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Purpose Driven Defects: Modern Predators

Purpose Driven Defects

Modern Predators
     As I wrote in “The Spirit of Dr. Moreau”, the municipal response is predatory and genocidal. I experienced the presumption of guilt and ingrained bias against homeless people, today.
   Even when I got an admission out of the cop that I didn’t say that I had camped overnight in that location, his credibility was still better than mine. Nothing I said was accepted. The fact that I had carried a 60 lb. pack for a considerable distance before arriving there, still didn’t get considered in the timing of my activities.  The judge stated that it was likely that at least one piece of trash at the site was probably mine. All of this on presumption and unsubstantiated by independent corroboration.
    The bias in favor of the municipality is incredible. When I pointed out that I had reason to be intimidated by the presence of the uniform and gun, that was brushed aside. In that situation, the officer certainly had the power and opportunity to shoot me dead. Because he wasn’t  wearing the trappings or insignia of a Nazi soldier doesn’t place  any police officer above reproach. I’ve seen too many crooked cops in 45 years, to trust any of them.
     As I continue in “Purpose Driven defects”, I’ll illustrate some of these shameless predators in positions of authority. There are times when the best reputations in town are the worst threats to the public good. I’m sure everyone has many stories such as those I’ll present.

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