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War Of The Money Worlds Update 01/17/2012

      War Of The Money Worlds

 When we last checked in on the boys, it was a little tense. You can’t blame them. Anyone would be stressed by the inconsistencies and contradictions in the economy. Not to worry ! Today, our little lunch group is graced with the presence of the Silver Tongued Devil, himself. Yes, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke doles out a little of his regal and condescending insight for the benefit of ……. well, we’ll see who it benefits.

The Group: It is certainly a rare honor that you have granted us a few minutes of your valuable time, Mr. Bernanke.

Helicopter Ben: My pleasure, gentlemen. I need to take some time away from the spotlight. Those Congressional hearings are so tedious.

Imagination: When you say “tedious”, do you mean that you are disinterested? I would think that you have a greater responsibility to the public good.

Helicopter Ben: Yes, of course I address my responsibilities in an open and forthright manner. The tedium is in dealing with questions that obviously come from a pedestrian[imbecilic] mindset. I’m afraid that society just isn’t capable of understanding the intricate[duplicitous] subtleties of monetary policy.

Stuff: Excuse me, Mr. Bernanke. You seemed to mumble a couple of words, there. Could you clarify your statement for me. I feel as though I missed something.

Helicopter Ben: Simply stated, expression is limited by the restrictions of language. The time involved and the privileged insight required for you to understand precise meaning in my statement is not available .

Stuff: That didn’t answer my question.

Helicopter Ben: No.

Metal: Aren’t you going to answer Stuff’s question? It seemed a simple enough question.

Helicopter Ben: The answer given is sufficient. As I stated, the background and [insider]information is not available in the context of present[dullard] company.

Paper: So, moving on, then. Mr. Bernanke, why is the economy having so many problems?

Helicopter Ben: There are many reasons. I must point out that, without expert analysis and decisive action from the Federal Reserve system, conditions would be much worse. Maintaining liquidity[Ponzi] while limiting inflation[outsourcing] is a very delicate balance.

Paper: You seem to have mumbled. What was that you said, Mr. Bernanke?

Helicopter Ben: Oh it wasn’t important. Don’t give it another thought.

Imagination: We understand that the economy has difficulty finding balance, Mr. Bernanke.  Could you address aspects of economic conditions, in consumer activity?

Helicopter Ben: Why certainly. In recent years, consumers should have made greater effort to support the economy. Greater demand is required to service debt.  The public[peons] must understand it’s role in the economy. Over the past 40 years, monetary policy has certainly provided every incentive to mortgage the future, to pay for present comfort.

Metal: I just don’t see it working out, Mr. Bernanke. At some point, there has to be equity in exchange. There bis no other way to settle the debt issue.

Helicopter Ben: Well, gentlemen, that is a very complex issue, for another time. Rest assured that the Federal Reserve is ever vigilant, ready to address the need. The [Ponzi]economy will continue and prosper[inflate]. Good dasy, gentlemen. I hear my helicopter approaching.

                                                                 The End?

When we last checked in on the boys, the financial chaos was wearing on their nerves. Have recent    events eased the situation?  If anything is better, we’ll see if we can find it.

Paper:  I’m about to tear my hair out over the stock market. I can’t turn my back for five minutes, without something going wrong. I’ve gone into cash with  a lot of things. How’s a guy to make an honest living in investing?

Metal:  It takes honest money to make an honest living. If you had a lock box of gold nd silver coin buried in your basement, you’d be making money, whether you were asleep or awake.  Someday, maybe you’ll listen to me, and sleep better. At least you wouldn’t be agonizing about losing money.

Stuff:  Maybe Metal is right, Paper. My Real Estate portfolio is still in the crapper. My mortgages and leases are turning into money hogs. My cash flow is threatening to go upside down and leave me bankrupt. I’m trapped and don’t know what to do. If I could get out of this mess, I’d put away some gold and silver coin.

Imagination:  Now, gentlemen. Let’s not be hasty. We have to stay the course and give the financial experts the tools to work this situation out. There are trillions of dollars at stake. We’re in too deep, to back out, now. We can’t abandon the progress that has been made. We’re just getting the country organized in sustainable programs.

Paper: You’ve always been a dreamer, Imagination. It’s impossible to get your head in the real world. Do you have any idea what taxes are doing to me? I don’t see these government programs as anything but a gambling binge. I could do better at the horse track. At this rate, I’ll be a homeless pauper, in a year.

Stuff : I know what you mean, Paper. One of my apartment houses just got foreclosed. I’ve made all the payments, but some finance company I’ve never heard of says that i’m in arrears. Now, I find out that the title is in dispute. The legal fees are killing me and I don’t know what the Hell this attorney is doing, besides getting paid.

Metal:  I don’t have any of your problems. I don’t owe a dime on my investments. The best thing I’ve ever done is start buying gold and silver coins, 20 years go. Right now, I’ve probably made more money, than all of you. put together. 

