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Unnatural Law: Administrative Law vs. Natural Law

                                                                 Unnatural Law

                                          Administrative Law vs. Natural Law

“In every conflict, everyone has rights. The problem is that somebody didn’t do right.” – Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, Th.D

     The quote from Dr. Gipp, from 20-some years ago, sets the stage for this discussion. At the heart of the statement is the different definitions for Law and statute. Natural Law is in compliance with the Word of God, established and at work since the foundation of the world. Statue, by contrast, is quite different.
     Blacks Law Dictionary definition:
     “Statute: “A measure enacted for the purpose of abrogating, circumventing or otherwise setting aside, the Natural Law.”
     This is interesting. Statute is essentially rebellion against Natural Law. A quick examination of print, TV, and Radio media reveals this common thread. The chronicles of Man’s war against Heaven is so clearly depicted. In our own history, legislation that should be an embarrassment to any nation is touted as “progressive” and “Humanitarian”. The truth is that some men thought they were smarter than God. Others just openly hated God. We will see how well that works, for everyone.
     No one can repeal the Law of Gravity. Gravity works the first time, every time. Gravity has been resisted and worked against, but eventual wins the struggle. Even in space, it must be considered. Whether people realize it or not, their lives are subject to Natural Law. So it is with the Natural Law governing relationships and transactions. Just as no ingenious device of Man’s invention defeats gravity, forever, so to no statute escapes judgment. The stories of malfunction and destruction afar more entertaining, tragic and notable that stories of expectations being met. It is delusional pride that brings individuals, communities and nations to believe that they are more than they really are. The record of history is one of almost constant rebellion, punctuated by brief periods of rest, while Humanity recovers from exhaustion and bankruptcy
     The sooner we admit it, the better. The harder Humanity tries to nullify or neutralize Natural Law, the greater the failure and the longer the recovery. Whistling past the financial graveyard for 149 years has left our legal legs too exhausted to walk out of perpetual debt. We now find ourselves standing on nothing. Just as the Law of Gravity produces observable effect, so to is the Law of Money. Some claim that no such Law is codified. Such is the depth of their self -deception. Gold and silver have always been the recognized repositories of wealth, establishing the value of other commodities. The old truism is that gold and silver call paper impostors into judgment. The record of the perverse form of the board game, Monopoly played by the Federal Reserve system is one of guns, Tasers, government sanctioned home invasions, military operations against U. S. citizens, property seizures and imprisonment. When does it cross the line from being a paper game, to being an institutionalized practice of war crimes?
     For a clearly displayed account of the history of this monetary deception, the following references are most insightful and damning.

“The Coming Battle

” –

     Follow-up information is in the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, available through the Recommended Reading links at:
     The commercial structure codified in the Reconstruction Acts and the 14th Amendment are a violation and a repudiation of the Constitution of the United States of America. The Federal corporation made war against the sovereign States, to whom it owed it’s existence. By force of arms, the Federal corporation abolished the States, readmitting them to the Union as corporate subsidiaries. At that point, America became dominated by an organization that builds on act of rebellion. It can only defy Natural Law. Is everyone in too deep, to back out now?
     Perception of money isn’t the only problem that plagues society, today. Even gold and silver can’t create and sustain rebellion against Natural Law. Witness the rise and fall of empires. They do enough things right to grow into a powerful economic and political power. Eventually, the are consumed by their own corruption. Clearly, the compulsion to live and learn is within the human heart. Unfortunately, so is the compulsion to rebel against Natural Law. May we learn to recognize the path back to Natural Law and the things that work. Excellent research and analysis is found in “The Red Amendment” by L. B. Bork, available from:

     The Three Areas of Relationship
Land and Wealth vs. Debt and Promises: The End Game
War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce

From Babylon To the United Nations: Road Map To Armageddon

Reconstruction: The Broad Way To Destruction

     When people presume higher authority than Natural Law, ordained and established by the Creator, they court disaster. Unless people turn back to the understanding and behavior that works, the die will be cast and the outcome certain. Does it have to come down to that level of misery? All we have to want is to be ruled by God, rather than men.

3 Comments on “Unnatural Law: Administrative Law vs. Natural Law”

  1. Beginning on Monday, the 25th, I will be recording my blogs into audio files. As they are completed, I will be posting them as podcasts here on WordPress.

  2. No trash, here. I’m just trying to put my blog where it can be read. Soon, I’ll be adding audio copies of
    my blog posts.

  3. I’m glad that it helped. Of course, the system tries to drag everything back into Private Administrative Law. They don’t
    allow slaves to escape the plantation.

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