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Separation of Bureaucracy and Humanity 7/13/2011

                                   Separation of Bureaucracy and Humanity

                                                                 July 13th, 2011

   The contrast between Bureaucracy and Humanity isn’t always obvious, but when it is, it seems to jump out at us. In public situations the difference jumps out at us and we recognize that something is very wrong. It feels like we are flying an airplane and the controls suddenly start working backwards.

What is the rational response to this experience? Obviously, we need to know the rules. It is when we encounter inconsistency and opposition to our inquiries that alarms sound in our minds.

Over the years, there have been opinion polls and news items that suggest that organized crime is a more approachable, responsive and effective government than the elected officials. When asked about the situation, Al Capone said that he didn’t buy politicians, only rented them. His reason was that politicians don’t stay bought.

In these days of the public/private partnership, it is very often difficult to separate the criminal activity from the municipal functions. We see news stories of elected officials using the force of government to enrich themselves and their supporters.  I wrote about instances like this in a series titled “Unnatural Law”. I refer to them as background material. If the need arises, I can post that series, here.

The view going forward must be that we must resist and oppose lawlessness by mutual consent. Compliance with those who choose expediency over just principles is all that stands between civility and anarchy. It is anarchy in public office that threatens our peace, not some unruly mob in riot. It is easier for someone to lie, cheat, steal and murder when they are wearing a suit and tie or a uniform.


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