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Oath of Office, Broken Wind

Oath of Office, Broken Wind

     The definition of an Oath of Office must be understood in the context of valid agreement. People are mesmerized by pomp and circumstance and do not question or examine the proper context. Such an oath is a public display of commitment to serve in a specified capacity. Over time, the duties incurred have been changed by who the individual has sworn to serve. The legal definitions of words have been multiplied, changed and misrepresented to protect the guilty.

People talk about change as a good thing. Real change in America began with a war of conquest and the Reconstruction Acts, the “New Deal” of it’s day. The Federal corporation, originally formed and commissioned to be confined to specific commercial administration activities has intruded into everyday life by monetizing people and commercializing all activity. This process has denied free people their humanity and failed in it’s commission as a guardian of independence and liberty. We are now ruled by the priorities of a private commercial agenda. No longer do we have the luxury of just weights and measures, equal protection under the law, and due process. As it has been said, some are more equal than others. The highest proprietary interest is now served. In the present corporate structure, an oligarchy owns the population. all commercial disputes are judged in favor of the management structure. In that context, an Oath of Office is now a commitment to serve the corporate structure in it’s management of legal trusts. People are now legal fictions. They are property.

Having been deprived of the right to own property, people are now subject to the revenue collection process. Not only are they vulnerable to loss of freedom and possessions, they must support and participate in a system that makes all property a collective asset. U. S. citizens now rely on a corporation to rob themselves and their neighbors in order to provide their needs. They are at the mercy of predators because they themselves are predators.

This may seem redundant. The point must be made and understood. Public officials have no loyalty to you, as an individual. You are a revenue source. When the Federal Reserve balances the books, you are in the accounts receivable column. Before their is nothing left of you, this fact should give pause for thought. We have enabled agents and legal mechanisms to accomplish the task of disposing of us and our wealth. Those agents have sworn an oath to accomplish that task, for the corporation. You are being liquidated. The currency is a tool used to separate you from property. There is no recovery for you as an individual. Hasn’t anyone noticed that we are being changed into a population of financial Dust Bowl people?

Hasn’t anyone noticed that continuous inventory is being taken of them? The effort to track every purchase and possession is relentless. A plague of surveillance cameras watch activity with unblinking eyes. The point will be reached when it will be impossible to have or do anything that is not recorded. At that point, an Oath of Office will be no more valid than the term, representation. The corporate structure uses the word representation, when it means to claim management authority. The departure from the most basic legal protections that we have relied on now make social processes an exercises in conquest. Do we question why we should be pitted against our neighbors in a commercial war? Do we question the premise that our well-being depends on conquest of others?

On a flow chart, the flow of wealth is exactly the opposite of what people believe it is. But again, appearances are deceiving. Everything in the financial news is the opposite of what people believe it to be.


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