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Unnatural Law: Conclusion

Unnatural Law

The summary of the points made and resources give is that the world as we perceive it, is a temporary illusion. Reality is found in result, not in perception.

     The perception that conditions have not changed in anyone’s memory is not a valid proof of stability. Corporate structures are always blind to their demise. Rather than admit error, they regroup in a new order. History books remember the positive beginnings, but downplay the conflict. Empires are born in rebellion against immediate conditions. Right or wrong, the cycle of revolutionary, to despot, to defeated tyrant is repeated. over and over. The kingdoms of the world have carried that fatal flaw, down through the ages. The natural state of Humanity is tyranny and slavery. Literally, Biblical obedience and Divine intervention are the only ingredients in the recipe that works. Power natural gravitates to the lowest hand in human nature. Man can not build a legitimate kingdom, without the rightful King.

     As we have seen in previous corporate orders of social and economic structure, they are continually beset by strife and challenge. They are no better than their enemies. They are certainly no more moral ore selfless than their detractors. It has always been just a matter of time before they are dismantled by their own corruption. If everyone participates in the same crime, and no one presents themselves as the injured party to seek recovery of damages, is there still a crime? History says, “Yes!”. There is a court that no man escapes. Leaders are held to a higher standard than followers. Do individuals recognize the warning signs and get out? Do people feel duty-bound to ride the decline of society to the bitter end?

     The choice has always been a literal, life-and-death choice.

     To resign oneself to comply with corrupt corporate mandates is certain slavery. Slavery is living death. To recognize the peril and disengage from participation in violating conscience begins a personal exodus toward life and liberty. The journey that begins here is a choice that is made, many times each day. The journey is a series of steps, walking out of tyranny, into liberty. This series has illustrated my personal exodus. I hope that my experience makes yours, easier

Seeking counsel of the Lord is a wise decision. It is good to have the ear of the King. His Wisdom is beyond price.

     There is that matter of the 30 pieces of silver. Just as twisting the money associated with honorable, lawful redemption into the compensation for betrayal is a gross perversion of trust, so too is everything that follows the proceeds from the transaction. The fact that it was unlawful for the silver to go into the treasury is very telling? The dilemma is, what to do with dirty money. The solution, in this case, was to purchase the Potter’s field for a place to bury strangers. There it is. Dirty money, linked to dead things. This is very significant.

In Matt. 7:21-23, a most disturbing scene is described. Here is a group of people claiming to have done great works and deeds in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, He professes that He never knew them! They are ordered to leave. So, the question is not,

                                       “Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ?”

                                  Obviously, the important question is,

                                       “Does the Lord Jesus Christ know you?”

One Comment on “Unnatural Law: Conclusion”

  1. Thank you! I’ll be recording my blogs into audio files and building that archive, here. I’ve found that it’s much more convenient for people to listen to audio. The text will always be here, but that would allow another option. I’ll be describing some real life applications of Unnatural Law in “Purpose Driven Defects”.

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