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The Smartest Man In The World

     I know this is an old joke, but I’ll update it. It’s still funny, and always will be. The characters change, but you can’t fix stupid.


     This time around, there are three men on Air Force One when the unthinkable happens. A Homeless Guy, Al Gore and Barack Obama are stunned for a moment. On the left wing, one engine just falls off, and the other catches fire. As the flames spread and the fire streams off the edges of the wing, the pilot announces that they will have to bail out. This immediately starts an argument between  Gore and Obama, as the Homeless Guy calmly pulls a banana that he scrounged out of his coat pocket and peels it. Of course, there are only two parachutes available. 

Obama :” I’m the most important man in the world ! I’m the President of the United States ! I’m bringing America Hope and Change ! This is my damn plane and my damn parachutes !”

Gore:” I’m the smartest man in the world ! I invented the Internet and Global Warming ! I’m going to Carbon Tax the world to death. With all due respect, Mr. President, you had better Hope you can Change your shorts, after this is over.”

With that, Gore straps on and dives out the escape hatch.  Obama begins to give the Homeless Guy the speech of his life.

Obama : “The last ‘chute is mine. Gore just showed the world why he can never be President. There will be a Predator drone outside his bedroom window, tonight.”

Homeless Guy : “Not to worry, Mr. President. The smartest man in the world just jumped out of the plane, wearing my backpack. When we land, we can do lunch. I know a good place. I’ll buy.” 



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