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Unnatural Law: Agency vs. Sovereignty

                                                                        Unnatural Law
                                                                Agency or Sovereignty?
     The differences between Agency and Sovereignty affect so many inter-related ares, that it is difficult to avoid incomplete statements. Without establishing who someone is, where they are, what they are, their legal standing and who they are subject to, people get buried in legal apples and oranges. It is too easy for people to get off in the weeds of Uniform Commercial Code, International Law and U. S. Code. People find themselves caught up in being property and agents of the corporation. In those legal minefields, never forget that the objective of Commerce is always Conquest.
     When you understand that anyone can be a Corporatist agent, without realizing that they are acting in that capacity, you will have to question why that individual is trying to conquer you for the corporation. The only proper response is to be assertive about your Nationality. That can be done by correcting Nationality, establishing better proof that you are not a subject of a private, corporate power. Nationality will become important to you, eventually.
     There are basic warning signs that should cause concern about legal standing, ownership of property, and liberty in daily activities. If you must pay someone to maintain possession and use of property, you don’t own it. If you must possess a license for an activity, you don’t have the right to do that activity. Your house, your car, your fake money income, anything requiring license and insurance, ARE NOT YOUR PROPERTY! You are a purchasing agent and property manager for the Federal Reserve system and it’s agents. You are one of those. This is why the society you think you know, doesn’t work to your satisfaction. Further research and study can be done at:       and
The issues and debates in this area are very thoroughly documented and explained. I highly recommend following up on these websites.


3 Comments on “Unnatural Law: Agency vs. Sovereignty”

  1. Beginning on Monday, the 25th, I will be recording my blogs into audio files. As they are completed, I will be posting them as podcasts here on WordPress.

  2. Beginning on Monday, the 25th, I will be recording my blogs into audio files. As they are completed, I will be posting them as podcasts here on WordPress.

  3. There is no substitute for being in the right place, at the right time. I depend on Divine Intervention for that.

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