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Unnatural Law: Country, Nation or Corporation?

                                    Unnatural Law

                  Corporation, Nation or Country?

     Without a long drawn out debate over legal definitions of terms, it can be said that there are very real differences in the outcomes of situations. It is possible to know the differences and still make very bad decisions. The purpose of this article is to encourage further study.

     If you’ve ever gone into “court” and come out feeling like you lost before you walked in the door, it’s because you really did. In this chapter, a few illustrations will make the differences that separate the terms Corporation, Nation and Country, obvious. People think one thing, say it in terms they understand, and legally mean something quite different. This is the reason that people are in a no-win position. They don’t know who they are, what they are, where they are, or what their legal standing is. As John Jennings described the situation,

“The problem is that, you have fake people, living in a fake country, using fake money and subject to fake laws.”

John Jennings

Compounding this obvious inconvenient ignorance is the fact that people don’t know the difference between citizenship and indentured servitude. The most revealing statement is,

“I’m a United States citizen. I was born here.”

The mistaken intent to make a positive statement produces a contradiction and opportunity for Declaration of Incompetence. That old expression, “Sign your life away.” , is literal in the environment of this statement. This is one way that people automatically lose. A Corporation is not a country. It can not have citizens. It can only own property. To volunteer into agreement with a Corporation is to incur obligation. Hence, the claim in private law that ignores the rights of living, flesh and blood human beings. People become monetized, bought and sold in the “court” administered by a “judge”. Fake people, in a fake world, playing a perverse game of Monopoly.

“Commercial problems require commercial solutions.”

Harmon Taylor

The next step in a comedy of errors is the statement,

“I’m registered to vote, and voting is the duty of every citizen. “

That would be fine, except that there hasn’t been a Country to be a Citizen of, since 1867. The good intentions here set in motion, commercial actions. Seeking a political solution to commercial problems is a dead end. If someone can’t see what difference that makes, it is their indoctrination into Corporatism talking, and has no foundation in Law.

The statement that persuades people to literally throw their lives away is,

“Military service is defending my Country and keeps Americans safe.”

Nonsense. Again, “America” was conquered by the corporation, United States in 1867. In the Preamble to the Congressional Record in 1867, Congress changed the purpose for the just concluded war, from “preservation of the Union”, to “conquest”. When politicians say “country”, the legal context says “corporate asset”. Active military personnel are ordnance in inventory. Casualties in conflict are expended ordnance. The military doesn’t make an effort to recover every round it fires. That’s why you never hear a Recruiter talking with your son or daughter about the possible outcome of being MIA or coming home in a body bag. The whole truth about being a mercenary for the Federal Reserve would be bad for business.


9 Comments on “Unnatural Law: Country, Nation or Corporation?”

  1. By all means, bookmark the page and come back. There is plenty more in this series. Later, I’ll be posting titles that get into specific behavior in specific places that I have lived.
    If you could put my RSS feed on your site, that would be awesome. Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Try this. I also publish my content at Blogger. That has RSS Feeds for both the posts and the comments. The address is

  3. There is also an Atom Feed at the bottom of the Introduction post on my page at Blogger. The link is:

    I’ll get busy with moving content there, if any of the feed sources work for you.

  4. Beginning on Monday, the 25th, I will be recording my blogs into audio files. As they are completed, I will be posting them as podcasts here on WordPress.

  5. Thank you! I’ll be recording my blogs into audio files and building that archive, here.

  6. Thank you! I’ll be recording my blogs into audio files and building that archive, here. I’ve found that it’s much more convenient for people to listen to audio. The text will always be here, but that would allow another option. I’ll be describing some real life applications of Unnatural Law in “Purpose Driven Defects”.

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