the suit is free to be refiled and certainly similar suits may be filed by others.’

Lloyd’s is voluntarily dismissing its lawsuit ‘without prejudice,’ meaning the motion seeks to close the case without precluding the possibility of renewal at a later date, the court clerk’s office said.

The lawsuit – filed in Johnston, Pennsylvania, where United Airlines flight 93 crashed on 9/11, named nine defendants, including a leading member of the oil-rich state’s royal family.

Saudi Arabia has always denied claims that Osama bin Laden’s organisation received official financial and practical support from his homeland.

        Legal documents were filed in Johnston, near where the United 93
        jet crashed after being hijacked by 9/11 terrorists

Disaster: Legal documents had been filed in Johnston, near where the United 93 jet crashed after being hijacked by 9/11 terrorists

And the 9/11 Commission’s official report on the attacks, found that there was no evidence that the Saudi government or senior Saudi officials individually funded Al Qaeda.

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