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Unnatural Law: Debt vs. Security

Unnatural Law
                                                                Debt vs. Security
The functional parameters of the concepts Debt and Security are black-and-white opposites. The contrast is so sharp that the use of the word “Securities” in investment circles is a fraudulent misrepresentation for the purpose of commercial promotion. There is nothing secure about paper. Ask Bernie Madoff’s investors.
     At it’s core, debt is risk. Whether real wealth or or other forms of debt are placed at risk, the promise of future increase is the lure. If the risk of debt in the hope of receiving more debt doesn’t make any sense now, the nonsense and insanity will be obvious, later. When real, tangible wealth is risked, the logic is further removed into the grifting world of the Federal Reserve. If you deposit a $20 Dollar gold coin in a bank, and withdraw it a year later, you will receive a piece of paper with the number “20” on it. Federal Reserve Notes are not Dollars. The proof is that the gold coin probably cost you as much as 1200 in FRNs. This is the age old street hustle, known as the Bait-and-Switch. Thieves in suits and ties are still thieves.
     Security is a known, tangible quantity, in real wealth. Take the example of the aforementioned gold coin. One of the requirements for a valid transaction is equity. In that hypothetical example, the Federal Reserve system did not transact in equity. The gold coin was swindled away for the printing costs. It is the same as acquiring a side of beef for a bucket of manure. Important distinctions must be made, here. The fatal flaw in perception of right and wrong. The Humanist position is that Man is a known quantity in authority, and a repository of wealth. The Biblical position is that Natural Law is a restraint on the depravity of human nature. Something has to give, and it will.
“No proposal can be it’s own proof, and no proponent his own authority.”
The simple truth of this statement should be obvious. It pulls the rug out from every politician and every political system. Sooner or later, they rebel against the restraint of Natural Law and it’s definition of Security, to bury themselves in Debt. When the point is reached than people are pledged as Security against Debt, the economy tips over the edge. When people are monetized in this manner, it leads to the genocides and wars of history. Tens of millions of people have died at the hands of their own governments. The “isms” that have changed the world have always followed human nature into the pit of self-destruction. The cycle of boom, bust and war is the method of wealth transfer employed by private, central banks. The counterfeiters and moneychangers can not wash innocent blood from their hands, by material means.
     The restraint in Security is in the reality of it’s nature. Security, in the form of real wealth, can only be in one place, in the possession of one party, at one time. Since debt and it’s risk mechanism can not be held in the hand and knows no such restraint, it can be loaned to multiple parties, at the same time. This is the fractional banking, Bait-and-Switch, Ponzi structure of the Federal Reserve system. The Winds of Reality begin to blow and the Cradle of Fraud shall come tumbling down.
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