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Blogs and links.

     I post a lot of my links in comments on other blogs. If I comment on your posts, it means that my friends on my social networks should know about your site. I post your URL with a context comment in many places. During the day, I check my Facebook pages, Blogger, LinkedIn, Google +, all of the sites that I have cross-linked. Additionally, I ping the really good URLs through Million Ping  and Feed Shark. I read blogs every day that should get 1,000 views. I hope the blog post that gets that is yours, just as much as any of mine.  There are a lot of people that are better researchers than I am. I just happen to be a photographic speed reader, and that helps me cover a lot of ground in a day.


2 Comments on “Blogs and links.”

  1. George, Thanks for doing the work. It is so important and I wish I had the time. But between the farm, the blog, the novel and the “paying” job I just can’t do as much research as I’d like. Please keep up the good work!!

    • Thank you! It’s always the old story. If we have the money, we don’t have the time. One of my heroes is Randy Yarbrough, host of “To Free America”. He’s run his farm, hosted a call in talk show, and been involved with the National Conference Call For The Farmers, forever. There are much better researchers than myself. Having been a Board Op, responsible for getting programs on the air and guests ready to go, I’ve been privileged to meet on the phone, G. Edward Griffin, Alan Stang, Dr. Stan Montieth, Michael Corbin, Dr. Joe Douglass, Phyllis Schlafly, and so many others. I’m just a photographic speed reader. Some say that I have a way with words.

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