                              Update: 09/22/2011

   On Wednesdays, these old friends get together for a long lunch, concluded in spirited conversation. They are all too busy for the friendly competition of their youth. They don’t have time for pick-up ballgames and board games. They do enjoy their time together on Wednesdays

     There have been a lot of twists and turns in the financial world since we looked in on this lunchtime conversation.

. Let’s listen in on the conversation, as Paper, Metal, Stuff and Imagination verbally spar with each other.

Paper: I’m very disappointed with the performance of my investments. I see an abysmal lack of forward – thinking leadership everywhere in the social infrastructure. Why don’t these people just do their jobs?

Metal: First of all, we don’t define what their jobs are. The banks decide that. Their bottom line is not your bottom line, Paper.

Paper: Hold on just one second! I do have some influence in these matters. I’m not some wage slave stuck with a 401(k). I’m a well-respected Investment Broker with an impeccable track record. My word carries weight with my clients. I protect their interests.

Stuff: Calm down, Paper. No one is questioning your standing and experience. Your commitment to your clients is well known. The conflict is in defining your clients’ interests. The priorities are water, food and shelter, in that order.  Is that the interests that you are protecting?

Paper: Well, not directly, I suppose. The purpose of the markets is stable growth in procuring and delivering those priorities, in a secure manner. The hindrances to that process are what makes me angry. The Third World is a leech on the body of the developed world. Those countries need to stop this needy ox cart and dirt farmer mentality and come up into the 21st century.  Those beggars need to go away.

Imagination: I’m shocked, Paper ! That’s a very cold and callous view of humanity. You’ve depended on Third World labor to produce the goods for your lifestyle for two decades, now. Investing in emerging markets made you a billionaire and made your reputation. Are you saying that Third World countries aren’t due just compensation for their labor? We have Hope and Change for a better world, now.

Stuff: There you go again, Imagination! You are so blinded by the smoke and mirrors that you slipped and fell in all that Hope and Change bullshit. It stunk then, and it stinks, now. If commodities were indexed to each other, the markets would regulate themselves, without interference  from those bloodsuckers in government and banking.

Imagination: You’re not giving Hope and Change a fair chance, Stuff.  It’s a shame that so many people can’t see the president’s vision and get on board with it. We’re all in this, whether we like it or not. The world is getting smaller all the time. Try thinking of someone besides yourself, for a change. Now there’s a change that would give the rest of us hope.

Paper: We’ve gone around and around on this, many times, Imagination. You know full well that this Globalist viewpoint that yo express has been the most Genocidal and anti – human expression of human nature in recorded history. More than 100 million people were murdered by their own governments in the 20th century. Forget the president’s vision. Hitler had a vision too. His crowd is still running around, trying to bring the world under the thumb of Corporatism. Just go to the PNAC website, and read it for yourself.

The corporations are turning the world into one forced labor camp, and the central banks are reaping huge profits from slavery. That has always been their way. the central banks are the real leeches on the body of humanity. The only purpose they have planned for people is to take the most cost effective way, from cradle to grave. You’re just a piece of meat to them.

Metal: Bravo, Paper! That is the most pious, self-serving stream of nonsense you’ve come up with, yet.  You point an accusing finger at the very corporate structure that made your bones. You profited by their organizational control. You were always full speed ahead with their agenda. Do you think that is the kind of dirt washes away with just soap and water?

Paper: You’re not being fair, Metal. You haven’t told the whole story. I’ve given back to the community. I’ve set up tax exempt foundations for the benefit of humanity. I can list hundreds of social programs that I’ve funded. The benefit far outweighs the costs. I’ve done right by my fellow man.

Stuff: I get so tired of this myopic conversation, sometimes. All of you pick and choose the factoids that support your selfish agendas. Paper, you have some gall. To say that the toll in human suffering was worth the price of your philanthropy is reprehensible. It cost people their lives and happiness to support your lopsided economic model. There is no equity in it. Your morality certainly doesn’t meet Biblical standards. Wipe that smirk off your face, Metal! You don’t get away clean on this, either. You have quite a rap sheet, yourself. How many wars have been fought because of the love of money and the power that goes with it? Why are you giggling like a little girl, Imagination? You haven’t ever had very many words of wisdom. Sometimes, watching  you is like watching a toddler play in traffic. I just want somebody to stop you, before you hurt yourself. When you talk, you make about as much sense as my ass.

Metal: That was a real brain fart of a rant, Stuff. I told you not to eat the lasagna, here. It gives me bad gas, too. You talk about the real world. I have news for you. You need to get real. Nobody succeeds in commerce by settling for the short end of the stick.  You have to take care of your friends and buy off your enemies. It takes a shrewd and experience man to keep everyone reaching for the same carrot. I admit that one hand washes the other, but you have to be real about it. Everybody can’t get rich by flipping each other’s burgers and scrubbing each other’s toilets.  The people that run the show, make the big bucks. That’s just a fact of life.

