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The Never – Never Land of Socialism

     07/30/2011     The Debt Ceiling Debate is a perfect illustration of the failings of Socialism. They argue about buying the “Can’t Gets” with the “Don’t Haves”. No nation has ever borrowed it’s way to prosperity. Debt is transactional Death.  They call it credit.  They call it liquidity. What they don’t have is money. There has been no real money in U.S. circulation since 1972. The historical lifespan of any fiat currency is about 40 years. On the expectations of that average, the clock is ticking on the last days of the Federal Reserve note. They tell us not to worry. The debt will be rolled over into a new Ponzi scheme. The population will be coerced into participation. Socialism always enforces it’s fraud by acts of war. Be not deceived. The war is against you.

   Now would be a good time to list the “Nevers” of Socialism.

1. Never has Socialism operated on it’s own dime. Socialism has always been a leech on the body of productive industrial nations.
2. Never has Socialism delivered the universal prosperity that it promises.
3. Socialism has always resorted to war and genocide. Those who refuse to surrender their wealth willingly, are exterminated. We see this in the United States in the 1860s, in the Soviet Union and China in the 20th century, and in the present day mercenary wars supporting the United Nations.
4. The semantics of Socialism and Capitalism expose the factions within Corporatism. Adherents of both philosophies are all thieves, using the force of government to rob their neighbors.
5. Socialism and Capitalism lose distinct definition in a fiat currency banking system. They both pursue the common objective of conquest in their struggle to dominate the corporate structure.  

2 Comments on “The Never – Never Land of Socialism”

  1. Stephen Root says:

    Let’s see… what other forms of government has humanity invented besides capitalistic
    and socialistic. Communist (China though not a true communist state but close), Regal ( Saudi Arabia) , Barter (pre-colonial)America, Southern Africa) , Anarchy (Somalia)

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