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Unnatural Law: License vs. Liberty

                                                        Unnatural Law

                                                      License vs. Liberty

      People think that everything is good and right, as long as they can go places and buy things. They never consider what they had to give up for their “freedom”, or who they have to pay protection money to. The liberty that people romanticize about in the American Dream in the corporate structure of the United States, does not exist.

They are two different worlds, in conflict with each other. Commerce is combat. Forget the nonsense about the outcome of the War of Federal Corporate Aggression. People still must sign their own surrender to function in the corporate structure. There are no military solutions to commercial problems. The carpetbaggers in the corporate structure aren’t done with you, yet. The terms of compliance are the terms of engagement in the financial and economic war that is Commerce.

      There is no middle ground. Someone is either free or they are property. This is why U. S. citizens are not Americans. They are not free inhabitants on the land. By legal definition, they are not Citizens of a country. They are shareholders in a corporation. The more we experience dependency, the more we learn about the price of independence. It is impossible to be dependent on government programs, and still be free. It is impossible to be indebted to the private bank, the Federal Reserve system, and still be free.

     It is by educational and social pressure that we are all conditioned to believe that compliance with the corporate structure is freedom. In that respect, the United States operates in the virtual, conceptual world of the Borg, Tron, THX-1138 and Colossus: The Forbin Project. It is a mentality of bondage and confinement of the mind. The situation is as John Jennings said it was.

      “The problem is that we have fake people, living in a fake country, using fake money and subject to fake laws.”John Jennings


One Comment on “Unnatural Law: License vs. Liberty”

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