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Purpose Driven Defects: Introduction

Purpose Driven Defects
     The common response to the truth is skepticism. That’s only fair, because a statement isn’t truth until it is tested and cross-checked.
     At times, frustration drags discussion into a closed loop in the cul-de-sac of the unresolved. Ending the closed loop in the minds of the indoctrinated requires stating the obvious and then proving it. They’ll understand it, when they get harvested. I’ve never detailed the harvesting process. I’ve hinted at it in the broad overview contained in:
“The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”
      This series will describe the cracks built into the financial and social systems by institutions and individuals in decision making positions. 30 years of observation and media accounts of those who failed to work the system well enough to avoid exposure are the substance of this series. Any resemblance to institutions active or defunct, or individuals living or dead, is purely coincidental. The scenarios presented are depictions of patterns. Taken from many sources, over a period of decades, the incidents that brought the scenario together are only the theme. The plot details become literary continuity toward establishing a point of interest. There is no doubt that similar harvesting operations continue with impunity, to this day. Management structures within institutions have always lent themselves to harvesting the vulnerable and unaware.
     Has your industry moved to another part of the world? Perhaps the inevitable was delayed by creative manipulation of equity. In the end, people are caught in a debt game that they can’t win. The obvious reason is the duplicity of the currency. When the conversation turns to the stability of the currency, reality becomes dark humor. The common response over the past 40 years has been,
“The government’s good for it. They’re not going out of business, anytime soon.”
     That’s strange. The government says that you’re good for it, and will manage you well enough to extract it. In fact, over the last decade, there has been legislatiion that would reach beyond the grave to recover anything that escaped the harvesting system of Corporatism. Skin has been used to make lampshades, but their market is limited.
     The people most respected and trusted in a community are very often the most talented and accomplished at harvesting their neighbors. I would hope that people would understand the actions taken against them before acting emotionally and impulsively on the larger issues of the day. The proposals that people call good will squeeze every last drop of wealth out of them. The same programs that “worked” in Africa and South America are now being applied in the United States. Corporate indentured servitude is rapidly becoming the “New Freedom”. The central banks are the colonial power that never went away.
“People stand silent in the presence of corruption, to fall back in the small comfort of passionate defense of virtue they should have displayed, before the fact.”

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