Paper: Metal has a point there, Stuff. Sometimes you’re a little too cold and materialistic, even for my sensibilities. I’m no choir boy, but there are limits to this mercenary streak you seem to have. That’s why we have laws.

Imagination: You really hurt my feelings, Stuff. My mother thought you were a nice guy with a good head on your shoulders. She always thought you were a good influence on me. She just deleted you from her Facebook friends list. She wants an apology, right now.

Stuff: An apology? Hell, no! This is your mother we’re talking about, right? Her judgment of character changes with the wind direction. Isn’t she the one that’s always sending money to the Internet scammers in Africa? Wake up and smell the coffee. Use your head for something besides a hatrack.  I can’t believe people can be so stupid. No wonder you’re such a gullible sucker.

Paper: Alright, gentlemen. That’s quite enough. While we’re sitting here, going around in circles and getting nowhere, there’s work to be done and money to be made. Let’s get back to it. See you next week, after cooler heads have had time to prevail.

War Of The Money Worlds

   On Wednesdays, these old friends get together for a long lunch, concluded in spirited conversation. They are all too busy for the friendly competition of their youth. They don’t have time for pick-up ballgames and board games. They do enjoy their time together on Wednesdays. Let’s listen in on the conversation, as Paper, Metal, Stuff and Imagination verbally spar with each other.

    Paper: “Well gentleman, I’m very well positioned for the recovery.”

Metal: “We’ll just have to see what will be. The downside of speculation is bankruptcy.”

Stuff: “We wouldn’t be talking about this if all commodities were indexed together in a parity system. All of this confusion in people trying to get over on somebody is sickening. It’s just plain predatory.”

Imagination: “Now, my friends, we shouldn’t be carping over what is wrong with everything. We have to have the vision of what can be.”

The consensus response, as this conversation has played out, so many Wednesdays before, is more of the same. Everyone wants to know what Imagination has in mind. Of course, they can’t keep up with Imagination’s vision. No evidence presented in opposition to their self-centered minds can move them. They see only what they might lose in reconsidering their positions. The conversation continues.

Paper: “Life would be much easier if the Federal Reserve would just print more money.”

Metal: “That’s the problem, to begin with. Paper is not money. You’re invested in emerging markets. You know what happens when other countries tell you that your “money” is no good. They don’t want it, and they talk about dumping “dollar” denominated notes on the open market.”

Stuff: “You’re narrow minded, Metal. The currency is only a minor problem. The big problem is the terms of exchange issue. We need to elect the right people to manage Commerce.”

Imagination: “This is where you all get off in the weeds with these political arguments. Commercial problems require commercial solutions.” Somebody always gets left out of the loop in your reasoning. You get caught in the same old closed loop, every time.”

Stuff: “Hold on a minute! I’ve been trying to get you guys to see the wisdom of parity pricing for as long as we’ve all been trying to make our way in the world. You’re all trapped in your own little worlds, with your games and schemes. Don’t you get tired of losing? When are you going to realize that there are standards to be met, that you have no control over?”

Paper: ‘We’ve been through this, before. Investment and industry have built the greatest economic system in the history of the world. It is a tower of hope and a beacon of prosperity to the whole world.”

Metal: “Now, there’s a stirring speech! The audacity of fraud. To call an empire built on lies and worthless paper great is the very depths of human rebellion. Don’t you read the Bible? Don’t you know that the Bible says that a wise man knows the end of all things? It doesn’t take very much wisdom to understand plain English. The end of your wonderful construction is destruction. Yet, you keep piling on the debt. When the books get balanced, you won’t be doing the accounting. You’ll all be caught with your hands in the cookie jar and your heads in the toilet.”

Imagination: “You get too hyper, Metal. All of that old stuff you come up with doesn’t work, anymore. The world has changed since that book was written. We’re not simple minded dirt peasants, anymore. Get with the program. This world runs on modern standards, now.”

Stuff: “You play the same old tune, over and over. You need to outgrow yourself, Imagination. You’re a genius in your own mind. You need to come out of your dream world and get real.”

Imagination: “Here we go again. You guys are the ones in a dream world. Let me ask you this: If everyone is participating in the same crime, and no one presents themselves as an injured party, making claim for recovery of damages, is there a crime?”

The Group in unison: “No, of course not! Everyone is consenting to the terms of the deal.”

Metal: “Every one? Did anyone ask God about this?”

Paper: “There you go again, with that God stuff. If God wants anything to say about it, He can just come on down here and do something about it!”

Metal: “As it is written, everything shall come to pass in it’s appointed time. In due time, gentlemen. In due time.”

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