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Unnatural Law: Doctrines of Men or Commandments of God?

Unnatural Law
                                    Doctrines of Men vs. Commandments of God

Changing the rules of the Game of Life seems to be Man’s stock in trade. If something is best left alone, human nature just can’t resist tampering with it.

     The transgression begins in disobedience and upon discovery, continues in open rebellion. It seems that conflict is focused in the boundary between wealth and representations of wealth. The conflict arises when people change the terms or color the meanings of words to suit their agenda. The conflict is brought to a boil when there is wealth to be acquired, that men did not produce from the land, with their own hands. Herein lies the seed of crime. The agenda may skew perception, but the rules never change.
Mankind can’t seem to keep transactional relationships straight. One generation after another tries to recreate the world, in it’s own image. The first clue that Man is a failure at supremacy is that people can’t even speak their own dirt into existence. Like it or not, their is nothing that a human being can touch, that didn’t come from God, first. If that annoys someone, it just rubs the little Hitler in human nature, the “wrong” way. If that seems offensive, it’s because that dark side of human nature needs to be offended.
     Humanity’s problem is obvious. People don’t know what wealth is. They don’t know what money is. As time goes on, people become even more ignorant of the moral implications, ramifications and consequences of the use and misuse of wealth and it’s representations. The methods of acquisition and use that work are very clearly defined. There is a template for comparison, in every situation. Retracing steps, turning back from failed delusions, and returning to the understanding that made life good is the only way to recover peace and stability. This present disconnected and dysfunctional world is the product of bad choices from proud and self-centered tyrants. This is what brings the world to the need for correction.
     The “my country, right or wrong” generation bought the Bait-and-Switch. The United States is a corporation, not a country. That generation next bought the fake money from the private Federal Reserve bank. The same generation was deceived into WWI with the sinking of the Lusitania, a passenger ship carrying munitions to one side in a war that was none of our concern. The “military/industrial complex” generation believed that, what was good for Wall St., was good for America. Silly people. Corporations are for Fascists. The present generation is now as far out in the weeds as U. S. Code can carry it. Authority bent by the Doctrines of Men always comes to a bad end. The natural state of Man is ignorance. If people really want Wisdom, they should read the Instruction Book.
     By placing the perceived world against the template of things tested and true, error stands out in sharp contrast. This article will illustrate the use of that template.
     There is no understanding of the true meaning of the word, “wealth” in economic activity, today. The modern understanding sees wealth as access to credit. The dirty little secret is that everything in the economic pipeline is debt, and everyone pleads ignorance when the question of repayment arises. We can thank the world of fake money for instilling this destructive belief. That would be thanking thieves for robbing you blind and teaching your children lies. The real meaning of the word “wealth” can correct this error, if people will take it to heart and apply it. Most people would be at least mildly shocked to learn that access to wealth and the ability to acquire it, are conditional. Deut. 8:11-20 defines the nature of wealth, it’s effect on perception and human natures potential failure. The passage begins with a warning and ends with the promise of judgment and sentence for disobedience.
     Laying the early 1900s against this template reveals that 6 men believed that they were smarter than God. They conspired to establish the Federal Reserve and it’s fake money to finance their rebellion. The resulting fraudulent money kingdom that they founded is now being weighed in the balances. With no substance, no wealth and no real money in it, it comes up light and bankrupt. It shall surely perish. I Sam. 2:27-36 illustrates the personal responsibility seated in office. Those who make decisions and direct the affairs of a nation are charged with answering for their actions and accepting judgment. The consequent condemnation for fraud and theft is on their head. The will of the people is not an alibi. The offspring from Jekyll Island should take heed to this. Prov. 5 speaks of the punishment for refusing instruction. To be stripped of wealth by strangers is a most embarrassing turn of events. To be sold for the printing costs is an ignominious end. Yes, the rich man’s wealth is his strong city; the destruction of the poor is their poverty. Both conditions are subject to change, without much warning. Role reversals in history take those who are wise in their own sight, unawares.
