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Unnatural Law: Legality vs. Humanity Update 09/05/2011

     In these days of daily conflict and contradiction, the issue of Legality vs. Humanity is at the forefront of news stories. With all of the political spin and duplicity in reporting, we have legitimate concerns about who and what we can believe.

     In the International arena, we see agendas skewed by commercial demands. The daily effort to separate perception from historical reality is homicidal in it’s practice and deceptive in it’s motivation. In the battle between good and evil, the truth falls victim to vested interests in the corporate structure. People are adrift without the rudder of sound judgment to steer their course through the sea of fraud and perjury that floats the corporate lie.

  In Real Estate, we see the news and court cases trying to get to the bottom of all manner of financial fraud, falsification of records and false witness. The continuity of clear title to property is so damaged that investigators are disconnected fr4om identifying guilty parties. Hiding the criminal track in a blizzard of contradictory paper seems to be the new standard procedure in the mortgage and foreclosure industries. It seems to be that the legal record is adulterated to protect the predators in our midst. This is Corporatism at it’s most destructive. The news headlines are filled with the anti-human agenda


     In Banking, we see the headwaters of corruption that feed the streams of ethical cancer that are destroying the functional fabric of society. If commercial activity depends on consistent ethical standards to function, the central banks have most blatantly trampled any pretense of reason in their greed. We are expected to be appeased by “experts” while the financial house is being sacked and pillaged. I don’t know how many different ways there are to write it. The mechanisms in place that drive these acts of financial war against free people obviously have the blessing of anything that a0ppears as government. The courts are certainly not defenders of property owners.

     As the old truism says, silence is consent. In so many areas, the voices of the people who produce real wealth are seen as silence. The ruling authority bin society is obviously pursuing a private and contrary agenda. We must remember that those who purpose to take our property, also intend to take our lives. Whether by Slavery or  Genocide, this is the process that has fueled every despotic regime in history. May we not doom ourselves to repeat the past.

               Unnatural Law
                                             Legality vs. Humanity

       Legality and Humanity part company when the demands of a dead thing, a corporation, are given priority over life. At the heart of the matter is the love of money and the lust for power.

     Legality is pursued by men who decided that God is wrong. They give each other license by statute and finance their rebellion with their own fake money.
     Some just presumed final authority. Others openly hate God and His ways, seeking to drag the whole world into their rebellion. Cash, Checks, Money Order and all major Credit Cards accepted along the way, of course. Those are their gods. They worship them in churches called equity markets. Nothing is beneath them. The world measures loyalty by who an individual will lie, cheat, steal and commit murder for. Biblical virtues are given lip service by those seeking support for their vision of a New World. There is no room for good character traits when there is wealth to be acquired in the combat zone of Commerce. Nice guys get plowed under in the pursuit of conquest.
     Philanthropy that grants favor with stolen wealth is still a thief. Powerful nations dislocate populations and drain the land of resources to feed the gluttony of Corporatism. Legality is the mechanism by which tyrants and warlords fill their coffers and run roughshod over Humanity. Whether by military combat, or the “peacetime” equivalent, “wars” on social ills, a price is placed upon the head of every human being. People are reduced to beasts of the field by their amoral corporate masters.

2 Comments on “Unnatural Law: Legality vs. Humanity Update 09/05/2011”

  1. Hadassah47 says:

    Seems we have simply become puppets in this news arena! The really perverse part of this is, how do we get off this roller coaster, before it spins us off the earth as we think we know it?
    If we use rationale, it will cause us to become more depressed. However, if we look at it with our eyes and not with our spirits, we start to feel expediently in a state of terror.

    We really have to look at it with a spiritual eye and know that Yahshua is in control! He know’s the beginning (Alef) to the end or last (Tav). Yahshua said in Matthew 6:34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. We have to continue to know that he is the one that allows such things that are happening, as the times are near, for the coming of the son of man.

    • The important factor in all this is to recognize the points where we grant consent. I’ve heard so many people cite the sovereign cobtrol of YHVH to absolve themselves of personal responsibility for their actions and agreements. I had one serious confrontation in which the man blew a cork over something I had written. He said, “It was like you were saying that I wasn’t saved!”.I explained to him that nothing I had written ever questioned anyone’s eternal destiny. I told him that all I wanted to know was why he was working for the Devil. People don’t understand that the fine print on the agreements they sign volunteer them to be agents and shareholders of a corporation that hates YHVH. We see this expressed in everything from the abomination that is the currency to giving place to other gods. That being said, it must be clear that this mess is not our fault. At this time, the sins of the fathers are being visited upon the posterity, even to the third and fourth generations. In my estimation, the currency is the lock on the gate of the prison that we were born into. We need to be delivered out of that prison.

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