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Unnatural Law: Fiat Currency vs. Real Money

Unnatural Law

                                              Fiat Currency vs. Real Money

     I don’t know why people do the things that they already know won’t work. I suppose that values get skewed by material comfort and convenience. Most people have never had to walk to a landfill, looking for something to eat, that won’t kill them. Most people have never slept outdoors, unless they were on a camping trip, with better accommodations available to them. A life unchallenged by want can develop into delusion.


     The threat of poverty is the hidden fear that no one talks about in the fantasy world of paper currency. There is always the vague feeling that circumstances controlled by others may not have your future as a priority. People know where the edge is. Human nature goads people into reaching out to touch it. This is the root motivation for thrill-seekers and daredevils, the beginning of delusion in multiple authorities. At that moment, experience becomes equal to Natural Law, in the mind of the beholder. Having touched the edge without apparent harm, the next temptation is to see what is on the other side. With the view clouded by unreliable perception, the nagging feeling grows, that what we really want to see, is hidden in the darkness. The first step past the edge crosses the line past the point of no return. The world is now on the wrong side of the edge. If you remember the film, “Event Horizon”||woriopreview?||  , you can visualize where the world is now.


    This is the process of the Beast, the Mystery of Iniquity. This is the process by which the world has arrived at it’s present social, political, financial and moral state. Understanding the process brings out the turning points in history. The United States departed from financial reality with the Federal Reserve. The connection to financial reality is severed. At this point, the people that stepped over the edge, can’t see the edge. The pace of insanity is increasing and appears to be headed for certain destruction.

     This is a very dangerous game on the world’s table. The events of any given day could tip the world over into global currency collapse. The historical record of war, famine, pestilence and suffering should be enough to appeal to conscience. The alternative is to slide into the abyss of insolvency and depression.


   The fallacy in the news is that there aren’t enough resources to supply the needs of Humanity. The truth is that the wealth transfer isn’t of sufficient volume to satisfy the agenda of the central banks. It isn’t enough for them that people have traded their wealth and resources for worthless paper. Economies, markets, forms of government and commercial structures are being destroyed, to make way for a monolithic, central structure. Even the arrogant, con- descending Federal Reserve will be devoured by a global financial monster. Because the world is drowning in debt, the financial threshing floor awaits. Upheaval and the winds of change will sort virtue from depravity. No one will be able to appeal where they end up.


   At this point, we must question what we are told by government officials, Federal Reserve spokespeople and financial analysts. They are managing and marketing the currency collapses, around the world. The end game leads to a global, central control structure. The end goal now makes the means inconsequential, in the sight of the rich men of the Earth. The plan in their worldview is that death is the better life for more than 6 billion people.

Link to the Georgia Guidestones, the “American Stonehenge”

     How much suffering and pain must people endure before they will return to reality? The chronicles of the wars of history are a clear warning. The departure from monetary reality is only a symptom of a greater evil. Unless a decided turn from the dark side of human nature is initiated and sustained, Humanity will pay every last resource for it’s own destruction.

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The following link is to the text of a 493 page book, detailing the Bank Panics of the 1800s, leading up to the Federal Reserve Act.

I read “The Coming Battle” in December of 2008. It’s a very telling, detailed account of events leading up to the Federal Reserve Act.

493 pages, at this link: 

The fact that Congress is even talking about auditing the Federal Reserve requires us to know history and prepare accordingly.

Follow-up information is in the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, available through:


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