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Parasites, Anyone?

Parasites, Anyone?
    Parasites are more common than people want to know.
In fact, most people don’t know how easily parasites invade the human body. Here’s a quick questionnaire to illustrate how much risk we are all exposed to.
Have you ever……..                                                     YES    NO
1.  been bitten by mosquitoes?
2.  felt bloated, grumpy or gassy after meals?
3.  always hungry?
4.  drank stream or river water?
5.  had your face licked by a cat or dog?
6.  eaten at a Sushi bar?
7.  eaten at a salad bar or buffet?
8.  had abdominal, uterine or leg cramps?
9.  eaten food off the floor?
10.had pains in the abdomen?
11. had sinus problems?
12. had constipation or diarrhea?
13. had restless or rough sleep?
14. had cravings for sugar, sweets or bread?
15. swam in the ocean, lake or water skied?
16. had parasites before?
17. experienced anal itching?
18. had frequent yeast infections?
If you answered “YES” to 6 or more of these questions, you definitely have parasites. The only remedy is to make the body as uncomfortable an environment as possible, then kill them. The important issue is to get rid of them. There is a lot of information available on the Internet. Just do a search on “parasites”.

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