     The stunning description in Prov. 18 is an insightful description of the state of the world, today. Before any further action in financial policy is debated, the parties involved would do well to reconsider their judgment. Doing things that can’t be undone may serve the purposes of the short term. To those who tag along with those who do evil, it may seem that they are just along for the ride. They will surely end up at the same destination.Prov. 13:11 draws the line on acquisition of wealth. Advertising and Marketing fall short of honest labor. When people get too impressed with their salesmanship, honesty and integrity become secondary. Relativism calls evil good and good, evil. Governments enslave the poor for the benefit of the politically well-connected, and call it Public Service.
     Gold may be among the most desirable and recognized repositories of wealth, but it’s use has limitations. As we shall see, all things physical fall by the wayside. Lugging gold around in a desert for 40 years would get old, very quickly. You might want to remember where you dropped it, for when you could buy things with it, again. When circumstances force the issue, everything can become a burden.
     Job 28:17-19 establishes the value of gold, by comparison. Gold may be desired more, but it is never equal to Wisdom. Gold can do many constructive things, but the results are dependent on the purpose of the heart. Bad motives produce bad results. The debt always mounts to more than the original transgression. Congress really does have something to worry about. We are now living with the consequence of making debt a component in the Gross National Product. Congress whistles past the graveyard while financial stability burns. We have sown in Debt and are reaping Poverty.
     The punch line is in Job 28:28. “And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; and to depart from evil, is understanding.”
     This is how we know that financial policy makers understand nothing. Refinancing debt with more debt certainly isn’t departing from evil. You can’t pour enough gasoline on a fire, to put it out. The world economy is on its way to uncontrollable conflagration. The financial firestorm will seem to come from everywhere, at once. People value their wealth differently, when faced with their own destruction.
    Silver is described in similar fashion to gold. Prov. 8:10 makes the comparison. The important Biblical role is it’s association with redemption. This is one of the most important principles in financial conduct. Refinancing debt is not redemption. People effectively equate them with their rationalizations. When viewed against the defined purpose of silver, trying to kill the debt monster with more debt only makes it stronger and hungrier.
     Eccl. 5:10-20 speaks of silver, specifically, and all possessions, generally. The greater statement is on that character flaw of human nature that appreciates nothing and is dissatisfied with everything. At times, the wealthiest are the most miserable, prisoners of their possessions, smothered with the guilt of the means of acquisition, and without hope in their own efforts to retire their moral debt. Dirty money buys moral bankruptcy.
You can’t talk about silver without talking about the dirtiest money in the history of the world. Namely, the 30 pieces of silver that Judas Iscariot took as payment for his betrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Matt. 27:6, it is recorded that it was not lawful for the money to go into the treasury because it was the price of blood. This is interesting. People can be a little late in worrying about what is lawful, immediately after the whole world took part in conspiracy murder. The “legal” way out of the dilemma was to buy the Potter’s field with the dirty money, as a place to bury strangers. This will become important in the conclusion. The moral implications of where those 30 pieces of silver are today, will also figure into the importance of concession to expediency in this matter. The stage will be set in the Conclusion. Until that discussion, shouldn’t we obey God, rather than men?
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Straight As It Gets
If you’re a passenger in a car, and you see a turn up ahead, do you say something, or stay silent? Perhaps the driver has road hypnosis and doesn’t see what is ahead. Finally, you can’t take the uncertainty, anymore. You say,
“There is a turn ahead. you need to turn to the right, when we get there.”
The driver, disturbed from his mental haze, is a little irked. He says,
“The road has been straight for almost 2,000 years. Go back to sleep and mind your own business.”
You would like to comply, but you are running out of time. This being a crisis, you become more specific. You say,
“If you don’t turn in time, we’ll run off the road and hit a tree!”
Now the driver is so upset that he spills his soft drink in his bag of snacks. This really sets him off. He says in that methodical, on-the-edge voice, “If you don’t shut up, I’ll leave you by the side of the road!”
You quickly reply, “OK!! Stop and let me out!”
As the car slows to a stop, the driver’s mind clears and he sees the tree, too close for comfort. He shouts,
You quietly answer, “Because my eyes were open to it.”
That is how life is. We never know everything, about everything. For billions of people, there is a turn coming. May our eyes be open to see it. May we speak when timing is in doubt. Some people might run out of time.

3 Comments on “Unnatural Law: Doctrines of Men or Commandments of God?”

  1. Thank you! I’ll be recording my blogs into audio files and building that archive, here. I’ve found that it’s much more convenient for people to listen to audio. The text will always be here, but that would allow another option.

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