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Planet X: Wait And See Update 09/08/2011

     If what NASA published is true, we should see evidence of exactly what the nature of this object is, at some point in the coming week. Whatever the object is, there should be photographic evidence. There have been articles on emissions from the Sun and photos in size comparison to the planet Mercury. The claims should be sorted out during this coming week.

    If the object is a comet, As NASA states, there may be little beyond the visual evidence. If at the other extreme, the object is a brown dwarf star of significant mass, theSun should exhibit major disturbances. We wait and watch.

Planet X: Wait and See

     There has been so much speculation about the approach of a body from outside the solar system that I’ve taken a “wait and see” approach to the information. There are interesting details in the debate. It’s the observed phenomena that make the debate interesting. 

The most interesting detail is the point of the effect of a large mass on the angular momentum of the solar system.  The central point of the discussion is that the effect of a large mass approaching the orbits of the planets would cause the rotation of the planets to slow down. In the case of the planets other than the one we’re on, that might not mean much to us. Here on Earth, where we live, it could have immediate meaning. If the rotation of the Earth slows, everything from weather, to tide levels, to earthquake and volcanic activity would be affected. A recent NASA article showed the projected orbit of the comet Elenin. This is the body that has drawn great interest as to it’s content and mass. Some say it is a comet. Some say it is a wayward planet, on a much longer orbit. Some say that it is a Brown Dwarf star with a significant percentage of the mass of our own sun.

 I’ll examine the ramifications of the worst-case scenario, a Brown Dwarf star.

     If, in fact, Elinen/Planet X/Niburu, the names most often referring to this object, is a Brown Dwarf star of large mass, then we should see unusual and increasing effects. According to one report, the sun rose in Greenland 2 days earlier than expected. This detail captured my attention. I want to see more proof. If the Earth’s axis has been moved beyond expected behavior, causing this unexpected event, then I should look for reports of other unusual events. If this object has enough mass to accomplish such a disruption, then the Earth’s rotation must also respond to it’s gravity field. This could be serious. The water in the oceans at the equator is 495 feet above sea level. All that holds that water there  is the rotation of the Earth. If the rotation slows, that water would spread out, complying the laws of physics. If the rotation slows by whole seconds, instead of the nanoseconds caused by the recent great earthquakes, then coastal water levels would rise. If I see stories such as water remaining further inland at places like Cape Cod, then some of the waiting for evidence would be completed. The speculation continues beyond this. There is so much debate about climate change. For all of the accounts of strange weather, the fact remains that even more extreme weather than what we’re seeing now has been observed in the last 20 years. For me, the jury is still out on attributing weather events to a disruptive body passing through the solar system.  The fact that a body of some type is approaching, as stated in the NASA article;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb  

gives me confirmation that at least something is known to be entering the solar system. Now, I can measure the speculation that continues. The arguments for and against all of the speculation will be tested.

Between now and Oct. 16th, 2011, we should see concrete evidence of what is really going on. I say that we shouldn’t worry about things that haven’t happened, yet. At the same time, we must judge the events that we see and prepare to take the best course of action.

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